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  1. ADLER doing his Rick pose. Lol Frank
  2. Lethbridge is a fucking amazing party town. Alberta is great. Real cowboys great hockey and crazy weather. I love Alberta.
  3. What kind of bullshit excuse is this ? Shouldn't you be spending father son time watching football together ?
  4. Why blindly trust my theory ? vote GnrLiars
  5. Gentlemen post your draft results. Pick your sleepers. Shit on fellow posters football ignorance . Here is my incredible mock draft for the greatest football team ever the New England Patriots. 15: R1 P15 TE Kyle Pitts - Florida 46: R2 P14 WR Kadarius Toney - Florida 97: R3 P33 WR Nico Collins - Michigan 117: R4 P15 C Alec Lindstrom - Boston College 135: R4 P33 QB Sam Ehlinger - Texas 141: R4 P39 DL Malik Herring - Georgia 155: R5 P14 DL Tommy Togiai - Ohio State 192: R6 P13 WR Marquez Stevenson - Houston 237: R7 P15 K Keith Duncan
  6. I'm loving wanda vision. It's easy watch and enjoyable.
  7. Every season since 2010. Rogers has only won once lol
  8. Defense contractors getting what they paid for.
  9. We will be doing little ceasers for football again this Sunday @AxlisOld
  10. Wasted you ccp mother fucker. Sorry jb. Im sticking with the Latino theory. Even though killing kfc bucket screems cardi
  11. Norm McDonald weekend update or gtfo
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