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  1. Their hippie period really only spared one album (Satanic Majesties) and singles released in one year.
  2. Miser


    Izzy's stuff is bland though. it's basically him doing an imitation of Keith Richard's solo work
  3. What are some music "holy grails" that have been lost to time you'd kill to see? For me: Rolling Stones NME performance, May 1968. It is the first performance of Jumpin' Jack Flash and the last performance of the band before Brian was busted and began not functioning properly: Apparently according to contemporary reviews they were in top form and stole the show (there were about a dozen other artists playing the show). No sound film or audio has emerged.
  4. They're saying it'll be in periods where his father was in jail. Yes but I would argue that given Tony's psyche, that bond to Dickie was the LAST thing protecting Chris in his subconscious. Him destroying his hero's image is what fully broke the camel's back. Arguably it started with the whole Adriana situation, but Dickie was the final straw.
  5. Extras The movie was filming the other day apparently in my neighborhood but I had no idea 😕
  6. Shooting has started. Some looks
  7. Am curious on you guys thoughts on this performance. It's pretty historic in some ways: -It is the last performance of the original lineup of the Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts) -The only captured performance of Tony Iommi as a member of Jethro Tull -The only performance of a supergroup called The Dirty Mac which featured John Lennon vocals, Eric Clapton on guitar, Keith Richards on bass, and Mitch Mitchell on drums -A truly amazing performance by The Who Brian Jones on slide guitar in one of the last major songs he took part in as a Stone (his last song would be on Let it Bleed on You Got the Silver in 1969). On Beggars he is all over the record, but this is probably his last shining accomplishment besides his parts on Street Fightin' Man.
  8. Well Chase said the therapy was designed to be sort of a Greek Chorus, a look inside Tony's head for us. It humanizes him. Without the therapy it's just a mafia show. Also, tell me what you think of this little theory: The therapy kept him alive and out of jail: 1) In Season 1 after Jackie dies a war is going to happen between Uncle Junior and Tony for the top spot. Melfi unknowingly gives Tony the idea of making Junior the fake boss by telling him elders need the "illusion of control." 2) Through working with Melfi he's able to get in better touch with his subconscious. This allows him to have the dreams which tell him Pussy is a rat (keeping him from jail) and the Test Dream, which tells him he's gonna need to kill Tony B to survive. There's other things but off the top of my head - basically, him going to therapy balanced him in a way that he could function. After Melfi dumps him he acts weird. Even after being told by Harris that NY is gonna try to have him killed, he doesn't have the family bunker down immediately. He goes out to Artie's fucking restaurant for fuck's sake with Bobby and Sil after learning the news - not the best idea if you know NY already has a contract out on you. He doesn't stop to consider that he can't get away with murdering a Boss of one of the Five Families without the Commission's consent, or that Butch might be setting him up, or that Butch's truce might be phony to get Tony to lower his guard. His whole expression when he goes into Holstein's just says to me that somehow, on some level, he knew he'd be killed there:
  9. Yes he does. Apparently this movie is gonna have a scene in Holstein's, the diner where Tony was killed in. Tony does seem to have anxiety about going in there.
  10. Wouldnt go that far....i just think its a cool late 90s sounding bit
  11. Thing is he's not the focus. Dickie Moltisanti is. Rather than give the audience exactly what they want and do a George Lucas "let's fill in every single blank in Tony's life" prequel, they're telling the tale of one of his mentors and father figures who he grew up idolizing. Throughout the show, part of the reason Tony coddles Chris and lets him get away with so much was because Dickie, as Tony says was "my me to him." When Melfi says, "a mentor?" he says "Yeah but more than that. The kind of guy you could look up to, a friend. And the hope is that you pass that shit down, the respect, and the love." He's genuinely devastated when Chris shatters his lifelong illusion of Dickie by saying he "wasn't much more than a fucking junkie." He kills Chris the next episode. That's how strong the illusion of this big tough guy Dickie was for Tony. He told Chris his father single handedly hunted down a whole New England crew, and he was killed bringing home TV trays when Chris was an infant by a cop on the take supposedly over a jail feud - he took some guy's eye out for hurting a prison friend. Dickie, Johnny Boy, and Paulie were all like heroes to Tony and Dickie was basically like a surrogate father since his own wasn't around. That's what this is going to show.
  12. It literally sounds like something you'd hear on a theoretical UYI 3 they way they're playing it. The faster tempo, the actual drums (it sounds like a drum machine on the album), Slash's leads, Duff's bass...It actually sounds like a missing link of a GN'R song or something. The studio cut is terrible I have to be the only one though who actually liked Pitman's little synth bridge in the demo version.
