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  1. Gordon Comstock

    What Are You Listening II

    I've got the new album from VOLA on repeat. This band is fantastic, they've yet to release a bad album or EP. This one's definitely not as heavy as their first album "Inmazes" but it's a good progression, I'm especially loving the mellow tracks like "Ruby Pool".
  2. Are these 2 pictures of the same guy?
  3. Gordon Comstock

    Who sang it better? Axl vs Homer

    Homer rocked the chorus. Angus would be proud.
  4. Gordon Comstock

    Living The Dream

    As usual, I like a couple songs instrumentally, but Myles ruins everything.
  5. Gordon Comstock

    What it would take to see a cash grab again

    No thanks.
  6. Gordon Comstock


    Eminem is listed as one of the producers on almost every track. Dunno what Dre did on it though, but it sounds good so I don't really care.
  7. Gordon Comstock


  8. Gordon Comstock


    Revival was awful, I listened to it once and deleted it. But I had this album on repeat yesterday, the 2 songs with that Jessie chick are pretty bad but everything else is solid. The Ringer, Fall & Kamikaze are the best, Lucky You is pretty good too. Gnrliars, I assume the Licensed To Ill cover is like saying "here's a real rap album, no Beyonce or Ed Sheeran shit".
  9. Gordon Comstock


    The last 3 tracks don't need to be on there, but it's a surprisingly decent album. The hate for his last album really pissed him off
  10. Gordon Comstock

    Sales figures for AFD box set

    Pretty sure that 8,500 number includes boxes that are sitting in Amazon warehouses and big-city record stores. Kinda like how Chinese Democracy 'went platinum' while being sold from the bargain bin. I'd be quite surprised if 8,000+ people actually bought that thing.
  11. Gordon Comstock

    New Alice in Chains > Shadow of Your Shit

    My favourite of their new tracks at the moment:
  12. Gordon Comstock

    Which songs were leaked by Bumblefoot?

    We know Bumblefoot was given a few songs that eventually made it into circulation, but he was also given Atlas Shrugged and presumably other songs that never leaked. MSL also had internal documents/emails and had blackmailed the band in the past, and if he's got Axl's emails to band members and managers, why should we think he wouldn't get unreleased songs? I assume the songs were stolen from Ron, not that Ron helped share them.
  13. Gordon Comstock

    Which songs were leaked by Bumblefoot?

    I thought Going Down, Blood In The Water and the Better remixes were MSL leaks? Are you assuming Ron leaked them because he was given those mixes, or did I miss something? Why would MSL share that 3~ min collection of other remix clips if he didn't originally leak the others?
  14. Gordon Comstock

    Arctic Monkeys

    The early stuff is good but they've sucked for a while, since about the time they started working with Josh Homme. Imagine that... I still have a soft spot for Favourite Worst Nightmare though, great record.
  15. Gordon Comstock

    RHCP (fans only)

    1. Scar Tissue 2. Zephyr Song 3. The Other Side 4. Don't Forget Me 5. Soul To Squeeze 6. Parallel Universe 7. Dani California 8. Californication 9. Wet Sand 10. Under The Bridge