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  1. I don’t give a fuck if I’m labeled as the one pushing for a lynch unvote / vote Deadstar
  2. Why not Bucket but yeah you get the votes I’ll put down one on any of the 3 though I don’t think Facekicker would have character revealed day 1 so I prefer voting him last
  3. @RedHook @arnold layne @Facekicker @GnRLiars @magisme @Dr. Strangelove lets end this mother fucking day
  4. Fucking pudding brain Steve Rogers can eat a dick !
  5. Well we have unless we want to let the Zika crew get us to page 999 of day 2
  6. Come everyone we are going lynching. Yee Haw !!!!!!
  7. I have my vote currently on kfc but will switch to Deadstar not a problem
  8. At least we are finally asking the real questions !
  9. How do you know who Bacardimayne’s character is ? a investigation would only tell you clean or dirty. Things that make you hmmmm
  10. What? I was Mafia with Cardi and Broski. My team won lol
  11. Explain you laughter ! Seriously give your thoughts
  12. How do people feel about a kfc Bucket lynch ? After Deadstar he is my next suspect.
  13. Ok , recap Mags = cop Arnold = tracker Cardi = cleared by cop and tracker Gnr Liars = Alex Jones Facekicker = Roger Stone Brasky = Hi everybody That Is 6 cleared players
  14. I’m a cunt when I play the game , none of it’s personal FYI.
  15. Yeah even for me the grammar and punctuation were, shall we say lacking, on that post.
  16. Time to place final votes Deadstar is still my choice maybe some real music will have you act like men
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