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  1. meatpuppet

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    Someone needs to remind @I_Are_ess he wasn't killed on Day 1 and the game is still going.
  2. meatpuppet

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    . . > __
  3. meatpuppet

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    KFC seems to have the Midas touch. I'll just go with the most popular result from graph theory. I'm feeling lucky. Official Vote: @I_Are_ess
  4. meatpuppet

    Best/worst Fast food breakfast

    I eat fast food every now and then but it looks so unhealthy. Also it's always expensive where I live. I can't believe the prices I'm reading.
  5. meatpuppet

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    I've been checking my mail box all week for stuff I bought. Nothing. I think the shutdown has affected customs but I haven't bothered to look up.
  6. meatpuppet

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    I thought Trump was the doctor and pardoned himself after impeachment. That was my interpretation of the 6=5.
  7. meatpuppet

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    I still think the game at the beginning is mathematically intractable, at least looking for a strategy. Now that you have more people you can get a better feel so your list I think was pretty good. The only way to tell at the beginning is from cold reading weak player's poker faces, unusual behavior. I haven't really been successful. I'd rather hear others' theories.
  8. meatpuppet

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    He wasn't saying much then. I had to put weight on something. That was 6 days ago. I was about 1/2 right. I also made another quote where I was suspicious of the quiet players.
  9. meatpuppet

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    @KFCBucket I did say GUNNER was Mafia at the beginning and I was right but that was a hunch. At the PM point I couldn't really tell who was who although I never said so. I've voted Arnold Mafia throughout the game based on my theories. I was wrong. You'll have to quote me on the Major being a 100% if that was a recent prediction or not. I said I trusted Popcorn and Wasted but I haven't run a list in while. I thought GNRLiars was suspicious and outlaid my reasons. I'll admit I've been dead wrong throughout the game at points.
  10. meatpuppet

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Maybe I'll figure it out tomorrow. Maybe it's all over. Picking up the pieces and moving on.
  11. meatpuppet

    Favorite Axl Rose Picture

    I'm almost joined mygnr back in 2001 until I saw this pic. I thought this pic was of something else and that I was going to get in trouble on my family's computer for visiting a bad web site. I didn't visit for a few years after that.
  12. meatpuppet

    Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

  13. meatpuppet

    Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

    He's reinvented himself many times over. Don't really recognize him now. Newsradio Guy. Reality Game show guy. Carlos Mencia nemesis guy. MMA guy. Podcast king. And comedian too somewhere. Most people are lucky to have one career.
  14. meatpuppet

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    I have to assume there actually was a PM and you weren't in on the whole thing. If he said anything candid it was he was tired of everything being the same. He wanted to try something different.
  15. meatpuppet

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    Gone GUNNER (2014) IMDb