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  1. Axl being Axl and Steven’s heroin killed 89 for GNR. 88 was their break out year and they probably could’ve pushed sales of AFD even further if they’d toured extensively in 1989 and put out at least one new song as a single. Civil War was pretty much ready to go. It could’ve kept the momentum going even stronger in 89.
  2. If released in 90, I think UYI would’ve sold twice as much. Not many major releases to compete with that year. It would’ve filled a void. Being released in Fall 91 when Nevermind, the Black Album, Ten and a bunch of other amazing rock records all came out within a month or two of each other I’m sure massively ate at UYIs sales. If released in 90, still the hair metal era, UYI could’ve done numbers close to AFD.
  3. Slash in a 1995 interview claims Guns was asked but that they declined because they didn’t fit the scene of Woodstock. Slash appeared with Paul Rodgers at Woodstock 1994. They also were invited to play at an Elvis tribute concert in early 94 but declined also because they “couldn’t think of a song to play.” A lot of this may have stemmed from Axl being a recluse in this period or the rhythm guitar player question but if Slash claimed GNR were asked to play I don’t see any reason to doubt him. also, I made one post about an alt track list in response to other
  4. Most of the covers should’ve been B-Sides. Throw in JJF as a b-side as well. Dead Horse should’ve been a B-Side The Garden belonged as a B-Side So Fine should’ve been a B-side My World another B-side cut out Civil War, reissue a YCBM/KOHD Double A single in the weeks leading up to the album release to build more hype Release the cover album as an EP during the 93 portion of the tour and play it live. Would make the set list fresher and the band even more lively. You Could Be Mine belonged on UYI I
  5. Is Bucket on any of the locker leaks? Or are all the guitars just Robin and Tobias (with Brian May as a guest on a couple)?
  6. Why do no recorded versions of Silkworms seem to have the whole "What can I do/with a bitch like you" bit?
  7. Been at work, missed out. Axl looks terrible. New hairstyle looks like an obvious wig, his face looks weird, and I’ve never seen him so far. I haven’t heard any of the songs, Will when I get home. He looks utterly terrible. To be fair, it makes me feel better about my own weight gain. I may be chubby, but Axl is still twice the size of me. I’m 5’10” and weigh around 200 now. I was 129 two years ago. Axl must be around 250-260
  8. Miser

    Eye On You

    You think you're bad, but Axl's the mac daddy.
  9. I think the thing that would turn most fans off about these new songs is the vocals, ironically. Songs like Perhaps, the Mac Daddy song, State of Grace, it's Axl who is the weak link. The problem with the actual CD album is there is no hook or catchyness to any of the songs. These leaks, whatever you think, do have a catchiness to them but they also have bad vocals and subpar lyrics from Axl above pretty cool instrumentals. These songs if released in 2000 or 2001 would've been received very well. If Limp Bizkit was at their height in 2001, these songs would've been received very very well at
  10. You could still shit on Axl in this theoretical music forum. I personally hope Axl genuinely dies so what's left of the Vault can open and I wish the guy would otherwise just go away and I actually pretty much hate GN'R and think I wasted way too many years being a fan.
  11. I think it's obvious most here, outside of when something leaks, aren't really happy with or fond of GN'R anymore. GN'R has become pretty old and stale if you consider it. What is there really to talk about? The newest tour? Fat Axl memery? "New" songs which are only leaks of 20 year old demos? Duff's Tenderness? This is a forum dedicated to a band whose heyday was almost 30 years ago. Whose last period of really intense or original activity was nearly 30 years ago. A band which is considered really only a few steps above Motley Crue in popular memory - they had some great songs but most of th
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