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  1. Gordon Comstock

    Axl at a guitar show back in July '95

    1993: Axl Rose sees his future self, and is so mentally shaken that he goes into hiding for years.
  2. Gordon Comstock

    Best music of 2019

    This song came out today, album comes out in a week. It's shaping up to be one of the best albums of the year (this is the 3rd single).
  3. Gordon Comstock

    Guns N' Roses — Seven — Release Date Pool

    December 1-7 Do we have to specify what year?
  4. Gordon Comstock

    The Official "Shut Up 4tus" 2019 Thread

    I wish this was real... I'd buy it.
  5. Gordon Comstock

    Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

    I'm about halfway through this episode, it's pretty interesting. Seems like one that people on here would generally like. Tim Pool is an independent journalist, they talk a lot about de-platforming and issues around the US culture war.
  6. Gordon Comstock

    Rival Sons

    I saw them open for Black Sabbath on The End tour a couple years ago. They weren't bad, but weren't great either, I thought they were just kinda bland.
  7. Gordon Comstock

    Slash Live in Concert

    I wish he'd toured or done more songs with M Shadows. The guy is a GNR fan, has the best rock voice out of anyone on the Slash & Friends album, and while Nothing To Say is a kinda generic hard rock/metal-ish song, it's cool to hear Slash do stuff like that. It's a better song that anything on Contraband, except for maybe Slither.
  8. Gordon Comstock

    Slash Live in Concert

    Slash has been given specific instructions to play Rock The Rock so Axl can gauge the audience reaction before playing it himself. He wouldn't want to embarrass himself with a silly performance, but if the crowd likes it, get ready for Rock The Rock and the unreleased (soon to be a hit) "The Rock Walk (Like A Duck)" on the next GNR tour.
  9. Gordon Comstock

    Favorite Axl Rose Picture

    On topic this is probably the coolest pic of him in the last 20 years
  10. Gordon Comstock

    Favorite Axl Rose Picture

    @John Bonham ??
  11. Gordon Comstock

    Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

    I listen to his podcast once in a while... I've enjoyed his episodes with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson. They've been on his podcast a few times. This one was interesting too, it's on sleep, dreams, etc.
  12. Gordon Comstock

    How do you feel about Axl stealing Neil Young's look ?

    What did Axl copy first, the look or the thin whiny vocals?
  13. Gordon Comstock

    Greta Van Fleet

    At my last band practice someone played their performance of 'When The Curtain Falls' from some late night show. Holy fuck, it was hilariously bad. Not only does the singer sound like an awful Plant impersonator, he talks with a British accent during the slow part of the song. Fuck off, Greta Van Fleet, you're from Detroit.