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  1. Is this from a Sara Silverman skit or something? This is a halloween costume, right?
  2. Is it true that the all the verses in Seven are just "You... Me!" 7 times, followed by this sound as the chorus?
  3. I have a pitty and a kitty:
  4. ^Like A Dog is his best album. It's his only good one, to be honest. Or, it's at least his most 'GNR' sounding solo album. I have a couple of his albums, the Juju Hounds and 117 Degrees, haven't listened to either of them more than a few times.
  5. Punk As Fuck. History has had some great men, some badass motherfuckers who didn't give a shit, FDR would laugh, Martin Lurther'd holla, ooiuaayhpudem (oh and they'd put an end?), to this!
  6. Maybe he changed the rhythm part somewhere in the song? It's only a clip on the pinball machine so it's hard to say. Maybe Axl just let him have a credit cuz he was a 'current member' at the time and Axl does stuff like that?
  7. It was recorded during the UYI sessions but since it wasn't used, they re-recorded it and used a clip in the pinball game. There's also a 30~ second clip of a 1994 re-recorded WTTJ on the pinball game.
  8. That would've been awesome to see him with Primus. I've seen him twice, the first time was in 2012 and he played to backing tracks, and I travelled to the 2017 show because I really wanted to see him with Brain.
  9. Buckethead with Brain & Brewer in 2017 was one of the best shows I've seen. The guy always puts on a good show but when he plays with a band it's so much better.
  10. Is this the one that came with the Locked n loaded set? That was actually a pretty good turntable... I wouldn't spend $400-500 on it but that model (with the upgrades it came with) wasn't over-priced. Even if I did want that turntable though, I wouldn't want the obnoxious bullet logo stamped on...
  11. What we've seen from the 2010 acoustic shows is great, and Patience and Wichita Lineman are some of the only listenable songs from the last 2 years of the NITL tour. I think it'd be a great idea to add You Ain't The First and You're Crazy to the set, and Bad Obsession and Locomotive too. They'd all fit Axl's current vocal range (I imagine Melissa doing the high vocals on Locomotive while Axl uses his lower register, harmonizing like they do on CD or the Sorry outro). An acoustic EP would be cool but it's like one step above a covers album. Give me the CD II tracks and whatever Slash has saved for GNR before an acoustic record... You Ain't The First is definitely underrated btw.
  12. I saw them open for GNR in 2017.... twice. I was hoping they'd be better than they were... the drummer was fun to watch but overall I didn't really like them. I'd heard they were a good live band, and maybe it was just the crowd/venue but, they weren't for me. On topic, I'm listening to the new Yelawolf freestyle. This guy is releasing a new song every week in anticipation of his new album (which still doesn't have a release date, so it's basically like he's giving his fans a 'free album' of freestyles. This is the 7th one)
  13. Little Fishes and Like Fleas are getting better with every listen, for me. Same with Cricket Chronicles Revisited (especially the outro). I also have a habit of dismissing albums but if there's a song I really like I'll try to go back to the album at least once or twice.
  14. Oxycontin Girl is a good one. My favourites from the first album are probably Cricket And The Genie (both parts) and Oxycontin Girl. Mr Wright is great too, it's kinda fucked up but it's catchy. Amethyst Realm is probably my favourite from the new album, though I like something new each time I listen to it. I didn't really care for 'Like Fleas' when I first heard it but after hearing the album a few times I really like it.
  15. What are your favourite tracks? (from South Of Reality, or in general.)
  16. Sent. If anyone else wants to hear the new album, let me know
  17. Yea, I'll send it to you in a few hours.
  18. What do you think of it? I think it's better than their first album. I can't decide what my favourite track is yet, right now it's a tie between Amethyst Realm and Cricket Chronicles Revisited. Easily Charmed By Fools is a good one, too.
  19. Great band, one of my current favourites. Their newest single Amethyst Realm is the best single from the new album, but the whole album is solid. Little Fishes, Blood And Rockets and Cricket Chronicles Revisited are highlights as well. Have you heard the new album yet, auad?
  20. Too many Buckethead albums to list, but if I could only pick 1, I'd go with Captain EO's Voyage.
  21. What size frame should I buy for the signed, congratulatory letter?
  22. 1993: Axl Rose sees his future self, and is so mentally shaken that he goes into hiding for years.
  23. This song came out today, album comes out in a week. It's shaping up to be one of the best albums of the year (this is the 3rd single).
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