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  1. That's the one from earlier this year or late last year... turned out to be some south american Axl impersonator.
  2. I can't find it, but it doesn't look like I'm missing much....
  3. Vaguely, I remember the username but don't remember much about the poster.
  4. lol that was my old username, when I was a teenager convinced that NuAxl could do no wrong. How times change.
  5. Thin Lizzy - Dancing In The Moonlight
  6. That's the most Brazilian thing I've ever read.
  7. I still don't really know what's going on but yes, I would like the leaks.....
  8. When I try and (think?) No matter who's to blame There's still a ways to go And if you ask me (openly?) Your heart won't ever (????) ....man on his own This is one in the (???) And you're the one Whose shoulders shrugged (???) Whose shoulders shrugged When they've had enough I'd be the last to say Don't follow your heart What's more, do what it takes To be a man...
  9. Atlas sounds nothing like what I expected... and the quality isn't great. Still really cool to hear.
  10. Atlas lyrics? i consulted with the gods, they said to wait for the weight of the world to be lifted off your shoulders. oh how i long to shrug.
  11. Hardschool sounds awesome, I hope the full song gets shared. Nu Axl on the verses and classic Axl on the chorus. Gimme some reggae a good guitar solo and it's probably a better rocker than anything that made CD. (based on the 35 seconds of it that have leaked... but I could be way off.)
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