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  1. Then you must be tone deaf or you really think that an 40-50 something man can pull out his 20-30 voice so therefore you've got unrealistic expectations. Hvae you heard his 2002 Mickey voice? Which one is better? 2006 or 2002? 2010 or 2002? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLFlbCFzyEU
  2. A person can have a double chin even if they aren't fat you know. Seriously, look at the 2010 pix. I posted side views and him shirtless. If that's 'fat' you must be an anorexic girl.
  3. By 2013-2014, he was indeed obese, bloated almost beyond recognition.
  4. On what planet was Axl "fat" in 2010? Bigger than his anorexic 1980s-1990s days? Yes. Fat? No. He didn't get fat until 2011. Dec 2009: 2010: There was a ten month break from December 2010, to October 2011 (Rock in Rio), and in that year he got fat.
  5. Back in 2006, Izzy said that he needed three weeks' rest from six weeks of touring with Axl. Almost a month of rest from a few low-pressure gigs with Axl's nobodies. Suddenly this same guy, ten years later and ten years older, is going to want to go on a high-stakes, possibly prolonged, possibly stadium-sized tour with the combined egos of Axl and Slash? A guy who was exhausted by minor touring ten years ago? You really don't think Axl would call up his buddy? He cut him in on the GN'R wedding gig. If Axl was being greedy, wouldn't the greedier option to have been just continue fucking off with nugnr and not have to split half the profit with Slash or Duff?
  6. Dude, isn't there a Kanye West forum you could waste bandwidth on?
  7. Dude, you're a CD fanboy. You always have been. You like underground shit. You think CD is this brilliant album.... Izzy didn't even enjoy touring briefly in 2006. What makes you think he'd want to tour fulltime now, a decade later?
  8. I can't wait to see Axl, Slash and Duff together again.
  9. You love Kanye West and prefer NuGNR to the real band. You're pretty much the Brian Griffin of the GNR world.
  10. Can you stop being a hipster faggot? Pitman will play the role Teddy ZigZag played on the UYI tour.
  11. Pitman's in. So thus far, we know the lineup will include Axl, Slash, Duff, Dizzy and Pitman. Question now is who the rhythm guitarist and drummer will be.
  12. "No reason [was] given. I sent out an email to someone connected with the band the answer I got back is that Axl will not be appearing in tomorrow night's show. Hopefully we'll hear more in the coming days, so I wouldn't get too discouraged. It's just not going to be on Kimmel tomorrow night. That's all I know." - Downzy
  13. "I just received confirmation that Axl will NOT be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday, January 5th! Sorry to disappoint but I can now confirm." - Downzy
  14. Here was Kimmel's program schedule as of yesterday: Here it is today, sans Axl: http://abc.go.com/shows/jimmy-kimmel-live/news/schedule/jkl-schedule-for-01042016
  15. The only thing that's confirmed is that Axl likes Taco Bell.
  16. "So, Matt, why weren't you invited on the GN'R reunion tour? What happened there?"
  17. Okay so I began renting a room in August. Signed a one year lease. Paid a security deposit + last month's rent. One of the clauses in the lease is that it can be broken by the landlord at any time. On 12/30 my landlord (well, the property manager; the landlord(s) themselves don't speak English) informed me that because of the landlords' desire to renovate - from what I understand, they want to convert the second floor which I live on into a four bedroom place or something - it has three rooms as of now - and because of this, to make it up to code, they will have to remove my room and the room next to it, and thus remove me. Which is all fine and good except that, even though he agreed to meet Saturday or Sunday to return the deposit and last month's rent since they broke the lease agreement prematurely, all attempts to reach the landlord have fallen through and failed. I don't know where he lives, only his phone number. Does it sound like I have a case to either: 1) Potentially take him to housing court 2) Squat here until the lease is actually up in July From what I guess, the apartment might be an illegal apartment as is. City housing inspectors came here in November one night around 7:30 taking photographs of all the rooms - I suspect the "they want to renovate" might be a prettier cover story. I ask because, my intent in getting this room was to have a place so I could finish up my associates (I graduate in June) and school starts up again tomorrow and so this is big interference in my life.
  18. Imagine if this is all a massive publicity trolling by Axl and TB and Axl shows up on Kimmel talking about nothing but Taco Bell another Vegas residency. Imagine if Axl comes on and Kimmel and announces a reunion....Of the 2001 lineup.
  19. For most people, Paul Huge is an enigma. To most, he is wax dummy with life breathed into him by Allah who helped Axl systemically deconstruct old Guns N' Roses in the mid 1990s. For others, Paul Huge is an important part of the GN'R canon, a sage-like guru who helped Axl through the dark years of the Clinton Administration and helped craft Chinese Democracy, the most beloved album of all-time in the eyes of about one hundred deranged internet nerds. Paul Huge is indeed an enigma. Despite Axl Rose's claim that without Paul, there would be no Guns N' Roses, Guns N' Roses existed before and after the man himself may have existed, as he disappeared without a trace sometime in the year of our Lord two-thousand and two. What is known of the man is that he helped Axl Rose write songs, and that he had a solo project called Mank Rage in the mid 1990s which is actually pretty good. However, what most people don't know is what Paul Huge looked like beyond grainy and muddy screen captures from Rio 2001, and even more than most probably don't care. But for those of you who have a morbid curiosity, here is Paul Huge, who Slash called a bedroom guitar player, in HD. And this is Gary Sunshine
  20. Izzy on touring with GN'R in 2006: “It took me about three weeks to recover from the six weeks of touring.” That right there is why he's not going to tour now. If it took him three weeks to recover from six weeks of low-intensity, non-stadium touring ten years ago, with only Axl and a bunch of nobodies...Can you imagine how exhausting a full fledged tour with the combined egos of Axl, Slash, Duff and possibly Matt Sorum might be, at high pressure gigs for possibly much longer than six weeks?
  21. Adler said if he's not included in the reunion, he will literally murder the other members, because if he can't, they can't either.
  22. I think if he does, he won't look that far removed from at least the mid 90s, just older:
  23. So one of the rumors floating is that GN'R will cut 2 new songs for the tour. My question is to you guys, do you think it's all possible these "new" songs will actually be old instrumentals from the mid 90s sessions with Axl vocals and lyrics done over them and maybe Fortus recording rhythm? Think of what the Stones have done with their unreleased songs, they took old old instrumentals, added in a nice guitar here, had Mick do vocals and had "new" songs, for example Plundered My Soul - rhythm, bass and drums are from 72, the lead guitar and Mick's vocals were done recently.
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