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  1. Nobody wants that contract though. It's more than 100 million dollars over the next three years.
  2. I'm not sure what the situation is with that. What cities are on the waiting list, does Seattle want a team back, what kind of deal OKC has with their arena, etc. I'm a little surprised that they only got two first round picks for Westbrook. And I'm surprised that Houston wanted that deal as well. Having two ball dominate players like Westbrook and Harden doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. That Steven Adam's salary seems like a huge over-pay. I'm sure you guys will look to move that if possible. What it looks like for OKC is two years of draft lottery. Three years from now, a bunch of huge contracts come off the books and if I'm reading it right, in three years they'd have enough for two Max Salary contracts. And they have two first round picks in each of the next four years, then three picks, then one pick, then three picks. Plus a bunch of switch-pick options a couple of the years. That's an amazing draft haul to reboot a team, especially having them spread out over seven years. BUT, like Boston is realizing....at some point, those draft picks have to pay off. At some point winning is more important than just gathering future assets. I guess that's the plan. Two years of lottery picks, then in year 3 you add a couple superstars, and then you still have 2-3 first round picks over the next couple years when Chris Paul's salary is erased.
  3. Durant's business partner and good friend recently posted this about Westbrook: No one wants to play with Russ! Russ is all about Russ. He's more worried about stats vs playing winning basketball. Owners & GMs in the NBA know the Real about Russell and his style of play. So fans can say what they want. But moving forward to the future OKC will have to trade Russ & he will have to become a better player/teammate! He can keep keep that intensity and competitiveness. But reality has set in. NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY WITH HIM!!!! I left out a few lines as the post was a bit hard to read. This isn't some rando dude. It's one of Kevin Durant's best friends and his business partner. The fact that Durant didn't ask his friend to take it down speaks volumes. The other interesting thing about OKC is that people think they would have won multiple championships if they'd kept their team together from a few years ago. Financially, it wasn't possible as you had three guys who wanted huge deals, plus Ibaka had to get paid as well. So they traded Harden, who I think was the 6th man at the time. AND interestingly enough....OKC had a better record the year after they traded Harden than they did the last year with them. Let that sink in. But the thing to ponder is that their Big Three are all guys that are thought of as being dudes who can't lead a team to a championship. Harden gets destroyed by basketball fans for being a ball hog, a flopper and not somebody who can lead a team to the title. Durant is known as the Snake, and as a guy who had to go to a 73-9 team to win a title. And obviously Westbrook is known as a guy more interested in putting up personal stats as opposed to winning championships. So keeping those three guys together doesn't mean they automatically would have won a championship. Seems more likely those three guy's attitudes would have led to a team explosion of egos and bad attitudes.
  4. Jordan is the Greatest. Bill Russell coming in second. Then you have a mix of players who could be considered in the 3, 4 and 5 spots. Lebron, Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, Wilt, Jerry West, Magic Johnson and Kareem.
  5. How so? We had seven different teams win NBA titles in the last 10 years.......we had three teams win their first title in their franchise history........and this year, there are probably 8-9 different teams that could win the championship. And free agency began in the NBA in the 70s, unrestricted free agency in the 80s, so Silver had nothing to do with players switching teams.
