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  1. 30 minutes ago, meatpuppet said:

    Ehh they're all stereotypes. From psychology people like stereotypes because they make the world feel more predictable. People in the media will always have an agenda but if they don't affect your life then it's not worth thinking about. Focus on your own life and think for yourself.


    I'm just curious cause the term is thrown around a lot here and elsewhere. It's more just curiosity. I personally don't care. 

  2. During a campaign event in Texas, Joe Biden told a 10-year-old girl that "I’ll bet you’re as bright as you're good-looking" before taking her by the hand to present her to the press and standing behind her with his hands on her shoulders.


    He then turned to the girl and said: "I'll tell you what, honey. What I'm going to do, if you give me an address, I'm going to write you a longer answer and tell you the exact things I would do, OK? OK? Promise? I’ll bet you’re as bright as you're good-looking. I'll tell you, I'll tell you what. What's your favorite subject?"

    When her teacher said "journalism," he joked: "Oh! Whoa! I'd better me more circumspect in my answers." Taking the girl by the hand, he took her to the back of the hall and indicated the reporters: "Washington Post, New York Times, all those guys. You go back." He stood behind the girl, keeping his hands on her shoulders as he spoke: "By the way, that's one of the things that's dangerous. They'll tell you, I'm not always their favorite subject but the truth of the matter is the reason we are who we is called a free press, continue to denigrate..."

    After Biden returned to the front, the announcer told the girl: "You're going to get an internship from the Washington Post, the New York Times, MSNBC." Biden interjected, "If that doesn't work, come work for me."



  3. Legit curious cause the term kinda elludes me, I mean I know for one it's the faggy political correctness and a low T count, but, I'm talkin physically, they say there's a soyboy look, without shitposting or being cunts about it, I'm genuinely curious - what is it?

    And also I know the theory is that it comes from plastic like in plastic water bottles and also perhaps baby formula used in Millenial's baby food, but if that's the case why aren't ALL Millenial men soyboys?


  4. 12 hours ago, bran said:

    Jon: She's not her father...

    Dany did exactly what her father wanted to do... Fucking retard.


    What do you think of the theory that your namesake pulled a Littlefinger and used his ability to see the future to mastermind all this and ascend to the throne?


    -Tells Jon about his parentage, knowing Jon is honorabe and will tell Sansa and Arya

    -He knows telling Sansa will result in wanting Jon on the Throne since she dislikes her

    -As such, he knows Jon telling Sansa will mean she tells other people who will in turn tell other people, resulting both in the news travelling and Dany feeling betrayed

    -Given he can see the future, he also knows Dany will burn KL, resulting in her needing to die/people turning against her and does nothing to stop or avert this

    -In turn, he knows given how close Jon and Dany are that Jon will be the one to kill her, making him also ineligible for the Throne and "he doesn wan it", knocking two contenders off the board.
    -With no other strong candidates, and with Bran as the closest male relative to Jon who was heir to the throne, he also knows he could be the likeliest candidate for it 

    -Implies very strongly at the end that he knew all along what would happen, saying "Why do you think I'm here?" in Kings Landing IE he knew he was coming there to be named King
    -Acts like a vegetable for 2 seasons and suddenly comes back to life at the end and even smiles and is interactive after being named King

    It's almost as if he took from Little Finger's playbook, sat on the sidelines as the most unlikely person imaginable to do anything, let all of his rivals do the dirty work of finishing each other off for him, clearing a path for him to become King, even if that means 1 million people need to die to get there.

  5. 20 hours ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

    Well, the Dothraki are basically a metaphor for Muslims.   Woke HBO isn't about to show Muslims in a poor light these days; that would be crimethink,


    Besides, weren't ALL the Dothraki killed in the first charge against the White Walkers?   Eh.  Who cares.

    They did kinda show them in a bad light in the penultimate episode, raping, murdering and pillaging an entire city.

  6. 3 hours ago, magisme said:

    Maybe that was their intention, but my take was different. The only people on the show who ever had their shit together were Ned Stark and Tywin Lannister, white male heads of household who maintained order dispassionately and with unwavering hands. Unfortunately for Tywin, he had shit kids. Unfortunately for Ned, he left the North out of a sense of duty. By the end of the show, it's a bunch of young nutjobs and freaks who think they have their fingers on the pulse of cosmic justice. The remaining Boomers are losers, no doubt, but that's mostly because they keep sacrificing themselves to the whims of the the retarded new guard.


