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  1. I have a bunch of drawing books. I'm going to actually get this done. No false promises anymore.
  2. It's such a good movie that I'll consciously look past all the flaws. I thought Leo's character was less believable, like when he's advising Jack Nicholson in the bar. Walhberg is the same too cool attitude actor in every movie. A lot of people from Massachusetts are like that. Many actors are just playing themselves.
  3. Without Bossa Nova we wouldn't have The Door's Break on Through to the Other Side, one of the earliest hard rock songs.
  4. I have a somewhat fatalistic attitude but maybe that's just laziness. I'm glad others are acting for my interests though.
  5. Despite their reputations, they had a knack for starting threads of off topic discussions that would go on for pages and pages from a single post. Miser especially.
  6. In the back of my mind I knew I was forgetting something. I hate to use the term "at the time" but it's true. Unsolved Mysteries - Very good pre-internet scrutiny. Music was scary as hell. Chappelle's Show Richard or David Attenborough's original show. Carl Sagan's could be but I've not really seen it. SNL good/bad but overall a good value Ren & Stimpy
  7. Removing the Caps Lock (Lockout helper) key has changed my life. Half web log-ins don't tell you if it's enabled and my "fat finger" pinky has accidentally clicked on it innumerable times. It's not hard to shift keys into upper case so it's always been useless to me. I should have done this years ago.
  8. No more pewdiepie. Used to be 10 mins of funny memes, now just inside jokes and vidya.
  9. I've believe curry is so popular now that even some Chinese restaurants work with it. When I was in Europe I remember seeing Indian dishes advertised. There might be Nepalese where I am.
  10. It was nice for the lazy or dim listener to get a hint for where the joke was. The office had the stare which was more subtle. Now I'm sure it is jarring to hear like the noise on a live album. Without it a lot of sitcoms would be revealed to unfunny.
  11. I've never actually seen the show. I thought Seinfeld was a remake of The Honeymooners and Woody Allen. I was being hyperbolic but by comparison, no other show was entering topics. Caroline in the City, Mad about You. I guess they were funny but not like George vs. the laser pointer. I'll forfeit Seinfeld at this point. I used to like reruns but I'd watch something new now.
  12. Much of the the front page of Reddit is politicized, even subreddits that aren't really connected with politics. I don't remember it always being this way or never noticed.
  13. There was a discussion a while back about which was better, Chinese or Indian food. I still go with Chinese although I haven't dabbled in Indian food much. I don't remember what curry tastes like but out of the jar it wasn't remarkable. I think it was the spicy one. One flavor out there I tried one time was Jamaican. They use jerk sauce with pork. Not sure what it is but I thought it should be more popular. I overheard neighbors saying something about me using weeds in my garden. They're "wild flowers". I might have to get rid of them if that's the impression.
  14. I've never seen Breaking Bad, GoT, S&C, Mad Men. I probably shouldn't be commenting in this thread. I wish I could say The X-Files but there were a lot of shit episodes. The Twilight Zone was always great.
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