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  1. The Spaghetti Incesticide
  2. What about side 2??????????
  3. Hey hey The storm is comin' Hey heeeeeeeeeey The weight on my shoulders Hey hey It's not my fault Heeeeyyyyaaaaaayyyy Stephanie baybaaaaaaay
  4. "Seriously, he wears a bucket on his head, and if you can just get him to buckle down and focus then it'll all work out."
  5. Ah ok. A couple months ago I read levisnuts had another username that was familiar, but I couldn't remember if it was you.
  6. Is he the levisnuts guy, or am I confusing him with someone else?
  7. I made a prawn taco with chipotle style sauce, caramelized onions, jalapenos, and green onions.
  8. Crab is good but it's almost not worth the effort. It's messy and inconvenient I'm eating a (leftover) pulled pork sandwich.
  9. That's why I posted Civil War, he usually didn't sound that good on it. But I thought that performance was pretty good, he slips into the clean voice in some spots but there's still lots of power behind his voice, and when he does use rasp it still sounds like Axl Rose. If they'd played Civil War in 2010, I think it'd sound pretty close to that. But yea 2010 was his last great year with GNR. I also saw the following show in Vancouver, where Duff joined them for YCBM and CW, and CW sounded a lot worse in Vancouver.
  10. He even struggles on Nightrain now. This is from 2020. Do you really think this is good? http://streamable.com/lyxmzy
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