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  1. I buy my own presents - that way you get exactly what you want or need. The wife likes it because she doesn’t have to go out and shop. I just ordered some killer night vision binoculars and a couple trail cams. Get your wife something really special that she would totally love. Then a couple practical things that you would also use/like. Just don’t make it too obvious. Kids are easy, and you can sometimes get away with it for the wife or family members. Buy presents that are something you were going to have to buy anyway. You gotta buy your kid a b
  2. What’s the heaviest person you ever banged? 500-600 pounds 400-500 pounds 300-400 pounds 200-300 pounds 150-200 pounds.
  3. Oh man. The thought of getting 7-8 stings on your cock....the pain would be life changing.
  4. Holy shit, that’s terrible. I will be thinking about that now every time I go outside.
  5. Fried Oreos are pretty spectacular
  6. This was my first time getting stung by one. Apparently I got off lucky. We have these huge ass red ones that live in the ground. So if you have flip flops or sandals on and you step on their little hole, they'll crawl up and sting your foot and they hurt 10 times more than other wasp stings. Really the only thing I hate about living in the hot country is all the wasps, yellow jackets, hornets and spiders. We have a ton of wolf spiders here, ugly and fast and they bite.
  7. Here's how I see it......the cell phone is essentially a modern version of a book. If you are alone, Nobody would say a bad word if you see a dude eating lunch and reading a book. But when you are with other people? If you were at lunch with four friends, would you pull out a book and start reading it? What I find disturbing and sad is when parents are on their phones when they are at their children's activities. Go to a little league game and half the parents are on their phones. Go to a playground and 3/4 of the parents aren't watching their kids and instead have their
  8. The good and the bad. Finished eating dinner last night and the waitress told us our bill was paid by another customer. They left a note that said “Because we never saw you on your phones and we never heard your kids - dinner is on us. Thank you. “ The Bill was probably about $80, so that was a nice gift from a stranger. Later at home I went and looked out our sliding glass door to see why the horses were being loud. As I leaned against the curtain I felt a little sting. Then a bigger sting. I went to scratch it and see what from the curtain was scratching me, a fuck
  9. Perhaps and Hardschool are better, IMO. But it sits nicely beside Atlas and State. Is much better than silkworms and the Mack daddy song.
  10. This is silly. We all complain about how bad Axl sounds now. But, he can still sound great at times. And he can be passable for a lot of a concert. But Vince Neil is awful live. The way people describe Axl's vocals on here is how Vince actually sounds. He only sings about half of each song, and he slurs together half of the words he actually does sing. LISTEN TO THIS. It's 100 times worse than Axl. I honestly wouldn't go see Motley Crue for free....and I grew up a die-hard fan and own all their albums. Too Fast For Love is a sleaze rock classic.
  11. Won’t hold a candle to Ford Fairlane.
  12. Tatum had an interesting night tonight. @magisme did you watch the game? Luke went for 34 points and 9 assists. As a 20-year old. Tatum was 1-for-18 from the field. Unless that was an error from ESPN?
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