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  1. I could barely breathe at times but still I could only use my inh4ler sparingly. Else, I developed an acute immunity and it did nothing. I could have easily used it too much and sent my heart into the sky in desperation.
  2. Phenylephrine is a sympathomimetic drug, which means that it mimics the actions of epinephrine (commonly known as adrenaline) I'm not a doctor but be careful with something like that. I used to have an inh4ler and remember be warned about this too.
  3. RTB used to work with Brian May so not sure. I would think connected somehow.
  4. I listened to the audio and I feel bad actually. It was like Rick was coerced to say certain things at certain points to incriminate himself. Considering how many classic GN'R videos they took down, I don't understand why these people are accepted in the community.
  5. I'll add the SCOM rehearsal to the list if only I could hear Axl.
  6. Repo Man I didn't like the movie when I was a kid. So cynical that it was depressing. Now, I get it. Movie is a lot of fun. Technology has done away with a lot of the jobs. Culture changed a lot.
  7. We're forgetting about the seasonal banners. I think it's time to put up the Christmas banner if you ask me.
  8. I have neither. YouTube mostly and DVDs by mail but I'll stop doing that because it costs too much. I never had time for tv anyway. I could go for YouTube premium but I don't want an account.
  9. I never heard Kevin Smith til now but I'll have to agree with you. I'll still lean towards Jesse Plemons or Phillip Seymour Hoffmann. I think I'll do the same when I have time, and the mp3 too. It's coming back to me now as I saw the same cover on eBay. I read its entirety. I also remember checking out Cathedral but I returned it without reading much of it.
  10. I also read Raymond Carver in high school. It was a yellow book collection of stories, really engrossing. I forgot all of them though. It might have even been the same book. For a moment back then I wanted to and tried to write short stories like him. He was a master. They were always interesting. Steinbeck was similar but Carver would write more freely. I'm listening to the story and it's sort of coming back to me. I'll listen to it when I can find the time. Your voice also reminds me of someone but I'm trying to think who. It's close to Jesse Plemons. That's a good achievement to go for and accomplish something like that. Your voice fits the storytelling.
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