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  1. I regret supporting GWB in retrospect. I bought into mostly out of distaste for all those blocking inspections. I thought Cheney was a really smart guy from his debate. They were a disaster though. I don't remember a lot of specifics when it happened. I'm not sure I remember seeing a second plane hitting or not. I vaguely think I might have. I do remember being surprised they both fell. Even after the attack I thought they wouldn't completely disintegrate. If I'll be honest I don't really buy into the conspiracy. Some of the camera angles do bring up glitch in the matri
  2. My garden actually looks pretty good. Some phlox have come back. Some weird big leaf plants I don't know where they came from. I tried to eradicate morning glories but for the few that made I'll let them go.
  3. Box Office Poison/Career Ruiners Rumblefish 5/10. I think I saw this on the the channel Encore! as a kid in parts and it's entirety but didn't remember most of it. I think this ended FFC's career. One of the most pretentious movies ever. Clouds. Hip Birdman music in the background got annoying after 15 minutes. Only movie with Nicholas Cage where he doesn't yell. Superman Returns 7/10 it paid homage to the Salkind films which I liked. One of Marlon's last films. The LL character/story is awful though. I'm not a comic guy. Overall it was a good movie but not great. Bryan Singer
  4. I don't think Hillary would have been an incompetent leader, I just don't agree with her politics, polar opposite.
  5. If he can't ever yell again like he used to it's going to be hard.
  6. I figure you have to for security updates. I no longer can update my bookmarks and forced to use "collections"
  7. He really should have quit smoking instead of blaming the metal guitar pick and taking holistic medicine and minor surgeries. Good thing Slash quit smoking.
  8. After that debate I had all this confidence in Biden until Downzy spoke up. Now it's all gone.
  9. I would say we're already divided. I actually prefer the recalcitrant honesty. No need to tip toe around issues. It is what it is.
  10. With social media people can make statements 24/7. It' also different in primaries where people are on the same team and big statements can end a campaign. They're already enemies so it's not really surprising to hear them attack each other. I don't know. I'm rambling now too.
  11. There will definitely be a constitutional crisis.
  12. Lots of prepositional phrases, filler rambling by Trump. He wasn't really connecting. I remember the last debate with Hillary he sounded terrible. He was lucky people disliked Hillary so much. He wasn't that bad here but he wasn't good either. I thought Biden was going to sound incoherent and they would have to call an ambulance and cut the feed. He sounded alright and way smoother than Trump. Debates don't really matter that much. People forget about them by election day.
  13. Chris Wallace almost forgot the topic.
  14. Biden's using Trumps strategy against him, simple memorable statements. Trump should've started saying "co-caine" and "crook-ed"
  15. Trump's coming back. He's getting his rhythm.
  16. Maybe he's been faking weakness this the whole time only to come alive the last minute.
  17. Biden said "It doesn't want" so maybe the drugs are wearing off. I think he can keep going. People are going to like Biden more than Trump this far.
  18. Trump's attacks he used on Hillary are not working on Biden. He's shrugging them off.
  19. The average person doesn't care about tax words like depreciation. He never should have mentioned it.
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