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  1. The Walking Dead Season 1. Had existential feel that dissipated. Six Feet Under Season 2. I think it was somewhere after a few seasons, stopped having a purpose, started going from serious to silly. Seaquest 2 . After that the producers tried to make it StarTrek and add Klingons Married with Children Season 8 - Sofa So Good
  2. Today is going to be the most productive day in recorded history. I'm going to get so much done. I'm going to win. Today is going to be a great day.
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody 4/10 I'm not watching Rocketman after this. The concept is pointless. Documentaries are better. The acting was good. You know how it's going to flow and end. Factual inaccuracies are worse than plot holes. Queen were exhilarating fav for a time but that's over now. Acting was good but Rami doesn't look like Freddie. We have always lived in the Castle. 6.5/10 Quirky and campy fun. Crispin Glover's in it playing himself. Story is utterly pointless and absurdly dark but the characters make it a good film. Exit (2019) 6/10: I think ET would like this one although Korean. Parasite 7/10: Didn't like it. Started off okay. The ending was pretty good but not mindblowing. I thought it was made by the same one that made the masterpiece Oldboy but that was a different director. Save your money though. Everyone can be poor.
  4. Macaulay Culkin was good at Beatley chord progressions, who knew? I just learned Jimmy Page plays on this.
  5. I forgot all about these films. The Apes movies were unexpectedly good. Amir had the best list overall. Gone Girl was great too. I think Interstellar would have been better if it ended differently or sooner.
  6. I didn't want to post in the OUATIH thread because I'm not a fan and didn't want to ruin the vibe. I read Manson's autobiography and know enough of the story to recognize different characters. I did respect how they didn't half-ass some of the historical aspects. Maybe I would feel different if I didn't know the story. It reminded me of story evolution in Inglorious Basterds the way it crescendoed at the end . I didn't like the Bruce Lee part. I didn't really get the point of it. I can't really comment without giving spoilers. Margot Robbie's character was kind of boring since she didn't interact much. Brad Pitt was fine. He plays himself as others have said. Still QT has similar moments in other movies where people are talking. Here he's just staring. Leo is harder to believe because his IRL persona. I think he's an okay actor but he sounds the same in his movies. I don't know. He's playing an actor here and it was believable but a lot of the time I was just seeing Leo D. Rewinding events kind of worked in Pulp fiction and Hateful 8 but couldn't see that here, just repetitive. I would ramble more but that would be more coherent than the story. I know mixing separate arcs is QT's thing but just wasn't as interesting here.
  7. I've actually neglected to see it for that reason. Might ruin my experience for both movies. I wanted to compete with Angelica's record of movies watched: Se7en 8.5/10 Finally saw it on a plane. The directing really made the movie. Novel it's time but copied everywhere. OUATIH 6.5/10 I thought the historical accuracy at some points was dead on. The silliness was fun. Story kind of drags though and you need more than that for a movie. Missing the dialogue. Attack of the Clones 7/10 Really not that bad. I would say the movie name is the most annoying part. The Dead Don't Die 7/10 Kind of fun but not really funny. Mostly there to see classic actors still kicking it. Hotel Artemis 7.5/10 I don't normally go for action but all the pieces fit in this one. Good characters all around. X-Men Dark Phoenix 6.99/10 Not as bad as marketed. Just dark throughout. I liked Hans Zimmer's haunting score a lot. Superman I 8/10 A lot fun. Superman II 6.5/10 (Not as good as I remember. I was really scared of the characters but this felt like a budget TV movie at points. Slows down a lot. Superman III 6/10 Richard Pryor was pretty funny. Superman IV 1/10 I don't remember it but it was bad. Like I hope this movie will end soon bad. Serenity 1/10 Not what I was expecting. Ending was a twist but not worth it. Halloween 0/10 I'm not a fan of horror movies/gore. Not my thing. Low on movie logic.
  8. Overall it is a bad move but have to wait and see now. War would be a good way to stimulate the economy going into recession during election season.
  9. Is anyone here going to see them? If they came, maybe but I wouldn't pay 2016 prices. I probably could see other bands.
  10. I'm not sure Youth is for everyone but I liked it. It's hammerhead shark wide screen. I'll get to watching these too. I actually have seen relatively few movies this decade so I'm not the best at picking.
  11. I forgot Sicario. I think I would include that. I have hard time remember any movies that great.. Honorable Mentions (for me) Shame Underneath The Skin Prometheus 2 Her I, Tonya Moon (2009) Ex Machina Youth
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