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  1. Phenomenal song writer. Never ran out of things to say. So many hooks. And his vocals were extremely unique. One of the great song writers of all time.
  2. I've come to believe in the social media driven world we live in today, that only cowards with nothing else to say, people trying to push a narrative and people who know there getting busted for something play the race card. The crap that happened, and is still happening to Monica Palmer & William Hartman in unreal. They saw irregularities. They called it out. Thats there job. But because if doesn't fit with narratives or ideals of people around them, they get called racists and so do there children. As well as getting doxxed among other crap. This shit is unacceptable. The rac
  3. I figured 👍. But Talib is still racist slob
  4. Wow! I'm not surprised AT ALL about shady shit in Wayne County. Among other Trump hating socialists, thats Rashida Talib's backyard. Shed sell her soul to get Trump out.
  5. So where's this all headed? What is the Trump administration's end game in all this?
  6. Shes also a racist. She clearly dislikes white people in general. At least that's what many of her posts have lead me to believe. The biggest racists of them all are the ones always crying racism & trying to play the race card.
  7. I sincerely wish he would have severely beaten whomever was on the other side of the camera, lol. For no other reason than it has to happen at some point. These people who stick there phones in other people's faces and running there mouths hoping to anger them (I'm not sure that was the case here, just saying, in general) need a good hard lesson in a beat down.
  8. That's what I heard. That Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and probably Wisconsin and Michigan all face recounts. If irregularities are found, it goes to the house. Holy crap, can you imagine the shit storm!!
  9. Anyone know if this thing ends up going to the House is legit? That if Trump doesn't concede, and voting irregularities are found in the recounts, that the election becomes null & void so to speak. Then the House elects the President. But each member doesn't get a vote. Each State does. Which Republicans control over 30 (I'm told). Anyone know if this is legit? Supposedly has happened twice already in history. Or just more made up BS. @bran any idea?
  10. When he acted like a spoiled brat in St Louis.
  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 But seriously. Can't we get 1 season? Just one?? So far, all I got is the 1991 playoff game vs Dallas. Then we got blown out by Washington. SUCKS!!!
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