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  1. Time to unload ASAP to the next guy then. That's a pretty big drop off. "Jewel case" lol
  2. All of them really? Getting them electronically must be easier where you are. I still look for whole lots on ebay and craigslist here. Even Walmart is stocked with them.
  3. James, do you work for the C_l_4?
  4. I haven't thought about this much but I could see this happen.
  5. I actually thought it was going to be titled Wickerman from the trailer. I'm being disagreeable. I'm not sure if it's a rip off.
  6. I'll have to get it then. That's what I've heard elsewhere too. Thanks for the tip.
  7. I liked this John Wick film. I've not seen the first one. I felt out of the loop with the second one. This one was quite funny and action was superb. Watching the previews this is going to be a disappointing 2019 except for that Wickerman ripoff coming out.
  8. I forgot about. It was really the setting of the movie that annoyed me the most. I used to live in grasslands.
  9. I think that Bullshit show did one on grass lawns being a scam. Glad I don't have one. I think epoxy will keep the weeds out of the cracks. I'm too lazy to keep killing it with acid. My neighbor has bamboo growing, and it's annoying as hell. I need a machete to get to my car.
  10. I'm going to get a gun, a caulking gun. Lots of epoxy. Weeds gonna die.
  11. I only eat unsalted peanuts from time to time. I actually don't like them but they are healthier than other foods. When I was sick I did go for Oreos and milk.
  12. I don't want to shit on other people's favorites. It's popular with other people just not me.
  13. 1. Tiger Beat's Jonathon Taylor Thomas. His posters were everywhere. 2. Maybe you saw it the first time when it was called The Little Mermaid. Under the Sea / I can't wait to be King. Zazou / Sebastian. 3. Elton John's muzak. Overrated songs way overplayed. 4. Grasslands are hot, boring and nauseating. I'd rather live under the sea. 5. It was probably the most heavily promoted franchise I recall. I think Michael Eisner was at his peak. LK merch was ubiquitous. I liked Timon and Pumba.
  14. Ghost in the Shell for anime. I won't get into all my issues with Akira but found it extremely disappointing. The Land before Time has a sentimental place for me. James Horner's score is probably his very best, RIP. I think the social mores on enmity it presented were wrong in retrospect. I remember identifying Cera as my sister and relishing the moment she was wrong. I think it sends the wrong message. All Disney films prior to The Lion King work for me. I was really annoyed by that movie when it came out. I'm surprised at it's lasting power. Robin Hood, Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin all much better. Fantastic Planet I admire for it's complete weirdness and pessimism. Seemed more real.
  15. I'm not an action guy but if it's that good I'll check it out.
  16. Saw a pink haired chick in front of home depot a few weeks ago. That was weird. I was shocked how cheap homes are in AZ and FL but it kind of makes sense now. Retirement communities are probably cyclical.
  17. meatpuppet

    Swamp Rock

    Now I finally know what frog rasp is.
  18. I think it's basic of young or old and by that when you are too old to do things. 30 seems a good turning point. Maslow's hierarchy of needs. There's a point where you stop challenging yourself. Today. Tomorrow. Yesterday. Animated. No longer animated.
  19. Grapefruit juice. The price of a grapefruit these days is outrageous.
  20. meatpuppet

    Swamp Rock

    Wasn't the song I was thinking of fits. Sounds like modern country. Marshall Tucker Band was the other one. Still can't find it. Not my thing.
  21. The wifi's around mine are all defaults from the box they rent from their c4ble provider. Poor saps still paying for it. Others have threats in their names like they are violent or will h4ck you.
  22. I had a neighbor share their wifi too. Not sure who it was.
  23. And I would eat them in a boat! And I would eat them with a goat...
  24. It's getting harder to live off the grid.
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