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  1. The frustrating thing is that he's actually still a good singer. Wichita Lineman is the best song in the set and he actually sounds like Axl Rose on it. It's not overly raspy or powerful, it just sounds natural. It's probably not very hard for him to maintain that vocal style throughout a show, but he keeps using the mickey voice even though he knows the fans don't like it.
  2. I forgot about the Slash t-shirt thing, but that was the whole reason Axl logged into mygnr and bitched out madison, right?
  3. AC/DC songs are just fun rock songs, nothing great but I'd rather hear Axl scream his way through an AC/DC set than another NITL set. You can tell that he just doesn't give a fuck about his own songs, the best performances in recent years have all been covers ffs (Wichita Lineman, I Feel Good, even the fucking Seeker is consistently better than the GNR songs in the set). I'd take Axl screeching about rocks n' thunders instead of croaking his way through November Rain any day of the week. At least he actually put effort into the AC/DC shows. I also enjoyed the shows I saw in late 2011 (mid-December, near the end of the tour). He looked thinner than any other time I've seen him, and sounded pretty decent for the most part. Just look for Better from the Seattle 2011 show, if he sang it like that nowadays mygnr would go full-on fanboy mode. 2017-19 has just been complete shit, though. Deteriorating vocals throughout a bloated, barely-changing setlist, with a band that sounds bored as fuck.
  4. Yea I still think the Canada 2010 tour was the peak of NuGNR as a touring band. Axl was incredible and Dj was still passable, they really didn't seem to follow a setlist and they played about 10 CD songs each night. I've enjoyed almost every other GNR show I've seen but nothing has topped the Calgary 2010 show.
  5. 2010 > 2016 AC/DC >>> 2016 GNR >>>>>>> all the rest.
  6. This thread reminded me of when Eric was running mygnr, he would delete my avatars but never give me warnings or send pm's or anything like that. It eventually just became a game to me, delete and replace The avatars contained no nudity, they were just gifs of hot chicks with huge tits and I wanted to see what I could get away with.
  7. I don't check reddit very often, but I always laugh when I see shit like this. I'm assuming this is a towel-waver post.
  8. VMA rehearsal video Atlas Shrugged w/ Ron's guitar in one channel (same quality as Silkworms/OMG/Going Down, and it's now basically worthless) UYI pro-shots I always wondered what else the "Portuguese hoarders" obtained from Fernando & Friends, too... like the songs MSL got in 2007. Those were obviously from later sessions than the Village discs. (Better had vocals, CD had the long intro, The Blues was the 2006~ version, etc)
  9. Kevin B, trying to sell a 1986 rehearsal cassette for $2500 @troccoli your grenade CD was signed by almost the whole band except for Axl right? What did the band/management say about it when you got is signed?
  10. Tbh, on one hand I can kinda sympathize with the guy. I don't like his mod style, but even videos posted on this site get taken down, and mygnr simply has more active users, so posting videos became a bigger problem more quickly. If you post a youtube video of GNR on mygnr it's likely gonna be taken down, and whoever is hosting the forum is gonna send complaint emails (maybe fines at some point, I don't know, JB feel free to chime in about that part) so I can see why he said 'fuck it'. The whole situation says more about Walker and Joel than it says about mygnr or any other forum. Now, back to the regularly scheduled shitposting.
  11. How the fuck did you get a photo of Axl at age 70? That's almost as bad as the asshole pic that once flooded this forum.
  12. Pulled pork sandwich. I always use super-hot sauces and/or other peppers when I make big pots of meat (pork, stew beef, chili, etc). This time I used a Scorpion pepper sauce and it turned out great.
  13. Honestly thought this was a joke at first. $100 for a piece of glass that makes Duff look fatter than Axl? Fuck off. Luckily, for only $18 you can get a 'regular' GNR christmas ornament.
  14. I swear he says 'held us' in the 2nd line but it's hard to tell. Also pretty sure the words 'the storm' are somewhere in the screaming part but @Dr. Strangelove is the only one who can decipher Axl's mumble-speak. Axl was so ahead of the time with the autotuned mumbling. A truly revolutionary and inspirational musician. Thank you by take care of modern music, Ax'.
  15. Mickey vocals = Actually working an Elvis reference into the song =
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