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  1. 44 minutes ago, MIA said:

    The real dead year in the UYI period was 1989 as nothing productive occurred and Adler had already signed his death warrant even though he would hang in a few more months.


    However, just like with 1990, pop culture keeps them alive with PC and Patience videos, hard rock stations playing b sides like Whole Lotta Rosie, and of course Axl and Izzy at the VMAs and the shows with the Stones.


    Also Axl was on Henley's End of the Innocence album which was huge at the time.


    Axl being Axl and Steven’s heroin killed 89 for GNR. 88 was their break out year and they probably could’ve pushed sales of AFD even further if they’d toured extensively in 1989 and put out at least one new song as a single. Civil War was pretty much ready to go. It could’ve kept the momentum going even stronger in 89. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Dr. Brownstone said:

    Be honest, Use Your Illusion should have been released in 1990.


    Because of Axl's delays, UYI came out just as grunge was exploding. As a consequence, the album's thunder was stolen by the Seattle bands.

    If released in 90, I think UYI would’ve sold twice as much. Not many major releases to compete with that year. It would’ve filled a void. Being released in Fall 91 when Nevermind, the Black Album, Ten and a bunch of other amazing rock records all came out within a month or two of each other I’m sure massively ate at UYIs sales.


    If released in 90, still the hair metal era, UYI could’ve done numbers close to AFD.

  3. 1 hour ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

    I believe MIA is right.  Hot and heavy rumors of the new GNR debuting at Woodstock 99.   And they'd have killed too....that was right when the world was ripe for an Axl comeback.   As the front cover of Spin loudly declared in the summer of 1999:




    94?  Not so much.   I'm sure the promoters wouldn't have NOT let them play or anything, but they'd just be one of many bands in the lineup and nothing special.  Woodstock 94 was an iconic moment for alternative music....NIN, Green Day, Blind Melon, RHCP....those guys went from up and comers to household names over night.  Well, maybe not Blind Melon but Shannon's drugged out performance in a dress was iconic to ME.


    Anyway, this thread seems to have devolved into the 8000th "Miser chooses the UYI tracklist" thread again, so that's boring.   But I will say you're fucking nuts if you think Dead Horse is just a b-side...it's one of the best tracks on UYI I.


    Slash in a 1995 interview claims Guns was asked but that they declined because they didn’t fit the scene of Woodstock. Slash appeared with Paul Rodgers at Woodstock 1994.


    They also were invited to play at an Elvis tribute concert in early 94 but declined also because they “couldn’t think of a song to play.”


    A lot of this may have stemmed from Axl being a recluse in this period or the rhythm guitar player question but if Slash claimed GNR were asked to play I don’t see any reason to doubt him.


    also, I made one post about an alt track list in response to other people’s. Back the fuck up. And I’ve never been into Dead Horse. Different strokes for different folks and all that. On an album that has Dust N Bones, NR, Coma, You Ain’t the First, Garden of Eden, Right Next Door to Hell, Dead Horse feels like filler to me.

  4. Most of the covers should’ve been B-Sides. Throw in JJF as a b-side as well.


    Dead Horse should’ve been a B-Side


    The Garden belonged as a B-Side 


    So Fine should’ve been a B-side


    My World another B-side


    cut out Civil War, reissue a YCBM/KOHD Double A single in the weeks leading up to the album release to build more hype


    Release the cover album as an EP during the 93 portion of the tour and play it live. Would make the set list fresher and the band even more lively. 


    You Could Be Mine belonged on UYI I


    Cut out the second Don’t Cry and have it as the B-Side to the single version.


    After the tour is over throughout late 93 and into early 94, release three live records over the course of the first few months of 1994. First CD is 1991 era shows. Second is 1992. Third is 1993. All B-sides and covers go on the third live record as “bonus tracks” to up buyer interest in songs they wouldn’t have heard before. 


    Finish the 94 version of Back and Forth Again in early 1994, release it as a single around March or April and do a limited club tour in the spring of 1994, followed by an appearance at Woodstock that summer with Gilby still on guitar. 


    Do the planned video for Ain’t It Fun in the summer of 1994. Appear at the 94 VMAs performing that song, Jungle, and Back and Forth Again.


    Announce a two to three year hiatus. Have all the guys take a break and do their own thing and meet back up at a set date in 1996.


    meanwhile, polish up and re-record bootlegged songs and old demos and release them at a low price ala Garage Days revisited. Demos and alt takes of Appetite and UYI songs. Songs like Bring it Back Home, Just Another Sunday, etc. Limited Holiday 1994 box set release. If demand is good enough, make it a wide release.


