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  1. I'm sure most of you have seen this, but it's such agreeat piece of KotH history that it deserves to be brought up anywhere the Hills are discussed.
  2. It can play some 360 games, The Witcher 2 being among them. Not sure about the Master Chief collection but if you have the games separately I think that's an option. Actually I just checked, anything that can be played on Xbox One is able to be played on that, so yeah, should be able to play the Master Chief collection too.
  3. So with Brain potentially coming back, I have to ask. Did he ever really quit or was it just the longest paternity leave ever?
  4. One of the weirdest moments on the show, yet still perfectly in line with Bill and Dale's characters.
  5. So, I should prolly preface this by saying I don't think the results in some states were entirely legit, but ultimately what I think about it doesn't matter in the slightest. I'm just one man with absolutely zero political sway, and I'm content to keep it that way because I'm not the type to be happy about someone believing something just because I told them to. But still, I really enjoy reading about and discussing presidential elections, despite them not really meaning much anymore, and I know some of you guys enjoy my half baked political analysis' (you guys know who you are, and seriously,
  6. Trump just became the first president to be impeached twice. http://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/13/house-to-impeach-trump-for-inciting-capitol-riot.html
  7. I'm not a hundred percent sure you would classify these as true crime entirely, but they're all worth checking out. The Staircase Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes The Confession Killer The Innocent Man The Devil Next Door Evil Genius Who Killed Little Gregory? The Keepers
  8. @Bill Brasky Is there any word on if Axl Rose is writing a song about quarantine killing Taco Bell breakfast? Or indeed his thoughts on the matter in general?
  9. On the topic of guest voices though, I think my favorite has to be Brad Pitt as Patch Boomhauer. They could've got any rando to play the character, but it's Brad Pitt because why not. He got the dang ol speech pattern down perfectly.
  10. It was always Mike Judge. Some people say he was the original VA but I think the confusion stems from Mike Judge saying Octavio's appearance was based off of Trejo. I think his first appearance was the episode where Dale gets his finger cut off (a personal favorite), and as far as I can recall Trejo didn't appear in the credits.
  11. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley knock on the door of the White House, just days after Joe Biden has been inaugurated president. Cruz: This place looks terrible! Biden answers the door, clad in an old man bathrobe, presumably because he just got done swimming naked, much to the dismay of his female secret service detail. Cruz: You're not Trump! Biden: Oh, that orange guy. He lost the election. Cruz: Lost the election? Then I'm arresting you under suspicion of electoral fraud! Grab him, Hawley. Hawley: Alright pops, lets get you ba
  12. "Death on Two Legs" by Queen. Has a pretty neat story behind it. Basically it's a diss track aimed at their former manager, if I recall right.
  13. Really? Huh, didn't know about that, I've mostly been staying away from political stuff and the news in general for a couple of weeks. Yesterday was the first time I even bothered to check into anything. I haven't even looked into Georgia to see if there were any blatant irregularities. All I know is both dudes got narrow victories and, yet again, people are speaking of that sort of thing like its a huge and unexpected blowout. Wouldn't it be weird if Trump actually does get removed from office, then Biden gets kicked out within the year? That would give us the year of four preside
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