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  1. Life is much too short to get angry and butthurt over an online game. Go outside and enjoy life.
    Good look Arnold and JB, I predict you will be mafia champions this game.

  2. I own one Slash solo album. He recently came through my town (with Myles) and I had zero interest in going. I love Axl's music 1,000 times more than anything Slash has ever done. But LMFAO, a few posters on here think that insulting Slash somehow is also taking a shot at me or is going to make me feel bad. It's funny and weird all at the same time.

  3. For the life of me, I cannot grasp the concept that fans of a band do not want that band to create and share new music.  And those same people judging the quality of new music by whether or not it will crack the billboard charts and how much money it will make. LMFAO - so now Jay-Z and Justin Bieber are the standard we should measure rock albums by?  Weird.
    The beautiful thing about music is that you can listen to an album and if you don't like it - toss it in the garbage and never listen to it again. BUT what if you do like it? What if you love it? Hell, what if you hate the album except for ONE song?  Wouldn't it be better to get one new song than zero new songs?
    People are fucking crazy.

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    2. Skeeter


      Lmfao. Says the guy posting on my comment. 


      Gunner. You make this too easy bruh. 


      Do you think you could go one day without mentioning me?

    3. GUNNER


      Keep preaching for the people. lol

    4. John Bonham

      John Bonham

      Real fans just want to slurp other guys' semen out of their wife's slack pussy

  4. It’s hilarious to be totally inside somebody’s head, where they can’t stop thinking about you.  Enough so where their entire posting life revolves around things I’ve posted. 

    1. Skeeter


      I got a PM saying they noticed a poster who would make multiple posts and even start topics when they got triggered by something I said. 

      I agreed. And laughingly pointed out how if I insulted them, they would copy the exact insult and then start using it themselves. And not just once, but obsessively. If I called them a troll - within hours they would call me a troll and make topics with troll in the title. 

      So just for fun.....I did it twice in the last two weeks.

      Lmfao. Both times this poster went off the deep end with multiple responses, started topics based on my one short post. And really lmfao - both times they took my insult and started using it. Multiple times. 


      It is funny - and a bit weird - to know I have that much power over somebody. But don’t worry....I won’t abuse that power and make the guy go crazy. I will mostly just start ignoring them again. Until I need a laugh. 

    2. Skeeter


      Thank you for proving my point yet again. You responded within a hour. 


      One status update compared to 43 posts. 


      You make it too easy. Ignore me. Lol, we know you can’t. 

    3. Skeeter


      We all know the truth. 


      Saying you do it on purpose actually proves my point even more. 


      You just admitted that your entire posting history is based on me. Holy shit, that is crazy. Even worse than I thought. 


      And lol. I don’t think you know the definition of “amuse.” 

      You got banned from mygnr because of me. And have gotten suspended here twice because of your obsession with me.


      One post from me can send you into fits of anger where you actually make 4-5 topics about it. Think about that. Let it sink in. You make topics based on comments I make. It’s weird. 


      You confuse the word amuse with obsession. 


      I could ignore you for for the next year. You literally can’t go one day without posting anout me. Again - let that sink in. 

  5. “He is a retard, but he’s our retard”......”he is dumb AF, but it’s not his fault that his parents are also brother and sister. Inbreeding is a terrible thing”.....lmao, those are the two best PM comments I’ve gotten about the Village Idiot. 

  6. Lmao. You guys are killing me with the PMs about the Village Idiot. 

  7. Feels good to retire from Mafia as a champion. 

    Quickly figured out who the Mafia was - every member. 

    Quickly figured out the “fake” power that one mafia player was trying to pull off. 

    Lmfao at the mafia members claiming they played a brilliant game and fooled everybody. Lol, you didn’t fool me boys. 

    Your big plan was to beat me....and I solved it on day one. 

    Damn son. It feels good to retire knowing you destroyed these fools. 


  8. What the hell. Miser is having a meltdown, Volcano is back and isn't BFFs with Sailway any more, Little Emo Anny pops in, I found out Bad Apples is actually posting under a new name, and Warchild tried to start posting here as well. All in the last three days. WTF is going on!!!!!!

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    2. volcano62™


      Yes. Apparently Warchild is running the show.

    3. ManetsBR


      Jesus, it must be a shitshow.

    4. ManetsBR


      It was entertaining when she pretended to be Axl :lol: 

  9. OK, I admit it. I'm a fucking idiot. For some crazy reason, I decided to engage Miser in a couple music topics. Turns out his music topics are just like his "my life sucks, I can't figure out my dating life" topics. It's funny to have an 18 year old kid try and educate you on what the music world was like in 1992.

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