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  1. Obviously from a legal standpoint it is a 'Guns N' Roses' album. But what about in the ways that count - musically, in spirit, in attitude, etc? Which leads to the question of: What is a Guns N' Roses album? By which I mean, the main argument against CD being a GN'R record is that Axl is the only original member on it, and that the process behind it was Axl writing most of the material and directing the band how to play whatever they wrote. But, let's say Slash and Duff remained in the band and they made an industrial album with Axl - is that GN'R, because 3 guys out of 5 are in it? If Duff hadn't quit in '97 and it was Axl and Duff, 2/5ths the original band, would that have been GN'R? Or if Axl and Slash had been the last two standing rather than Axl and Dizzy, is that GN'R? I'm not a CD fan. I do consider the lineups after Slash to have been GN'R, in a sense, but CD to me only has 3 to 4 good songs and the rest is filler. So I'm not attempting to defend CD. But the logic of what makes a band a band, and what makes a band's music their music, is interesting. GN'R never really had the stability to develop a clearly defined sound. AFD is one way, Lies is another, the UYIs are all over the place - there's no clearly defined GN'R sound in the way that Aerosmith or AC/DC had a very clearly defined sonic quality. So, I thought it'd be an interesting question to raise.
  2. Miser

    Freestyle musix

    Did anyone here listen to Freestyle back in the day? Was big in tbe late 80s/early 90s
  3. Its great that Slash and Duff are back and whatnot but there's a certain element of like pathetically hilarity that came with the Ashba era lineups. I mean, it was depressing and embarrassing but at the same time, it was funny as fuck: Rio 2011, Bridge School, the Hogan ears, the fact that a guy named Bumblefoot was even in the band, the passive aggressive shitting on Axl he did in interviews for years and how he threatened to throat fuck a fan. Pitman's towel fetish, Axl lashing out at and getting Madison taken down, the yellow raincoat, the pornstar mustache, Ashba's relentless optimism and his stories of beating the fuck out of old women, Axl openly referring to Beta as his mother..:.The list goes on and on. It was almost like a Spinal Tap-esque parody of a rock band and In that sense, it was fun. It's easy to mock Ashba and BBF and Pitman, whereas it's just kinda sad to see Slash playing songs written about him during mediocre "greatest hits" 1989 Stones-esque shows with massively inflated ticket prices. The hilarity of the Ashba era was a thing to behold and I miss it.
  4. When would you travel to and why? I must confess that while there are MANY captivating periods in human history I would love to see, if I had only say, 5 choices, I would pick: 1) Spring 1914 - to watch WW1 unfold and the world lose its innocence fully 2) 1963 - See for myself what happened at the JFK assasination. 3) 1975 - Height of the Rock era, beginning of the Disco era 4) 1984 - Best year ever in my opinion 5) 1994 - Just to be able to see a slice of my childhood
  5. Same as on the tin. What are your favorite solo works by members of GN'R, past or present? Myself, the two Snakepit albums, Gilby's first record, and Duff's first solo record are awesome shit. I've never gotten the appeal of Izzy's solo stuff despite the fact that on the UYIs his songs are some of the best, and Slash's stuff since Ain't Life Grand is too generic modern rock, lacking the bluesy edge, and I can't stand Myles Kennedy. I used to have Buckethead's stuff and I suppose some of that is pretty cool too. As an aside, if someone could point me to some Izzy songs that are akin to his stuff on the UYI records, I would genuinely appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. Miser

    Anyone miss the Ashba era?

