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  1. I suppose the issue would be that if that same fan used the picture from the cover of any of the GnR albums on a personal project of his, Axl/TB/GnR-lawyers would slap a cease-and-desist order on him within an hour after his project was released.
  2. Skeeter

    Lets praise the justice

    My post had nothing to do with leaks. I’ve always been against people stealing music online. So nice try. Your example literally makes no sense. My comment was about you joking about people dying. And calling somebody a murderer. Trolling about that is sick. And isn’t funny. As the owner of this forum - and, just as a human being - you should be better than that. And butthurt? Nope. Just a little bummed to see that you are going to use this forum as your own little trolling playground. I hoped you would take the forum more seriously and start posting like a normal person. But it looks like instead you are going the opposite route. Which is sad. I actually believed you when you posted that you were going to try and bring the gnr online community together. And try and mend fences with the band. It’s a bummer that you were lying.
  3. Skeeter

    Former GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist DJ ASHBA Arrested

    Thanks JB.
  4. Skeeter

    Lets praise the justice

    Thanks JB.
  5. Skeeter

    Lets praise the justice

    Stuff like this isn’t funny. Somebody died. He had parents. Friends. People who loved him. Trolling is trolling. But joking about murder and people dying....Gunner, you should be better than that. Seriously. Especially as as somebody who apparently is taking over this forum. You should hold yourself to a little higher standard. I was hoping that when you took over the forum you would drop the weird obsessive Slash trolling. Again, you should be better than that.
  6. Skeeter

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    My daughter scored four goals today in our soccer victory. We aren't a soccer family...but they both got offers to play on a travel team, even though it's their first year playing. Even though I'm an athlete, have been coaching since high school, and am a huge sports fan......I declined the offer. Why? I honestly don't think kids should be playing competitive sports until they are maybe 9 or 10 years old. I don't care what sport it is. Five and six years olds are too young to play competitively. At our soccer games, usually 1-2 kids get hurt and start crying....and 1-2 kids start crying after they screw up a few times. All while Parents are screaming from the stands, yelling at the officials and expecting their 5 year old to execute on the court/field like a pro player will. I have went to dickhead parent sand said "Your little boy can't tie his shoes and he eats his boogers, but you expect him to be as fundamentally sound as Mike Trout?" Go to any T-ball game and you will see 2-3 kids that are studs, 2-3 that are just there because their friends are playing, 2-3 kids that are picking flowers and peeing on the outfield fence, and 2-3 kids that hate being there but their parents are making them play. I firmly believe these 8-under kids should have seasons that revolve around practices and a few games. Have 10 practices and then at the end of that, have a tournament or play a few games to show off what they have learned. Two practices a week for a month. Then play two games a week for a couple weeks. Season over. Or after 8-10 practices, have a tournament over two weekends where the teams get to play 4-5 games. This year we had one practice before games started. Last year in T-ball they had two practices before games started. BOTH these leagues are developmental and half the kids had never played either sport before. So you have a five year old whose never played soccer before. She gets one practice and then has to start playing games? It's idiotic. Practice is where you learn. Games are where you get to show off what you've learned. I almost told the coach to go f*ck himself when he asked if my five-year old could play on his travel team. Kids that young do NOT need that kind of stress and pressure. We had FIVE YEAR OLDS on our T-ball team whose parents paid - not kidding - paid for a conditioning coach, a hitting coach and a fielding coach. Those parents always say "But my little Billy loves it! We aren't forcing him to do it." Yea, well ask little Billy if he wants to go spend an hour taking 200 ground balls tomorrow with his fielding coach or if he'd rather go swimming at the pool with his buddies.....
  7. Skeeter

    Revisiting and remembering Chinese Democracy

    This times 1,000. I personally loved a lot of the album. Better, Twat, Catcher, The Blues - still listen to them on the reg. Prostitute, Madagascar, IRS, Riad, Shacklers are alright if I'm in a certain mood. Never really could get into If The World, CD, Sorry or Scraped. Would love to hear CD2. General sounds awesome. Checkmate sounded great. Would love to hear the entire album someday.
  8. In terms of selling or making money, it would have been a no-brainer to release an album at the start of this tour. 100 shows, 50,000 people a night...that's 5 million audience members that were willing to pay an average of $100 to go see GnR. A large portion of them would also drop cash on a new album or to buy songs online.
  9. “Izzy and Slash are overrated and weren’t necessary for early GnR. Axl could have done it without them. They weren’t songwriters at all.” - mygnrforum/fag. GnR/Axl with Izzy and Slash: Appetite, Lies, Illusions - 1985-1991. GnR with just Axl: Chinese Democracy, 1996-2018. Post GnR: Izzy mostly stays to himself out of the spotlight, but continually releases new albums. Slash has been in several bands. All which release albums in a regular basis. Was in Velvet Revolver, whose debut album outsold CD and received better critical acclaim. This is why the mygnrforum/fags are so laughable. And really, embarrassing to us normal GnR fans. Their creepy love of Axl has taken away their ability to use logic and common sense when talking about GnR. It’s like trying to have a conversation with a Justin Bieber middle school girl Bieber fan. GnR was on top of fhe world because of the contributions of all five guys. Axl’s vocals, attitude and lyrics. Izzy’s songwriting and Stones old school vibe. Slash’s guitar and his ability to add riffs to song ideas. Adlers party vibe drumming. And Duff the rock and music fanatic who was the glue to keep things from straying too far. Replace any member and Appetite would have been a completely different album. And anybody that downplays the roles of any band member while claiming only one guy was responsible.....unfortunately, in life and regardless of the subject, I think we all know of that one person who simply is too stupid to “get it.” And the only way that moron can be heard in real life is to spout out the dumbest shit. It’s the same moron that yells that the Beatles and Led Zep suck, Tom Brady is overrated, every popular movie or actor/artist/musician sucks, every hot chick is ugly, etc, etc, etc.
  10. 19 million dollars changes a lot of minds. Especially if he had already thought ahead that he wasn’t going to release anything. Hopefully Axl wouldn’t actually think like that. But 19 million dollars. And he is famous fOr holding grudges. So who knows.
  11. Somebody posted that Axl sold the rights for future music to Merc and the label. Which is why he won’t releaset any new music. He would rather screw Merc and a couple label execs than give his millions of fans an album. It’s more important to stick it to one “enemy” than it is to please the millions of FANS.
  12. Only a 13 year old girl or a mygnrforum/fag would sue to protect Axl’s “good name.”
  13. Skeeter

    Revisiting and remembering UYI 2

    Are you new to the forum? If people didn’t bash everything GnR has done....or didn’t post like teen school girls about which band member they love or hate more than the others......this forum would be a ghost town.
  14. Skeeter

    Why does this band hate releasing music?

    Wow. That actually is the perfect explanation of why Axl just gave up after CD. And again, really shows that Axl doesn’t give a fuck anout his fans. MILLIONS of his fans would love new music from him.....he has two albums in the can.......but screwing Merc is more important. Screwing Merc is more important than his millions of fans. How sad.