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  1. Real anarchists like Sacco and Vanzetti and the like, all the anarchist bomb throwers of the 20s, or people like Timothy McVeigh, or are you going to use the "No True Scotsman" fallacy and claim that they weren't "real" Anarchists, the same way Commies try to claim Mao wasn't a REAL Marxist, to excuse their bullshit? It's you, who believes in chaos, that has the low moral ground. I believe in order. You believe in literal anarchy.
  2. Good deflection. Do you support acts of terrorism against government offices? To be an SJW, one would have to: -Hate Trump -Believe in more than 2 genders -Believe in unrestricted immigration -Have white guilt and/or think whites are guilty of cultural sins or believe in white privilege -Believe in "cultural appropriation" -Hate the police (hey, you fit in there!) -Believe in Marxism as the answer I do not believe in or endorse in any of the above, so there is really no way to mark me as an SJW. You're closer to an SJW than I am. You and Antifa should rally against the police together.
  3. No SJW here. I don't believe Trump is a nazi, nor will the government collapse. I support a constitutional monarchism in the context of a traditionalist of a fascistic framework ala Franco. You and your friends will die in a country with a strong government. Did you cheer when Oklahoma City happened?
  4. So no laws or order. Thankfully you will have to live and die in a country with a government. You will never have the anarchist utopia you and your bomb nut buddies crave
  5. Point is, no government is too much government for you. You'd let disorder reign in the streets.
  6. Tony (on set), his father (Jon Bernthal) in character, 70s.
  7. You'd be one of the nutters calling the Revolutionaries tyrants because they had any form of government and saying the Constitution, as opposed to the Articles of Confederation, was tyranny and would never work. I probably would've, without hindsight, have been among the majority of the country, who was neutral in the conflict as it was mostly upper class people leading a revolt, using poor soldiers.
  8. First pic of Michael Gandolfini in character as a teenage Tony Soprano
  9. As opposed to anarchists, who are insane.
  10. Execute him. Behead the traitor and stick his head on a pike.
  11. I think the media is a bigger part of the so-called Deep State than your average institutional bureaucrat or intelligence official. There is no one in the intelligence or military establishment who has the power J. Edgar Hoover weld, and even he was not "the deep state." He was a useful tool the various Presidents he served relied on - a real life Varys, more than a Littlefinger. That said, institutionalism in various departments and the CIA and FBI has been par for the course with every administration. But I do not think it goes to the level of X-Files style shadow government. Just lifers in these groups dragging their heels at new ideas.
  12. He represents a threat to their interests.
  13. No, I believe he said "I want all Jews either dead, or exterminated in some other way off the continent of Europe." I just want them to stop causing hatred between white and black, and to stop demonizing white people. That is pretty much my one wish where they are concerned.
  14. "I think we have a lot of concert footage from the '90s in the can ā€” like, 24-7 footage from 1991 to 1994, of just every day on the road with GUNS N' ROSES," Slash said. "And it's been sitting in a vault for years. And I would love for that to be edited at some point and put out. So we'll see if that ever happens." Are you telling me that not even say, cleaned up, remastered and pro shot concert footage from the UYI tour would interest you?
  15. I love the guitar solo on this one. Probably my favorite Stones guitar solo actually.
  16. And that's kinda the thing the Jews are waiting giddily to see. Only thing is the Jews don't realize their creations will turn on them, too, since most Jews can pass for white.
  17. I don't know how old you are, but the fact that this is the way is going, as a white person, is pretty upsetting. I'm going to be 29. What the fuck will the world look like in 20 years? 40? In terms of how whites are treated here?
  18. It would be interesting to see if there's any fights or things like that. I mean Let it Be was a big film when it came out.
  19. The thing is, it's increasingly becoming in the media and in the minds of SJWs and such that there is everyone else...and then there are whites, as this giant monolithic bloc, all of whom are supposed to be guilty for slavery and who should feel ashamed. Sadly, this thinking is taking root in many young white people's minds too. There's "people of color" (lol), Jews, and then there's the evil white people..
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