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  1. Okay , whew had to get that out of my system vote Arnold
  2. Sticks and Stones fucking hurt fuck
  3. Then keep eating your apples fucker.
  4. Longer read then expected and wild plot twist.
  5. Things Brasky don’t like Did Game !!!!!!!!!!! Deadstars math Arnold’s aggression Magisme avatar always looks guilty Hotdogmans night death troll job lack of political Salami memes
  6. If Axl Rose read this thread he would release the vault in one sitting.
  7. Oh you dirty math challenged bitch !!!!!!!!
  8. I totally understand the OJ jury now. Wow 😮
  9. Either Brasky is a modern day savant or retarded
  10. Unvote Arnold hey @John Bonham I love your games. JB always follows his own Rules i truly question the cop role reveal at the moment if you are the cop please come forward.
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