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  1. Dan Le Batard must have a hard time convincing twitter he's not a troll account.
  2. Most of my expensive plant pots cracked because of the night freeze. I read somewhere stoneware was good for it. I knew I was gambling but I didn't want to bring them in like last year. Learned my lesson though.
  3. wasted is a genius and spits the facts. more logic, less emotion, zero drama. we can't all be the same.
  4. Axl's voice was best in 1988. In 1986 sounded more like yelling. By 1992 it sounded too hoarse to hear the notes. I never liked the clean voice. Mickey/Falsetto is the nadir. Even in 2006 he got praise but I was still disappointed. I just don't listen anymore.
  5. I just skimmed through the articles but I think Alex Jones is talking way too much. I wish Trump had more tact than this.
  6. A doomsday conspiracy made by the Branch Covidians.
  7. Maybe @sixes unmasked suggestion about moving to OF would be a good idea.
  8. I think people will adapt. It just happens that they are universal shared platforms. They cannot actually control millions of people. Once people build their own separate spaces it's over.
  9. Musk suggested Signal. Not used anything myself. I don't even know discords.
  10. They probably can find another place like Inf0W4rs did.
  11. I'll probably get it eventually but I'm not in a hurry. What happened to the Russian one?
  12. I do remember hearing on NPR when Trump got rid of the pandemic people right when he got in office. I remember I was sitting at a red light too. Who could have predicted it though? I remember the criticism for the US selling PPE to China only to have none on hand. Remember the pandemic people saying wearing a mask was useless because we didn't have PPE? That was kind of worse.
  13. Biden did a good job changing the narrative at the 2nd debate and maybe that's all people remember.
  14. I remember Biden saying that when this done and Trump took some heat. It wasn't that long ago. Trump may not have been doing it lightning speed but he probably took measures would not have. I think other people would have been more compromising and left the borders open longer. I think that is like revisionist history but not a surprise.
  15. Do they really have enough to impeach Trump? I think Mitch might go along with it after the 20th.
  16. The Queen has knighted the leading scientist with the Order of Magnitude.
  17. I thought he would have got removed back when he was first running. Twitter should thank him for saving a dying platform. Relevancy was the only reason they kept him.
  18. I'm just disappointed there probably won't be any last minute fun now. Trump will acquiesce to avoid impeachment. No UFOs.
  19. Pretty soon "nothing to see here" will have to be taken literally.
  20. It would be nice if this was someone else's country. Not really fun right now. NelsonMuntzPointingLaugh.gif
  21. Businesses could boycott Square. Others CashApp
  22. Things are going to be really interesting. This is honestly not a fair fight. It's like tripping someone with their pants down. It's going to reverse in the other direction like any ecosystem or game. Just more divided. Imagine a world where your employment depended on whether you like RC cola and Papa John's? That's the world we'll be in.
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