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  1. Too lazy to ready the prior pages to see the if I posted on this 3 Yrs ago....regardless, song blows
  2. Hmmm. Good question....I think I am going last 2:30 of coma
  3. Next GnR album!? Hahahahaha. That one never gets old.
  4. Trin9498

    Star Wars

    Force Awakens was a great return to the franchise....why did Last Jedi suck so so so bad....like Axl singing YCBM bad?
  5. Great show....like the part of the tour. They sound great. I like the big illusion tapestries. Watching this make NITLT tour tough to watch...gives me a new appreciation of You ain’t the first.
  6. I always liked this one too
  7. I guess I can see Shackers as experimental...locomotive too but it’s hard to compare a song that’s 3 minutes to one that’s 8 or so....locomotive is beefier. Catcher is IMO the most overrated song on CD. I like the ending but that’s about it. Good discussion though.
  8. I don’t get any of these comparisons.....Shackler to Locomotive? CITR to Estranged?
  9. 2019 and people are still hoping for a new album? Isn’t that the definition of insanity?
  10. Did Axl write this somewhere? I’d say yes with the use of n’s but who knows.
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