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  1. No worries man, sorry to hear you feel so rough. And you're immensely talented, don't ever think any differently. I've told you before I'll happily read any of your reviews/recaps anytime you can do them. I know it's not quite the same but you'll always have us here at GNFNR. God knows its helped get me through some hard times this past year. Been a crazy time but this place has always helped keep me sane through it and I know its done the same for a lot of folks. I'm very thankful for this place and you guys that make it so great. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have a go
  2. So what you're saying is you have no plans after work and are available to make a Thanksgiving of Horror review in the Simpsons thread. Killer. Step to it you talented motherfucker. I want some good reading to go with my dinner.
  3. Never gets old. Have a safe holiday everyone. Don't get your turkeys exploded at the airport.
  4. This puts me in mind of an old election that I'm surprised didn't get brought up this year. Back in 1990 South Carolina had an election for governor, which saw the incumbent Republican running for another term against a black candidate on the Democratic ticket. The Democratic candidate said that any black person who voted for the Republican was - and this is an exact quote, mind you - "a house nigger," and "black prostitute who sold out their race." He refused to apologize after and the incumbent pulled out of a planned debate with him because of those statements. He went on to get only about
  5. I like how they've essentially adopted the "white man's burden" mentality. They don't seem to get that dressing up your racism as something "positive" is still pretty fucking racist. By doing this they're pissing off a bunch of people by speaking for a group they don't represent, which will then face the eventual blowback for their actions even though the actual members of that group had nothing to do with any of it and likely just wanted to be left alone. But hey, what do they care. They get to blog about how they stood up for their one black friend who they have the burden of hav
  6. One of my favorite deep cuts. It was the first song of the band's that I listened to that wasn't typically on the radio. And of course he was Lucky on King of the Hill. That's extra cool points right there. Sure, the show slid downhill during his time on it, but I think the character still had his moments. And it also gave us the immortal line, "I'm gonna help you run down that dream, Bobby."
  7. None of it tastes right since Hostess shut down. That's really when the world went to hell. Little Debbie's are better.
  8. I already suggested Alice in Chains, but all I gave last time was a logo. Could any part of this work as a background? And here's a potentially better logo.
  9. No debating going on here, or at least that's not what I was going for. I'm outright saying it's a fake and a particularly bad one at that. Sure, it didn't need dissecting, but I couldn't resist pointing out how awful that was. I mean Christ on a cracker, if you're gonna make something up, at least make it believable.
  10. The hardest thing to believe about that map isn't just Trump winning California. Look at the shading. With maps like these, the darker the shade, the more you won it by, and the lighter the shade, the closer it was. According to this he narrowly won Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Nevada and Arizona, which is believable. But he also narrowly won Utah, which he won by 20%, and Iowa, which he won by about 10%, so neither should be anywhere near that light, unless they're trying to say Biden was screwed in the vote count in those states. Going by this map, Trump won California by a wi
  11. Presidential elections go to the House if no candidate receives a majority of electoral votes. So if enough states are unable to have their electors cast their ballots by December 12, then it could theoretically happen, but that would be a first. The other two times it happened were in 1800 and 1824. 1876 was also similar, where 20 EVs were disputed. But this didn't go to the House, and instead an electoral commission was formed to decide who would get the votes, made up of five Representatives, five Senators and five Supreme Court Justices. Partisan wise it was split 7-7 with one of the judge
  12. Also, reminder that some folks supported Biden over Bernie because Bernie was "too old." This despite the fact that Bernie's only a year older than him. So I guess that's why most of them will be alright with him stepping aside for Kamala, since in their eyes he'll be too old for the job in about eight days. Y'know for about 140 years (1840 to 1980) the record age for a person entering the presidency was 68, and that was William Henry Harrison, who was considered ancient back then. In the last forty years that record has been broken three times, AND two losing nominees were in thei
  13. Stuff like that reminds me of that episode of The Boondocks where Werner Herzog is asking everyone what they like about president elect Obama, and it's superficial stuff, except whenever it gets to Grandad he says things that are the exact opposite of Obama's plans. "I'm voting for Obama because he's gonna lower my taxes." "Actually, he has promised to raise taxes at your income level." "Well I also support Obama because he's against corporate bailouts." "That is also not true." "And he's gonna get the troops out of Afghanistan, right?" "Al
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