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  1. The new trailer park boys cartoon on Netflix isn’t bad.
  2. How dare somebody not like a band or album or song as much as we do. How dare them have a different opinion!!!! Everybody most love GnR songs because I love them!!! With that said, Phil Lewis has turned into a pretty bitter and crusty old man who is seemingly always griping and complaining. I dont really care what songs he likes or doesn’t like. He is welcome to love and hate whatever floats his boat. LA Guns catalog is several rungs underneath GnR’s. They were a C level rock and and a b-level hair metal band. GnR is a hall of fame rock band. But in a positive note for them, LA Guns at least routinely shares new music with their fans. Something Axl is too afraid to do
  3. Skeeter


    The sad thing is you are probably right. Izzy or Adler is a get-out-of-jail (sharing music) card for Axl.
  4. Bucks just wrapped up the best record in the NBA.
  5. I creamed in my pants to Heat Of The moment by Asia at a middle school dance. Her name was Katy, she was an 8th grader (I was in 7th grade) who was about a foot taller than the rest of us. She also developed very young and had a huge chest. We slow danced to Heat of the Moment.....I popped wood.....instead of moving away from the rock hard erection smashing into her leg, she grinding back.....I made it about half way through the song before exploding. Good memories. Asia is alright in my book.
  6. That's awesome. Watching it makes me want to read up and see what this dude is all about.
  7. I'm not a druggie, but I think it's OK to legalize it. I'd rather have some guy smoke some weed than down a bottle of jack daniels. But I do like how each state gets to decide what they want, rather than the president coming in and dictating what they do. I would rather individual states had more control of how their state operates, instead of the corrupt fat cats in Washington deciding for us. If it came up for vote in my state, I'd probably vote to legalize it. Really, the only thing that bothers me about pot smokers is a lot of the.....the ones who say "I'm not addicted to weed" but they still smoke it 365 days a year, and their life basically revolves around getting high crowd.....a lot of them feel like it's OK to hit the bong and then drive. I dated a girl who was a pot-head and her and all her friends were like that. "I'm not really even stoned, it just relaxes me. Hell, I drive better after smoking." Uhhh, no you don't. It's the same people who would never get behind the wheel after a few mixed drinks or a couple of beers, but they will drive after hitting the bong.
  8. He did say that when he left he would just leave and not come back. Honestly, I miss the little fella.
  9. Lefty and Snowy. I named one, my daughter named one.
  10. It was a vanilla ice reference to your “solo” comment. You people need to refine your music tastes!!! I appreciate the spin you put in your posts. Always interesting to read the “possibilities” you come up with. But what risk is there for GnR to put out a new album? Axl is considered a legend. He has young hot chicks willing to blow him every time he goes to Taco Bell. He has a pretend family willing to spoil him 24/7. He has a hundred million dollars in the bank. Risk? A new album would debut at number one and sell a couple million copies. Even if critics slammed it, he could go to GnR truth and htgth and mygnr and find 100s of post saying how they orgasm every time they listen to it. And gnr touring would still produce big crowds. All that album would have to axcomplish is 2-3 songs good enough to play on your. Bands like Van Halen, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Bon Jovi - all these “old guys” release albums that aren’t as successful as their glory day releases. No AC/DC fan says “they were my favorite band for 30 years. But I didn’t like the 2015 album, so now I hate them and that album now means Back In Black is a terrible song.” The risk for GnR in releasing a new album is just Axl’s feelings being hurt. Risk is somebody quitting a great job, moving cross country and using their entire life savings to start a new business. If GnR puts out an album that you don’t like...do you stop loving Estranged and rocketqueen? I’ve never understood this theory that one average album taints a band’s legacy. Bands are remembered for their best albums, not their worst.
  11. I just read something about Wiggins might be the least valuable player in the nba. Only starters were included. He apparently scores a lot of “empty” points. Doesn’t play good defense. Isn’t a great rebounder or passer. And his huge contract might prevent the T-Wolves from being a to extend their real stud KAT. Imagine losing Towns because of Wiggins contract.
  12. Westbrook gets a lot of uncontested rebounds. Basically free ones. In the old days they were given to the big man. But today guards get them....which leads to all these triple doubles. I would bet that half his rebounds are uncontested. Offensive rebounds are like an extra possession. I don’t know why more teams don’t fight and go for them on every shot.
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