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  1. No fucking joke, but also complete joke. ROCK THE ROCK STARTS NOW!
  2. Gordon Comstock

    Greta Van Fleet

    At my last band practice someone played their performance of 'When The Curtain Falls' from some late night show. Holy fuck, it was hilariously bad. Not only does the singer sound like an awful Plant impersonator, he talks with a British accent during the slow part of the song. Fuck off, Greta Van Fleet, you're from Detroit.
  3. Gordon Comstock

    Me Too vs. R. Kelly

  4. Gordon Comstock

    Grand theft auto 5-is it appropriate for kids?

    I was around 12 when San Andreas came out, used to play it all the time with my friends. We'd use the weapons cheats and blow shit up with bazooka's, then see who could live the longest with a 5-star wanted level. Good times
  5. Gordon Comstock

    RHCP (fans only)

    Some of their new stuff is pretty good.
  6. Gordon Comstock

    Most ridiculous GNR thing you ever witnessed?

    The most ridiculous GNR thing I've seen is MSL.
  7. Gordon Comstock

    Flower or Vape?

    Flowers all the way. I have a little vape that I've used a few times but I don't like it as much. I'll do bong rips at home and if wanna take some to a concert or something, it's pretty easy to bring a couple pinner joints. I've got a Blueberry kush plant growing right now, it's a little over 12" tall and looks/smells fucking awesome... honestly it's some of the best Blueberry kush I've ever smelled. It should be ready to harvest in a couple weeks, right around the time my Blueberry X Bubba plants will start flowering.
  8. Gordon Comstock

    Axl Rose guest appearance/new song debut on Looney Tunes

    Sounds pretty recent, I'd guess 2017-18, maybe 2016 at the oldest.
  9. Gordon Comstock

    Locled n' Loaded Box down to $499......50% off

    They were selling it for "$350" a while ago, but you had to buy it with a turntable so the total was like $700. But the turntable itself was worth like $300-350 so it was "almost" a good deal, lol. If this thing drops to $200 I'd consider buying it, that's reasonable for a box of vinyl (and extra shit like CD's/book/blu-ray/etc) IMO.
  10. Gordon Comstock

    X-Mas Films ELIMINATION Tournament

    Elf & the Jim Carey version of The Grinch are the most overrated, nauseating bullshit xmas movies I've ever seen. I was born in the early 90's, so everyone I went to school with in my childhood fucking loved those movies, they'd play them in the library in elementary/middle school... I still watch the '60s cartoon version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas pretty much every year though. I went through a phase in my teens where The Omen was my favourite movie to watch on xmas eve. I've never seen Love Actually, and I probably never will.
  11. Gordon Comstock

    Do you use tobacco products?

    I'll smoke a cigar or blunt once or twice a year. But tobacco is generally gross.
  12. Gordon Comstock

    Greta Van Fleet

    I thought his voice was really annoying on their studio songs but his live voice is even more annoying. Bet he sounds worse than Axl in a couple years.
  13. Gordon Comstock

    Greta Van Fleet

    One of my friends told me the other day that Greta Van Fleet are 'awesome'. That friend also enjoys Nickelback and Billy Talent. I rest my case.
  14. Gordon Comstock

    10 Years of Chinese Democracy

    Fantastic album. Better, TWAT, Sorry, CITR, Prositute... all great songs. The only tracks I don't listen to are This I Love, Scraped and Riad. I prefer some demos to the final versions (the 06-07 leaks of CD, IRS, The Blues were better, and the 08 leak of TWAT is easily my favourite version). Is it at times a jumbled mess? Yes. Was it worth the decade of production and millions of wasted dollars? No. But it's still great for what it is. One of my favourite descriptions of CD was from someone on this board actually, but I don't remember who. "CD is an album about trying to make an album when you're Axl Rose and the world is out ta get you." It's a shame "Diary of a Madman" was already taken, as it would've been the most fitting title, really.
  15. Gordon Comstock

    Is your phone screen cracked?

    No. But the headphone jack doesn't work and the battery randomly dies.
  16. Gordon Comstock

    Greta Van Fleet

    Once a band or singer is at that level of recognition though, anyone doing the same thing will (and should) be regarded as an impersonator. I'm not really even a Zep fan (I like some of the hits) but when a singer is as unique and famous as Plant, or Axl, or Bon Scott, Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler, etc., if you're doing their style and not in a cover band, you deserve ridicule. The complaints about them sounding too much like Zeppelin are completely fair. I think they suck, btw.
  17. Gordon Comstock

    Axl's Straight-Up BEST Lyrics

    Cuz I. Am. Cray. Zay. OOOHHH, MY SALVATION.
  18. Gordon Comstock

    What Are You Listening II

  19. Gordon Comstock

    I apologize for getting GNRontour.com's videos taken down

    I can send the Ritz 87 show to whoever wants it.
  20. Gordon Comstock

    Best Seinfeld Quotes

  21. Gordon Comstock

    Axl's Straight-Up BEST Lyrics

    It would take a lot more time than you have got for masturbation, even with your iron fist.
  22. He sounded fucking unreal with AC/DC. Nothing he's done with GNR since 2010 has even come close to this, and it clearly damaged his voice to sing this way, so yea it's probably the last glimpse of 'classic' Axl we'll get.
  23. Gordon Comstock

    What Are You Listening II

  24. Gordon Comstock

    Universal Monsters - Maze Music by Salsh

    Anyone got a download link?
  25. Tickets to see Steven and Izzy in a club would probably cost $30, I'd pay that to go drink beer and hear Popcorn play the AFD songs properly.