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  1. November 1991, co-founder and main creative force of the world's biggest rock band by the time, Izzy Stradlin has left his band, Guns n Roses. W. Axl Rose has never found anyone to replace him althought he changed a dozen of guitarist in last 25 years. Since Izzy left the band GnR haven't recorded a hit song and pretty much up to these very days sell tickets upon the greatness of the songs Izzy Stradlin wrote, while he was in the charge of the band!
  2. Too busy eating tacos to record but sunshine came from behind some clouds to give us nothing... Dribble... These guys are just pathetic.
  3. Sunshine living off songs from 30 years ago, from 2 bands... Lazy.
  4. Yeah, Axl and the boys put the tacos down long enough to release a song that couldnt cut it on SI...
  5. Simple as these guys suck. washed up drug addicts... Duffs twitter rant today just said all I need to know about that asshole... I am so pissed these guys got one dollar from me... I can assure you as I breath, never again. NOT ONE RED CENT.
  6. Read this thread again. No new music with Slash since 1991 and this is the first release? Only GnR would do such a cash grab with no class.
  7. If this is true, Axl is a bigger dweeb than ever thought possible... Izzy should get the old band back and call them Izzy Stradlin with 4 Wheels & No Axle ?
  8. This. One of the best descriptions of GnR reality, period.
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