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  1. The best heals in wrestling are MJF and Jericho The best face is Cody and Ross and Tony are the madden and summeral of wrestling so yeah it has its issues but it does have a lot going for it
  2. I’m on the nitrates !!!!!!!!!! back on the nitrates i can never get enough
  3. Honestly her show fleabag is hilarious. but what the fuck. Just stop making sequels if all your going to do is ruin them with sjw nonsense.
  4. TAKE 1 mitsu one shot jagger and grind on the dance floor with sweaty clams
  5. @GUNNER eu te amo irmão brilhe em você diamante louco
  6. Captain Marvel shit movie. She also was a useless twit in end game. Phase 3 is supposedly grounded In the Captain marvel stories.
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