    Uncle should have unsheathed his sword and beheaded Sansa when she told him to sit down. The show is really about the dangers of uppity women and diversity. :lol:

    I would say Bobby B also had his shit together, enough so that the Kingdom functioned in spite of his whoring and drinking. He also reckonized Dany was a threat and wanted her dead in Season 1, which frankly could've avoided all of this. Dany's only real contribution in Westeros were having the Unsullied and Dothraki there for the Battle of Winterfell. I imagine if Bobby B had lived and remained on the Throne, a united seven kingdoms could've dealt with the Walkers alone.

    I would also say Davos had his shit together and of the remaining old guard should've been King. Either him or the Hound, who I wish didn't have to die.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Alex Trebek said:

    now i want tony to have a distant cousin on the show who spends all of his time analyzing dion from dion and the belmonts' hairline

    I'm passed all that stupid shit. I spent a long time mentally remaining 16. Only hairline I even give a shit about now is mine. I had shoulder length hair last year, cut it very short. I got rid of most of my t-shirts and dress in polos and slacks nowadays with a leather jacket I've had since I was 16 or 17 years old, a leather blazer. I don't wear jeans anymore. The last few months I've really recovered myself as I was always supposed to be.

  8. My great grandpa was a made guy who was highly respected in the neighborhood. He did 5 years in Sing Sing prison on an arson bid while keeping silent. Was personal friends of Meyer Lansky. Owned a race track. We still have a bronze statue he had made of a prize horse he treasured. I'll put a pic up if anyone is interested, it's a gorgeous horse. He died at 40 years old. Used to have my grandpa help him fix varsity track and football games, my grandpa would tell him tips on which players had a bum leg, which guy was slower, etc. My grandpa could easily have followed in his footsteps but he watched how his mother struggled while his dad was in jail, when the whole thing was that these guys are supposed to help each other out; after that his attitude was 'fuck them.' 

  9. 5 minutes ago, Alex Trebek said:

    wait what

    based as fuck if true

    He kept a lion in his basement to scare debtors, and he and his brothers Larry and Albert took on their Boss in a civil war and it's believed that Joey was one of the shooters of Albert Anastasia (Boss of the Gambinos before Carlo Gambino - Carlo masterminded the hit as Underboss and then assigned 4 shooters) and that he also had Joe Colombo shot on Carlo Gambino's orders. His brother Albert is still alive and active in LCN. Larry was killed not long after Joey was if I remember right. Joey, like Tony Soprano, was shot to death in a restaurant by surprise while out with his loved ones (on his birthday, actually) in retaliation for the hit on Colombo.

  10. 6 minutes ago, wasted said:

    I think people want the same actors and same mix of comedy violence and innovative stories per episode. The overall story arch of the families isn’t that important. So that is where prequels fall down sometimes. The spend time on the story but in the end no Adrianna. No Chrissy on heroin. Like I said before Sopranos worked because Tony was in therapy. The audience had a get out clause for rooting for the killer thug. 


    I think you enjoyed the show on a deeper level than me. Maybe I enjoyed it on a more voyeuristic level. There was also this thing where although they were all criminal murders they had very similar lives to us. You could still relate to their problems. A family drama like you said. 


    I enjoyed it cause I could relate to all the characters. When I watch the show it's like going to a family reunion. Both the way the guys are, how they talk, how they carry themselves, and the dysfunction in Tony's family (his mom, I mean), this is what I grew up with. When I watch it, it's like going back to when I was a kid, seeing my uncles and my grandpa and whatnot. I come from a family that kisses on the cheeks when greeting and my grandparents had plastic on the furniture as late as the 90s. Parties were full of Frank, Dean, and Doo Wop. So for me, The Sopranos is the closest thing to seeing "my people" on screen that I can get. My grandpa's voice and accent sounded exactly like John Gotti. My dad and I say "rad-e-ator" like Phil Leotardo does. We say "youse." These are my kinda people.

