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  1. Cant belive the polls. They were way off in 2016, and there off again. It's as though they believe Trumps deplorables wont vote if they think he has no chance, which is the narrative bieng pushed by mainstream media. Not a chance. They'll be out in force.
  2. Axl is a perfect example of Hollywood elitist hypocrisy, & then some. Left completely clueless behind there walls, gates, armed guards & more money than they know what to do with, and ZERO concept as to how the average American lives. These fools are GIVEN a platform (why??), and instead of using that platform, they regurgitate whatever it is they heard on CNN (the official Network of Hollywood Elitists) or what an assistant recommend as to being beneficial to them. Scared to really address any issues because liberal hate can end there careers. There trying to "win"a popularity contest, every day, while ignorant to the actual topics at hand. All they do is repeat what they heard Rachael Maddow say the day before. And lets be honest, other than faggy Joel who gives a shit about anything Axl has to say?? Shut up and sing asshole. Better yet...scratch that. I don't think I can handle Ducktales this early in the morning.
  3. Drop a few pallets of old shitty guns strategically throughout these cities they wanna burn down anyhow, remove all police presence, add bullets. Return 48 hours later. Problems solved? 🤫
  4. The shit in Detroit was BS too. There were people whom were there only to disrupt protests. Hired thugs to cause problems. Had they not been there last night, that person is still alive today in Detroit.
  5. Why dont white communities burn there shit down when a cop kills a white person? Is this a DNA thing? Is it something they cant control? Like when spring comes & all the hibernating animals start to awaken.....Like when a bee stings to protect its nest? It doesnt know why, it just does it. 🤔🤔🤔
  6. No. I believe it has a recording function.
  7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣...so sad its hilarious
  8. Vocally he's very close. Just needs to venture into more Mickie Mouse spoken word and he's there! About 30 more lbs and he & Vince will be twins. Nathan's needs to get on this ASAP. Vince, Axl & Joey Chestnut fan compete for the Hot Dog eating Championship!
  9. Corey Taylor was too good for VR. Best thing that happened to him, staying out of the circus that is Slash & co. I never liked VR. Maybe a song or two. I liked Weiland with STP. Love STP. Slash rejected Josh Todd by saying his voice sounded to weak. Isnt weak vocals what this dude sounded like? Strange decisions. Corey No. Josh No. Franky Perez oh fuck yes!!! These seem like moves TB would make. Maybe Nando was working for Slash behind the scenes. Shitty singer for VR & yo yo's for GNR fans
  10. If Axl could still sing (or at least try alot harder) I could care less how fat & out of shape he was. Could give a shit about his ratty hairplugs either. If he could still sing, I could look the other way (litterally) but being theres as much effort vocally, as there is keeping ham & salami sandwiches out of his face. And Fernando??? What a fag.
  11. Jaun has some serious pipes. I'd love to watch Axl strapped to a chair & forced to listen to people like Jaun singing the tunes they way there expected to be. I doubt you'll see Jaun try and mimic FatAxl. Only person who can mimic that garbage, is whomever does the voice overs for Minnie Mouse.
  12. At this point in his life, I'd think it'd be safe to say he regrets all but about 3 years of his existence. What a complete waste of time & talent. With CD being the only idea he stuck with & saw through in the last 25 years, I can only imagine he regrets everything about it, especially its release
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