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  1. My final hosted mafia game easily my best

    1. MIA




      I hope that  people acting like they caught me in the act of raping a convent full of nuns because I mentioned the word discord provided some comic relief and heightened the experience.

    2. Bill Brasky

      Bill Brasky

      Serious Biz Natch 

  2. @GnRLiars go watch Artie on rogan from yesterday 

    1. GnRLiars


      I saw he was on. I heard it was a great interview. 

      Ill totally check it out

  3. Viet fn mafia starts now !!!!!! 

  4. From hell pm me ASAP 

  5. @wasted get your ass back home 

    1. MIA


      He can't log in here for some reason. Get that shit fixed and I'll tell him.

    2. Bill Brasky

      Bill Brasky

      Oh ok I’ll let JB know 

    3. Bill Brasky

      Bill Brasky

      Thanks buddy. I’m really glad to see your back.

  6. The Viet f’n Mafia signup is open 

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    2. GnRLiars


      Simple game...




      nobody liked liked my game. That hurts

    3. KFCBucket


      I haven't said that @GnRLiars. I simply won't have the time to go through the rules and I hate myself for doing that in the Warriors Mafia. I feel I haven't embraced the game and thus somehow didn't appreciate the amount of work you put into it.

    4. GnRLiars


      I know. 

      I'm sorry

  7. the greatest con in GNR  leak history has been going down 

    1. Salsh Borski

      Salsh Borski

      As always, in Bill we trust.  Keep up the good work.

  8. Breaking news lies exposed 

    all posted in the stuff you don’t know thread 

  9. Sign up for mafia dammit !

    1. Salsh Borski

      Salsh Borski

      Call me when Salami Mafia happens and we’ll talk.

  10. Troccoli needs to have his account verified 

  11. Fat Con downgrade to level 5 ☹️

    1. Dr. Strangelove
    2. uruguns


      if mygnr can't handle a fatcon 5 what will happen with a fatcon 1

  12. Already drunk as fuck can see fireworks from backyard later tonight 



  13. Where is @Major Mayhem I miss him.


    ps Gunner wtf 

    1. Major Mayhem

      Major Mayhem

      Hey Bill, any word on the new album?


    2. Bill Brasky

      Bill Brasky


      only Nitl live album should be released this fall.

  14. Realizing how good of a buddy @magisme is for not losing his shit reading my poor grammar post.


    Thanks buddy 

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    2. Dr. Strangelove

      Dr. Strangelove

      something about that homer is really uncanny

    3. Damn_Smooth


      Pretty sure you should be thanking the whole planet for that one.

    4. Bill Brasky
  15. @imsorry is amazing 

    1. imsorry


      Not really, thanks.

  16. Has Gunner joined Team Brazil 

    as the official Hair Straightener ?

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    2. Damn_Smooth


      I heard he took up dentistry.

    3. maynard


      Gunner is a hybrid coward lapdog just like his commander

    4. GNS


      gunner had a fat girl cry cause he got booted from mafia early on and called everyone geeks.

      The ironic thing is, only a dumb geek who has no life would get upset about a boring make-believe internet game in the first place.


      What a guck (geek cuck).

  17. GAME OVER 

    Thank you all for playing 

    i hope you enjoyed the game 

    1. John Bonham

      John Bonham

      Thank you Bill

    2. Major Mayhem

      Major Mayhem

      Thanks Bill, I think this is the first time I've won with town.  

  18. The greatest mafia meltdown ever@GUNNER  

    Simpsons Mafia 2 is Making Mafia Greater Than Ever:trump:

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    2. AxlisOld


      Gee...why won't I play?

    3. Skeeter


      No kidding AxlisOld...and they wonder why I don't play any more.

    4. Bill Brasky

      Bill Brasky

      No it’s because you are weak

  19. Day 3 starts now

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