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  1. Gayest question ever but can i get a link?
  2. http://photos.app.goo.gl/dpfdteGxAxKfcoxN7 When facebook translates Brazilian into Dutch, Guns N' Roses become the Cranberries...
  3. It's probably like his 'friend' Billy Joel said: “I was always trying to feel like there was a real progression in my work, and eventually I realized I was only going to be X good,” Joel said. “Because of that I knew I was going to beat myself up for not being better. So I stopped. That’s it.” http://www.spin.com/2018/07/billy-joel-new-york-magazine-interview-trump-axl-rose-read/
  4. I'm hoping for a GNR "Baby i got your money" cover dedicated to Izzy
  5. Isn't there a video of Axl making fun of Dj Ashba saying he's "Living the dream"?
  6. Any links to the TIL remix?
  7. A movie about Axl's life should be called Uncle Cuck
  8. I read the cuck stops here and got excited...
  9. Is round 2 starting? Is soon the word?
  10. I'm not new here, just not that much of a talker... Mostly just come here for the laughs & to be cucked...
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