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  1. Bill Brasky

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Or hey look at those Ninjas stealing that tv
  2. Bill Brasky

    30 Day Rehab

    Smoke Weed 🚬Drink Amber O’duels 🍺 Jerk off or slay pussy 👨‍⚕️ Brasky’s orders Report back in a week.
  3. Bill Brasky

    Guns N' Roses new album by decade's end

    @John Bonham El Presidenta what do I get if I can “ Guess “ 😉 a announcement of o a official (((media))) Release ???? hope it’s a atta boy edit wrong thread
  4. Role playing with male escorts again Skeet Skeeter 🦟
  5. Would that however help our page views ? can you imagine Cardi being interviewed about “The Miser Killings “on dateline
  6. He’s A Team Player
  7. Bill Brasky

    Anyone miss the Ashba era?

    Agreed but BBF is shite on the stick and been known to suck the Ashba dick.
  8. So you’re going back and time and taking the load that killed Freddie Mercury ! Thank you for your service
  9. Bill Brasky

    Anyone miss the Ashba era?

    I miss buckethead imagine him with Izzy , Adler and Stinson