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  1. Has the industry changed that much since the last Miles and Slash album? Hint to Slash - copy that process
  2. That there’s only been one album of original materiAl since this - yet they are so well known still
  3. Same here....take Chinese Democracy for example. Heavy bass on the leak and it sounds way better than the studio version
  4. True. Soul Monster is legit that the lack of base doesn’t actually affect the song.
  5. Awesome bass in Appetite and Illusions....Awesome base on the Chinese leaks....why no base on the final CD? The album is sorely missing it and that was signature GnR sound.
  6. People paid $1000 bucks for old bootlegs and trinkets....someone is wearing these sweaters with pride. Oy!
  7. Never thought I’d hear cowbell like this...maybe frank is good?
  8. I go back and forth with state of Grace, hard school and perhaps sometimes. Never really do atlas. That’s it....could care less about the instrumentals
  9. Have to agree here....whether you like them or not, Nirvana is as legit as GNR.
  10. State of Grace is really growing on me too...if I’m ranking the good peaks, I’d go... 1) Hard School 2) SOG 3) Perhaps 4) Atlas
  11. Good combo of rasp and non rasp
  12. Yeah I like to skip the first 30 secs and start from when the drums stArt kicking in
  13. I’ve been listening to Hard School a lot lately.....great song
  14. Didn’t think it was bad but always thought it was an overrated song. I’m pulling for Pretty Tied Up
  15. That watch is hideous....looks like a toy watch from a gum ball machine or cereal box
  16. I honestly think (and maybe only because it’s new), locomotive is the best sounding song in the set. A couple of Mickey s in there but considering how good the band sounds, I can live with it.....
  17. I think he’s doing a good job with locomotive....I’m actually slightly impressed
  18. I was pleasantly surprised with Locomotive. He sang it better than any iteration of Coma since ‘16
  19. Here’s what I do know....sometimes I’m shocked at myself that I allow myself to follow this band 25 years post their hey day. Outside of touring, they have done nothing. What’s the mystique? Axl, slash, the unknown of 94-to reunion? Thoughts?
  20. Better question....which songs will be played in the first 7 tonight? 1-it’s so easy 2-welcome 3-brownstone 4-cd 5-estranged 6-DTJ 7-all of the above
  21. Atlas is better than.....shacklers, the blues, catcher, if the world, Rhiad, and scraped....actually, the songs better than Atlas are Better and Twat....I could be debated on the rest of the album.
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