  13. All the actors they ever got to play young Tony did well. This is a flashback set around the same time the movie will be so probably how Tony will look And yes Gandolfini was actually slim like that and had long hair a thing that age
  14. Im not sure what the title is, but I will say that calling just calling it Newark could be setting it up to be maybe an anthology series of some sort
  15. To them, it is rape. They believe anything that makes them uncomfortable is akin to rape. I've been talking to a girl - 22 - gorgeous. Catcalling to her is sexual assault.
  16. I don't think it's possible. Maybe if social media didn't exist....But a whole generation has been indoctrinated. It's too late.
  17. Anything that offends or makes a woman feel uncomfortable is sexual assault now, especially if it's a white guy
  18. Alan Taylor did do a lot of episodes of the Sopranos and quite a few Game of Thrones so there is that. Also Chase wrote the script.
  19. The reports I heard said dropping the Many Saints Of was a misprint the things I worry about 1) injecting modern SJW stuff into the late 60s context since it's gonna take place partially during one of the most brutal race riots in recent history 2) The actors will be too "pretty" and not authentic enough. Sopranos starred mostly unknowns who really looked and acted like they could be Mobsters. I grew up in a Bensonhurst Italian family. Italian to the extent that my grandparents had their furniture covered in plastic when I was a kid and we greet by kissing each other on the cheeks and all our family parties feature Dino and Sinatra. My uncle is an acne scar covered guy who was a bookie and almost got killed doing it. My great grandpa was a personal friend of Meyer Lansky and did 5 years in Sing Sing on an arson bid. We still have a bronze statue of a prize horse he had made - his Pie Oh My. I'm related to Joey Gallo on my dad's side and Al Capone on my mom's. Only reason my family isn't involved in it anymore is because my grandpa hated the Mafia for how they didn't help his mother while his dad was inside. my point is, watching the Sopranos, I felt like I related to these characters. Like they could be my family. Them being unknown, ugly guys with limited range sold it. im worried that these actors will be too prim, too proper, too good as to not be relatable. I also hope it doesn't focus so much on Tony because the most interesting parts of his story we already saw. We know Tony robs Feech's card game, commits his first murder at 22 in 1982 on his father's orders, becomes a Captain and then Boss and then probably dies. It's like Anakin Skywalker becoming Darth Vader - we didn't need that story. We already knew the most interesting broad strokes. Now if it focuses on Dickie and Tony's dad? That'd be cool. That'd be like if the Star Wars prequels were about young Obi Wan's adventures
  20. Anyone know about this? its gonna come out in 2020. Its partly about the rise of Tony Soprano, and also about him being mentored by Christopher's father Dickie. Film is gonna be set between the Newark riots in 67 and the 70s. Cast so far - Alessandro Nivola - Dickie Moltisanti Michael Gandolfini (James Gandolfini's son) - teenage/young adult Tony Vera Farmiga - likely to play Livia Soprano, Tony's mom Jon Bernthal - likely to play Tony's dad Ray Liotta - unknown part Billy Magnussen - rumored to play young Paulie Walnuts Corey Stoll - rumored to play young Uncle Junior also cast a hot Italian born actress who is gonna play Dickie's love interest - an Italian immigrant coming to 1967 America. Part of the plot besides Tony's rise will include Dickie romancing his father's (an older mob Captain, probably Liotta) young wife. The black guy from Hamilton will also be in it, having a beef with Dickie. am I the only one cautiously optimistic?
  21. Yeah Biden said "white male culture" is apparently responsible for violence against women and that white male culture needs to be done away with. I was gonna vote for him, but now you couldn't pay me to. Hope he gets metooed so hard he can't recover. The Beto guy openly apologized for being white, and Harris and Yang favor reparations. I guess it's either Buttman or Trump.
  22. Watched an interview with the Peter Butt guy.... He strikes me as having factors both for and against him: For: 1) Well spoken 2) Charismatic 3) Policy wonk 4) Figured out that the way to bear Trump is not to campaign against him, but for policies. 5) Attractive, at least in comparison to Trump Factors against: 1) His name. Can't even pronounce it. Might turn off voters. 2) His eloquence and such might be TOO much. Think Dukakis in 88 or Gore in 00. Americans don't like smart people. 3) He might be too moderate/not extreme enough for Dem base 4) He's white and male, which for much of the far left cancels out his gayness. Gay white males are already attacked for their "privilege" compared to minority gays, lesbians, trannies. 5) His name isn't Bernie Sanders. If he's the nominee, Bernie cultists might stay home. also..... All kidding aside I don't think people care about the gay aspect. Women love gay men and most of my generation's men don't give a shit. The Silents and Boomers are dying off and Gen X is gay friendly. If he suddenly started dating a big, muscle bound black dude his odds of being nominated would skyrocket
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