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  1. You could still shit on Axl in this theoretical music forum. I personally hope Axl genuinely dies so what's left of the Vault can open and I wish the guy would otherwise just go away and I actually pretty much hate GN'R and think I wasted way too many years being a fan.
  2. I think it's obvious most here, outside of when something leaks, aren't really happy with or fond of GN'R anymore. GN'R has become pretty old and stale if you consider it. What is there really to talk about? The newest tour? Fat Axl memery? "New" songs which are only leaks of 20 year old demos? Duff's Tenderness? This is a forum dedicated to a band whose heyday was almost 30 years ago. Whose last period of really intense or original activity was nearly 30 years ago. A band which is considered really only a few steps above Motley Crue in popular memory - they had some great songs but most of the public considers them the last gasp of Hair Metal. A band who has been little more than depressing to follow for the better part of a quarter of a century. Why not slowly transform this forum into a mainstream music/pop culture sort of forum - sort of along the lines of the SteveHoffman forum, but less self seriousness?
  3. Brian Jones also was really inspirational in rockstar fashion: Kurt Cobain would become famous for wearing a modernized set of very similar shades in the 90s He was recognized as one of the leading style icons in rock during his lifetime. He was also a close friend of Jimi Hendrix and plays on "All Along the Watchtower" and was heavily admired by Jim Morrison, who wrote a poem on the day of his death memorializing him
  4. 1. Keith (Keith wrote the majority of their best song's lyrics and melodies on his own) 2. Mick 3. Brian (in terms of overall musical contribution, plus getting the band off the ground, naming it, etc, played also on 12 albums more than any other second guitarist) 5. Nicky Hopkins (co-wrote a lot of songs without being credited and was basically the unofficial 6th member) 6. Mick Taylor (mainly for guitar solos live - he doesn't contribute all that much on the studio albums; he co-wrote a few ballads and went uncredited) 7. Ian Stewart 8. Bill Wyman 9. Charlie Watts 10. Ronnie Wood GNR 1. Izzy 2. Slash 3. Axl 4. Duff 5. Steven 6. Matt 7. Dizzy
  5. original release cover intended cover Considered the Stones' "return to roots" record, recorded between the spring and early summer of 1968, but not released until December 1968 due to fighting with the record label over the album cover, Beggar's Banquet was released during a tumultous time in the band's history. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Brian Jones had all been arrested the year prior on drug charges and all narrowly avoided prison; Brian would be arrested again in May during the recording sessions for the album. The album was the first to feature Jimmy Miller as the producer; he would go on to produce all Stones records until 1973's Goat's Head Soup. The album was the last full release to feature band founder Brian Jones (he would play on only two songs on Let it Bleed), and he features on 8 out of 10 songs here. The period in which the album was produced was a weird time for the band. They had been off the road for a year and a half, and in that time division had sprung up in the group: Keith Richards stole Brian Jones' girlfriend Anita Pallenberg, who then went on to star with Mick Jagger in Performance in the Autumn of 1968. By the time of the record's release, all three members were not on speaking terms and Mick Jagger was considering a solo career. During this time Keith Richards began using heroin, which would soon become a habit he would be unable to break, becoming increasingly addicted to it throughout the next decade. All in all, despite these problems, it's considered a masterpiece. The album was not supported with a tour, but with a filmed TV performance in December 1968 meant to be shown on the BBC, entitled The Rolling Stones' Rock N' Roll Circus with various artists. Due to Jagger being unhappy with the Stones' performance, it was not released publicly until 1996. Album and associated singles: 1. "Sympathy for the Devil" 2. "No Expectations" 3. "Dear Doctor" 4. "Parachute Woman" 5. "Jigsaw Puzzle" Side two 1. "Street Fighting Man" 2. "Prodigal Son" 3. "Stray Cat Blues" 4. "Factory Girl" 5. "Salt of the Earth" Singles: Jumpin' Jack Flash Child of the Moon Lineup: The Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger - vocals, harmonica on Parachute Woman, maracas on Street Fightin' Man and Stray Cat Blues. Keith Richards - backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, lead guitar on Jumpin' Jack Flash, acoustic rhythm guitar on No Expectations, slide guitar on Jig-Saw Puzzle, bass guitar on Jumpin' Jack Flash, Sympathy for the Devil, Street Fightin' Man and Stray Cat Blues, opening lead vocals on Salt of the Earth Brian Jones - Lead Slide Guitar on No Expectations, rhythm guitar on Jumpin' Jack Flash, Mellotron on Jig-Saw Puzzle and Stray Cat Blues, acoustic rhythm guitar on Parachute Woman, harmonica on Parachute Woman, Dear Doctor, and Prodigal Son, sitar and tanpura on Street Fightin' Man, backing vocals and low acoustic guitar on Sympathy for the Devil, soprano saxophone on Child of the Moon Bill Wyman - bass guitar, double bass on Dear Doctor, maracas and backing vocals on Sympathy for the Devil, organ on Jumpin' Jack Flash Charlie Watts - drums on all tracks, claves on No Expectations, tambourine on Dear Doctor, tabla on Factory Girl Additional Musicians: Nicky Hopkins - piano (No Expectations, Sympathy for the Devil, Dear Doctor, Jig-Saw Puzzle, Street Fightin' Man, Stray Cat Blues and Salt of the Earth), Mellotron (Factory Girl) Rocky Dzidzornu – congas ("Sympathy for the Devil", "Stray Cat Blues", "Factory Girl") Ric Grech – fiddle ("Factory Girl") Dave Mason – shehnai ("Street Fighting Man") Jimmy Miller – backing vocals ("Jumpin' Jack Flash" "Sympathy for the Devil") Watts Street Gospel Choir – backing vocals ("Salt of the Earth") Anita Pallenberg, Marianne Faithfull – backing vocals ("Sympathy for the Devil") Thoughts on this record?
