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  1. Lol, no kidding. The funny part is that 75% of us get the joke. But there are people who actually believe that there musical preference is superior to others.
  2. An album released at the start of or mid-tour would have debuted at number one. And a new song would have been top 10. Without an actual doubt. The hype of Slash being back was huge. But an album and single a year from now? Now the expectations have to be much lower. Only Axl’s “brilliant” camp didn’t think they should take capitalize on all the hype and excitement of Slash returning. Instead they thought it would be better to push the $1.000 box set and laundry bags. None of those clowns realized they should have blown Axl’s load with a new album. An album and single a year from now won’t do nearly as good as one would have done two years ago. Also, don’t forget CD debuted at number three. Then free fell to like 70 or something within two weeks. One of the biggest falls of the entire year by any major release. Whomever makes these decisions for GnR should be fired yesterday.
  3. Just to be clear as I don’t want to misrepresent what you posted. Are you saying that it sounds like a demo. And that it sounds unfinished?
  4. It’s almost like people have different musical taste and preferences or something.
  5. I looked up the value on a couple websites and it looks like mygnr is valued at $17,500 and generates about $300 a month in ad revenue. First you would have to find somebody who would fork over almost 20G for a website. And would that person be willing to put in the daily time to run and admin a forum for $75 a week? It would take five years to make your money back. How much did Downs Boy pay for it?
  6. I will not listen to this one again. Literally.....not even one more time.
  7. OK fellas. Put them in order Here is the most accurate list, but let's see what you think. 1. Perhaps - quirky Axl 2. Atlas - the classic Axl "epic" ballad attempt 3. Hardschool - old school Axl 4. State of Grace - Axl did enjoy NIN and Manson 5. Silkworms - shitAxl 6. Knocking on heaven's door - acoustic - boring Axl
  8. Downs is an insufferable cunt.
  9. Alrighty dick-touchers and taint-lickers, I have an apology to make. I didn't realize the entire song had leaked and had just heard the brief clip. From that small clip, I was not impressed and thought the song sucked. Just now I was finally able to listen to the entire song. I was pleasantly surprised. I put this in the "Axl is doing something interesting, good job son." LA Guns releases an album every 2-3 years. They all sound like classic LA Guns. I can really appreciate Axl taking some chances and risks in his music and mixing things up a bit. State of Grace, Perhaps and Atlas Shrugged show that Axl is changing up his sound a bit. He isn't just recreating and rewriting Jungle and PC. I'm very interested to hear the final studio version of this song. It's a pretty cool song. Axl should have released his CD trilogy. But then also released an EP to get his industrial songs out - State of Grace, Shacklers, Riad, OMG, Silkworms, Scraped.
  10. Axl should be pissed. If he was planning to do a couple months of shows and then finalize the new album.....and then a bunch of tracks leak. But no sympathy from me. Dude should have released this album nine years ago. Release music and you don’t have to worry about leaks. So this is his fault. Also....fuck off with the “its The labels fault. They were holding out for the final album until Slash came back.” I’m not a band manager or a lawyer. But hhmm. How about “Mr Label Exec, I feel you and get where you are coming from. Let’s release this 2010 album and then if Slash ever comes back and we make an album, I give your label the exclusive rights to it.” Or just adjust your deal with the label, instead of owing them one album change it to two albums. LA Guns releases an album every 2-3 years. If Axl Fucking Rose wanted to release music I guarantee you the label would work with him to do so.
  11. It is a huge myth that Chinese Democracy received no advertising or promotion. *most anticipated album of all time *released on Myspace, broke Myspace streaming records *there was a print campaign and there were TV commercials *EVERY music outlet in the world (on line or physical - think Rolling Stone magazine) featured a review of the album *one song was featured in Rock Band, one of the most popular video games of the time *one song was featured in a major movie, which featured two of the biggest actors in the world: Leo and Russell Crowe How the fuck much more promotion did people want? CD literally received more promotion than 99.999% of albums released. Maybe Axl could have went door-to-door to people's houses?
  12. Perhaps I was wrong When I didn’t see you, hey hey Perhaps I was wrong, Well I don’t believe you But how would I know how it feels What it is to be you I’ve been so upset Harboring this hate for days My sense of rejection, hey hey Is no excuse for my behavior You pulled the gun, hey hey That shot my clues to find my savior Now he is no more And I am without you Just like I was before The way I used to be What a weight upon your shoulders That you don’t need Somebody else take care of the rest
  13. Life and everybody has always been pretty hardschool against him. Luckily, he has The Beta and her kids and Del to love him.
  14. I just listened to all the leaks and was thinking the very same thing. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if they were all connected somehow. Axl's attempt at a new trilogy of songs that are all connected. State, General and Perhaps.
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