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  1. I can't listen to Alex Jones unless I take a few bong rips, but that 5~ hour podcast he did with Joe Rogan had some really funny shit.
  2. Beer, hot sauce and textbooks is what I've bought recently. The last cool thing I bought was this cymbal a couple months ago:
  3. He said he saw a list of song titles, in like 2011 lol. One of the 'documents' that MSL was flaunting, I think. JChan and Atlas were both on it. What a weird thing to play 'insider' about.
  4. Punky Punkster Presents: A Punk-As-F#ck Podcast. First guest, Grace McKagan.
  5. Looks like an airport bar in that pic. Now that he's made a hundred-million dollars touring with Slash, I'm sure he pays the extra fee to have his drinks sent straight to his limo while Beta and Fernando go through their 'random security checks'. Isn't there a bunch of pictures of him smoking cigars and drinking that shitty Chinese rice beer 'Lucky Buddha'? Maybe that's why he played in Mexico, he's already ingested so much Chinese shit that he's just immune to any virus that could possibly come from their food.
  6. 1986-1993: Best rock n' roll frontman ever. 1994-2020: Wasted potential and missed opportunities.
  7. Pantages Theatre, 1991. It was filmed in high-quality, the Mr Brownstone and My Michelle videos have footage of this show, and the setlist was good - it was one of the only times they played Bad Apples.
  8. Exactly. He worked with his vocal coach, and gave 100% effort. He could magically sing with rasp in his mid-range, ffs. I think the AC/DC gig is also the reason we'll never hear Axl sing at a great level again though (like 2006 or 2010). He fucked his voice up singing Hell's Bells, Thunderstruck, etc. every night.
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