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  1. That's the one from earlier this year or late last year... turned out to be some south american Axl impersonator.
  2. I can't find it, but it doesn't look like I'm missing much....
  3. Vaguely, I remember the username but don't remember much about the poster.
  4. lol that was my old username, when I was a teenager convinced that NuAxl could do no wrong. How times change.
  5. Thin Lizzy - Dancing In The Moonlight
  6. That's the most Brazilian thing I've ever read.
  7. I still don't really know what's going on but yes, I would like the leaks.....
  8. When I try and (think?) No matter who's to blame There's still a ways to go And if you ask me (openly?) Your heart won't ever (????) ....man on his own This is one in the (???) And you're the one Whose shoulders shrugged (???) Whose shoulders shrugged When they've had enough I'd be the last to say Don't follow your heart What's more, do what it takes To be a man...
  9. Atlas sounds nothing like what I expected... and the quality isn't great. Still really cool to hear.
  10. Atlas lyrics? i consulted with the gods, they said to wait for the weight of the world to be lifted off your shoulders. oh how i long to shrug.
  11. Hardschool sounds awesome, I hope the full song gets shared. Nu Axl on the verses and classic Axl on the chorus. Gimme some reggae a good guitar solo and it's probably a better rocker than anything that made CD. (based on the 35 seconds of it that have leaked... but I could be way off.)
  12. Pretty sure the previous title for 'Soul Monster' was 'Elvis Presley and the Monster of Soul'. Axl mentioned it in the forum chats a decade ago, could be the same song. I think my favourite of the unreleased-track titles I've seen is 'Daddy Can the Devil Do Mommy and Me?'.
  13. lmao an unreleased track from one of my other favourite artists just leaked about an hour ago, it's from 2014 (generally considered part of his peak years). I've listened to the full song several times now, it's so refreshing to hear cool unreleased songs and then be able to share and talk about them openly. Then there's GNR..... lol.
  14. Got suspended from mygayner for saying "I'd like to hear it if someone can point me in the right direction" in reference to the 3 second clip. Fuck that site. Btw if anyone wants the clip, let me know.
  15. That was better than any NITL performance of the song, by far.
  16. "We are the people that can find, whatever a Jew may need, if you got the money honey we got your disease..." I can't be the only one that heard that.
  17. Probably 2013... it was just as bad or worse than 2014, but with none of the 'upsides' (Duff guest spots, TWAT, Yesterdays). Instead of Vegas Casinos it was mid-west casinos and clubs in Toronto...
  18. Very low. I'll tune in when the tour starts up again, expecting it to be worse than last year. And there won't be a new album, at least not before another 5-10 solo albums from Slash. The shows I saw in 2016 were awesome. The 2017 shows were basically the Slash Solo Show where he plays bigger venues with a worse band. 2018 was pretty brutal from the clips I saw.
  19. A while ago they had 'personalized AFD plaques' for a few hundred bucks, with a little metal plate that said 'presented to: (your name), in celebration of AFD selling whatever number of copies'. I'd guess they sold between 0-5.
  20. American Obesity Mexican Infantry Legend of the Red Caravan Punk & Pizza: The GNR Story Ain't Goin' Down & Other Old Throwaways
  21. I noticed that too Easy Street and Silver Platters are probably the biggest record stores/chains in the Seattle area though, they're not exactly some hole in the wall... Easy Street has some pretty big names do in-store concerts once in a while. Silver Platters is the better record store though. But it's still just a cringey Duff tweet.
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