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  1. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/scooby-doo-axl-rose-cameo-interview-1132969/ "Somehow, it made sense to him that he was acquainted with Shaggy and Scooby and they bonded over their love of diner pie. Shaggy and Scooby were the only ones that could keep up with him. And in the episode, Axl carries around these tiny, little tasting forks and he has them for Shaggy and Scooby."
  2. Is this the one where he's listed as Nico Teen on the back cover? #PunkAsFuck
  3. I need to find some of these seeds... Fat Axl was created by one of our genetic specialists by the name of Masta Cylinda (responsible for breeding Pua Mana 'Ohana strains like Maui Mango Diesel, Hawai'i Cream and Kona Pua'a). While taking bong hits and surfing the internet, Masta Cylinda stumbled across an article about how Gun's and Roses lead singer Axl Rose was trying to get the hilarious Fat Axle memes people had created taken down by google. After rolling around on the floor laughing at numerous Fat Axle memes, conversation came back to where it always returns to: breeding
  4. What thread did Brasky post it in? I kinda remember him listing a bunch of stuff that had happened with the band, but idk where...
  5. The one on Live Era is likely from Omaha 1993. It's on the Japanese CD version too. There's audience recordings of the other Tokyo 1992 shows (audio only) but it would be cool to get a pro-shot sbd version.
  6. If he was gonna act crazy and stupid, he may as well look the part
  7. I think the Coma clip is from a news report, idk if the full song is floating around anywhere...
  8. Miser: I'm highly intelligent. More intelligent than you could ever hope to be. Also miser: (((they))) want to kill all the conservative whites, let's open the ovens. You brainwashed retard.
  9. They opened the first night with Coma, and played Locomotive on the second night. But they chose to release the third night
  10. It'd be nice if they stopped posting NITL videos and just gave us the full version of this: http://streamable.com/49gxrt
  11. No, that can't be it. There must be some ulterior motive, to deprive the white man of delicious beef... after all, we've been eating it for thousands of years and the world has remained the same throughout that time. If you and I were more intelligent, maybe we'd understand.
  12. Yea I used to watch that one all the time. Walk Hard was another good one.
  13. If Hardschool ever gets released I'm sure there will be a Huge/Tobias writing credit (but the part will have been re-recorded by Fortus)
  14. None of the mid-90s stuff had completed lyrics/vocals though (aside from maybe the Izzy or Duff songs).
  15. The lyrics to Shackler's were written in 2007, so probably that? If we're talking UYI, then My World would be the last officially released song, and Ain't Goin' Down (1994 version) would probably be the last full song they recorded?
  16. Medium-rare is the most you should cook a steak. Anything above that... may as well give it to the dog.
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