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  1. So let me get this straight they have been back together for 3 years and just now they’re supposedly starting the next album ? lol believe what you want. But Slash , Duff and NUGNR sent Axl instrumental tracks in 2016 and 2017. Axl is just la la la la lazy.
  2. can’t wait to see this.
  3. I remember when I thought they did that when they signed Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. But that was a colossal failure. That’s why they play the game.
  4. How in the fuck am at all in wrong ? he post a dick response to Arnold and comes off as a whinny asshole.
  5. Time for brasky to get his mojo back.
  6. Dude it was in jest. Arnold Layne is your friend like many of us here stop taking things so personal.
  7. Man do the Illuminati/military industrial complex want war with Iran. The fucking gas prices are going to suck this summer.
  8. I’d wait for JB he is our fearless leader
  9. Arguing with each other meltdowns , insults and always fun give it a try.
  10. Who’s worse then Skip Bayless you ask Stephen A Farrakhan Smith that’s who.
  11. Skip Bayless reminds me of 60 year old lesbian who was married to man for 20 years and drives a Subaru.
  12. Then sir I suggest to believe the exact opposite.
  13. In honor of Gunner I think should go full Gunner!
  14. The American public is too distracted by useless apps and reality tv to give a shit to find out what is really going on.
  15. If I can’t call someone a fucking cunt during mafia then it’s not real mafia.
  16. @GNS @magisme @KFCBucket @wasted @Major Mayhem @popcorn's snare @Facekicker @hotdogman @arnold layne @John Bonham
  17. @Salsh Borski can you please identify the deli meat in the picture ?
  18. I’ve seen Slash live twice. Once with Velvet Revolver in 04 and with GNR in 2016. both times he was great. and it’s nice to have Conor back posting.
  19. I like their greatest hits and they were the best hair metal band.
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