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  1. I bet you he and his wife file separately so there's nothing damning in his tax records. It's his wife's tax records that would be interesting to see.
  2. Fuck no. Living in NYC my opinion is let them do whatever at the border - shoot them if they have to. I don't care. I don't particularly hate Mexicans but like everyone else my ancestors came here legally, and lost their language and culture in the process to be "good Americans." It's cute how everyone else gets to keep everything they had back home yet also be American. Where I live, I regularly see Arab women in hijab or even full burka, in the old neighborhood I was raised in, which was at the time mostly Italian, most of the store signs are in Chinese now. But hey, at one time, being an Italian or Irish Catholic meant you weren't a real American.
  3. According to him and some others they are "genetically and culturally" a separate race. This fuckin nutjob also thinks that only Jews should be considered citizens in Israel since the land was "granted to them." He's a fucking psycho, the only reason I remain friends with him is to be honest he is really great with restoring old photos and he does it cheaply too. Otherwise he's not someone I'd have any part of.
  4. Since I was young I've been very hard to please And I don't know wrong from right But there is one thing I could never understand Some of the sick things that a girl does to a man, so I'm just sittin' on a fence You can say I got no sense Trying to make up my mind Really is too horrifying So I'm sittin on a fence All of my friends at school grew up and settled down And they mortgaged up their lives One things not said too much, but I think it's true They just get married 'cause there's nothing else to do, so I'm just sittin' on a fence You can say I got no sense Trying to make up my mind Really is too horrifying So I'm sittin on a fence I'm just sittin' on a fence You can say I got no sense Trying to make up my mind Really is too horrifying So I'm sittin on a fence The day can come when you get old and sick and tired of life You just never realize Maybe the choice you made wasn't really right But you go out and you don't come back at night, so I'm just sittin' on a fence You can say I got no sense Trying to make up my mind Really is too horrifying So I'm sittin on a fence
  5. My Jew friend has been posting about how hes not white cause he's Jewish. He says he "lacks white features" (what are those?) but motherfucker is white a small porcelein. This is a guy who considers Trump to be a literal Nazi, says we lock Mexicans in "concentration camps" and basically, he posts political stuff not for a debate but for an echo chamber. If you disagree with him you're ignorant. Told me he "pitied" me because I don't support federal funding for art. Still, what are "white features"?
  6. The interesting thing is, and this is purely my opinion and perhaps nostalgia talking, but I feel even now the original Toy Story is somehow more pleasing to the eye than more modern CGI films. I too share your love of traditional 2D animation. It's an amazing artform that I hope makes a comeback. There's something special about stuff created by humans by hand, with little imperfections and stuff, vsrsus shit modeled to perfection in a computer.
  7. Disney or not? Myself - Pocahontas Hunchback of Notre Dame Aladdin Trilogy (Disney) All Dogs Go to Heaven Heavy Metal Titan AE
  8. Miser


    If Izzy rejoined I'd actually buy a ticket to the next tour (if he came out for that). Ditch Frank please and then it'll be 100% fine.
  9. You realize that the only album Taylor fully plays on is Goat's Head Soup right? He plays on 8 of 10 songs on Sticky Fingers, mostly bass on Exile except for the final side of the record. Goat's Head Soup he plays on every song, It's Only Rock N' Roll he plays on 7 out of 10 songs,.
  10. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - acoustic guitar Heart of Stone - down tuned electric guitar Under My Thumb - marimbas Get Off My Cloud - lead electric guitar 19th Nervous Breakdown - rhythm electric guitar Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Standing in the Shadows)? - distorted guitar Lady Jane - dulcimer Mother's Little Helper - 12-string electric guitar Paint it Black - sitar I Am Waiting - dulcimer Doncha Bother Me - slide guitar Yesterday's Paper - marimba Ruby Tuesday - flute and piano She's A Rainbow - melltron set to horn setting 2000 Light Years From Home - strings Citadel - mellotron, flute, saxophone No Expectations - slide guitar Dear Doctor - harmonica Parachute Woman - acoustic guitar, harmonica Jumpin' Jack Flash - electric and acoustic guitars roars Street Fighting Man - sitar and tanpura Also you realize that he played on 12 albums with them across 6 years (1963-1969) right? You realize also you can love all three eras (Jones, Taylor, and Wood) right?
