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  1. For being a good band & cool & successful probably Thin Lizzy. There's plenty of bands I'd rather listen to, The Stones have a few good albums and the best corporate touring machine in music. Their influence is undeniable but better artists have come and gone. Phil Lynott, Tom Petty, even Zeppelin are more enjoyable.
  2. The Rolling Stones aren't the best, coolest band ever. They're just a good rock band. There's tons of posts by tons of users about them on here, this place seems to love them. JB may as well change the next background to RNFNS (Roll N' F'N Stones)
  3. I've only listened to about 30 minutes of it too, but it was entertaining so far. "What is Joe Rogan made of?" "Carbon" "What are trees made of?" "Tree stuff?" "Carbon" "Yeeaah... carbon based life forms..."
  4. Slash kinda already released an EP of original instrumental songs a while back though, for that Universal monsters thing. It was a soundtrack, but that's still more than Axl and Frank Richards combined have released. This song is fine and his tone is nice but I'll probably never listen to it again.
  5. There's a couple parts like that. At some point he says "I'm like Deadpool for God" and Rogan has a similar reaction. At another point Joe asked "why did you let them medicate you?" and Kanye's reaction was silence. On the one hand I feel bad for Kanye because he's obviously got some issues, but on the other hand it's interesting to listen to that mindset flow freely even if it's sad at times.
  6. I've only listened to some of it but so far it's pretty good. "If I had known physics, I wouldn't have been screaming at my engineer" had me laughing
  7. It was ok. I wasn't expecting it to be great or anything, but it still could've been better. It had none of the charm of the first one.
  8. That's a good question, I don't think anyone's asked it on here before. Brian Jones was better in AC/DC but his cowbell playing on Honkytonk Woman is top notch.
  9. It would be perfect. A shadowy figure races through the forest in a burst of quick shots, while being chased by an unseen yet obviously out-of-breath antagonist, and upon reaching an open field and realizing there's nowhere left to hide, the intro to Silkworms starts playing. In the background we see what appears to be a mountain rising behind our protagonist, and as they turn around to discover what horrors await them, they are greeted by the foulest, most putrid stench to have ever been expelled from another being. As the moonlight reflects off the grease in his moustache, the mo
  10. Nah, the drum sound and especially Slash's guitar tone on certain songs is a lot better on TSI (and Sympathy For The Devil for the most part). From a production standpoint I'd rank their albums like this: 1. TSI? 2. AFD / Lies 3. UYI 4. CD demos ..... 11. CD album
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