    There you go. Saved GNR 



  5. 7 minutes ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

    As of now, this is the only known recording of Axl Rose that I've only listened to once.




    It might have to stay that way.


    You think you're bad, but Axl's the mac daddy.

  6. 4 minutes ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

    Maybe it's like I said about Oh My God......it's impossible for us to be objective because we're all at our core, GNR fans.


    Very few of us like everything on CD.  But most of us like at least a few tracks.


    Maybe.....hear me out......maybe they're all the same level of quality?   Maybe to an average music listener, the stuff that made the CD and these outtakes all just sound like the same shit?  But we think some are better than others cause we like the band so much and we WANT to like it?


    It's so bizarre to get inundated with what...five? six? new Axl Rose songs all at once like we just did.  I don't think my brain has fully processed it.   I can say the only song I personally think is REALLY good is Atlas, and that one is your least favorite, so it's the same as the CD songs.  Even amongst fans we can't agree on anything.


    I bet non-fans would just agree that the entire thing sucks equally.  It'd be fun to play the released tracks along with the unreleased tracks for someone that's never heard any of them, and have a fresh perspective.


    I think the thing that would turn most fans off about these new songs is the vocals, ironically. Songs like Perhaps, the Mac Daddy song, State of Grace, it's Axl who is the weak link.
    The problem with the actual CD album is there is no hook or catchyness to any of the songs. These leaks, whatever you think, do have a catchiness to them but they also have bad vocals and subpar lyrics from Axl above pretty cool instrumentals. These songs if released in 2000 or 2001 would've been received very well. If Limp Bizkit was at their height in 2001, these songs would've been received very very well at the time. Now in 2019? Maybe with a lot of tweaking and Axl actually trying to sing, they'd work. I don't think it's just us.

  7. I think it's obvious most here, outside of when something leaks, aren't really happy with or fond of GN'R anymore. GN'R has become pretty old and stale if you consider it. What is there really to talk about? The newest tour? Fat Axl memery? "New" songs which are only leaks of 20 year old demos? Duff's Tenderness? This is a forum dedicated to a band whose heyday was almost 30 years ago. Whose last period of really intense or original activity was nearly 30 years ago. A band which is considered really only a few steps above Motley Crue in popular memory - they had some great songs but most of the public considers them the last gasp of Hair Metal. A band who has been little more than depressing to follow for the better part of a quarter of a century.

    Why not slowly transform this forum into a mainstream music/pop culture sort of forum - sort of along the lines of the SteveHoffman forum, but less self seriousness?


  8. Brian Jones also was really inspirational in rockstar fashion:


    Kurt Cobain would become famous for wearing a modernized set of very similar shades in the 90s









    He was recognized as one of the leading style icons in rock during his lifetime.

    He was also a close friend of Jimi Hendrix and plays on "All Along the Watchtower" and was heavily admired by Jim Morrison, who wrote a poem on the day of his death memorializing him

  9. 1 hour ago, Dr. Strangelove said:

    IBO certified ranking of GNR/Rolling Stones members by talent


    1. Mick Taylor

    2. Keith Richards

    3. Izzy Stradlin

    4. Mick Jagger

    5. Slash

    6. Axl Rose

    7. Ronnie Wood

    8. Brian Jones

    9. Charlie Watts

    10. Bill Wyman

    11. Duff McKagan

    12. Steven Adler


    1. Keith (Keith wrote the majority of their best song's lyrics and melodies on his own)
    2. Mick
    3. Brian (in terms of overall musical contribution, plus getting the band off the ground, naming it, etc, played also on 12 albums more than any other second guitarist)

    5. Nicky Hopkins (co-wrote a lot of songs without being credited and was basically the unofficial 6th member)

    6. Mick Taylor (mainly for guitar solos live - he doesn't contribute all that much on the studio albums; he co-wrote a few ballads and went uncredited)

    7. Ian Stewart
    8. Bill Wyman

    9. Charlie Watts

    10. Ronnie Wood



    1. Izzy

    2. Slash

    3. Axl

    4. Duff

    5. Steven

    6. Matt

    7. Dizzy


  10. R-5893267-1405599442-7738.jpeg.jpg

    original release cover



    intended cover

    Considered the Stones' "return to roots" record, recorded between the spring and early summer of 1968, but not released until December 1968 due to fighting with the record label over the album cover, Beggar's Banquet was released during a tumultous time in the band's history. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Brian Jones had all been arrested the year prior on drug charges and all narrowly avoided prison; Brian would be arrested again in May during the recording sessions for the album. The album was the first to feature Jimmy Miller as the producer; he would go on to produce all Stones records until 1973's Goat's Head Soup. The album was the last full release to feature band founder Brian Jones (he would play on only two songs on Let it Bleed), and he features on 8 out of 10 songs here. The period in which the album was produced was a weird time for the band. They had been off the road for a year and a half, and in that time division had sprung up in the group: Keith Richards stole Brian Jones' girlfriend Anita Pallenberg, who then went on to star with Mick Jagger in Performance in the Autumn of 1968. By the time of the record's release, all three members were not on speaking terms and Mick Jagger was considering a solo career. During this time Keith Richards began using heroin, which would soon become a habit he would be unable to break, becoming increasingly addicted to it throughout the next decade. All in all, despite these problems, it's considered a masterpiece.


