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  1. Major Mayhem

    Who wants a new GnR album and why?

    How GnR would it be to name their last album, "Fat and Shit"? Instead of CD 2, it'd be SI 2.
  2. Major Mayhem

    Big Red Wants You To Vote Blue

    To be fair, multi-national corporations did that, not the American citizens. I'm a small town white boy, just trying to make ends meet.
  3. Major Mayhem

    Axl's Straight-Up BEST Lyrics

    What's so civil about war anyway?
  4. Wow, how did I miss that!? WWE-Illuminati confirmed
  5. And why did we never hear the line, "If ya smell what Barack is cookin'"?
  6. Pastrami on Rye, perhaps?
  7. His performance of Big Shot with Billy Joel was the best performance since Free Fallin'.
  8. Major Mayhem

    GNR's Halloween Cross

    Which one is Melissa?
  9. Major Mayhem

    Was Clarke really invited?

    Slash had said they looked at a few guitarists upon the regrouping.
  10. Major Mayhem

    What Are You Listening II

    Every outtake from the recording of Blood On The Tracks. Throw in a pair of sunglasses and a Dylan wig, they could easily sell it for $1,000.
  11. Major Mayhem

    Vrenna talks bout GNR

    He is a creative genius because he liked NIN, a U2 album, never went the studio, and relied on people with talent to prop him up. There was that one time when he made them play the previous prop band's material and claimed it as his own. Axl Rose is Oz, a little man behind a microphone. I'll give him his due, though. He was an awesome singer with amazing stage presence back in the day.
  12. Major Mayhem

    When do you think Axl died as an artist?

    I think it happened sometime in the late 80's. He didn't realize it until 2002. He was distracted by his own hype, then, a thirst for revenge, the tedious motions of trying to form a new band, etc. When everything was lined up, the band was waiting in the studio, he no-showed, and let them do all the heavy lifting of his image from then on.
  13. Major Mayhem

    "CD 2 is finished and ready to drop at any moment"

    At the end of the countdown, the site finally updates to version 4.4
  14. I had the pleasure of seeing DJ Ashba, Bumblefoot, Frank and the rest of gang in 2011, so Mellissa wouldn't bother me. Izzy Stradlin's solo albums are pretty good, but I'm indifferent to Adler. If forced to choose, I'd have to choose the Guns N' Roses brand.