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  1. I don't think I'll go for the hype of these movies. I think I even remember a Sat morning cartoon from them. Matrix at 20 years old is just as much of a mindfuck as the Matrix itself.
  2. meatpuppet


    I've thought about getting a hamster but too late for that now.
  3. B&B is thought to have been heavily borrowed from characters portrayed by Keanu but it amazes me how he aged better than a cartoon.
  4. I thought 1999 sucked tbh. Definitely better years in the 90s. Thinking about past is a waste of time and takes away energy you could be investing in the future. I think a Jackie Moon here said that one time. If you are going to waste time reading historical people than I would research successful people, businessmen. Might learn something from them.
  5. I changed my mind, 1.85 at east. Even 16:9 is almost too crammed and claustrophobic for me. You can't fit as many people on the same screen the more square it gets. 4:3 is awful.
  6. I think the wine trademark with (two 't's) is probably still owned by the wine company and not GN'R.
  7. TIL a lot of movies were trilogies. Guy deleading the house claims to not have lead insurance. I wonder what he looks like.
  8. I've not heard of them but reading up I think an episode of X-Files borrowed elements of Iron Man. I too seek escape as a salaryman.
  9. So much I have to get done today, and I don't want to get any of it done. I know you are supposed to put a comma before the and if the second sentence is a complete sentence but that rule always seemed unnecessary.
  10. I might even have to wait until the sequel but read it may need $550M to break even and only made $400M so far. I've heard studios never put out blockbusters this time of year for some reason.
  11. Rodriguez hasn't disappointed me so far. Always great characters and visuals. Probably last movie I'll see for a while.
  12. Might go see Alita. Nothing else out there right now.
  13. I'll stay out of the politics and just say JB is a great man.
  14. I tried. I really did. Sort of. I might have to get $urj3re3 soon. I should have followed all the instructions.
  15. I eat healthy yet I still am unhealthy.
  16. Converting all my DVDs 1x1 to digital. Maybe a waste of time but I should have done this a while ago.
  17. Those synesthesia techniques always sounded like they took a lot of effort. I have an okay memory as a survival instinct and just not being bored with otherwise boring information. I don't read books often so my spelling isn't what it used to be.
  18. I think I remember something about putting the tennis balls in a sock. Too late now. Oh well.
  19. There's a been a string of people you never thought would end up like this. I think this is a good explanation. Something's different now vs. a few decades ago.
  20. Two tennis balls behind your head at the middle of your neck. I learned in gym class 15 years ago. It lessens the blood flow to the brain which essentially releases the tension. Tilt your head back and just sleep. Also turn off all lights and where sunglasses if you can.
  21. I think this is the same thing really. I can't think of something more awkward, a conversation with a stranger you cannot really relate too. I cringe even at music journalists pining for something interesting to ask in an interview.
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