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  1. Actually, brasky was forcing my hand, and all of our hands, but then extended the deadline until Saturday. It seemed John Bonham wasn't going to explain himself and so I put the pressure on him by placing a vote, as did a few other people. The tactic worked and JB explained his reasoning for the false PM story. It seemed like something he would do early in the game. That's when I took my vote off of him.
  2. That's fine. I simply got dragged into the pm controversy. I believe JB's explanation. Facekicker is quiet and it seems to be something he does when he's mafia, working behind the scenes and directing traffic.
  3. shit, that's all you need to say, bro. Unvote John Bonham
  4. I don't want to, but I feel like I have no choice. I I'mgoing to go ahead and vote John Bonham
  5. It is interesting to note that both jb and hotdog man have called out Facekicker. Although, he has been flying under the radar; he usually does when he's mafia.
  6. Is this a well orchestrated ploy between hotdog man and JB? They then steered the vote towards the first one to bite, in this case, popcorn. Of course, GNRLiars jumped on the gravy train.... I'm just trying to see all the angles. I'm leaning towards a vote for a popcorn's snare right now.
  7. I think JB has a lot to explain right now. Popcorn snare's reaction is highly suspect. He's in full Panic mode.
  8. Should be a B ) there. Not the emoticon C ) None of the above
  9. A) Bonham and hot dog are working together. Bonham and popcorn are working together
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