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  1. For hundreds of hours ? Hang on - was it a conference call, completely unrelated to GNR, that Jim also happened to be on? If not, there is no proof Jim is not BBA.
  2. The sad thing is he knows that Warchild is occupying 50% of the accounts there - but it's the only place he can post.
  3. That was the pic that led to his breakdown on MyGnr - and he left because people were laughing at him and he didn't feel he was getting the support he needed. So he needed a forum to join - problem is, he was always very vocal about Warchild being a crazy psycho stalker and even helped 'out' her as the person behind the UziSuicidal account taking down all the YouTube vids. It seems he came to an agreement that he could post on GNRTruth if he helped try and validate Jim's character, because he posted on there and immediately started saying the immortal lines that only fake and banned posters say.....'Jim is legit', 'Jim is male' , 'I speak to Jim on the phone'.....
  4. SweetChildODexter's response (the girl who Warchild convinced to go to Canters Deli and return the book) I am deleting all SIXX AM music from my iphone and throwing away my Ashba Swag. the fact that N6 and DJ refer to themselves as Hekkie and jekkie speaks volumes. Always hated those two cartoon magpies. From what I know of Axl he is a very private person, and DJ's letter is nothing more than a PR stunt. People can agree to disagree with me. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Haha - I was waiting for that. It took her about an hour since his announcement to start hating him - despite attacking anyone who disliked him prior to today. She also claimed to know this news 10 days ago, but as per usual (despite claims of delivering real news and facts) didn't say a word about it until everyone else in the world knew.
  6. Lol - I know, and that's all the kid said. Warchild took huge offence - made him retract the statement on MyGnr, made him sign up to Truth and retract the statement, and they plastered his pics and details all over their site!!! Just for saying that! On a different site!!! The kid said it on MyGnr and had no involvement with Truth or Warchild. He didn't start an argument and was cyberstalked anyway.
  7. The kid didn't give his personal details. They were traced from his username, then to another site, then an address lookup etc All for saying Caram isn't producing the next record.
  8. I mean really, what difference does it make to your life? I can honestly say the only time something like that has generated any thought from me was when I was moderating here and it was my job to stay on top of things. You are a longtime poster so you know the history of this person and are smart enough to avoid, which is great. Imagine a friend of yours started getting into the band and went online to discuss, and stumbled upon GnrTruth - where the site owner openly claims 'Jim' is connected to the band. They would be communicating with (and trusting) Warchild! From their social media, Warchild will have access to their personal info. You are looking at this on the understanding that we all know she's crazy and we all stay away, but potential new fans don't. They learn the hard way, like that 15yr old kid who got his photos, address and phone number plastered all over their sire a few weeks ago. His crime? He said Caram Costanzo wasn't going to produce a new GNR album.
  9. Jim admits to being Warchild, that is not up for debate. Their site now alleges that Warchild has connections within the band, which is obviously debatable (and false) given her true identity.
  10. You are not allowed to post on that site unless you 'believe in Jim' I don't believe Warchild has ties with the band, so I am not welcome on their site.
  11. I wonder if other bands have famous creepy fans like Jim (also known as Warchild, Sailaway, InDefenceOfAxl, Shannen etc etc) The type of fan that is banned from every forum and website and resorts to spamming on a free website for banned old posters, with all the normal fan base knowing just to stay away from her. Presumably Nine Inch Nails have because she likes them too - I've never looked over on their forums but I'm sure she would be instantly recognizable.
  12. Those who deny being Warchild usually are Warchild.
  13. lol at losthighway - loving your work
  14. You think Warchild is a real life person who is close to Axl Rose lol.
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