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  1. Has anyone messaged him and asked for a interview or have questions answered yet ?
  2. Little boy Zuatut .......
  3. I don’t know never have spoke or reached out to him. However he was Robert’o ‘s source so ????????????
  4. Tommy Z might have it all !
  5. http://mobile.twitter.com/rickdunsford/status/1244667854315806725 lol
  6. Guy’s I am not doing another ama. It’s old and has been done before.
  7. Those jeans must be a fat man’s dream. I mean they don’t split. i gotta get me a pair !
  8. It’s Axl he is still not over the Fucking the label did to him.
  9. When it escapes your countries virology center then yeah it all yours. Fuck China
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