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  1. I'm a Buckethead fan but he looked retarded on a GNR stage (although to be fair, you can't be more retarded than somebody with a skullet). Paul didn't sound great but at least he looked like a normal guy. As far as Ron... yea obviously he's a dork, and his guitar tone is questionable, but the guy is 100% ok in my view because he was cool with the fans, he was honest about the state of the band and his frustrations, but he was still totally professional and seemed to care more than most of the band, The stormtrooper thing gets way too much shit btw, who cares if he
  2. There will probably be a 'new' Ain't Goin' Down and some leftover TSI demos but those don't interest me. If they threw a '91 warm up show and a '93 Skin N' Bones show on vinyl and blu ray they might get my money.
  3. Well that would count as 'fucking it up' If they can cram a bunch of music/live stuff into a reasonably priced set, I'd consider it.
  4. Kinda hoping they sell the individual items right from the start this time instead of waiting a year to split up the unsold boxes, I wouldn't spend hundreds on a box set but if they put some UYI shows on vinyl I'd probably buy those.
  5. On the slight chance that they don't fuck it up, I'd add a UYI box set to that list.
  6. I made steak and shredded hashbrowns last night. It was delicious.
  7. Can't really tell if he's the imposter, but I'm gonna vote JB because 1) he seemed eager to accuse me right out of the gate (casting suspicion away from himself?) and 2) sending snapchat pics to val is kinda weird
  8. So mainstream media/movies/pop culture nowadays is shit and littered with biased talking points, but mainstream media from 30-40 years ago was a clear, honest representation of what life was like? They didn't exaggerate or propagandize anything? You can accurately grasp another time from new articles, fashion scenes and 80s romcoms? No, you can't. You're trying to talk like someone who lived at the time, when really you barely even lived through the 90s. I was born in '93, I have some fond memories of the mid-late 90s but through an obviously limited perspective so I don't see a point in
  9. You do see the difference between the Roman empire and the 1980s, right?
  10. fixed that for you... and seriously man high school senior photos? I guess it's not too surprising but still, what the fuck. Why are you once again making threads reminiscing about the time when you were 5 years old? You know what Brian Jones would do? he'd do drugs He'd get some fuckin help man. Be cool like Brian Jones.
  11. "I was born in 1990" "the 80s were cringey, too much hairspray and Reagan" "The 70s were grainy and raw"
  12. I assume he was compensated for the box set stuff, the label probably "rented" it from him. If he was getting paid for the sames reason MSL was paid, that's a different story. "On the payroll" is just needlessly cryptic otherwise.
  13. The transparent ones were the shit. I played NHL '99 and DK64 with my "see-thru" green controller all the time as a kid
  14. I'm almost back to feeling bad for him. But yea, I've seen him make this thread many times before.
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