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  1. Doesn't a not insignificant portion of the progressive base consider her a warmonger, or is that in the past now? Haven't been paying much attention to her candidacy since I didn't expect her to get far, especially with the two "leaders" of the progressives in the race. Name recognition might also a problem for her, but, well, that's kinda how most candidates start out when they run for this office, now that I think of it. Sort of what the debates are for. Might have to look a little more into her candidacy.
  2. So I was down for a couple weeks with a terrible ear infection that made my jaw hurt so bad I had to take a painkiller just to eat ravioli or pudding, which were some of the only things I could eat for a few days because anything else was either too much or I couldn't keep it down. Took awhile but I'm finally better. I see that while I was sick two more people jumped into the race, Steve Bullock and de Blasio. Dunno Bullock's odds (apparently he's seen a bit more favorably than the other slew of generic middle aged no names?) but this de Blasio seems to be absolutely loathed. I even remember seeing an article a few weeks before he started his run saying that his inner circle was begging him to stay out of the race. I'd say it's an odd move running, but in a field so crowded I think it doesn't matter much. Don't know much about that guy specifically, but I've long held the belief that some of these folks are running just to boost their name recognition so they can run for some other office... Or so they can have some of those sweet sweet campaign bucks. You would think that would be it, and I hope it is, but apparently there are still a couple thinking on it. One's some no name rich guy, who will announce July 4th, and the other is that Abrams lady, who will announce by September. I'd like to say they're not gonna run, but so far a good bit of my predictions have been off, so it wouldn't be surprising to see the clown car grow more, even after the debates begin. Wouldn't be the first time it happened (2008 for the Republicans is a good example, think 2012 had a few as well), though it is slightly unusual. What's real weird is, that Abrams lady passed on a potentially winnable senate race, as did O'Rourke (though it loses the "potentially winnable" factor by virtue of him being a possible nominee), Bullock and Hickenlooper, and probably a couple others. I'm gonna guess they're using this to boost recognition and then run? But then again that kinda makes sense and this is the Democratic party we're talking about. Took a quick glance at this table on Wikipedia which says who qualifies for the debates (which I'm taking with a grain of salt because, well, Wikipedia, but the source checks out it seems). Looks like exactly twenty people are qualifying for the first two debates, so that's neat. I can see Bennet qualifying for the next one, but I doubt Messam or Moulton will unless they start making some noise. Gravel could, but I highly doubt it, since most people aren't even acknowledging he's in the race, although he's got around 40,000 donors even without a real media presence, so who knows. Gotta love how it's basically shaping up to be Sanders vs. Biden right now. The identity politics party is likely going to be represented by the very thing they claim to hate: an old white dude. The question remains, which will it be, the old Jew or the old Catholic? A question for the ages. That's of course assuming their campaigns aren't sunk, which I doubt they will be. Biden seems to be the chosen one so no matter how much of a gaffe machine he is I'm sure the media will cover his ass much as they can, and Bernie is the only candidate of the progressive wing that doesn't have the personality of a wet paper sack. But what the hell do I know, a lot of my predictions have been wrong so far, it's a weird election year. Oh well, gonna be fun to see the debates soon. Glad to see Yang met both thresholds, I imagine he'll be that candidate who sticks around for a very long time, maybe even the whole race. There's gonna be a lot of craziness in these debates man, I can't wait. I was depressed that this is what politics has become for awhile, but now I'm just gonna enjoy the ride. Might as well, we're fucked no matter who wins, because at the end of the day they're all the same. There is one politician with a million voices, who have all convinced their followers that the other side is the most evil thing to ever exist, while they're the most pure form of truth and righteousness. Even though they do the exact same stuff but just dress it up a different way, if they even bother to do that anymore.
  3. Oh look at that, Drogon melted the throne. It's symbolism you see. The throne caused so much destruction so it had to be destroyed. The same thing that made the throne also unmade it. Get it? I felt like I was reading an eighth graders theme report come to life this whole episode. I'm sure this would have all been super profound and cool to me if I were still thirteen. Oh well. It's over now.
  4. ‘Game Of Thrones’ Showrunners Disappointed With How Quality Of Fans Has Dropped Off Over Past Couple Seasons What a world we live in, where The Onion is the only one doing any honest reporting. Also they both look like special needs children in that photo. Very fitting.
  5. Yes, I do. I can't be unhappy when I'm eating ham and cheese on toasted bread, or a big piece of juicy ham on a Hawaiian roll. Best part of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner right there.
