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  1. @magisme. @Dr. Strangelove ⤵️ @GUNNER⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️🥺
  2. Oh god dammit I was this fucking close to my French whores tits for Tonto month ...... yeah it would have worked!!!!!!!
  3. Fucking all those who have not crossed Ragnar run now for the rest
  4. GNR AFD Uyi Lies 2000 intentions !!!!!
  5. Remember no independents no teams just mafia vs town doctor , cop , role blocker are all the powers no swerves
  6. Funniest thing discovered hoarded guess who was the creep that bought Axl's private letters to Erin ?
  7. To quote a dumb cunt : Also, I think you all know that there is a complete and extended Mates Rehearsal audio tape from 1989 with Steven playing drums and the quality is fantastic. About half of the rehearsal tapes have been posted online, but many songs are NOT circulated with complete versions of Coma, Bad Apples, Ain't Goin' Down, and several "New Tunes", all with Steven on drums, Izzy/Slash/Duff (no Axl, just instrumental). Kevin B
  8. Troccoli you’re a gentlemen so pm please and thank you
  9. kevin b has full tapes of afd uyi demos / rehearsals / alternate versions with Coma, Bad apples, ain't goin down and a bunch of unheard instrumentals proof later commandment #8 Hoarders shall not fuck with Bill Brasky unless ye be exposed
  10. once again number 1 in views on any GNR site this week and have had both Marc Canter and Doug Goldstein post under alt accounts in the last month hopefully Tommy z or Merck next
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