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  1. Major Mayhem

    What Are You Listening II

    Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline, Self Portrait, and the Basement Tapes. Good music for the Autumn weather.
  2. I suppose it's easier for Slash to stay present than to own the mistakes of his past. Imagine what would happen if he dug a little deeper and confronted it. Instead, all he has is a pig pile of shit rock.
  3. He may be. Though he strikes me as a con-artist.
  4. Not a Joey Ryan fan either. It was a funny bit, though.
  5. I miss the magic in wrestling; like when Brutus Beefcake chased Ron Bass through the crowd, threatening to cut his hair.
  6. I'm all for wrestling. There's some good stuff out there. You have to be blinded by nostalgia to refer to Austin v. Rock as some great psychological match.
  7. Austin vs Rock=punch kick furniture finisher x5
  8. austin vs. rock was horrible and nothing after 1992 is worth watching again.
  9. Edit: I fell asleep just before the Omega/Pentagon match and woke up to the start of the Villian vs. Okada match. It's exciting to see pro wrestling again. The Jay Lethal/Flip Gordon match was cool, nice to see those storylines get a payoff. Watching Lethal wrestle as the Macho Man was pretty amazing. The NWA revival has been fun to watch, as well. Cody and Nick Aldis was history making. Can't wait to watch Jericho and see that match.
  10. Major Mayhem

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    Free Willie
  11. Major Mayhem

    Axl/DC ACTUALLY confirmed

    But, the guy from Rose Tattoo said Angus told him Alex Ross was in. Why would he lie?
  12. Major Mayhem

    The New Face of Beauty

  13. Is anyone excited for ALL IN?
  14. Major Mayhem

    'Ol Dirty Bastard Appreciation Thread

    Easy on my balls...they're fragile as eggs