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  1. Well if you think about this way, he doesn't really have to so much: Tony Soprano isn't TONY SOPRANO yet. He's a 14 or 15 year kid who hasn't murdered anyone, hasn't been inducted into the Mafia, hasn't done anything to make him that different from most teenagers other than happen to be born into a criminal family. He might have the same underlying traits as Tony: depression, the brooding, etc. But he might also be very different since in the series it's said Tony was a light hearted jokester and class clown as a teen. There's a wide canvass really because the character is Tony but not, at the same time, if that makes sense. As such it doesn't require the same level of intensity as James Gandolfini brought to the role. There's not all the baggage to the character that James' version had.
  2. No track suits in Goodfellas. Also the track suit thing is to show in part how the Mob has 'declined' and to specifically show how the Jersey Mob is more a bunch of wannabes or trashy guys compared to New York. Go rewatch The Sopranos and look at how Tony and his crew dresses, then compare it to the guys we see from New York. You never see Johnny Sack in a track suit. The movie is gonna be centered around Dickie Moltisanti, Chris' dad, so I think it'll avoid the prequel trap of showing every moment of the original protagonists' life; Tony will be a side character in this, it's not like Star Wars where we're gonna see every fart of his existence. The main character is someone else, and it's an era that's not about him. He's a nobody. A 14 or 15 year old kid whose dad happens to be a big shot in the Mafia, but little else. Prequels fail when they try to do fan service and show every important moment of a character's life and they fail by doing it in ways fans didn't imagine it being like. Since this film is probably gonna go no further than him being 14 or 15, and he's a side character, you're not gonna see heavily talked about moments from his past or him rising up in the Mafia. It'll be isolated moments in 1974 or 1975 that we had no idea about. That works, because then it exists as its own separate thing. The only prequels I can think of that 'failed' were Star Wars and The Hobbit, and both of those suffer from the same symptoms; it doesn't mean every prequel is doomed to failure. Didn't they do several X-Men prequels that were really good? When The Sopranos ended, Chase was too burned out by the whole experience to dive back into that world. He always wanted to make The Sopranos into a movie, in fact, if the Pilot episode hadn't gotten picked up by any network, he was gonna shoot like an hour more footage and make it into a movie. To me it doesn't matter how much it makes or how popular it is as long as it's good.
  3. HBO and the executives wanted more seasons, and actually wanted this season to be 13 episodes. The showrunners are eager to get the show done so they can work on Star Wars so they rushed the ending.
  4. The pix I've been posting are from the 70s portion of the film. 60s fashion (think Mad Men) has aged a lot better than the 70s. Also as far as Goodfellas some of the looks of the 70s were purposely avoided because there was a backlash still, but go watch the film again, look at Henry's house, it's dated as fuck for example.
  5. He looks like a typical male Italian teenager in the mid 70s would've looked. Welcome Back Kotter was huge and people wanted to look like Vinnie Barbarino.
  6. Goodfellas takes place mostly in the 1970s. The bulk of it, anyway. It's set from 1955 to 1980. Also, Many Saints of Newark is gonna be set both in 1967, and in the mid 1970s.
  7. Like, for myself it's something like: 0-2: Baby 2-4:: Toddler 4-7: Child 8-11: Preteen 12-17: Teenager 18-25: Post Teens 26-35: Young Adult 36-44: Early Middle Age 45-59: Middle Age 60-67: Late Middle Age 68-79: Old 80+: Really Old
  8. What Stephen King novel should I start with? I was thinking Nightshift or 11/22/63 (as I loved the series) but am fishing for suggestions.
  9. New shots of Gandolfini in the role: 1970s era Paulie Walnuts (left) Bernthal as Tony's father, Johnny Boy. This is my one major point of contention with the casting: The guy who played his dad in the TV series in the flashbacks looked much more authentic and much more Italian:
  10. At the end AJ is working for Little Carmine's porno business as basically a D girl. He's a civilian. And do you think the Mafia would allow in a mental case with a history of suicide attempts? To guys like that that's like a half step from being a fag. Chase actually said somewhere that basically doing low level production work with Little Carmine and having a life like that is his most likely existence after the Sopranos ends.
  11. How is that even a gay symbol? It looks like an Ancient Egyptian pharoah thing done by a 19th century abstract artist.