    The album was not supported with a tour, but with a filmed TV performance in December 1968 meant to be shown on the BBC, entitled The Rolling Stones' Rock N' Roll Circus with various artists. Due to Jagger being unhappy with the Stones' performance, it was not released publicly until 1996.

    Album and associated singles:

    1.   "Sympathy for the Devil"    
    2.    "No Expectations"    
    3.    "Dear Doctor"    
    4.    "Parachute Woman"    
    5.    "Jigsaw Puzzle"    
    Side two
    1.    "Street Fighting Man"    
    2.    "Prodigal Son"    
    3.    "Stray Cat Blues"    
    4.    "Factory Girl"    
    5.    "Salt of the Earth"


    Jumpin' Jack Flash
    Child of the Moon

    The Rolling Stones:


    Mick Jagger - vocals, harmonica on Parachute Woman, maracas on Street Fightin' Man and Stray Cat Blues.

    Keith Richards - backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, lead guitar on Jumpin' Jack Flash, acoustic rhythm guitar on No Expectations, slide guitar on Jig-Saw Puzzle, bass guitar on Jumpin' Jack Flash, Sympathy for the Devil, Street Fightin' Man and Stray Cat Blues, opening lead vocals on Salt of the Earth

    Brian Jones - Lead Slide Guitar on No Expectations, rhythm guitar on Jumpin' Jack Flash, Mellotron on Jig-Saw Puzzle and Stray Cat Blues, acoustic rhythm guitar on Parachute Woman, harmonica on Parachute Woman, Dear Doctor, and Prodigal Son, sitar and tanpura on Street Fightin' Man, backing vocals and low acoustic guitar on Sympathy for the Devil, soprano saxophone on Child of the Moon


    Bill Wyman - bass guitar, double bass on Dear Doctor, maracas and backing vocals on Sympathy for the Devil, organ on Jumpin' Jack Flash


    Charlie Watts - drums on all tracks, claves on No Expectations, tambourine on Dear Doctor, tabla on Factory Girl

    Additional Musicians:

    Nicky Hopkins - piano (No Expectations, Sympathy for the Devil, Dear Doctor, Jig-Saw Puzzle, Street Fightin' Man, Stray Cat Blues and Salt of the Earth), Mellotron (Factory Girl)
    Rocky Dzidzornu – congas ("Sympathy for the Devil", "Stray Cat Blues", "Factory Girl")
    Ric Grech – fiddle ("Factory Girl")
    Dave Mason – shehnai ("Street Fighting Man")
    Jimmy Miller – backing vocals ("Jumpin' Jack Flash" "Sympathy for the Devil")
    Watts Street Gospel Choir – backing vocals ("Salt of the Earth")
    Anita Pallenberg, Marianne Faithfull – backing vocals ("Sympathy for the Devil")


    Thoughts on this record?


  11. 35 minutes ago, The pro towel waver said:

    Yeah that's the picture I was talking about the other photos are from 95 thanks dude maybe he was wearing that white cap on his head for 4 years? And in the photo with critter his face looks more botoxed 

    It’s 99. In the 00 interview (conducted probably in late 99) he was described as having mid length Prince Valiant hair much like the pic with Critter, and he didn’t even meet critter until early 99. The pix are from his annual Halloween Party. Also in early pic from 1995 he is wearing a wedding ring. Not the case in the 99 pix. Also has a fatter or more botoxed face in 99 consistent with how he looks in 00 as opposed to 95 where he’s much slimmer and all natural. 

  12. 1 hour ago, The pro towel waver said:

    Trust me there is only 1 photo from 1999 of axl and it is not on the internet anymore because in 1999 he started to get plastic surgery and this photo he looks natural and photo quality looks from 95 anyway


    The pic I posted is from 1999 because in one of the other photos from the same day, the guy who posted the picture, and who is in it, identified the middle guy as Critter, the record producer. Axl only began working with him in 1999:


    this is 1995. July or August. Santa Monica guitar show. You can tell he looks slimmer in the face, like the UYI era Axl but with shorter hair:





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