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  1. Breaking news:The Democrat have found the real killer ! They even found the murder weapon
  2. Brothers can we agree fuck frank , Bumble fuck and DJ Ashba
  3. Work all day for some old man sweat and break your back
  4. Every time I order a venti dark roast and light a early morning fart right as I’m leaving Starbucks
  5. Jar Jar as master mind Sith Lord ! Meezz aah Da Master Sith Cunt
  6. Attention lazy ducks 🦆 I’m attempting to provide a fair and balanced breakdown of what is going on. To those of you who aren’t GNFNR regulars or attempted to become a part of the community please fuck off i am not a fame whore nor do I give a shit about non members opinions. my post are always in live action real time . So there are things I cannot say or care to.
  7. Be on alert 🚨 things are proceeding in the shadows
  8. I suggest making out resume with crayons and hand deliver it demanding to speak the hiring manager !
  9. I hope Assad’s goons didn’t give him small pox !
  10. So everything pre 1994 Kevin B is your guy ! Pro shots , Demos and Soundboards
  11. Also for Halloween this year Rick is going as Matt Lauer with Fernando going as Matt Lauer’s assistant
  12. Dear Levi aka levisnuts aka the rebel on discord. Billy B here and buddy my audience wants cd2 from the hdd drive so I gotta deliver them some news or I could lose the ratings war with socialist biker from the village people. so my sources say Robert before his recent deal with the Syrian President sold it to you. Steve from Yellowstone even said it.
  13. For those bout to Cuck Assad Shout we salute youuuu For those bout Cuck Assad Fire we salute you For those bout to Cuck Assad Fernando you have been Thunder Cucked By Ricky D He’s got you blocking him on twitter and running like a scurred bitch boi 😂 mommy didn't clean all those toilets 🚽 to watch her genocide loving son be a failure shit man he’s reshooting deliverance and making you squeal like a pig I’m glad Magisme dumped you ps rumor is Rick is gonna buy a toy truck of yours and shit in it at the next concert it will be a GNR eBay controversy all over again.
  14. All over your face Assad 🍆💦 Does the maid not know what to do because it’s not in good housekeeping ?
  15. I fully expect a chairman appearance tonight now
  16. Dammit guys please help the movement or honestly fuck off
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