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  1. Embarrassed ? No sir. I am not some delusional man who goes on a message board with strangers 😆
  2. Imagine you’re a young man in early 80s Indiana and your holding your best gals hand while smoking a Marlboro with the other hand. Rock N’ F”n Roll man
  3. I think Kronos has the whole Zionist , Goat Fuckers thing worked out.
  4. No. No it’s clearly pre AFD 5. I CAN HEAR 👂 Ole !!!!!!!
  5. Will Axl ditch the Ed hardy collection for a Thornton Melon wardrobe ? What current or former band member sold erotic foot porn @gary’s shoes ? Will Beta perfect the impossible enchilada ? Will Fernando stop the genocide in Syria 🇸🇾 Is Duffing having a affair? No ! but will we find out why he’s been seen after hours with Katlynn Jenner ?
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