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  1. Maybe if you were actually playing , you would have jumped on Gunner’s shit day 1 mafia moves like usual ! The whole cosmic balanced got fucked up ! Poor Gunner is probably posting on some other 80’s rock band forum now. I miss the savage 😢
  2. @GUNNER knows I love him 😍 i blame @magisme I said no to Gunner playing the last mafia game I hosted and Magisme demanded his inclusion ! What was I supposed to do ? dissapoint Mags , I think not !
  3. I keep trying to watch The Killing but the show drags on a whole bunch
  4. Only original recipe or do you have the option for extra crispy and a bonus track ?
  5. Fuck yes ! Cody vs Dustin should be a blood bath. Also I’ll pop if they play Good ole fashion Rasslin !!!!!
  6. @jdfdemocracy I first posted something insulting. But realizing you need help and me making jokes about you will not help anything. please find happiness and take a break from the forums.
  7. I did. Turns out that is how you make homemade Beefaroni.
  8. Great question. Try working for the government or for the city. Great benefits and pay 💰 The lazy person’s dream job.
  9. Sadly no. Atleast 6 shows lined up till the end of the year. They are basically Kiss.
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