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  1. Getting a REAL ID. Not sure how useful it is flying versus a regular DL. One of the perks is I get to wait in line at the RMV.
  2. I think the flamboyant stuff takes balls. The ones that are disappointing are when he tried to follow trends. Wearing a jersey and ultra wide jeans. I think I wore wide jeans too back in the day, everyone did. Like the bell bottoms of their day.
  3. I'll describe myself based on whom I'm most like, rather than aspire to be. I'm not very interesting. Andy Summers (photography) John Paul Jones (arranger) Anton Newcombe (eccentricity)
  4. Probably one of my favorite songs of all time. I listen to it all the time like some idiot. My playlist of versions UYI I Acoustic guitar demo 1985 Hartford 1993 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdTG8OW5S7Y MTV Awards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYbhEob-l0s Gateshead 1992 (taken down???) St Louis 1991 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEv_Kd4xZAs Cover posted by @guts http://www.youtube.com/embed/1zEur8AtvXU?feature=oembed Axl has never sung it well in concerts and Slash deviated from the solos a lot. I've often go for covers I like better than the live versions.
  5. I made fun of Ashba more than most. I'm pretty sure I was one of the biggest trolls if not the biggest. Nowadays I wouldn't want to make fun of anyone, even Axl, for his weight or hair or other. I wouldn't do the same thing now but I think Ashba was being overly dramatic about it. I'm pretty sure he knew what he was getting into. GN'R was derided pretty well for Buckethead. I think Bumblefoot used to talk about his m3ntal health a lot too. He had a car accident, bad back, marital issues and drinking he would talk about. I never made fun of him for those reasons but maybe others can see through bullshit. Once you start bragging about how hard your life is people resent you. But you never know how fragile people are really.
  6. Okay, thanks for clearing that up. I was wrong.
  7. That's the thing. Will is hard. I don't have vices for food but people can get them for anything. It's just easier in other places to not get fat.
  8. Donna Brazile gave her the answers ahead of time. I'm not into politics anymore but I'll say Mike B. is the only one with a chance on the D's side. I remember reading the NY Post in late 2001. Public Advocate (that's a real job?) Mark Green, Bronx Borough President Freddie Ferrer, and some comptroller were the voting pool. A month before the election Mike dropped in out of nowhere and won with a huge campaign he funded. Dropping in late is a good strategy. The media seems biased against Bloomberg. I don't think he'll give up though, I think it will be Trump vs. Bloomberg in the end. I don't think Trump is invulnerable. The allegiance to either party will depend on how the economy goes. That's it for me and politics for a while.
  9. http://movieweb.com/christopher-dennis-dead-superman-impersonator-hollywood/ Dead at 52 in a clothing bin. He was impersonating since his 20s which must have seen like easy money at the time. You have to adapt though and save your money.
  10. I'll give The Lighthouse 7/10. I was expecting something similar in feel but this was a very different movie. I would compare this to Bugs Bunny cartoons. I was rather disappointed as The Witch seemed to do so much with so little. In the week following though I found myself reminiscing Lighthouse scenes that stuck in my mind and kept me laughing. Dafoe's character especially. I almost wanted to go back and see it again. Given he had 4 years to make something I was expecting something better. Vice 8/10 I was polar opposite this point of view at the beginning of the millennium but looking back it is clear things were pretty fucked up. It's shocking how much of what happened was rationalized. It's pretty brutal on the character. Bale is almost indistinguishable as Cheney. Very funny and well executed but they do skip over a lot of the latter history. Dr. Sleep 6.5/10 I'll admit I don't actually like movies so my reviews won't work for most. They have to introduce something new for me to enjoy it which is rare. I saw the late viewing for a 2.5h movie I was just hoping it would end. I'll also admit I could criticize The Shining in some respects as a movie. I prefer something more existential these days. I want to see Parasite next. It will probably be the only good movie for a while if not overhyped.
  11. Mendosa used to appear when MSL would post. I'm not sure if he is associated somehow. It's been a few years so I sincerly don't remember. I don't think he's the same Mendoza that Brasky references nor impersonating him. Speaking of which, Mendonça as a name has always rubbed me the wrong way. Saying it makes me feel like I have a cold.
  12. I've seen WatchMojo synopsis on YouTube, and it looks like it has some funny themes. I like the Monster of the Week theme. It's a comedy but I think so dark you don't ever laugh. Also it actually has a worse reputation of normalizing things than American Dad. Never had time for it though. I don't think nihilism works as a philosophy for the unhinged. Especially after recent news events.
  13. Saw The B-S2s. Everyone had a costume so I missed out. Only 75 min show of a dozen songs so it felt groovy but pretty light. Older crowd but I'm not getting younger either. Being old was on my mind during much of it. It was at the casino. I didn't realize I was driving into Boston again :S Also gave out candy for the first time to Trick-or-Treaters and carved jack-o-lanterns. I thought my neighborhood was too degentrified for that. Fun times.
  14. I want to go see that new Eggers film about the Lighthouse. The VVitch was perfect, and it has been forever since he made this last movie.
  15. Every time I read this I think it is Lovecraft and then remember it was Oswalt. Gets me every time. Drawing looks like the lurker.
  16. Actually...not bad. Much preferred over the current. Even Axl never sang this well in concert. Klaus Kinski and Ariana Grande make a great couple. Depressing they can't or won't do it like they use to.
  17. I've read 12 weak books in 20 years. PewDiePie is pretty intelligent despite indulging in a video games so I cannot really judge anymore. Video games do help with some kinds of intelligence. I think it depends on the person. I would be homeless if I played them.
  18. I didn't know about this. No wonder it was 2 for $5. I don't eat at actual restaurants anyway. I'm too cheap to be spending that kind of money. I find it weird they call them "stores" when they aren't stores. Same with car repair places "shops".
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