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  1. I don't post here too often, but I read this site a lot. The Reckless Life section has given me plenty of laughs, and one image I'll never be able to erase from my brain. Congrats on running a cool forum for 9 years JB.
  2. And it's a cover. That was the joke. I thought it was funny.
  3. Didn't he say at some point after CD was released (I honestly can't remember if it was the 2008 chats or the 2016 China Exchange, or sometime in-between) that he didn't like that approach as much? Like, having to write lyrics and melodies to finished music was harder than writing them as a song progressed?
  4. Interviewer: I understood when that song came out that it was in 'character'. Duff: Third-person, yea. Interviewer: Kinda like when Dire Straits' Money For Nothing came out, it had the F word in it, and it was from a character of a homophobe basically criticizing something on MTV, that song got censored as well on radio. Did it surprise you at the time that people didn't get what that song was, that it wasn't coming out of Axl's mouth? Because you said, people in your circle didn't use that language. Duff: No, um... I was surprised that, it was, yea... we were supposed to play David Geffen's big AIDs benefit in New York a couple months later, we got pulled out of that. I remember getting on a plane, flying back to Seattle, and an African American flight attendant came up and sat down next to me, and said "do you really hate black people?". I'm like "oh fuck", y'know, part of my family is African American, Slash is half, y'know, um, so people didn't kinda put that together. Hopefully now later, people can examine that song, and I think it's brilliant and super brave of Axl to step out and do that. It was public commentary, just like Paradise City is, just like Jungle is, that song was extreme using the verbiage of the street y'know, of ill-informed people, on the street. Interviewer: Axl's been very vocal on twitter lately, there's a new term, called Woke Axl. Duff: Is that right? He is woke! I know woke 'cause I'm around teenagers. If you're gonna try to outsmart him, or out-intellectual him, it ain't gonna work.
  5. 52:35 I lol'd at his response: He sounds fucked up. Has the NITL tour really aged him that rapidly? "Woke Axl" reference around 48:50 btw. I didn't watch the whole thing, I skipped to 47~ mins to see his defence for One In A Million.
  6. I honestly thought this was sarcastic, like a joke about the lyrics in the other songs he released.... but I was wrong. Duff's solo stuff has never been great, but the Tenderness songs are just unbelievably bad. I actually didn't mind one of them, I think "Don't Look Behind You" was the title, it was alright but it was mostly instrumental...
  7. If anyone wants the 'vocal track' let me know. I still don't think it's a modern recording.
  8. Would love to hear the isolated vocals if you eventually get it to work.
  9. That recording (TIL remix) is at least a decade old though. His raspy voice on Rock The Rock sounded like current Axl. Nah man.... that's definitely 80's Axl, this version of SOYL is kinda like the bridge between his 'Hollywood Rose voice' and his 'Classic GNR voice' but it's definitely an old recording. I just got home and I'm re-listening to it now, Axl simply doesn't sound like this nowadays.... even if Angus was playing on the track, lol.
  10. Which parts do you think were Fat Axl? It's an old, but remastered, recording. There's definitely some modern production effects throughout the song, especially on the drums, but it's an old recording. Axl sounded decent on some of the 2018 performances, but even in a studio environment he simply can't replicate his 'classic voice'. He sounded good on Rock The Rock, but there's multiple vocal layers and they all sound like modern Axl. SOYL doesn't sound like modern Axl, because it isn't.
  11. Imagine being so desperate for new GNR music, you convince yourself that SOYL has modern Axl vocals.
  12. Have you listened to any 'modern rock' radio station in the last few years? lol. Poppy, electronic-driven shit like Portugal The Man or Phantogram seems like what you're looking for. It's not good, but it's what you're describing. And it's fairly popular.
  13. I forgot the singer for his band was literally a GNR cover-band singer. I'd still probably go see him for free.
  14. Be sure to yell requests for Locomotive and Shackler's Revenge. Really though, I'd go see Adler, especially if it's free. Drink a few beers and listen to Steven play the AFD songs properly... there's worse ways to spend an afternoon.
  15. Tbh it's more than I wanted to spend on Live Era, but I also realized I probably wouldn't see it again for that price. It's in great shape, one small dent in the spine but otherwise near-mint, and it sounds great. Same with the Red Hand CD, that's the most expensive 'music collectible' I own but it was still less than any other listing I've seen.
  16. I bought Live Era 5~ years ago, with shipping from Japan it was about $100 US.
  17. I used to really like collecting GNR stuff, got a bunch of CD's and records, my favourites are probably Live Era on vinyl (not sealed) and the 'Red Hand' version of Chinese Democracy (sealed). Haven't added much to the collection in the last few years though, just lithographs from the NITL shows I saw and a couple records. The Locked & Loaded box honestly killed my interest in giving this band any money - asking more than $1000 for a few records and a ton of junk, they can fuck off.
  18. This is real, and it's a strong reason for why he should go to Mars:
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