  11. 6 minutes ago, Alex Trebek said:

    when the show comes out i will

    until then i'll judge based on the fact that he looks like a vegan tony soprano

    Looks can be deceiving. Look at a (distant) cousin of mine, Joe "Crazy Joe" Gallo. Pretty boy, yet one of the more vicious Mafiosos in the 60s and 70s who kept a lion in his basement and took on a Boss


    Looked like a fucking member of a boy band.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Alex Trebek said:

    and all of those vulnerable parts of tony are balanced out by the more public half of his personality and his rugged exterior, neither of which i'm convinced michael will be able to pull off

    hence soy-prano

    How about see the kid in action and how he actually acts first before you judge, eh?

  13. 3 minutes ago, Alex Trebek said:


    "Whack Big Pussy? Y-you guys can do that without me, right?"

    You mean, the same guy who later in life had tears in his eyes as he was about to pull the trigger, right? Who was so torn apart by Puss being a rat that he buried it in his subconscious for over a year, and still had the fucking guy visit him in dreams later on?

  14. 11 minutes ago, Alex Trebek said:

    skinny arms, face as smooth as a baby's ass, woman haircut

    inb4 "but alex, skinny arms, smooth babyfaces and woman haircuts were all the rage in the 70s!"

    tony was a fucking man - i can't picture this kid doing/saying some of the shit tony did in the show


    that said i'm sure this show will live or die based on his performance, not his testosterone levels


    I do agree he should be bulkier physically, but I don't really see that smooth of a face and I'm sorry to ruin your in b4 but 9 out of 10 guys in the 70s had long hair. If you didn't you were a dork. You say you can't imagine this kid doing or saying things Tony did in the show - you mean when he was a hardened, 40+ year old murderer, as opposed to being a 14/15 year old kid? Tony, as established within the show, wasn't headed for the gangster life when he was younger. He was an athlete who went to college for a semester and a half. Most future gangsters, at least, back then, didn't go to college. The show goes out of its way to show that, no, Tony Soprano isn't a "fucking man", not really. Not the kind of man his father would 100% respect. This is a guy who goes to a shrink twice a week, takes anxiety pills and anti-depressants, suffers panic attacks, and literally cries over a dead horse. He considers giving an openly gay underling a pass. Now compare Tony's character in the show to one of the other characters like Phil Leotardo.

  15. 2 hours ago, wasted said:

    I think prequels fail because they aren’t the same as the orginal. I want more Sopranos but I’ll get something that messes with the original or something else. So you have to be a super fan to really get into it. You have to oscillate between the Chrissy story and this prequel. That’s too hard for most people. 


    It’s often meant to connect like that Aliens movie? You have to sort of be telepathic to get it. I’m a dumbass I don’t even get the Terminator story. I have no idea what was happening in Salvation. Terminator is meant to be a killing machine chasing a chick. Once you lose that dynamic and you’re doing a road movie it gets diluted. 


    Anyways I just hope they keep the component parts of Sopranos. Whatever mixture that was. The big mistake is always getting lost in the story. To me that was just something to hang the comedy violence and bling on. Pine Barrens was barely relevant to the story but it’s the best episode. 


    By want more Sopranos, what do you mean exactly? Because you're getting a lot of the original characters who were in the show - just younger. You're also getting new faces, like we got every season. I think there's enough to it that could hook mob movie fans beyond just Sopranos fans. The Chrissy story and this prequel are the same movie....?

    What's the dynamic in the Sopranos, really? A guy in the Mafia struggling with two families. One blood, the other bloody.

    The mixture that made The Sopranos good was the balance of Family vs. family. Tony's mafia family versus his blood family, and him having to juggle both needs and wants in a changing period of time (1990s-early 00s). We'll see what the crisis is in this story but I can think of no period of greater change than the 60s and 70s and being in the Mafia in that era, being Italian in that era, was pretty challenging. Besides the fact that the Mafia then was both at its height and at its bloodiest, and the nuclear family was starting to disintegrate. There's a lot of cultural things that could be played upon here, as the Sopranos wove the cultural themes of American decay in the late 90s and mid 00s.

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