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  1. If I were him I'd find an excuse not to show up to debates. He might have a chance.
  2. I actually don't know anyone with it and haven't seen anyone with it. Makes me wonder.
  3. 2K subs, wow. Last time he made an update there were a lot of dissenting comments, all deleted 24 hours later. I hope ruqqus does better than voat. I really shouldn't care.
  4. I think it would take a generation of experiencing the advancements that the previous one pushed for. When people are still not happy they'll rebel against the previous generation. I think that is already happening somewhat. What's promoted in the media isn't really how many people think, just an idealized version. The world will adapt into the The Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers.
  5. He did suggest p0l1ce should hire people with college degrees instead of Dim and Billyboy.
  6. Miser allegedly has Soul Monster with follicles.
  7. Ye who controls the memes controls the future. I agree a lot of user base is concentrated. I've decided I'm not going back there. Waste of time.
  8. Allegedly a Lawrence Welk level big ban wave comin' tomorrow.
  9. Vanilla Sky 7/10: Almost couldn't watch it because of TC. The ending was too drawn out kind of like Limitless so I was exhausted and didn't care. I guess it could be a good movie in theory. Not my kind of movie. Enemy 9/10: There are a lot of videos on YouTube explaining the film and ending. Make sure to watch after. Very clever storytelling.
  10. I returned my ereader. Too many scratches, and I don't really need it. I'll ruin my eyesight on a tablet instead. Pockebook is coming out with an ereader in color. Can you imagine staring at a screen, in color!
  11. When he said he was working on a record, he was talking about downtime eligible for The Guinness Book of World Records.
  12. I think he could still win. This year is only getting weirder.
  13. I could sure go for a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi right now.
  14. He's either 4tus or against us.
  15. Anyone got some good predictions when this is going to end? Real info?
  16. What made them stop using writers? She appropriated robot culture too, lets not forgive that.
  17. I did that in a dentists office out of habit once. It was pretty embarrassing because he washed right infront of me.
  18. So the new record Covid-19 cases, what's going to happen now? I thought it would go away by May but May be not?
  19. My memory is as bad as Biden's. Makes it great because I've read movie spoilers on wikipedia but I forget it a month later so I can still watch. I've probably said that before. Probably multiple times. 1917 (9/10) Really great movie. The actors Jack Black and U what M8? had good camaraderie. Some of the backstory felt contrived and forced. The action and sequences felt real. I thought the gimmick would be distracting but not really. Doesn't get tiresome. I'd recommend. Silent Running (5/10): Finally saw this one. Waited a long time too. It was made by the real director of 2001. It was rated as underrated by VideoMojo. Bruce Dern's character sounds like Kramer. The Joan Baez score made this feel like an unfunny episode of That 70s Show or an actually 70s afternoon tv movie. I don't get the point of the movie other than to justify someone's becomes obsessiveness and won't let go of their pretentiousness. The "light bulb" scene was just unbelievable and lose all expectations. Only good part is it's a novel exploration in living in your own delusional world. I'm still not sure if the director was an environmentalist rooting for the character or just showing from his perspective. Melancholia 8/10: I thought the "shaky cam" would be distracting but I got used to it. I guess it gives a slow movie more energy. PewDiePie's acting was reserved. I think it was a good science fiction. It would be nice to be rich. I thought it would lose steam half way through but it got better. I'd like to see more LVT movies. This was my first. Black Hole 1978 4/10 I didn't have high expectations and I was met with it. You can tell when a movie is trying to keep up with the Jones's. Not much of a story. I read they didn't come up with an ending until they started filming. Would have been better without the mouse's influence. Tron 4/10 The special effects may have been good then but they actually look terrible here. Half the screen is black with nothing to look at so it actually is like watching an Excel spreadsheet. Nauseating. It does have a lot more going on than Tron Legacy. Also would have been a much better movie if not made by Disney. Tron Legacy 3/10 Not much better, I actually saw this first. I think it has about 3 scenes. I don't even know what the story really is. Visually it is less than annoying. The super rich protagonist YA dude completely ruins the movie. Nothing identifiable. Exit 2000 ?/10 Strange and disturbing French movie. Not what I was expecting. Will never watch again. I still listen to Lightning Crashes a lot though.
  20. 123 mov ie s dot net I finally sold all my DVDs to someone for less than $50. I'm so glad they're gone. I was about to throw them away.
  21. I think it's like the Devil's tower in Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind. I don't know why we are all here. This must be something.
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