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  1. «when your most popular song is blowing your face off with a shotgun in the key of d minor, you know your teen angst really came from the soul» 😂 jesus! 😂
  2. Everyone needs to watch that. [/ He looks so proud when he lands. As he should!
  3. This. I imagine it went down where, outside of the staples, Axl and Slash both got to pick some songs that they wanted to play. Axl used his on CD songs and Slash used his on classic deep cuts.[/Why do you think Slash got to pick any songs? And why do you think Axl would let the new guitarist, Slash, pick any songs to play, yo?
  4. I would go watch GNR regardless who Axl brings with him. But Slash and Duff would make me extra excited!
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