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  1. Well it's only fair really. Democrats have had the Russian hacking excuse to fall back on for four years now. It's about time the Republicans get their version of the mantra, and how fitting it comes from the same source. So with that in mind, I think it's only right, from here on out, to not refer to the 2020 presidential election as such. Instead, it should be called the Russian-Chinese Cyberbattle of 2020. The parties will no longer be Republican and Democrat, but Russian Hacking and Chinese Hacking. Also the candidates from now on should be called Dimitri Trumpsky and Ji Bi Den. This is all just hypothetical, of course.
  2. Y'know, thinking back on it, I'm kinda disappointed Biden didn't say "Then you ain't a real nigga" instead. But with a hard r, because he doesn't know (or remember) any better. I'm sure that would have went over well.
  3. I'd also recommend "Dumber Dolls." That's one of the first episodes I remember seeing. "Y'know Happy Time, just bein' around you kinda makes me wanna die."
  4. Landlord = Owner Like how they snuck that one in there. What next, Tenant = Gerbil?
  5. I love how around 40 seconds in you see her smile disappear so abruptly and she takes a big sigh. Then after a little bit of trying to pretend to smile, she goes all dead eyed and stares off into space while he talks, like she's just tuning him out because she knows he forgot why he really invited her. It was glorious to see her glaze over like that as she realized Biden's moment of lucidity for the day had passed. I hope he does pick her. I'd love to hear her and all the screeching party loyalists claim a loudmouth race baiter whose never won a statewide race and a senile old pervert that was "Weekend at Biden'd" through the primaries lost just because a black lady was on the second spot. Despite the fact that, y'know, a woman won the popular vote just last election and we elected a black man to two terms before that. But nah man, racism and sexism is entirely to blame. Not the god awful candidates who just didn't run their campaign right.
  6. "If she votes red, don't believe a word she said." "If she votes red, she WANTED to go to bed." "If you believe Tara Reade, you deserve to bleed."
  7. Vote for my candidate or I'll say mean things about you.
  8. Dropped out before he even entered, at that. Seems like every presidential election this sort of thing happens with him. At least this time he actually went through the trouble of becoming a member of a party. Maybe next time he'll go a step further and officially announce a candidacy. Shame he didn't go for it, that would have made 2020 a lot more interesting, especially since Amash has formed an exploratory committee for the Libertarian nomination. I doubt either would have got enough votes to get national funding for their parties in the next election, and even if they did it would've been squandered anyway, especially in the Green party's case, but it still would have been neat to see one third party nominate a sitting member of congress and another a former governor in the same election. Plus the jokes about him and Trump and their association with wrestling practically write themselves.
  9. "I believe you Tara, but you weren't raped by the right person so we can't allow this to be an issue. Sorry."
  10. You have to be eligible to be president to be vice president, and since the twenty second amendment no person has been allowed to be elected to the office of president more than twice. Think the most someone can serve now is ten years (two terms, plus two years or less of a term they had to finish because of their predecessor's death, resignation or removal from office). So Jimmy Carter could theoretically be president again or someone's running mate, since he was only elected to one term, but Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama are ineligible for either thing, unless some new amendment is made. Interesting side note though, there is no term limit for vice presidents. I think there was talk back in 2016 of having Biden be Hillary's running mate, but I can't remember if there were actual talks or if that was just speculation. Given the active role some VPs have played in administrations in recent years, I'm surprised no one has tried to exploit that. Have someone be shadow president, so to speak. The other party would probably make an amendment to stop it from happening again as soon as they could (like the Republicans did in response to FDR's elections), and it would almost certainly be controversial, but when has that ever stopped people in power from doing something dirty?
  11. And anytime someone does mess with them, about half the class sticks up for them and you get reprimanded even though they're the ones who provoked the confrontation. 2020: The year we saw classroom shenanigans on a global scale.
  12. Hey, here's a novel idea. You could not vote. Also, I am so sick of hearing people say Trump's the worst president in American history. He's not, and in about fifty years will just be a faint memory for most people and just some random trivia fact like Grover Cleveland. I wanted to say learn some history before you spout this garbage, but Jesus Christ, he's not even the worst in living memory. Why the rose colored glasses for the Bush years now? Because people only care about the immediate, and Trump is the most immediate thing that gets easily influenced morons riled up. Can't wait to see all these people looking back fondly on the Trump years within the decade. And it will happen.
  13. They probably don't. Their highest priority was beating Bernie, and Biden was their best chance at that because everyone else couldn't hold onto momentum and Pete Buttigieg's numbers among minorities were abysmal. They succeeded in keeping Bernie away from the nom, so their work for this year is done. If Joe wins, great, the VP they picked for him will run things. If not, whatever, at least Bernie didn't get it. It still blows my mind too whenever I think about it though. No other candidate in the history of the presidential primary mattering has lost Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada and gone on to win the nomination. If they did lose one or two of those contests, they certainly did better than fourth, fifth and third place. Usually the rest of the states vote for whoever was doing best in those three contests, but this time they decided those states that all the candidates had camped out in for the last two years didn't know what they were talking about. Then again, one of those guys at the front of the pack doesn't usually drop out and endorse someone dragging behind everyone else either. I guess part of it boils down to a bunch of people (mostly in states the Democrats will not win in the general) wanting a return to the Obama years, and not knowing any better way to do that, or having any better option when it was their time to vote, than nominate his VP. Y'know, that creepy old guy who was only picked because he was his polar opposite. But whatever, he was his VP, it counts! Oh, and thinly veiled backroom maneuvering. It boils down to that too.
  14. So Joe, do you have any kids? Did you adopt them with your husbands or did you make 'em with your wife? http://www.msn.com/en-au/lifestyle/smart-living/he-treated-his-son-worse-everything-we-know-about-joe-exotics-secret-son-brandon/ar-BB12AbdA Well, you ain't that gay.
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