  6. How much more degenerate can you get? Like, if his other son was single and the widow got together that would be fine, a bit odd but fine, but to support him leaving his wife for his other son's widow? What do you wanna bet they were getting it on before Beau was even cold, and Joe was giving the thumbs up to that too. Oh well. All this does is reaffirm the notion that Biden is and always will be a gaffe machine incapable of keeping his foot out of his mouth, even when he's not running for office, even in his personal life. I look forward to watching his campaign crash and burn. Don't know if it'll be during the primaries or during the general, but it will. He's got a lot of momentum right now but all that means is that the trainwreck will be even more glorious to see. And maybe, just maybe, enough to eject his family and legacy from playing an active part in politics for a good while.
  7. I'm very sorry to hear that. Hope all goes well as can be. Go be with her. If you don't spend as much time as possible with her during this hard time you'll regret it for the rest of your life, even if she manages to come out of it okay. She needs you right now.
  8. Meh. I liked the episode for what it was I guess. The death of Rhaegel was very anti climactic, but that isn't a surprise at this point. So far this season seems to be anticlimactic death after anticlimactic death. Only one I've thought was done well was Lyanna's, and she was just a bit character. I guess Edd's was good in terms of shock factor. Then we got Theon dying for a half dead retarded vegetable when if he had just waited another minute, the main antagonist would have been taken out by Arya Ex Machina, and Jorah somehow managing to fend off all those Wights by himself; in a similar vein, apparently the Wights have forgotten how to murder, since it seems like most of the main cast spent a good two thirds of the episode being overwhelmed by them but still somehow managed to survive. And in this past episode, in addition to Rhaegel, we get Missandei being beheaded after being captured off screen... Somehow. All these character we've gotten to know for 70 episodes and their deaths have been so hollow, I didn't really feel anything when most died. The writing team definitely phoned it in, at least it's being performed well for the most part, but good god. Can't even imagine how the long time book readers are feeling, knowing that this is likely going to be the only type of conclusion they get for their beloved series. What the heck was up with Bronn, by the way? Seems like the same scene could have been accomplished without him acting totally out of character toward the Lannister brothers. Maybe I just missed something, but sheesh, I didn't see the need for him to punch Tyrion and nearly shoot Jaime. Also, gotta love how the same show that inserted unnecessary rape scenes (Daenerys and Drogo, Jaime and Cersei in S4 - if I understand right, neither was rape in the books?) is now acting like its always been about strong, empowered women and how Jon is now unable to act without their insight and it seems all of the plots and characters revolve around them and their actions now. Funny how Varys seems like the only one not completely neutered at this point. Just chiming in on the Euron thing real quick. I'm not a reader of the books, I do enjoy reading in general but the books themselves weren't my cup of tea when I tried them, just not a fan of Martin's writing style I guess, I might try to read them again in the future though. That being said, I do love to read about the lore, the history and its world building, and I find the characters and plot itself interesting. Even though I haven't read to that point in the series, I am also pretty disappointed with how Euron is portrayed in the show. I feel like they took a very interesting character and made him a stereotypical bad guy pirate caricature (horny, drunk, just an all around degenerate), so much that I'd almost prefer they didn't write him into the show, like they did with the Aegon plot which I'm also very interested in seeing unfold eventually. I do think the actor does an alright performance with what he's given, which makes me like the TV version in a particular way, but not in a "Wow, I'm blown away by what a well written villain this is!" I'd compare my liking of TV Euron to liking a main antagonist in an old Rockstar Games plot: They're the kind of a mustache twirling evil bad guy that you can only like in a "Love to hate" way because they don't have any redeeming features or depth to them, and you like the performance okay enough, but the main appeal is that you're looking forward to watching them die at some point. One more thing: That whole "Prince Who Was Promised" thing is abandoned now, isn't it?
  9. Yeah, for all my moaning and whining about politics, I have to agree life here is pretty good for the simple fact that I actually can moan and whine about politics. I do wish that voting was taken more seriously though, and that there was a bit more integrity in the process. But, gotta look at the bright side of it I suppose. There is a some more integrity than their used to be (which is kind of a scary thought) and people can be more easily informed now, even if a lot choose not to be. Still a lot of problems, but they can't all be winners I guess.
