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  1. This could become one of the greatest moments in rock history!
  2. Liberal policies have destroyed cities like Chicago, Seattle & LA. Illigal immigrants, sanctuary policies, working against local law enforcement, ICE, CBP & DHS. Gun policies that benefit criminals & not to mention the burden placed on tax payers.
  3. Hear FatAx is gonna be on the Joey Chestnut podcast. Joey wants to know how Axl beats his records every night right before a show. Should be interesting...
  4. Disaster is imminent. Just as no one wants to hear Mikey Mouse sing Paradise City, no one wants to hear Mickey Mouse rap Gin n' Juice.
  5. If they dont release new music by the end of March 2020. I'll be done with this f'n band. I've got a clock on it.
  6. I'd be thrilled if it's great. But....when considering the last 2 years...I'm going with a full on MM disaster. But...admittedly I hope it's not. But it's going to be an epic embarrassment.
  7. This should be great. Axl can embarrass the shit out of himself in front of the world once more!
  8. I can only imagine this making Yoko Ono sound like an amazing vocalist.
  9. No. I cant possibly believe the lazy fuck will do anything but butcher songs he made 20/30 years ago.
  10. Jesus Christ what a fuckin prissy little bitch!
  11. 🙄🙄 do they though really??? Sad to say..I can see them milking this for another 12 months.
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