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  1. January 1994 February 1994: May 1994: 1994 March 1994 October 1994 February 6th 1995 March 11th, 1995 mid 1995 July/August 1995 December 1995 1996 or 1997: 1997 or 1998: February 11th, 1998: July 2nd 1998 October 1999: June 2000 December 2000:
  2. He also proudly thought at the time that Axl would be calling back any day, given Axl's habit of firing and rehiring people every two minutes.
  3. I have a raw, extended demo of Pretty Tied Up if you're curious. It's about a minute longer than the studio cut, only one overdub, Izzy's sitar is high in the mix and present throughout the whole song, Dizzy's piano is mixed very low so as to kinda only be a shadow instrument, and it features a slightly different vocal take in spots.
  4. How did he seem? I mean did you get the chance to actually talk, I feel briefly or did he just sign? I always thought Matt came off smug is why I asked. Smug but also sychophantic. Kinda like that Josh Richman guy from the UYI vids.
  5. Different mix though. Guitars are mixed more raw, Dizzy is lower in the mix, Axl's voice is mixed a little more clearly, and the drums have much less reverb.
  6. Which do you prefer - Version from Days of Thunder or the album cut? Days of Thunder version from July 1990.
  7. That wasn't being instrospective and deep, that was just an observation. I'm making a case for it cause I genuinely enjoy both movies. And I never said I "know things plebians don't" nor am I a hipster. I'm just a guy who likes both Wayne's World movies. I don't really have many layers.....And neither do you.
  8. This song is Axl's reply when people ask if there'll ever be new music.
  9. Gotta disagree with you there - I think the 'warts' of a song's period really give it a certain charm that places it within its time period and make it unique; I actually agree with AxlisOld for once. Since you referenced Guns, take Rocket Queen. The whole intro of the song is, from a production standpoint, very dated (the reverb on the drums, the phased effect on the guitars) yet take that away and you lose something magical.
  10. I'm sorry that you had to go through that first of all, and I do appreciate the nature of your subjective enjoyment of the album. For me, when I was 16, and experiencing my own first heartbreak, the week my first girlfriend dumped me back in February 2006 was actually the week that TWAT leaked for the very first time and that song hit home so badly. So I get what you're saying with Spiral in that regard. I'm only really recently getting into NiN but I would say that the synths on Pretty Hate Machine have held up. I know you don't listen, by your own admission to a lot of modern music but a lot of pop has a lot of the same synth tones that were popular in the 80s and early 90s (there's actually in pop a huge influence of late 80s sounds in general). I was listening to Sin from PHM earlier and was amazed at how current it actually sounds.
  11. I would argue that while 2 was basically a remake of 1, it did some things better than the original. Yeah, it wasn't as well received, but the year gap between the two films (Dec 1992 vs. Dec 1993) was also a time where there was massive pop cultural change to the extent that by the 2 came out, the culture displayed within was suddenly obsolete and itself had become a joke - perhaps that had to do with the reception.
  12. Yeah but he seems to have thought that the Feds kinda created the whole East/West feud as well to get them to kill each other off.
  13. Watched Pulp Fiction for the first time in a while. Watched the old Nick Bloomfield Biggie & Tupac doc a bit before...interesting stuff.
  14. Listen to Pretty Hate Machine IMO one of the best records of the 80s.
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