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  1. Went back and watched this....he couldn’t even screech it well in that version
  2. He totally ruined it....this is one thing he could actually still pull off too meaning it would prob sound better than it does with the screaming
  3. Take Mickey out of the equation but when did Axl ruin the best part of November Rain? Why did he start screaming the end of the song when it was originally low voice? It ruins the feel of that part of the song.
  4. They should drum up duffs base. Paradise city was on the radio yesterday. Appetite had such good base lines....Chinese democracy and every live show since has the base non-existent. Shit heads
  5. I can remember telling friends about CD coming out when it was first announced. No one believed it...hard to believe that was 13 years ago - crazy how this band is still popular purely based on things that happened 30 yrs ago.
  6. I doubt Twat is the best song on the album with a Better in a distant 2nd
  7. Just stumbled onto Saskatoon again....need that cleaned up and released on bluray. Soooo good.
  8. At this pOint I think a no holds barred interview with Axl would be 1000x more interesting than a new album.
  9. Made me piss myself lol...sounds like the perv from family guy
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