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  1. leaks or gtfo. @axlrosefan4life where you at? Milo's discord is the only decent GNR discord btw.
  2. Didn't Patti Hood record the harp parts for TIL in 2003 or 2004? There's probably hundreds of demos for each song really (drums down 1 db, harp up 1 db, Robin solo take #327 instead of #294, etc.)
  3. My deaf 85 year old grandma sounds better than Axl did in Berlin. The Iceland show is awful. Weak vocals for the majority of the songs, and his voice cracks like hell whenever he pushes himself. (That Madagascar scream, lol) His voice was already deteriorating in 2017... everything after that is simply depressing to listen to.
  4. Axl/Slash/Duff/Brain/Fortus/Dizzy would've been a cool lineup. Slash wasn't pretending to be a shredder and Axl still sounded great. And they were still doing good drugs, so probably could've even written a few decent songs back then.
  5. I haven't listened to any of it yet but I assume that will be the only decent song.
  6. add Lars Ulrich and Paul Stanley and we have the boomingest shittergroup of all time.
  7. 2001: GNR fans hate and mock the skullet and weird poses. 2021: GNR fans love the skullet and weird poses.
  8. I've always wished christmas music RAWKED harder, and also had some really basic edm elements. Thank you by take care us, DJ. How many videos do you think he filmed at the same time? He obviously had to rent the models for the full day, so I'm guessing he got at least 4-5 videos worth of footage.
  9. Not in the US. But Australia and NZ? Almost definitely. Probably Japan, Korea, etc. by the end of next year too.
  10. Which one is the super hit? Another Brick in the Wall? Comfortably Numb? Time? Hey You? They've got a bunch of good stuff.
  11. God told Kanye to run for president while he was in the shower. Evangelicals will love him and former racists will embrace the Republican Obamaâ„¢. Yeezus is king. Yeezus saves.
  12. Yeezus & Jesus 2024. His running mate will be a bible.
  13. Thanks, that's helpful. I'll probably start with 62~ mg and see what happens. How subtle do you find 125 mg?
  14. Like @Doctor Dom I have only entered the doorway of the DMT realm. Cool that you finally had a fuller experience, Randy. I would like to try it again eventually and try to 'get further'. Do you guys have any experience with micro-dosing psilocybin? I got a chocolate bar with 250 mg per piece (3 g total) and I'll probably start with about 125 mg, but I'm wondering if even that is too high for the subtlety I'm hoping for.
  15. Get f'n ready to f'n rawk, Australia and New Zealand. http://www.instagram.com/p/CHvjkatnMsL/?igshid=1jafjoppbv1le
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