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  1. Only lizard-people can see the entity that was sitting in the chair.
  2. The best tracks are on the 2nd half of the album, IMO. I'm glad we finally got to hear Anderson .Paak and Em on a track together.
  3. I didn't like it at first but after a couple more listens it grew on me. It's a really well put-together song IMO.
  4. Kamikaze was a pretty good album honestly, aside from the Jessie Reyez tracks. Music To Be Murdered By has a handful of good tracks but it still definitely sounds like a modern Em album. The short track-lengths really help the album flow though, none of the songs drag on too long. Most of them are under 4 minutes. Darkness is brilliant, too:
  5. Lock It Up was my favourite track after listening to the album once.
  6. Bud Light Presents: The Mickey Mouse In Da House Tailgate Extravaganza. Why listen to WTTJ on your F-150's blown out speakers when you can hear it live, while enjoying a $10 beer in your $300 seat?
  7. I'm assuming that since it's just a 'highlight reel' that will air on FOX, they'll only air 2-3 songs, and one of them will definitely be KOHD. One of the others will probably be The Seeker or Wichita Lineman, and the final song will be Sweet Child O' Mouse.
  8. This guy? It's only 9 mins and I couldn't watch these retards talk for that long.
  9. Hardschool is definitely not the best of the leaked songs, but it'd be a fine single. Especially if Slash basically just solos throughout the 'finished' version. The verses are short and easy to memorize, the melodies are relatively catchy, and the chorus has a UYI feel to it. If they released it, it'd probably get played to death on classic rock radio. But they won't release Hardschool as the first single because there's no new album coming out.
  10. Your avatar is weirdly terrifying. Probably because, if Axl lives to be 85-90, that's probably what he'll look like. Rock N Roll Pool Party is about to be this decade's All Summer Long, get your barbecue's ready.
  11. I'm listening to Dirty Honey a lot recently... finally bought their EP on vinyl.
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