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    TV Party

    How anti-white is Peele's Twilight Zone, and do any episodes have white leads? Asking because he says he'll never cast white leads in any of his movies.
  2. Miser

    TV Party

    Rewatching the Sopranos like a mad man pumped for the movie. Also binged Sabrina with the girlfriend. A little cheesy and some SJW elements, but not that bad a show. Gotta catch up on a lot of others.
  3. Happy Easter everyone :)
  4. Post here lesser known ditties (any genre) from the 70s that you enjoy http://youtube.com/watch?v=/aH4ZhDaWmpo http://youtube.com/watch?v=/RMONGMDEerI
  5. No idea actually. I didn't actually invite anyone since I've been banned from mygnr for a while now.
  6. Wouldn't have come out at all if Mick and Keith had had their way. The Stones do not own ANY rights to any songs produced prior to 1970 due to a deal they made with their then manager, Andrew Loog Oldham. They were young and stupid and didn't read the fine print. He owns all their recordings including live shows prior to 1970 (even songs that were recorded prior to 1970, but not released until AFTER 1970, like Brown Sugar [recorded in 1969] belong to him). Not missing notes here, just playing in standard tuning as opposed to Open G. Also Brian's guitar is mixed low akin to the way Izzy's was during the UYI tour, which also doesn't help the sound. They wanted to redo the concert at the Roman Coliseum in the Spring of 1969 but they weren't allowed.
  7. The Stones were mainly insecure about being upstaged by The Who, who were fresh off the road and put on a well oiled, terrific performance. The Stones hadn't performed live outside of an awards show six months earlier in a year and a half and were rusty. Plus, they went on last, and because it was meant as a film, they did up to 12 takes of each song until they got the perfect "take" for each track, and they didn't go on to begin with until 3am. So you had a band that hadn't performed in a year with one sickly/disinterested member, a band that was exhausted from doing the same songs over and over again, and who didn't even start until the middle of the night. Even still, I think they put on a good performance considering:
  8. Remember the video we discussed of him performing in '95? One of the last performances before his death? It was clear as day that he was in very bad shape and it doesn't seem like there was all that much effort put into helping him or at least, monitoring him. It wasn't a case like Kurt where there weren't all these warning signs besides behavior. He legitimately looked like a person on death's door besides IIRC od'ing already once or twice and no one was keeping an eye on him. It's very sad. And from what I'm reading here, it seems like his death kinda went unnoticed at the time? Making it even more sad.
  9. The Disney films have kinda made me dislike Star Wars as a whole, outside of the prequels, in that the sequels rendered the original movies utterly pointless. Every victory won in those films, every sacrifice, everything was all in vain at this point. Even Darth Vader redeeming himself by killing the Emperor has been undone. What a crock of shit.
  10. Well apparently according to Carmella, when they were teenagers Tony was the 'rapscallion, the jokester, the class clown" and that's what drew her to him. Underneath it maybe he was struggling with depression. But he wasn't the mopey, miserable little prick that AJ was, at least according to Carmella. Pussy and Chris both remark how at one time, Tony was one of the most laid back guys on Earth.
  11. I've seen clips. I'm not denying he can be scary but the original actor had a certain authentic scariness, a sleaziness to him, I mean watch the flashbacks:
  12. Also need to bear in mind that they're basing how Tony looked and dressed in the 70s on how Gandolfini did. They did the same thing in the S5 flashback to 1976: Tony is slim, with Welcome Back Kotter hair, dressed in baseball clothes. That's how Gandolfini looked to a T when he was a teen.
  13. Can you give me some examples? Johnny's an important character to the mythology of the series in that he literally made Tony who he was. Tony copies his father down to even his fashion sense. He gave Tony his first murder contract when T was 22. Bernthal just looks too...nice.
  14. My one worry is Bernthal won't do a good job as Johnny. He doesn't look like a wiseguy, especially compared to the original guy who played him http://ibb.co/MhR2ZrC http://ibb.co/ZYXHvbQ
  15. He gonna be made into a woman by Bubba.
  16. It's at least good to know Assange will spend the rest of his life in living hell.
  17. Believing that a government should exist, and that this is not the Stone Age, is a far leap from endorsing genocide. As if there would be no war if no laws existed. Anarchy is an ethical abomination, and it is such a failure that it has been utterly rejected and left on the ant heap of history.
  18. Real anarchists like Sacco and Vanzetti and the like, all the anarchist bomb throwers of the 20s, or people like Timothy McVeigh, or are you going to use the "No True Scotsman" fallacy and claim that they weren't "real" Anarchists, the same way Commies try to claim Mao wasn't a REAL Marxist, to excuse their bullshit? It's you, who believes in chaos, that has the low moral ground. I believe in order. You believe in literal anarchy.
  19. Good deflection. Do you support acts of terrorism against government offices? To be an SJW, one would have to: -Hate Trump -Believe in more than 2 genders -Believe in unrestricted immigration -Have white guilt and/or think whites are guilty of cultural sins or believe in white privilege -Believe in "cultural appropriation" -Hate the police (hey, you fit in there!) -Believe in Marxism as the answer I do not believe in or endorse in any of the above, so there is really no way to mark me as an SJW. You're closer to an SJW than I am. You and Antifa should rally against the police together.
  20. No SJW here. I don't believe Trump is a nazi, nor will the government collapse. I support a constitutional monarchism in the context of a traditionalist of a fascistic framework ala Franco. You and your friends will die in a country with a strong government. Did you cheer when Oklahoma City happened?
  21. So no laws or order. Thankfully you will have to live and die in a country with a government. You will never have the anarchist utopia you and your bomb nut buddies crave
  22. Point is, no government is too much government for you. You'd let disorder reign in the streets.
  23. Tony (on set), his father (Jon Bernthal) in character, 70s.
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