  6. Mr. Arnold, I'm not sure what would make you happy concerning the NBA. 1. "Small market teams never win." And, you hate powerhouses. But the 2010s was the second most diverse decade in terms of multiple teams winning titles.....which is what you want. Three teams won their first NBA title in their franchise history.....which is what you want. So I'm confused as to what you are angry about. What you want is actually what is happening. Multiple teams winning championships, and teams winning their first title. 2. Warriors were the only "super" team of the decade. But, it wasn't that long ago that Golden State was literally the worst franchise in the NBA. At one point in the 2000s they had TEN CONSECUTIVE losing seasons. 3. Lebron James is ripped apart for recruiting players and trying to build a team.....but now people are praising Kawhi for literally doing the exact thing. He only went to the Clippers if they also picked up Paul George. Also, can you name the last team in the NBA to win a title with a starting five that was 100% their own draft picks? I'm not sure it's ever been done. Kareem Abdul Jaabar wasn't drafted by the Lakers. Kobe Bryant wasn't drafted by the Lakers. Shaq wasn't originally a Laker. Rodman and Scottie Pippen were not drafted by the Bulls. Robert Parish and Dennis Johnson were not drafted by the Celtics. Teams win NBA titles by good drafting, great free agent pickups and making a great trade two. This has been going on forever - it's not just a new thing. As for OKC and why should you go? Well, for the last two years with Paul George the Thunder were first round exits in the playoffs. Last year they won 2 games in the playoffs, this year Portland beat them 4 games to 1. So what would the big appeal to watching them this year be? They were not contenders to win an NBA title even with Paul George. They would win 45-50 games and then get knocked out in the first round again. George asked to be traded. OKC gave him a long-term deal. So you can't really blame OKC for this. OKC got back Shai Gilgeous-Alexander who had a really solid rookie season last year. He's only 20 and looks like he will develop into a solid NBA player. You also got Danilo Gallinari, who basically averaged 20 points per game last season. Plus five first round draft picks? That's a pretty darn good return for a guy who wanted off the team. Westbrook is fun to watch, but most people consider him a numbers compiler who can't lead a team to a championship. If I was an OKC fan, I'd welcome a trade of him to the Knicks or Celtics for a couple of their young players and a couple first round draft picks. Paul George and Westrbook weren't going to lead OKC to a title. You were going to be happy with 3-4 more years of first round exits? It says a lot that Kawhi wanted George to come to the Clippers and not for Westbrook to come.
  7. Any top 5 list of best shows that doesn’t include Deadwood is a list that deserves to be crumpled up and inserted into Rosie O’Donnel’s cunt for a week. After seven days, the list’s author has to dig out that list and eat it.
  8. Don't worry, I'm not back. Just returned to pay off a bet to Nate. But I do hope that Gunner will return to ya'll.
  9. I think we all know what the best scene in that movie was.
  10. I deleted the part where I said "Hell kid, I left a tip bigger than $40 for dinner last night."
  11. NBA championship teams per decade. This is literally the most diverse time in terms of multiple teams winning the championship since the 1970s. 1940s: 3 champions (Warriors, Bullets, Lakers) 1950s: 6 champions (Lakers, Nationals, Royals, Warriors, Celtics, Hawks) 1960s: 2 champions (Celtics, 76ers) 1970s: 8 champions (Knicks, Bucks, Lakers, Celtics, Warriors, Trail Blazers, Bullets, SuperSonics) 1980s: 4 champions (Lakers, Celtics, 76ers, Pistons) 1990s: 4 champions (Pistons, Bulls, Rockets, Spurs) 2000s: 5 champions (Lakers, Spurs, Pistons, Heat, Celtics) 2010s: 7 champions (Lakers, Mavericks, Heat, Spurs, Warriors, Cavaliers, Raptors)
  12. Too funny. Nate, act like you've been there before. Is this the first time you've ever won a bet? Making a topic about it less than 12 hours after the game is over? And your threat is you are going to share screen shots of PMs? Seriously? It's 40 bucks dude. The sad thing is that either way it turned out (whomever won) I was going to send you Cowboys tickets for a game this upcoming season. Oh well. Simmer down. I'll mail you your huge winnings.
  13. The new trailer park boys cartoon on Netflix isn’t bad.
  14. How dare somebody not like a band or album or song as much as we do. How dare them have a different opinion!!!! Everybody most love GnR songs because I love them!!! With that said, Phil Lewis has turned into a pretty bitter and crusty old man who is seemingly always griping and complaining. I dont really care what songs he likes or doesn’t like. He is welcome to love and hate whatever floats his boat. LA Guns catalog is several rungs underneath GnR’s. They were a C level rock and and a b-level hair metal band. GnR is a hall of fame rock band. But in a positive note for them, LA Guns at least routinely shares new music with their fans. Something Axl is too afraid to do
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