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  1. why can't every week be Apollo 50 week? This has been the best week of my life.. so much moon content. PBS Chasing the Moon was fucking incredible, 6 hours, hose me down
  2. The change in his appearance in the follow up episodes is fucking ridiculous. He looks like a different person. That's a man who has been through hell. You can tell he's spent like the last decade with his stress and terror levels red lined.
  3. funny, confident men are very attractive to women. unfortunately i'm not funny, or confident, or a man.
  4. lol there's a documentary "The dark side of the burka" is... is there a fun and light side of the burka i'm missing? It seems obvious. What's next, the wet side of water?
  5. I'll still listen to MJ, he was a sick fuck but also a victim.. context but yeah, saying Michael Jackson was a paedophile is like saying Wayne Gretzky was a hockey player.
  6. this is why I don't hire black people, it doesn't work out for anybody. A true HR hero here folks! JK, obvs, but actually - there are positions I wont hire black people for, because I've learned it's not good for anybody. Any operation that sells lotto tickets - those operations attract the dumbest motherfuckers, people who buy lottery tickets, and they are overtly racist. I had a black girl in a lotto shop and it did not go well people... I moved her to the jewellery store and resolved that issue.
  7. it's the new "case of the Mondays" LOL!
  8. I talk about dropping the HR Hammer at work quite a bit, so I obviously had to do this
  9. I always loved this for office life...
  10. is this related to something, or are we just saying things? Bill Cosby is innocent
  11. is this related to something, or are we just saying things? Bill Cosby is innocent
  12. plenty of fish is better / worse plenty of single moms is more like it, lol amirite guys? "Where the real men at?" - probably under 25, with 3 kids, who look half black.
  13. 8 was my favourite and turned me into a trevor kidd fan for life. Don't hate but the Canadiens are fun to watch - speed with some balls. Calgary has been fun too. I could see myself actually disliking the Leafs.. it's not even the team, it's everything around the team. Basically, Toronto, as a city, sucks.
  14. thought this was funny, RE: Saturday nights UFC in Moncton, New Brunswic (events run late in our time zone..)
  15. First Man was fucking awesome. Bunch of retards upset the flag was not a prominent part of the landing scene, lol.
  16. awesome - if we are going to ride this motherfucker into the ground, I ain't driving a Prius. I'll be eating steaks, smoking dope, drinking whiskey. Well, I'm doing that regardless, but point is - corporations and governments have to go first, otherwise we are just causing ourselves undue harm for no reason.
  17. imagine him live tweeting the Bin Laden hit, amazing
  18. the point - don't rebuild in a place that was entirely destroyed by climate - this situation is not getting better. The difficult problem is - a lot of people cannot afford to move out of those regions. Who is buying a house destroyed by a storm? Anybody? No? I feel for those people. The easy problem is - the challenge is obvious, the climate is changing, the complication is people who deny this truth for whatever reason (political, economic, religious). Those people, I hope your grandmother drowns.
  19. When these hurricanes / tropical storms pop up, I hope many people die. As many people as possible. Climate change is real, facts have not changed opinions, grandma's corpse floating down King Street might do it, thank you grandma for your sacrifice. If not, well, at least the south suffered first.
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