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  1. Miser says that Ben and Jerry's sells a Gang Rape n' berry flavor these day's
  2. Brain Jones is the worst beach boy
  3. Beautiful fall day now the storm has passed here.
  4. Herbal therapy is. I dont really drink much anymore. Currently have half a bottle of bourbon , bottles of amaretto , red wine and pre mixed margaritas and case of sams October fest. Not like the old days when i had a full wet bar and a few cases of beer.
  5. 2. You have a album mixed with the current lineup and one with the 2010 lineup. Why are you a cunt and wont release em.
  6. Sure but i think biden will win where the demon cunt Hillary didn't. Could i be wrong ? Sure ! Do i care ? Nope
  7. Im in a swing state and to listen to my bro@Damn_Smooth no one in my household is going to vote ! Fuck em all
  8. Roberts is basically a dem judge and tge soros think group ain't dumb. Ohio and Pennsylvania will go Biden is my guess.
  9. Between going to catholic school on the Jersey shore and later public on the outskirts of Boston dodgeball and smear the queer where staples of the playground. Then the ultimate mans game of 21 on the basketball court. Utter violence and good times
  10. Tropical Storm hits tomorrow and lol fuck it. I got lanterns and live nextdoor to the power company
  11. See unlike some . you talk about my wife or kid i will jack your fucking jaw. Your clearly some discord fag thst joined summer 19. You existence to me does not matter because your basically shit on this forums shoes. You dont matter except for me and others to point out your stupidity . Example being able to say your American or not on a topic regarding us politics and culture. You think your opinion might hold a little more water if ya know lived in the country You spoke with such certainty of how things are but nope you're to dumb to grasp that.
  12. Wow your a piece of shit punk behind a keyboard who talks wise when he knows that he can't be slapped like the bitch he is hiding behind a screen. Nice job creeping into Miser territory with talking about people's family.
  13. Just because i had to look up etymology doesn't mean im gonna let up on your arrogance. I made a point it's really hard for a blue collar worker these days and housing is more unaffordable then ever for a normal worker and which political party is going to give a fuck. You alt shit sir then proceed to claim i was blind to how the cost of living is and inferred i must either be a fool with money or dumb. You out right to refuse to state the country you live or your profession. Am i missing anything ?
  14. I guess dealing with lenders attempting to obtain loans in the tens of thousands due to rick based credit scores and customer debt to income ratio. Must not qualify as knoweledge of finance. What do you do Shit Reverb ?
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