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  1. I said it in another thread, but it deserves being said again: Half of the titles we know sound like something a highschooler would jot down in the middle of class because it sounded like a good title at the time, not because there's an actual idea there. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that a majority of these are solos or instrumental jams that happened to be recorded. I'll also believe until proven otherwise that Axl has recorded vocals for only ten to fifteen other songs from the CD sessions, and everything else is just tons of instrumentals and maybe the occasional vocal idea. There are twenty complete songs, max. I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong (that is, hear it with my own ears, not get the info second hand), but I highly doubt that's the case. The '99 AFD would be neat to hear. Did he ever record vocals for that? I seem to recall reading a long time ago that he never got around to it. I also remember reading at one point that Oklahoma was presented to some magazine and it didn't have vocals at the time, but I can't remember when or where that was. But it wouldn't surprise me if Axl has a bunch of lyrics that he never bothered recording, and then he did interviews speaking as if he had them recorded, because he probably did intend to record them at some point but just never did for whatever reason. At this point all I wanna hear are full, clear versions of Atlas Shrugged, The General and Hard School. Everything else would be neat but that's all I really wanna have, because those are the only ones we've heard parts of. Other songs we've heard stuff about (Seven, Down by the Ocean, etc.) might be neat but all we really have with those is our imagination, so they could sound like anything.
  2. I voted for Chinese Democracy, Street of Dreams, There Was a Time, Catcher in the Rye and Prostitute. Better would be my sixth option, IRS seventh, and I like Shackler's Revenge well enough but not enough to call it a favorite. Of the three Buckethead songs (If I remember right it was that, If the World and Scraped) it's the only one I actually like. Madagascar probably would have been one of my favorites, had the studio version been like the live performance in 2001, particularly Buckethead's solo. It felt way more alive, whereas the studio version is a slog to get through most of the time. Also, while I did include Chinese Democracy, I would much rather that intro part be cut out and they just cut to the song. Again, think something like 2001's live performance. Scraped is decent musically but the lyrics and vocals are firmly in "meh" territory for me. Never have been a fan of If the World, I've always thought it was pretty boring. Sorry seems to drag on too long (I can say the same of Prostitute too, honestly, but of the two I enjoy it more) and This I Love has some good parts but the lyrics are so corny it's hard to get past some of the time. I used to like Riad N' the Bedouins but now I find the screechiness intolerable. I used to really like IRS as well, and while I don't dislike it now like I do Riad, I dunno, something about it just doesn't do it for me anymore, if that makes sense. Truth be told, after hearing clips of Atlas, Hard School and that poor quality cell phone vid of The General, I can't help but wonder why they were left off but If the World and Riad were included, especially since the latter was last performed alongside Silkworms, which was rightfully omitted. I would have even taken Going Down over some of these tracks. Assuming the first three consistently sound like what we've heard, replace Riad, If the World and Scraped with them, cut out the intro to CD, make Madagascar more lively, maybe replace Sorry or This I Love with Going Down and Chinese Democracy might have been one of my favorite albums. And of course take away the overproduction. With all of this it probably would have been way more cohesive, almost like a 21st century Use Your Illusion with a good mix of hard rockers and ballady stuff, and a splish splash of industrial. Then we could lump the other songs onto Chinese Democracy II, with Silkworms and some other tracks, and assuming it's ever released, probably throw it in the garbage after one listen.
  3. So, in this last debate, Joe Biden referred to Cory Booker as president, then tried covering his ass by saying "future president," cause that's so much better. Is this a sign that Joe's got dementia, or that he enjoys being cuckolded by black men half his age? Or perhaps both. Maybe his brain shriveling has destroyed that barely existent filter he had and over the course of the next few debates he'll gradually begin shouting about his sexual proclivities, including the many illegal ones.
  4. I don't care if someone spent twenty thousand dollars on a fifteen disc CD set. Until I hear otherwise, for myself, I stand by my assertion that there's just a handful of songs with complete vocals on them. Yeah I'm aware that there have been a couple of leaks, and I heard them, but that doesn't do anything to disprove my thoughts on the matter. Christ, one of the leaks was just another part to something that's been around for a decade. Seeing this list of new titles does nothing to dissuade the notion either, because most of them sound like something a highschooler with rockstar ambitions would write down, not because he has an actual idea for a song, but because it just sounded cool to him while he was daydreaming in science class. It'd be a kickass title that would have some drawing power, you know? Who wouldn't wanna listen to "The Rebel," or "Billionaire," or "Nothing," just so they can find out what it's about, right? There are not forty to fifty other songs with actual vocals. Maybe there are ten to fifteen, and I'll even be generous and exclude the ones we've heard (Atlas, School, General, Silkworms, Going Down). I would genuinely be surprised if there were more than that. If the day ever comes that I'm proven wrong about this, I will happily admit to it. But that day won't come for a lot of reasons, the biggest one being I'm probably right. Axl Rose probably tinkered with the same thirty or so songs for about ten years, maybe adding a few in the early or mid two thousands, released some of them because he was practically forced to, and hasn't touched the rest since, nor has he made anymore (except Rock the Rock, and it wouldn't surprise me if that turns out to just be something someone else wrote). His band has probably continued to mess with them off and on and maybe collaborated on a few things, largely so they can have something to do, but that's more than likely it. Two hundred and forty two tracks on fifteen CDs. Big whoop. That proves Axl worked with a group of musicians who wanted to make music and had a lot of studio time. Never would have guessed. Call me cynical, but I haven't exactly been given a lot of reason to believe otherwise.
