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  1. Tbh it's more than I wanted to spend on Live Era, but I also realized I probably wouldn't see it again for that price. It's in great shape, one small dent in the spine but otherwise near-mint, and it sounds great. Same with the Red Hand CD, that's the most expensive 'music collectible' I own but it was still less than any other listing I've seen.
  2. I bought Live Era 5~ years ago, with shipping from Japan it was about $100 US.
  3. I used to really like collecting GNR stuff, got a bunch of CD's and records, my favourites are probably Live Era on vinyl (not sealed) and the 'Red Hand' version of Chinese Democracy (sealed). Haven't added much to the collection in the last few years though, just lithographs from the NITL shows I saw and a couple records. The Locked & Loaded box honestly killed my interest in giving this band any money - asking more than $1000 for a few records and a ton of junk, they can fuck off.
  4. This is real, and it's a strong reason for why he should go to Mars:
  5. Is this from a Sara Silverman skit or something? This is a halloween costume, right?
  6. Is it true that the all the verses in Seven are just "You... Me!" 7 times, followed by this sound as the chorus?
  7. I have a pitty and a kitty:
  8. ^Like A Dog is his best album. It's his only good one, to be honest. Or, it's at least his most 'GNR' sounding solo album. I have a couple of his albums, the Juju Hounds and 117 Degrees, haven't listened to either of them more than a few times.
  9. Punk As Fuck. History has had some great men, some badass motherfuckers who didn't give a shit, FDR would laugh, Martin Lurther'd holla, ooiuaayhpudem (oh and they'd put an end?), to this!
  10. Maybe he changed the rhythm part somewhere in the song? It's only a clip on the pinball machine so it's hard to say. Maybe Axl just let him have a credit cuz he was a 'current member' at the time and Axl does stuff like that?
  11. It was recorded during the UYI sessions but since it wasn't used, they re-recorded it and used a clip in the pinball game. There's also a 30~ second clip of a 1994 re-recorded WTTJ on the pinball game.
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