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  1. Major Mayhem

    SAW Mafia sign up

    I'm like Garth Algar
  2. Oh, is the beginning of the reformation of new Guns? I can't believe Slash actually said that. He must really want to make a great album and is forcing Axl's hand.
  3. I'm hoping aew will bring back the 10 minute arm locks, chin locks, and headlocks that have long since disappeared. A kick to the head, a punch, these shouldn't be brushed off. I want to see the rules enforced. Is there no audience for this? People would rather watch intergender or death matches?' And I've had enough of the "Matt Hardy fan boy"wrestler doing parqore.
  4. The beer is an "Ale brewed with hibiscus and prickly pear". the same ingredients of the band itself. and has been described by experts as “A super-light beer with a faint berry-like character that has drinkability for a hot day.” Like the song "Sweet child O' mine".
  5. It says 1992 at the end of the video, but it looks like a nitro logo in some places. So maybe '97. He was molested by Pat well before that.
  6. Major Mayhem

    The Next Game

    Sounds like a big game, I'd like to play with you all.
  7. Axl is illuminati confirmed. Look at how quickly he jumped after he was told to do it, along with many others. This was the cover song to do after Cornell died
  8. Any monster wrestler is good for business, but usually end up like V. Koslov.
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