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  1. But does the steak taste good ?
  2. If the book is not present , did it truly exist ?
  3. Reasonable. we either say fuck it and just let it spread or lockdown legit for 3 months. Fuck chink flu
  4. We are very sorry Ragnar please lift your powerful gypsy curse on 2020.
  5. Brother I love stidham ! Drew brees clone !
  6. So hold up the scum bag cancel culture is gonna take over ? l o fucking l The shit lib cites and areas will burn and the rest of the country will be normal murica. But but they have social media behind them. Well gentlemen the other side has guns and knows how to live off the land. Lol shite millenials.
  7. Ok faggots . Those of us who think it's a hoax should go get some covid from a infected person . Why? because if it's fake or just a mild cold then boom you got immunity and can do what you want !!!!
  8. Roman's = Team Brazil Hebrews = Gnr community Rick 3.16
  9. Tuukka will use Corona as a excuse for choking in the playoffs again
  10. We are a forum basically the forum No cords of dis games to have sign ups to shit up our holy mafia section
  11. Autist Mania running wild brother. HH
  12. Wow non shocking no shit news. Fuck the media.
  13. Covid is real and can kill you The United states government and citizens are basically the people from the Mike judge film idiocracy. Fucking new Zealand is covid free. I guess looting dollar stores and gathering up at a crowded bar to watch nascar is a bad idea But hey I'm just one in a million
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