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  1. Style - Tony Clifton Looks - Axl Rose post 09 personality - Elvis
  2. In my humble opinion the best political candidate and the only one who could beat Trump is Niki Haley. The Democratic Party has lost the blue collar vote.
  3. Here’s a guy who’s reviews I love spoilers in video
  4. I understand how either can rub people wrong but they are GNFNR posters not just randoms or Alts they no matter what problems they have they are part of our community.
  5. Yeah but the whole glove and ring thing was brought into the world by grandma Axl
  6. They have re shot the ending 3 times lol the 1st Rey woke ending was hated by screeners
  7. The current stolen Tommy Lee Jones under siege look
  8. The team heard noises was it Charlie or just farmers ? The night grew long and a day offensive was in order After the offensive the team noticed they were missing a man. The teams started searching for their brother in arms only to find him Decapitated with a stick up his ass. GNR Liars was Day 3 starts Now 7 votes to lynch
  9. As alpha and bravo team were slowly being so rounded by the NVA. The teams still were attempting to find out who destroyed the communications equipment. Alpha team blamed Bravo team and vice versa. Seasoned combat vets clearly could smell the bull shit from one of the group. The teams agreed the most humane thing to do was cut the traitors tongue out and tie him to a tree by a well traveled known NVA path boobytrapped with a half dozen claymore mines. Uruguns was
  10. Then Deadstar sealed the lynch
  11. Locked 🔒 result and night mode within the next 12 hours
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