  12. It's not even people from the last regime, even, sometimes you have people in the staff and such, I mean just for one moment consider how large overall the government is - thousands of employees. Some of those people have been there 30, 40 years. Whom do they have loyalty to beyond the system itself at that point? The one that hired them is long since dead at this point. What stops the military from going rogue? Discipline. I've never been in the military but my father was as were both my grandfathers; A soldier knows only one thing - obedience. A soldier by basic logic is loyal. He doesn't question orders; his job, literally, is to receive them - even if you're a 4 Star General. Your job is to obey. Not only that, but let's say General A decides he's gonna revolt. Okay. General A has thousands of men under his command by proxy - Officers, NCOs, and enlisted men. How does he convince every single one of those soldiers, down to the lowest grunt, or even a majority of them, to fight his cause? And even if General A successfully convinces a large amount of his troops to revolt for him and go rogue, what's stopping the rest of the troops in on the revolt to not rat out, or fight it? And then, barring that, General A has to go up against Generals B, C, and D with their own thousands of men who are loyal to the government. As you can see, a military coup really isn't logical. It tends to only happen when the situation is utterly dire economically, or when important members of said military - a good chunk - have financial and other backing from an external source. Bush Sr was CIA Director for ONE YEAR - 1976 to 1977 - appointed by and operating under Gerald Ford. During his tenure, the CIA actually came clean about many of the dirty work the agency had been doing in the 50s and 60s and it was under his brief tenure that a lot of the bad eggs from those days were cleaned out (see Church Committee). Bush was actually brought in as an outsider whose job it was to clean up a corrupt business; and then, his boss lost in the November election in 1976 and he was replaced. GHW Bush gets this weird, conspiracy bum rap because he wasn't charismatic. It doesn't make sense. Trump didn't scam his way in, either. He rode a wave of populist sentiment against a bunch of really uninspiring Republican candidates and against Hillary Clinton, and only managed to eek out a victory by winning three key states by several thousand votes. People with money, like Trump, tend to get away with things others don't - it has nothing to do with the fucking CIA. And no, I don't think Hillary would be doing anything of what Trump is doing, really. In 2016 we had to choose two people of about equivalent evil. I'm happy Hillary isn't President but I'm not happy Trump is.
  13. Joey Diaz has officially joined the cast.
  14. You want your deep state? It's simple. Three words: Entrenched bureaucracies/bureaucrats Do research on how hard various Presidents have found it to reorganize the Executive Branch because of pushback by entrenched burecrats both in the White House staff and in the various cabinet level departments. Also consider as well that Presidents have 8 year terms whereas an FBI Director has a ten year term, which means that an FBI Director need not be loyal to ANY President since he's going to likely outlast most. Consider also that Congress has no term limits, meaning they can outlast potentially any/all Presidents. Then consider as well that the Supreme Court is composed of individuals who are serving for life. Then consider also the various lifers in the higher echelons of the Military establishment. And also consider as well that a President depends on his advisers, each of whom have their own agendas, sometimes beyond serving the Presidents' agenda. It's less "X Files" and more Game of Thrones, just modernized.
  15. Why would I waste my time believing fairy tales about men in the shadows, smoking cigarettes and deciding the fate of the world? I don't do for ignorance, especially when I know generally speaking how the government works. I believe there are rich clubs of millionaries, sure; I believe the Fed controls the economy, to a degree, because that's a plainly open fact of life, not a dark conspiracy. I believe the government has secrets and does "immoral" things. I don't believe that life operates like the X-Files. I don't believe in the Cigarette Smoking Man.
  16. The writers don't give a shit anymore, after 8 years, and after being told they're gonna be writing billion dollar movies. They figure, fuck it, we're getting paid no matter what we write, and people are gonna watch it cause it's Game of Thrones. It's a mixture of laziness, emotional doneness, and basically, financially, they're leaving the old tired wife for the hot new mistress (Star Wars).
  17. Miser

    Swamp Rock

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-disco http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_funk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dance-punk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smooth_jazz
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    Swamp Rock

    Nah, there's literally fuckin micro-categories for every single genre of music.
  19. Miser

    Swamp Rock

    I dunno. I'm just going with the terms generally used. It's not like I made them up.
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    Swamp Rock

    Anyone else a fan of swamp rock bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival, etc?
  21. Depends how it's done. When I say "danceable rock" think Another Brick in The Wall, Pt. II. Rock song with a disco beat and funk guitars.
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