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  1. Skeeter

    The Best and Worst of Mafia

    The all time most winning Mafia players are........ Tied for first @Damn_Smooth and GnRLies Top 4 most wins: Damn Smooth GnRLies Bacardi Conor I think Hans M would have made the top 5, but since they stopped playing many, many years ago, I didn't keep a hard track of their wins. But I think they would have been number 5 on the list. And a number that didn't surprise me at all. In terms of winning %...... Skeeter leads the way with the greatest winning percentage of anybody whose played in at least 5 games. Top 5 winning percentage: Skeeter Damn Smooth GnRLies Conor Bill Brasky (Again, Hans might have cracked this list. In This River had a couple early wins too) SO IN TERMS of the Greatest Mafia Player of All Time.......... Damn Smooth gets the vote. Now the other side of the pillow. Who is the worst player of all time? Lots of guys have never won. A lot of people played 3-7 games and didn't pick up a win. But just statistically speaking, people who have played in more than just a few games, taking the amount of games they have played and times they have won.......... @arnold layne is the least successful Mafia player of all time. Gunner and JB round out the top 3.
  2. Skeeter

    The Best and Worst of Mafia

    I should have awarded double-losses to players who blow up and quit mid-game!
  3. Skeeter

    The Best and Worst of Mafia

    So I was bored and went through and tracked the winners from each game of Mafia that this forum has played. I don't care if you were on the winning team or not. If you were killed....it counts as a loss. The only "wins" I awarded were if you were still alive when the game was over. Last man standing got you a Win. If you were killed during the game.....Loss. 95% accurate, as a couple games were kind of weird and hard to track. One game players had roles change, one game appeared to be a fake game made up just to troll another player, one game didn't really announce a winner. Some hosts were awesome and spelled out every move at the end. Some crapped out once the game was over. And I did this on a notebook, in about 30 minutes, and didn't go back and double-check it. But it should be fairly accurate. Before I reveal the final numbers, let's take a quick guess!!!! Statistically speaking: Best mafia player of all time? Worst mafia player of all time?
  4. Four players went after me at various times throughout the game. All placed votes on me. I had two votes on me once. Mafia had their chance to win....but always took their votes off me. And everybody in the game had votes against them except one....damn smooth. Thank you gunner for taking the time and effort to run a game.
  5. DS and I came into the game like men. With our heads held high and our dicks hanging low. I apologize that some of you had to have your assholes ripped open by our massive cocks.
  6. Better. Twat. The Blues. Catcher. Riad. Great songs and that’s all that should matter. The album was by Axl Rose’s 2008 version of GnR. He has had like 10 different versions (lineups) if GnR. Like Slash said during the height of fhe band’s success. “Axl has always viewed GnR as his solo project.”
  7. Bacardi played a great game. He stayed under the radar until the last round. Putting two big-dicked elite-mafia players like me and @Damn_Smoothtogether though.....the rest of the field didn’t really have a chance. Even 9 against 2.
  8. Skeeter

    NBA 2017-2018

    Machado just choice money and weather over a chance to win. 300 million to play for the Padres. Who haven’t made the playoffs since 2006. And who are still picked to finish 3rd in their division. But....San Diego baby. Hot weather. Beaches. Beautiful women. As opposed to playing all year in Philadelphia. A playoff team that could have made a deep run with Manny.
  9. So there was 9 dirty and only two clean.....and two still won? Wow. Usually it’s an 8/3 or 7/4 type split. I’ve never seen a game where there were only two good on one team. Has mafia ever won a game where it was 9 town and just 2 mafia?
  10. Gunner you did a solid job. Don’t listen to the complaining.
  11. Skeeter

    Best and Worst Time Travel Films

    Was she pregnant in it?
  12. For me, the name doesn’t matter. GnR. Axl solo. Who cares. All I care about is how the songs sound. That’s more important than the writing on the album cover. Loved half the songs on Cd. Don’t care for half of them. And it’s all based on how the song sounds - not on the name of the band.
  13. Skeeter

    The Next Game Sign Up Thread

    I don't know if I will even be alive in eight months!!!!
  14. @Damn_Smooth it was good being On your side. Bacardi played an A-plus game.