  6. Probably LA where he got his wigs in 2001
  7. It’s 99. In the 00 interview (conducted probably in late 99) he was described as having mid length Prince Valiant hair much like the pic with Critter, and he didn’t even meet critter until early 99. The pix are from his annual Halloween Party. Also in early pic from 1995 he is wearing a wedding ring. Not the case in the 99 pix. Also has a fatter or more botoxed face in 99 consistent with how he looks in 00 as opposed to 95 where he’s much slimmer and all natural.
  8. The pic I posted is from 1999 because in one of the other photos from the same day, the guy who posted the picture, and who is in it, identified the middle guy as Critter, the record producer. Axl only began working with him in 1999: this is 1995. July or August. Santa Monica guitar show. You can tell he looks slimmer in the face, like the UYI era Axl but with shorter hair:
  9. I voted for Trump only because his name wasn't Hillary Clinton. I don't worship him. I think he's a fuckin idiot but at least he's not one of the current Democrats.
  10. I'm just curious cause the term is thrown around a lot here and elsewhere. It's more just curiosity. I personally don't care.
  11. Who do I worship, who's my favorite? I don't worship anyone. I think certain of them are interesting. Really the only two Presidents I like are JFK, Jerry Ford, and Reagan. Worship no one, though.
  12. During a campaign event in Texas, Joe Biden told a 10-year-old girl that "I’ll bet you’re as bright as you're good-looking" before taking her by the hand to present her to the press and standing behind her with his hands on her shoulders. [...] He then turned to the girl and said: "I'll tell you what, honey. What I'm going to do, if you give me an address, I'm going to write you a longer answer and tell you the exact things I would do, OK? OK? Promise? I’ll bet you’re as bright as you're good-looking. I'll tell you, I'll tell you what. What's your favorite subject?" When her teacher said "journalism," he joked: "Oh! Whoa! I'd better me more circumspect in my answers." Taking the girl by the hand, he took her to the back of the hall and indicated the reporters: "Washington Post, New York Times, all those guys. You go back." He stood behind the girl, keeping his hands on her shoulders as he spoke: "By the way, that's one of the things that's dangerous. They'll tell you, I'm not always their favorite subject but the truth of the matter is the reason we are who we is called a free press, continue to denigrate..." After Biden returned to the front, the announcer told the girl: "You're going to get an internship from the Washington Post, the New York Times, MSNBC." Biden interjected, "If that doesn't work, come work for me." http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/joe-biden-tells-10-year-old-girl-ill-bet-youre-as-bright-as-you-are-good-looking
  13. Legit curious cause the term kinda elludes me, I mean I know for one it's the faggy political correctness and a low T count, but, I'm talkin physically, they say there's a soyboy look, without shitposting or being cunts about it, I'm genuinely curious - what is it? And also I know the theory is that it comes from plastic like in plastic water bottles and also perhaps baby formula used in Millenial's baby food, but if that's the case why aren't ALL Millenial men soyboys?
