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  1. They will cut and paste a ton of shit together and say it’s a setlist change
  2. Is a single or album done? Did she sell Axl his house lol?
  3. They’re not a band....they are a gimmick. There won’t be a new album.
  4. I don’t like talking about people’s appearances, even Axl’s, but I just finished tiger King and that red headed guy that helped get joe exotic arrested really reminded me of Axl rose
  5. Pretty tied up should be doable. Just has to talk the lyrics....
  6. I’m a sucker. Said I wouldn’t....but pit tickets popped up for Fenway during presale and I grabbed them
  7. Gnr just announced Fenway Park In July. I think I’m going to pass on this one...
  8. I’ve been looking for Your Crazy. Thanks for sharing. Is it good? No....they managed to make the slow version sound too fast. Not fast version fast, but too fast nonetheless. Dicks....
  9. The illusions had the best artwork yet they ignore it on their merchandise site....why?
  10. Has the industry changed that much since the last Miles and Slash album? Hint to Slash - copy that process
  11. That there’s only been one album of original materiAl since this - yet they are so well known still
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