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  1. Now I am feeling hungry
  2. So if I open a bakery named Rose Bakery then I would have to take this fat shit's permission?
  3. You really need to take your meds on your time
  4. Izzy you need to take your meds on time.
  5. @creed Thanks for sharing, I din't know that about Toxic. I knew about Love the way you lie.
  6. Kkkkkkkk rsrsrsrsrsrsrs huehuehueheue
  7. Thats true, if you don't have money, you won't get the "approval" of her parents. What should I say, there is too much stress, I am just hoping for the best.
  8. It's really hard to get a job, before I used to be worried about other things, but at least we had a source of income, I never bought new clothes or any luxury stuff, I used to save money and travel, I love travelling and have been to 36 countries. I am from India and don't judge me, I am not one of those who ask send me Bobs or Vagene pics. Sadly many people start to judge me as I am from a specific country, but I am sure people on here are not one of them. The lockdown is extremely strict here, thousands and thousands have lost their job, so getting any job at the moment is extremely difficult, I would love to move to another country, but again they would want some degree plus the Visa procedures are extremely complicated, even to get a tourist visa to other countries I had to put 100 documents. I do want to move away from my family, they are a bunch of assholes and are so negative, we live in a big house but there are fights even over something like Eggs. I have stopped talking to 90% of them and it has been for the good.
  9. @EstrangedTWAT your life in a way is inspiring that you din't lose hope. I am 27, going to be 28 in like 2 months. My mom spent all her savings on my studies and I could not even complete it, I live with my mom and my grandparents, I joined the family business but due to some assholes I was kicked out, my mom had one source of income even that is gone, what my mom had even that the other family members basically stole it. With no degree it is like extremely hard to get a job where I am, my girl also left me. So life is shit, but I am hoping for the best and I hope things get good for you too!
  10. Just out of curiosity, when and why you moved to Japan?
  11. Thank you for the wishes everyone.
  12. @John Bonham how can you die again when you are already back from the dead?
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