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  1. I am really sorry to hear about your friend, I would say he is in a better place now.
  2. I don't think Susan cares.
  3. Yeah it was in New York in 2006
  4. He was not so smart when he married Perla Frank Ferrer, well Karma is biting him in the ass now.
  5. @jeffisbell you did the right thing man. Alex Ross, Doof and Slosh are made for each other, they give zero fucks about friendships whether its with Izzy, Matt, Steven and Marc Canter. Even Steven's solo band sounds 100 times better than the shit show these jerks put out. All of this was a really great read, so much better than Slash's book.
  6. I stared at him, at a loss for what to say. After a while, I said, “One good thing about all this is that Izzy and I started hanging out again.” As the words left my mouth, Duff got a dark look in his eye. “Fuck Izzy!” he snapped. I knew his reaction was because of Izzy turning them down, so I calmly said, “Well . . . Izzy says fuck you too.” Duff didn’t reply. Instead, he just poked at his food—he didn’t really seem hungry—and then checked his watch and said, “I’ve gotta go.” “Where?” I asked. “Rehearsal.” “Rehearsal? Didn’t you guys just get off a three-month tour? Why are you rehearsing?” “Because we don’t have you on drums,” Duff said. We got up. As we were leaving the restaurant, two guys came over to us, wanting to take photos. Duff froze and explained that it wasn’t the right moment. I immediately knew why: he was afraid Axl would find out he had been to see me. Out on the street, Duff awkwardly tried to hug me again, then he walked over to his car and drove away. In that moment, he felt like a complete stranger to me, like someone I didn’t know at all. But maybe I was the one who had changed, and he was the same as ever? What I do know for sure is that our friendship wasn’t the only thing that had ended—our twenty-eight-year musical partnership was over too. I wouldn’t be able to call him or Slash and ask if they wanted to play with me.
  7. I continued to call Duff, but he was constantly evading me, and I realized he wasn’t telling the truth. “Duff, what’s going on?” I said. “Well, Axl wants to use his drummer,” he said. “But the guy can’t even play the drums. I’ve gotta talk to Axl and say I really can’t play with this guy.” “Wait! Back up!” I said. “What do you mean you don’t think he’s very good? And you can’t fucking tell Axl? That would be the first thing I’d say if I was the bass player and you were the drummer. Why do you think I asked you to play in the Vampires? Because you’re my favorite bass player.” “Come on, man.” “No. . . . Go to Axl and tell him you want me on drums. Period. Now’s the time.” “Oh, man,” Duff said, his voice kind of shrinking. “I already signed the deal.” “What deal?” But he didn’t want to say any more.
  8. This is the best GNR book lol
  9. That also happened to be where I discovered who Dizzy, Axl’s friend who played keyboards, really was. On one of those two nights, when I got back to the hotel, I heard loud noises coming from down the hallway. I quickly realized it was coming from Dizzy’s room, and when I opened the door my eyes widened. I saw ten or so girls and a grinning Dizzy in the middle. Fuck, I thought, This guy’s a party animal! Diswald living the rock n' roll life!
  10. Yeah Charlie, I expected this answer from you.
  11. 2 weeks ago I was going crazy cause of a bunch of idiots doing idiotic things in Samara during the lockdown, but well this is some next level shit, I am not even letting this affect me now, really fuck these assholes.
  12. Thanks to Canada, I came to know what weed smells like.
  13. Thats sad, I thought in these 3 years they would have reconciled, Can't Slash get in between and sort things out between them. Axl and Marc were great friends even when Axl was not talking to Slash.
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