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  1. Perhaps and Hardschool are better, IMO. But it sits nicely beside Atlas and State. Is much better than silkworms and the Mack daddy song.
  2. This is silly. We all complain about how bad Axl sounds now. But, he can still sound great at times. And he can be passable for a lot of a concert. But Vince Neil is awful live. The way people describe Axl's vocals on here is how Vince actually sounds. He only sings about half of each song, and he slurs together half of the words he actually does sing. LISTEN TO THIS. It's 100 times worse than Axl. I honestly wouldn't go see Motley Crue for free....and I grew up a die-hard fan and own all their albums. Too Fast For Love is a sleaze rock classic.
  3. Won’t hold a candle to Ford Fairlane.
  4. Wow. I've never watched The View before....and after this five minutes, I will never watch it again. This Joy woman is DREADFUL. She seems like a horrible, miserable person. What the hell is with Whoopie's hair? Who is the blond with the huge breasts? And from this five minute clip, I would certainly entertain the thought of ......investigating this lady more. She seems like a great potential candidate. I don't know her other political views. But she comes across very well from this clip.
  5. Tatum had an interesting night tonight. @magisme did you watch the game? Luke went for 34 points and 9 assists. As a 20-year old. Tatum was 1-for-18 from the field. Unless that was an error from ESPN?
  6. Should Trump fear for his life if this happens? Hillary and her crew might be feeling very arrogant after getting rid of Epstein and think they could step it up a notch to assure her victory.
  7. This is a huge week for both teams. Dallas should win. Aren’t the Vikings missing one of their top receivers? This is a “tough” game that Dallas needs to win to show they are a playoff contender. And same for the Vikings. This game will show if they are for real or not.
  8. I’m sorry Mags. I won’t mention it again. And I won’t mention that I heard it happening, a clunk clunk noise from the dryer. But thought she was drying shoes.
  9. He is the best passer in the league. Bar none. Hayward out with a broken hand.
  10. It was an accident, but terrible for sure. Little kitten crawled into the dryer and fell asleep.
  11. Luka 28 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists per game.........and he's 20 years old. Lonzo 11 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists per game Luka could end up being a top 10 player of all time. I know, it's much too early to say that. But holy cow. Dude is putting up MVP numbers....and he isn't even 21 years old.
  12. Just be glad my old housekeeper doesn't work for you. She killed my last kitten by running him through the dryer.
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