  5. Y'know, I figure now and this thread is the best time to tell this story. When I first started lurking at MyGNRforum and saw everyone saying "TB this, TB that," I didn't really know what anyone was talking about. I was aware of Beta but I didn't know that Axl had an entourage referred to by most as "Team Brazil." Anyways, eventually I saw a post, don't remember what exactly, and something about it made me think that Axl Rose had tuberculosis. I kept wondering if the other band members would be safe around him and if those microphones would have to be thoroughly disinfected to keep it from spreading to whoever else used it. Can't recall what made me realize it was actually "Team Brazil" instead, but damned if my mind wasn't racing with questions while I thought that.
  6. Y'know, I don't think she was even meaning to lie in this one instance. She probably genuinely thought the water from the sink came from the toilet. At least, I think she's dumb enough to make that assumption.
  7. This made me think of that scene from Oz where the nun fantasizes about Keller feeling her up, and I got a very good laugh out of that.
  8. It changed in 1800. Back then the electors got two votes for president, as opposed to one for president and one for vice president. Still though, it was generally accepted that two people would be "running together" and someone would just throw away their second vote to avoid ties, but outside Washington's elections it didn't work out so good (and even then, the first election saw Adams getting well below a majority of votes). Like, Adams and Jefferson actually ran against each other in 1796, but ended up being president and vice president because Hamilton did a lot of maneuvering that ended up backfiring. He tried getting people to vote for Adams' "running mate" Thomas Pinckney, since he didn't like Adams and thought Pinckney would be easier to sway, but a lot of people threw their votes to Jefferson instead, and so Hamilton got one of his political rivals elected VP. The catalyst for the change came in 1800, when Jefferson and Burr won the election, but the party forgot to designate someone to cast their second vote for someone other than Burr, so he and Jefferson had the same amount of votes. Their was a contingent election held in 1801 which went on for over thirty ballots before Jefferson finally got a majority of the state delegations (he had always been in the lead, but some of the delegations were casting blank slates and refusing to budge because they were lead by Federalists and they thought that would result in the Federalist SoS being acting president). After that debacle came the rule that gave electoral voters separate votes for president and vice president. It's one of my favorite elections to read about because of how much of a clusterfuck it was, and how easily we could have ended up with a president Burr (Fun fact: He's one of only two vice presidents to be convicted of treason, and also one of two to shoot a man while in office. And we've STILL elected worse, haha). At one point, one of the electors in New York tried to cast both of their votes for him, but that was disregarded and one was counted for Jefferson because it's illegal for an elector to cast both votes for someone from the same state as them. That rule is true now too - You hear a lot of times that people can't run with someone from the same state as them, and while you don't see it happen for good reasons, it isn't impossible. One of the candidates would just not be allowed to have the electoral votes of said state. So, lets say Trump ran with another New Yorker and they somehow won the state. When it came time for the votes to be cast, one of them would have to forfeit the votes of New York. It was almost an issue in 2000 since both Bush and Cheney were residents of Texas, but Cheney changed his primary residence to Wyoming so they could both get Texas' votes when the election rolled around. I've never honestly thought if the loser being VP would be better, but if we kept this old system it certainly would have lead to some interesting scenarios. Of course, history would have taken a much different path if we kept that, but it's neat to think about sitting presidents losing and then being relegated to vice presidential status, or a vice president staying vice president but under another person (which has happened twice but under more voluntary circumstances). I feel like we probably would have seen a lot more rematches under this system, and maybe even more unseatings. A lot more controversy, that's for sure. There's a very, very good chance that someone running for the VP slot would end up being elected president because the wrong electors threw away the wrong votes. Those things were hard to coordinate with a little over 100 people, imagine trying to organize it with over 500.
  9. Doesn't a not insignificant portion of the progressive base consider her a warmonger, or is that in the past now? Haven't been paying much attention to her candidacy since I didn't expect her to get far, especially with the two "leaders" of the progressives in the race. Name recognition might also a problem for her, but, well, that's kinda how most candidates start out when they run for this office, now that I think of it. Sort of what the debates are for. Might have to look a little more into her candidacy.