  14. Dickie Moltisanti beats up Joey Diaz Johnny Boy and Livia Soprano (Vera Farmiga), Tony's parents
  15. What do you think of the theory that your namesake pulled a Littlefinger and used his ability to see the future to mastermind all this and ascend to the throne? Bran -Tells Jon about his parentage, knowing Jon is honorabe and will tell Sansa and Arya -He knows telling Sansa will result in wanting Jon on the Throne since she dislikes her -As such, he knows Jon telling Sansa will mean she tells other people who will in turn tell other people, resulting both in the news travelling and Dany feeling betrayed -Given he can see the future, he also knows Dany will burn KL, resulting in her needing to die/people turning against her and does nothing to stop or avert this -In turn, he knows given how close Jon and Dany are that Jon will be the one to kill her, making him also ineligible for the Throne and "he doesn wan it", knocking two contenders off the board. -With no other strong candidates, and with Bran as the closest male relative to Jon who was heir to the throne, he also knows he could be the likeliest candidate for it -Implies very strongly at the end that he knew all along what would happen, saying "Why do you think I'm here?" in Kings Landing IE he knew he was coming there to be named King -Acts like a vegetable for 2 seasons and suddenly comes back to life at the end and even smiles and is interactive after being named King It's almost as if he took from Little Finger's playbook, sat on the sidelines as the most unlikely person imaginable to do anything, let all of his rivals do the dirty work of finishing each other off for him, clearing a path for him to become King, even if that means 1 million people need to die to get there.
  16. They did kinda show them in a bad light in the penultimate episode, raping, murdering and pillaging an entire city.
  17. I would say Bobby B also had his shit together, enough so that the Kingdom functioned in spite of his whoring and drinking. He also reckonized Dany was a threat and wanted her dead in Season 1, which frankly could've avoided all of this. Dany's only real contribution in Westeros were having the Unsullied and Dothraki there for the Battle of Winterfell. I imagine if Bobby B had lived and remained on the Throne, a united seven kingdoms could've dealt with the Walkers alone. I would also say Davos had his shit together and of the remaining old guard should've been King. Either him or the Hound, who I wish didn't have to die.
  18. I'm passed all that stupid shit. I spent a long time mentally remaining 16. Only hairline I even give a shit about now is mine. I had shoulder length hair last year, cut it very short. I got rid of most of my t-shirts and dress in polos and slacks nowadays with a leather jacket I've had since I was 16 or 17 years old, a leather blazer. I don't wear jeans anymore. The last few months I've really recovered myself as I was always supposed to be.
  19. My great grandpa was a made guy who was highly respected in the neighborhood. He did 5 years in Sing Sing prison on an arson bid while keeping silent. Was personal friends of Meyer Lansky. Owned a race track. We still have a bronze statue he had made of a prize horse he treasured. I'll put a pic up if anyone is interested, it's a gorgeous horse. He died at 40 years old. Used to have my grandpa help him fix varsity track and football games, my grandpa would tell him tips on which players had a bum leg, which guy was slower, etc. My grandpa could easily have followed in his footsteps but he watched how his mother struggled while his dad was in jail, when the whole thing was that these guys are supposed to help each other out; after that his attitude was 'fuck them.'
  20. He kept a lion in his basement to scare debtors, and he and his brothers Larry and Albert took on their Boss in a civil war and it's believed that Joey was one of the shooters of Albert Anastasia (Boss of the Gambinos before Carlo Gambino - Carlo masterminded the hit as Underboss and then assigned 4 shooters) and that he also had Joe Colombo shot on Carlo Gambino's orders. His brother Albert is still alive and active in LCN. Larry was killed not long after Joey was if I remember right. Joey, like Tony Soprano, was shot to death in a restaurant by surprise while out with his loved ones (on his birthday, actually) in retaliation for the hit on Colombo.
  21. I enjoyed it cause I could relate to all the characters. When I watch the show it's like going to a family reunion. Both the way the guys are, how they talk, how they carry themselves, and the dysfunction in Tony's family (his mom, I mean), this is what I grew up with. When I watch it, it's like going back to when I was a kid, seeing my uncles and my grandpa and whatnot. I come from a family that kisses on the cheeks when greeting and my grandparents had plastic on the furniture as late as the 90s. Parties were full of Frank, Dean, and Doo Wop. So for me, The Sopranos is the closest thing to seeing "my people" on screen that I can get. My grandpa's voice and accent sounded exactly like John Gotti. My dad and I say "rad-e-ator" like Phil Leotardo does. We say "youse." These are my kinda people.
  22. Looks can be deceiving. Look at a (distant) cousin of mine, Joe "Crazy Joe" Gallo. Pretty boy, yet one of the more vicious Mafiosos in the 60s and 70s who kept a lion in his basement and took on a Boss Looked like a fucking member of a boy band.
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