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  1. Brian

    How did Axl blow it with AC/DC?

    Axl's natural singing voice (I mean non-rasp) is and was very limited though. Mick isn't the best singer ever, but his voice just fits. Axl's bland Indiana accent on a Stones song? Pass. He only worked on the punk version of JJF in '86 and the Stones would never sound like that.
  2. Brian

    How did Axl blow it with AC/DC?

    Fuck that. The Stones are and were too good for Axl even in his prime.
  3. Brian

    Slash Speaks!

    GNF'NR, the most bitter, hateful, nasty people this side of the trailer park
  4. Brian

    Axl/DC ACTUALLY confirmed

    You need to have a balding mullet, a greasy wifebeater shirt and beer gut, and live in a mobile home to truly appreciate AC/DC
  5. Brian

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    That's because in government shutdowns services deemed "nonessential" like Natl Park running, etc, are shut down. Things like SS or other things like the military are deemed essential services and kept running. The government has never fully "shut down" in any meaningful sense of the word, as in, ceased to exist. Just nonvital portions that do not really effect daily life.
  6. Del is a company man. I imagine his sentiments are shared by Beta/Fernando.
  7. Del just told the fans to go fuck themselves, basically:
  8. Three proshot shows leaked (87 Ritz, A really awesome 93 show and HOB 01/01/2001) in May. Not long after, studio versions of 2001 SOD, 2001 Maddy, new Silkworms, new OMG, remixed TIL, remixed ITW and a shitty cellphone recording of The General all leaked within a short time. In response, a small group of nugnr/Axl cultists went about getting nearly EVERYTHING GN'R (including dozens of GN'R fan channels, rare content, videos of 80s and 90s shows, etc) nuked off youtube and in the last week they targeted this forum and mygnr for "copyright infringement" and briefly got this site nuked from the web. The ringleader is a nut who hates Slash, wants to wreck the reunion so Ashba can be back in the band, and this person has also stalked Perla.
  9. Brian

    Lets praise the justice

    It isn't. Gunner bragged about doing it publicly in the past: "I sued a magazine for saying that my Alex was late for a show. The Mr. judge said it didnt matter because the magazine removed the article when they realised they were wrong."
  10. Brian

    Oi!! Cunts!!

    Extenuating circumstances
  11. Brian

    Oi!! Cunts!!

    You don't negotiate with terrorists
  12. Brian

    Oi!! Cunts!!

    No, I don't. Was a joke, like a self effacing joke. "Ughhh I'm miser the big bad psycho roar" joke. This situation is very disheartening and to be honest I've never seen a band so against its own fans. We don't have to like each other but right now we're both in the same boat. I like YouTube, free speech and bootlegs as much as anyone here
  13. Brian

    Oi!! Cunts!!

    You're either on their side or ours. Right now the community is being fucked in the ass by a small group of people. We have to work together and let bygones be bygones.