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  1. Some of them are/could be legit good songs... but there's also stuff like Billionaire and Thyme. It all depends on what Axl decided to do with them. As is, they might be better or worse than old GNR instrumentals, but aside from a few tracks that are basically Buckethead tracks feat. NuGNR, they're not any more or less 'interesting' to listen to.
  2. I wear flannel and drink craft beers... but I don't have a beard or wear skinny jeans so it balances out
  3. The instrumentals are interesting to talk about in the same way that New Work Tune or Sentimental Movie are interesting. Are they really GNR songs? No... but they're close enough. Anyone who knows literally anything about GNR, knows that the 2000 line-up was totally different from the classic line-ups. There is no direct comparison to be made between the CD instrumentals and the AFD/UYI songs, and I can't actually remember seeing anyone make the comparison, but it's all sort of 'within the realm' of GNR-related things.
  4. I also kinda like PRL for what it is, but I imagine Axl being excited to show that song to Moby and that makes it funnier Oklahoma and Moustache are probably the best instrumentals after Dummy, and Me & My Elvis is really good too. After all the discs have leaked, what we basically got was 2000 Intentions, a solid EP's worth of unheard songs, a bunch of CD outtakes, and a decent album's worth of instrumental's (basically a 'Buckethead feat. NuGNR' album). I like the CD era and I've wanted a 'box set' of that era for a while, so everything we got was cool for me. There's a lot of stuff on there I'll never listen to again but still, it's interesting to hear. Some songs make me curious about what Axl added, and some songs make me dread what Axl added, but it was interesting to hear all of it.
  5. 'Dummy' is probably my favourite instrumental... it's the only one I've listened to a few times after it initially leaked.
  6. Those are early 2006 recordings I think? From a disc that also inluded Going Down (2013 leak) and Atlas Shrugged (never leaked).
  7. Down By The Ocean and.... ??? I would imagine the music is significantly better on the 2003 version of CD, but the 2010 disc probably has better vocals (from 2006-07). But if the 2003 version doesn't have The General, Soul Monster, Seven, Berlin, or a decent amount of other unheard tracks, it's pretty much worthless.
  8. Is this the 100 emails/files/etc that MSL tried using to blackmail the band a few years ago? Had the enemy list, part of Axls autobio, complaints about Dr Dre, etc. Should I get the popcorn ready for FATCON 1?
  9. From what I understand: 2002 - mostly tweaking mixes and rehearsing for tour, some new recording 2003 - chicken and beer 2004 - 'final' mixes and vocals on post- '2000 Intentions' songs But the main record was ready to go by 2000-2001. Is that accurate?
  10. Nope... or Sorry/Scraped/Shackler's. Nothing that didn't have vocals on the Village cd's or was otherwise known to have vocals by 2000 (OMG, TIL) Better, Sorry, Oklahoma, General etc. were mostly done in 2002-2004, I thought?
  11. That's impressive Still not a vocal track that's fit for release tho. *Joke about CD vocals here*. He'd have to digitally edit the fuck out of that take to make it sound coherent, and as I type this, I realize that's probably exactly what happened... edit: the 'idea' part in that quote was in reference to the melody. I never doubted the lyrics were finished.
  12. Has the meme of lazy Axl surpassed the reality of lazy Axl? None of the songs you listed, aside from the one line in Prahstadown, are comparable to SOG. It's a scratch vocal but it's a fairly complete idea, compared to stuff like Nothing or Quicksong lol. We've heard an album's worth of songs that were ready to be mixed, mastered and released in 2000 but SOG isn't one of them, it definitely sounds like a 'demo'. And he fucks the lyrics up in the 2nd half.
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