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  1. Maybe if you were actually playing , you would have jumped on Gunner’s shit day 1 mafia moves like usual ! The whole cosmic balanced got fucked up ! Poor Gunner is probably posting on some other 80’s rock band forum now. I miss the savage 😢
  2. @GUNNER knows I love him 😍 i blame @magisme I said no to Gunner playing the last mafia game I hosted and Magisme demanded his inclusion ! What was I supposed to do ? dissapoint Mags , I think not !
  3. I keep trying to watch The Killing but the show drags on a whole bunch
  4. Only original recipe or do you have the option for extra crispy and a bonus track ?
  5. Fuck yes ! Cody vs Dustin should be a blood bath. Also I’ll pop if they play Good ole fashion Rasslin !!!!!
  6. @jdfdemocracy I first posted something insulting. But realizing you need help and me making jokes about you will not help anything. please find happiness and take a break from the forums.
  7. I did. Turns out that is how you make homemade Beefaroni.
  8. Great question. Try working for the government or for the city. Great benefits and pay 💰 The lazy person’s dream job.
  9. Sadly no. Atleast 6 shows lined up till the end of the year. They are basically Kiss.
  10. The fucking sjw cunts killed off Luke Skywalker. Only thing that could save this is if Jar Jar Binks is reveled as the sixth master and smokes a Newport when he anally fuck Rey to death 💀
  11. I don’t like all the music @theresnologicheretoday Does but glad she adds something different to our forum.
  12. @EstrangedTWAT have you visited any bars or hookers lately ? Don’t make me fly to Japan 🇯🇵 pal ! Dude you’re a awesome guy and I fully expect there are women who would love to have a nice drink 🍸 and If that is out of your comfort zone pick up a hooker and smoke 💨 some opium and listen to the stones sticky fingers. Doctors Orders
  13. The NITL is over. This is a new shit tour.
  14. This is because Magisme is Fernando Al Asad’s favorite poster.
  15. So no dead man’s switch. I’m very disappointed 😔
  16. So you have heard the TIL demo !
  17. I won’t let you fool me like Axl did !!!!!!!!
  18. This is the most realistic post. A NITL live cd / dvd and 2 new singles is all I except before it’s over.
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