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  1. I was just looking at it the other day and it reminded me of myself, the young man is writing frantically, but the old man just sits and thinks.
  2. Yes, so it doesn't make sense that the record company wouldn't want to release music made by a "legendary", "iconic" rock band when literally everyone else puts out albums.
  3. So many other bands, and members of this band, have no problem releasing albums from their shit solo projects.
  4. The wildside version is new standard of excellence for crash diet
  5. I've been driving to Portland, ME, but I think it might be less driving to Head South instead. Last I heard there was a long wait to get in down there.
  6. Hey yo, where's Bacardi?

    1. bacardimayne


      lost in shitspace

      lol whats up

  7. Hey bro! JB! You get any legal pot shops there yet?
  8. I think Alex Ross has a "larger" game plan, to resurrect rock by only leaking tracks for other artists to cover.
  9. I miss ya buddy 

    1. Major Mayhem

      Major Mayhem

      Lance! Missed you too bae

  10. I'm like Garth Algar
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