    Finck should've never been more than a rhythm guitarist. Which is what Matt suggested when he showed Finck to Axl (bring back Slash and have Robin play rhythm). He's the worst lead player in the band's history. The Hogan ears were cringey but besides what you said, Ashba's look and musical background fit GNR more than any member of NuGNR. He was also probably the only one who actually was a fan of GNR's music before joining.
  7. It's not like he was exactly audible on the demos. 3/5ths is more than half the AFD lineup and as such for me constitutes GNR.
  8. What I said is objective fact. There's interviews from 89 and 90 saying they wanted to do a punk EP, and like 6 instrumental demos with izzy on rhythm. Down on the Farm was played by the AFD lineup at Farm Aid.
  9. I do wonder if Axl had been secure enough to work with a famous and truly talented guitarist after Slash, like say if he had made a new band with Jimmy Page or Brian May and wanted to make a rock record how he would've done I know it's fun to hate on him but I do also wonder what material done by Axl/Slash/Gilby could've been. He was a good songwriter on his own and complemented Slash on guitar.
  10. Check out Back and Forth Again Beggars and Hangers On and Good to Be Alive from Snakepit. Great tracks. I Love You, Fuck You, and Believe in Me are great songs by Duff. So is Swamp Song
  11. Yeah but it was a traditional blues rock record in a time when that was the furthest thing from popular, and Geffen pulled support of it right after the tour wrapped up to get Slash back to GNR. I agree the songwriting isn't as good as GN'R, and that that's a Slash problem. Slash can write amazing riffs and solos, but not great songs without Axl. Axl can write beautiful melodies but without any edge or hook without Slash. Izzy can write cool simple four chord songs without any real substance or memorability or power without Slash and Axl. duff on his own is pretty good tho
  12. TSI is a gnr record. It was conceived as a project as far back as far back as 89 and Izzy was on half the demos.
  13. First Snakepit did well commercially.
  14. That is a good point. GN'R from 1985-1992, from 1992 through 1996, and then from 1996-2014 were all distinct entities. So another question emerges: What do we call the GN'R which existed legally from 1992 to 1996 - the one in which Axl, Slash, and Duff were the only legal members of the band while the rest were contracted employees? It is my understanding that prior to Izzy quitting, all members of GN'R were legal members and partners and after he left, they drew up the infamous contract which restructured the band as a legal entity. Axl chose in 1996 to leave this legal partnership and found another one with the same name. We know GN'R and nuGNR are two very different things, but what about the '92 to '96 iterations?
  15. I really don't think MJ diddled kids. His relationships/friendships with them were highly inappropriate for a grown man to have, but I honestly don't think he fucked or touched them. Of course, we'll never know the truth. What is scary is that in today's society, an accusation, in the public mind, is the same essentially as guilt. We're regressing to a Salem-esque mob mentality where guilt is not determined by a court of law, but what the masses have either chosen to believe, or have been led to.
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    GNFNRs Film Thread

    Movies watched lately: Aquaman Glass (meh) Star Trek 4 The Terminator The Mummy (1999)
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    The Next Game Sign Up Thread

    I'm in
  18. I think that's something that can only be said with hindsight though. Certainly the guys thought at the time there'd be more albums. As far as the shitwhispering, that kinda thing - samples and such - was common in the early 90s. Even Metallica did on Enter Sandman with the spoken word overdub by James and on a lot of the hip hop records of the time. I mean we do not have the full Mates Rehearsal, but Garden of Eden, Don't Damn Me, Dust N' Bones all sound pretty much the same in '89 as in '91. The song that underwent the biggest change was Yesterdays, from acoustic country song to the final version.
  19. Eh I see both sides of that. It's kinda the same situation as The Beatles' White Album was where you had Axl songs, Slash songs, and Izzy songs, and two Duff songs with the other guys playing on them. BUT most of the UYI material was instrumentally written in 1989 by Slash, Duff and Izzy with the intention of that being the next GN'R record,. Outside of My World it's not like you have tracks where there's only one member playing. Whereas like, on the White Album, you have multiple songs where John or Paul are the only Beatles on the track. Like, Blackbird only has Paul; Revolution #9 only has John, etc.
  20. Here is where it gets interesting though, to play Devil's advocate, let's say Slash for whatever reason had stayed, and everyone but him and Axl were gone - would it be a GN'R album then? It's just for example - Black Sabbath went through an almost ten year period where Tony Iommi was the only original member, and these lineups put out several albums. I've never had much issue considering them Sabbath records, even though no one else from the original/classic lineup besides Iommi was there.
  21. Probably my favorite cover of a Stones song. Axl plays piano on this besides singing.
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    Anyone miss the Ashba era?

    Wanna help make it reach three?
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    Star Wars

    IMO it's been diminishing returns as far as Star Wars is concerned ever since Jedi, which pretty much rehashed the original movie.