  11. Lest we also forget one of the most important people in Stones' history, the genius Nicky Hopkins: Nicky is on piano here. Brian on melltron (the horn sound) Charlie on drums Keith on acoustic guitar
  12. Recorded 1967: Mick - vocals Keith - Guitar Brian - Mellotron (mandolin setting), flute, saxophone Bill - Bass Charlie - Drums Nicky Hopkins - Piano
  13. Their most punk song lyrically, recorded May 1968. No electric guitars on this despite the electronic sound of the song. Two drum tracks (one recorded on a 1930s Philips Toy drum, one an actual drum). Basic track recorded on a cassette recorder which makes the acoustic guitar and sitar sound distorted and electric. The tanpura is the buzzing sounding instrument during the choruses; the shenai is the horn sounding instrument that comes in during the outro. Mick - vocals Keith - Acoustic guitars Brian - Sitar, Tampura Bill - Bass Charlie - Drums Nicky Hopkins - Piano Dave Mason - Shenai on outro
  14. A more "rocky" song off Beggar's Banquet Mick - vocals Keith - Slide guitar Brian - Acoustic guitar, melltron (eerie flute sounding instrument) Bill - Bass Charlie - Drums Nicky Hopkins - Piano
  15. One of my favorite mid 60s songs by the Stones, with a rare lead by Brian. Very folky:
  16. Or to Brian, he is the very last song he recorded with the band in March 1969. He plays autoharp, the delicate strummed instrument that begins at 35 seconds. It adds a nice balance and country twang to the song to complement the slide guitar Keith is playing. On the studio cut, Keith almost buried the part:
  17. Hear is an example of Keith being shitty. Mick Taylor is playing a really good and fluid lead part but compared to Keith's pretty basic rhythm it is buried in the mix.
  18. There really is one period where most of the songs of Taylor period that is so lauded were written: 1969-1970. Most of Sticky Fingers and Exile were written in 1969 and early 1970. Brown Sugar for example was first played live in Dec 1969 but not released until 1971 with Sticky Fingers. Same goes for Loving Cup which was recorded and played live in 1969 but not released until Exile, or Shine A Light, recorded in 1969 and then re-recorded in 1972. It was akin to the UYI records - where most of the best material was recorded in a short span a while before the record itself was. I mean people talk about the Taylor era but in terms of record performance: 1) Taylor is only on the majority of ONE record: Goat's Head Soup, where he plays more than Keith and wrote more than Keith did. For example, Sticky Fingers: he doesn't play on Brown Sugar at all (he plays on demos, but the actual song is Keith alone). He doesn't play on You Gotta Move or Sister Morphine (the latter is Ry Cooder). On Exile he is mainly on bass (because the sessions were done in a drug filled environment and Bill Wyman was sober, so he didn't attend most of them) and Keith cut most of his parts guitar wise (for example, on Rock's Off, you can literally only hear two seconds of Taylor playing at the very end of the song; the rest was wiped) 2) Most of the songs written during the Taylor era were written before he joined, and songs he helped write, he was denied for (much the same as Brian)
  19. To be fair, in December 1968 he was a mess emotionally. He had been arrested in May on drug charges and was basically relentlessly treated in the press and honestly thought a long prison sentence had awaited him. He had a rather quick and sad decline between late May and December of 1968. He also felt he was being pushed out and bullied by Mick and Keith. Keith did the same thing to Mick Taylor, which is why he left (Keith would erase Mick Taylor's parts in the studio and also belittle Taylor's playing). They kept Ronnie Wood on salary as an employee for almost 20 years. It took Bill Wyman quitting the band in 1993 for him to be made a full partner and that was only because Bill himself requested they make him a full partner and to fill a void in the legal partnership. There is a lot of shitty things to the Stones' story. Ask Ry Cooder, who was a major session guitarist in the late 60s who played with them in early 1969. He claims to this day that Keith Richards stole quite a few riffs from him. They sounded very raw in 1967.
  20. There's demos on youtube of Duff's earliest punk bands from like 80, 81 or so.
  21. Check out some of the songs I posted above. Beggar's Banquet is a full album done with him and is considered one of their best: He's on harmonica and acoustic guitar here. Their first country joke song like they'd do on Sticky Fingers and Exile.
  22. So the following songs all suck: Little Red Rooster Tell Me Carol I'm Free Time Is On My Side (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Heart of Stone Under My Thumb Get Off My Cloud 19th Nervous Breakdown Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Standing in the Shadows)? Lady Jane Mother's Little Helper Paint it Black I Am Waiting Doncha Bother Me Yesterday's Paper Ruby Tuesday She's A Rainbow 2000 Light Years From Home Citadel No Expectations Dear Doctor Parachute Woman Jumpin' Jack Flash Street Fighting Man All suck? Most of those are blues songs. Their hippie period only lasted for one year in 1967.
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