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  1. At the moment we have no source of income, we are basically living on our savings, my grandfather was a rich man, he opened different businesses for all his children, so the business which was given to my mom, I was handling it and that was our only source of income. The business which my mom's brother had, he started to do illegal things and went to jail, he came back from jail 3 years ago and my mom handed her own business to him cause he is the SON of the family and he is some sort of God and how he went through harsh times, well it's his fault he started to do illegal things an
  2. Yes thats why since the past 6 months I have stopped saying anything to her and I have stopped standing up for her cause she is a an adult, but now she is basically taking out their anger on me, it's really a messed up situation.
  3. Yeah she has a brother and a few sisters, all of them just fleece money out of her. By work I mean every work they could get out of her, they tell her to get groceries for them and don't even pay her, she cooks food for them, their children who are younger than me humiliate her. Every 6 months my grandmom breaks her foot or hand or her back and she gets bed ridden, so my mom does all the work for her and still my grandmom insults her. I haven't talked to my grandmom since 2 years now. If they have a small party/order food from outside they don't give her a
  4. I am feeling really bad at the moment, plus I have no friends to vent out to so I am going to say here. My mom keeps on taking shit from her siblings and her own mother, they treat her like shit and she keeps on doing things for them. Before I always stood up for her, I always spoke up against them and fought with them, I told my mom to stop doing things for them and stop talking to them, but she din't, it really started to affect me mentally so I basically cut all ties for good with the rest of them. My mom still talks to them, but I did not let it affec
  5. If me and @wheresizzy were a part of the album then we could have helped but that Fat Axl was interested in bringing in clowns.
  6. At least you have a good taste in music otherwise usually the kids now days like shit like Justin Beaver and One Erection and their idols are Kylie Jenner.
  7. If you can afford a little more then I would advise you to ask the drugs which @wasted has, but well on the other hand I go like why waste so much money when both of their drugs will just fry up your brain.
  8. The cartoons were better back in the day, now it's all crap.
  9. Chicken Fried Rice Chicken Hakka Noodles Kung Pao Chicken Schezwan Chicken Golden Fried Prawns Chicken Spring Roll Thai Green Curry with Rice Sweet Corn Chicken Soup Sa Po Chicken Chicken in Black Bean Sauce
  10. @wasted I remember this pic of yours with Johnny Depp
  11. Charlie Sheen is always here. 

  12. Life can be hard, look at @wasted he was kicked out from his own show, then he got blacklisted, he had a pretty bad divorce and could not pay child support, he got HIV too, now he is hiding and impersonating as Vince Vaughn. All the old people know that he is Charlie Sheen, now all he does is shit posts on here and charges $300 for making personalised videos. He even got banned from the Plaza hotel in NYC cause he got naked and went crazy, he destroyed things worth $20,000.
  13. You don't need any vaccine, if you could survive after what happened to you in 1980 then well this Corona is nothing.
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