  10. So I was down for a couple weeks with a terrible ear infection that made my jaw hurt so bad I had to take a painkiller just to eat ravioli or pudding, which were some of the only things I could eat for a few days because anything else was either too much or I couldn't keep it down. Took awhile but I'm finally better. I see that while I was sick two more people jumped into the race, Steve Bullock and de Blasio. Dunno Bullock's odds (apparently he's seen a bit more favorably than the other slew of generic middle aged no names?) but this de Blasio seems to be absolutely loathed. I even remember seeing an article a few weeks before he started his run saying that his inner circle was begging him to stay out of the race. I'd say it's an odd move running, but in a field so crowded I think it doesn't matter much. Don't know much about that guy specifically, but I've long held the belief that some of these folks are running just to boost their name recognition so they can run for some other office... Or so they can have some of those sweet sweet campaign bucks. You would think that would be it, and I hope it is, but apparently there are still a couple thinking on it. One's some no name rich guy, who will announce July 4th, and the other is that Abrams lady, who will announce by September. I'd like to say they're not gonna run, but so far a good bit of my predictions have been off, so it wouldn't be surprising to see the clown car grow more, even after the debates begin. Wouldn't be the first time it happened (2008 for the Republicans is a good example, think 2012 had a few as well), though it is slightly unusual. What's real weird is, that Abrams lady passed on a potentially winnable senate race, as did O'Rourke (though it loses the "potentially winnable" factor by virtue of him being a possible nominee), Bullock and Hickenlooper, and probably a couple others. I'm gonna guess they're using this to boost recognition and then run? But then again that kinda makes sense and this is the Democratic party we're talking about. Took a quick glance at this table on Wikipedia which says who qualifies for the debates (which I'm taking with a grain of salt because, well, Wikipedia, but the source checks out it seems). Looks like exactly twenty people are qualifying for the first two debates, so that's neat. I can see Bennet qualifying for the next one, but I doubt Messam or Moulton will unless they start making some noise. Gravel could, but I highly doubt it, since most people aren't even acknowledging he's in the race, although he's got around 40,000 donors even without a real media presence, so who knows. Gotta love how it's basically shaping up to be Sanders vs. Biden right now. The identity politics party is likely going to be represented by the very thing they claim to hate: an old white dude. The question remains, which will it be, the old Jew or the old Catholic? A question for the ages. That's of course assuming their campaigns aren't sunk, which I doubt they will be. Biden seems to be the chosen one so no matter how much of a gaffe machine he is I'm sure the media will cover his ass much as they can, and Bernie is the only candidate of the progressive wing that doesn't have the personality of a wet paper sack. But what the hell do I know, a lot of my predictions have been wrong so far, it's a weird election year. Oh well, gonna be fun to see the debates soon. Glad to see Yang met both thresholds, I imagine he'll be that candidate who sticks around for a very long time, maybe even the whole race. There's gonna be a lot of craziness in these debates man, I can't wait. I was depressed that this is what politics has become for awhile, but now I'm just gonna enjoy the ride. Might as well, we're fucked no matter who wins, because at the end of the day they're all the same. There is one politician with a million voices, who have all convinced their followers that the other side is the most evil thing to ever exist, while they're the most pure form of truth and righteousness. Even though they do the exact same stuff but just dress it up a different way, if they even bother to do that anymore.
  11. Oh look at that, Drogon melted the throne. It's symbolism you see. The throne caused so much destruction so it had to be destroyed. The same thing that made the throne also unmade it. Get it? I felt like I was reading an eighth graders theme report come to life this whole episode. I'm sure this would have all been super profound and cool to me if I were still thirteen. Oh well. It's over now.
  12. ‘Game Of Thrones’ Showrunners Disappointed With How Quality Of Fans Has Dropped Off Over Past Couple Seasons What a world we live in, where The Onion is the only one doing any honest reporting. Also they both look like special needs children in that photo. Very fitting.
  13. Yes, I do. I can't be unhappy when I'm eating ham and cheese on toasted bread, or a big piece of juicy ham on a Hawaiian roll. Best part of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner right there.
  14. How much more degenerate can you get? Like, if his other son was single and the widow got together that would be fine, a bit odd but fine, but to support him leaving his wife for his other son's widow? What do you wanna bet they were getting it on before Beau was even cold, and Joe was giving the thumbs up to that too. Oh well. All this does is reaffirm the notion that Biden is and always will be a gaffe machine incapable of keeping his foot out of his mouth, even when he's not running for office, even in his personal life. I look forward to watching his campaign crash and burn. Don't know if it'll be during the primaries or during the general, but it will. He's got a lot of momentum right now but all that means is that the trainwreck will be even more glorious to see. And maybe, just maybe, enough to eject his family and legacy from playing an active part in politics for a good while.
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