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  1. Could they get away with making the rolling credits say something like....”2 years before the events of the last Jedi”?
  2. Too lazy to ready the prior pages to see the if I posted on this 3 Yrs ago....regardless, song blows
  3. Hmmm. Good question....I think I am going last 2:30 of coma
  4. Next GnR album!? Hahahahaha. That one never gets old.
  5. Trin9498

    Star Wars

    Force Awakens was a great return to the franchise....why did Last Jedi suck so so so bad....like Axl singing YCBM bad?
  6. Great show....like the part of the tour. They sound great. I like the big illusion tapestries. Watching this make NITLT tour tough to watch...gives me a new appreciation of You ain’t the first.
  7. I always liked this one too
  8. I guess I can see Shackers as experimental...locomotive too but it’s hard to compare a song that’s 3 minutes to one that’s 8 or so....locomotive is beefier. Catcher is IMO the most overrated song on CD. I like the ending but that’s about it. Good discussion though.
  9. I don’t get any of these comparisons.....Shackler to Locomotive? CITR to Estranged?
  10. 2019 and people are still hoping for a new album? Isn’t that the definition of insanity?
  11. Did Axl write this somewhere? I’d say yes with the use of n’s but who knows.
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