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  1. I cant call what I hear in the vocals as classic Axl rasp. Dont get me wrong, there is rasp, but its rasp in the octave of Mickey Mouse. Which immediately removes any viciousness or fire that supposed to be there in the vocal (especially with the stupid ass, remedial lyrics), replaced with a nicer, more friendly Mickey Mouse rasp. Which sucks complete balls. Weak, weak..weak vocal..you can hear exactly how weak the vocals are listening to live versions. No offense to those that like it, to each his own, but this song is easily top 5 worst song ever written under the corporate GNR banner. The music is solid. But the lyrics ...and the weak ass MM vocals..make it suck harder than just about anything other than Scraped
  2. He is insinuating they are hiding and or, hoarding medicine, machines & other medical equipment. Which they are. While other places need those things now, not in a week. I understand they are trying to prepare a stockpile for when shit gets crazy, but lieing about what you do or do not have is completely counterproductive.
  3. Here in Michigan our ridiculously inept Governor is threatening to prosecute Drs for writing prescriptions for chloroquine.
  4. Weak MM vocals, combined with some of the worst lyrics (simply stupid actually) help to combine for one of the worst songs ever in the GNR catalog. Scraped is right there, but this is worse IMO. Just a big piece of shit, from beginning to end. The sound of failure.
  5. Cant even imagine. Cant do it. Nope. What a dick.
  6. There is absolutely no way to figure out the mortality rate. Italy for instance had around 90,000 positive cases. But they estimate 175,000-250,000 actually have it, but symptoms are mild or not noticed, therefore not reported. But no one is counting this, because there are not enough tests to confirm it. If you double or triple the confirmed case number, while maintaining the current number of deaths, it will significantly drop the mortality rate. Not saying it's not dangerous, that's obvious, but the mortality rate is not 4, 5 or 6%. Its significantly lower.
  7. Hell no. Off key & the beginning of The Mick, sounder like shit.
  8. No explanation needed!! Was accused of this myself. Albeit, a much smaller scale. Lol
  9. Lead Singers Disease....damn....
  10. 4 songs out of so many made me believe the lazy fat fuck hasnt done anything else at all outside of these. All those instrumental demos with no lyrics or hope for vocals. What's even more ridiculous is, its alot easier & faster to record, mix & master vocals, than the 37 instruments used in all the instrumentals. What a lazy POS.
  11. Spot on Joe!! Cant wait to see him & Donnie debate each other. He'll be a angry stuttering fool!
  12. Schumer & Pelosi drawn & quartered. Schiff...begin by removing eyelids..then work very very slow. Make Nadler dress up like the Penguin n' make penguin noises, or stone him. Waters....smack her to death.
  13. Maybe he can preform with Pneumonia once he gets Coronavirus, and have some rasp.
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