  10. They are so unaware of the irony it's delicious. I'm actually for felons being able to vote after serving out their sentence, but while in prison? I dunno, sounds like a bad idea to me. Then again, pretty much anything politicians get done is a bad idea, so it'll prolly end up happening at some point. The main thing I have against it isn't the type of person who would be voting (some folks in prison really don't deserve to be there, for one), but the fact that it would be so much easier for someone to skew the results. Of course, that happens anyways, but still, we shouldn't make their acts of fraud any easier to commit. Honestly though, at this point I'm kinda of the mindset that if someone really thinks their vote means anything (I hate to say it, I really do, but it usually doesn't), go ahead and let them vote, it probably won't make a difference anyways. So yeah, screw it, lets let prisoners vote. Heck, why not let apes in zoos vote, they gotta be smarter than some folks who turn out. And uh, that all of them voted for the zookeepers choice is just a coincidence, we swear. Hah, now I'm imagining a skit where an ape is trying to sign to someone that their ballot didn't get cast for who they wanted. "What? No, that gorilla isn't signing that they wanted to cast a vote for that other person. That's not sign language, he's just trying to get someone to look at him." Reading about all these elections has made me very cynical about the whole process. For years I actually looked forward to voting for the first time but by the time I was old enough to, I had read enough to make me realize it usually didn't matter. It'll either be a huge landslide for one candidate all because of what party they're in, not the candidate themselves, or it will be close and usually come down to whichever campaign is better at cheating and skewing the results in their favor. Plus all the people who vote just to be voting, without doing any sort of research into the candidate. They're voting for who their pastor told them to vote for, or their boss, or their favorite celebrity, or just because of what letter they have next to their name, or whatever. And they're doing that because they're taught that they need to vote, but don't have the time or care enough to research the candidates, so it gets cast for whoever with no true regard. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong and simply a cynic, but everything I've read and experienced has made me very jaded. I think everyone oughta be able to vote, but that doesn't mean they SHOULD vote, if that makes sense. Like, I wish it wasn't so ingrained in our culture that you have to turn out, even if you don't really know who/what you're voting for. It would be great if we were taught to do our research on the candidates before we vote, or heck, if we lived in a society where voting was looked down upon and seen as something just for "political nerds." That way we could keep the uninformed folks who don't even wanna be informed out of the process without truly excluding them in case they decide to get informed and be part of the process. Also, we really need to get rid of this whole "sport team" mentality that comes with the election season. It's probably one of the most destructive parts of the process. But then, in any of those scenarios, it wouldn't be so easy to manipulate the will of the people, would it?
  11. I watched his short film "Food" recently, after finding the middle segment while looking for some good short films on Youtube. Quite a trip, favorite was probably the one that I initially saw. Those parts where the face morphs as they eat is creepy as all get out. Robert Morgan's another good stop motion animator, first film of his I saw was Bobby Yeah, I think. Dunno what it was trying to say but I enjoyed it for the imagery. Lee Hardcastle is pretty great as well.
  12. Total fluke both times, but still Seriously? Even after all these allegations? Admittedly all the ones out so far have been kinda "mountain out of mole hill" situations (the ones I've heard of and bothered to read up on anyways), but still. I would have thought they would show what a paper tiger he is and scare some folks off the prospect of him being the nominee. Meh, whatever. Prolly won't be him. Once the debates start (assuming he even runs) a lot of the hype for him will be lost, I believe. On that note, looks like at least two more folks are gonna be jumping into the ring. Eric Swalwell and Michael Bennet. I also think that Gravel is officially announcing soon (he's said he'll drop out after the debates though), and I'd be shocked if Buttigieg backs out now. Though at the same time, not really, since I've been thinking since the beginning he's just doing this to boost his name recognition for a senate or governor run. Looks like the amount might crack 20 after all. I wonder who all will qualify for the debates, and who will end up on what stage. Honestly, I doubt John Delaney will be on either stage. He's been running since the middle of 2017 and I've hardly heard about him anywhere. I'd also be surprised if Mike Gravel managed to make it on there, even with the poll threshold being as low as 1%. The party has said that the two debate stages will be random and not based on polling numbers. I highly doubt that's legit, but it'd be funny to see someone like Andrew Yang debating with all these big names and frontrunners, while someone like Biden is lumped in with all the fringe candidates. God, I can't wait for this circus to begin. It's gonna be a heck of a ride.
  13. I... I would love this. Honestly. I want to hear someone say what a good president he was just because the only thing they know about him is that its been speculated he was gay. I want them to spout off about how great/progressive our country was back then to elect such a man. Then I wanna watch them do a bunch of mental gymnastics when they're told his presidency more or less caused the civil war, and he's probably one of our most treasonous presidents (which says a lot more than it should). But hey, they might like that too. I mean, they were pretty mad when the report said Trump didn't commit treason, so maybe Buchanan is their guy after all.
  14. His first name is Peter, and his last name has "Butt" in it, so it'd only be a matter of time before he'd be called "Peter Butt," (Or "Peter Booty," because of how his name is pronounced) and at that point his candidacy prolly won't be taken serious anymore. Think it's ridiculous? Well, yeah, it is, but lots of things are ridiculous. Doesn't make 'em any less true.
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