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  1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NASA-SPACE-RAINBOW-SHORT-SLEEVE-T-SHIRT-BY-PALMER-CASH-APPAREL-LARGE-N1/383384114433?hash=item5943795501:g:G3QAAOSwEhdeKHEq
  2. I used to have a friend that didn't have a TV. His father was a doctor. They had a lot of disposable income and lots of toys but no TV. Eventually they did get one but they were only allowed to watch it for 1/2 hour a week. He was pretty normal. TV was trash back then so I envy him in some ways.
  3. I ignored the new of SARS when it came out but have been reading the wikipedia page. What's different there is that they could identify the the patient zero in that case. It started in December but WHO declared it contained the following July. I don't know what happened now. We have more technology, information. Somebody screwed up. Frequency 8,098 cases Deaths 774
  4. Andromeda Strain (1971): 6.5/10 Very 70s movie. Reminds me of Logan's Run in sound and cinematography. Technology and theme very accurate however, nothing outlandish. I thought it would have a lot of pseudo science. Unexpected Liberace sequence. It's a pretty simple and straight forward story which made it kind of boring though. Characters weren't individually interesting. I think I'll watch Outbreak next. I've always wanted to see but heard it was a bad movie.
  5. While the patient zero of the disease may be unknown, you can look at the recurrence of ebola virus as a similar epidemic. I think I read something like 10% of fruit bats in the former Zaire readily have it. It also exists in bushmeat consumed by people in the area. Even though Wuhan could have originated in other places I would say it probably is China.
  6. I don't want to disagree with OP's thesis but I will says that both TV and internet had more useful information than parents and maybe that's expected. I think that's why all teenagers rebel eventually, the cognitive dissonance becomes too much and they have to make the leap to figure things out on their own. In my own situation, I feel more empty and damaged having led to believe complete bullshit. I don' want to quote Bill Cosby but I'll have to, "The truth is that parents are not really interested in justice. They just want quiet." I agree the choices are overwhelming but when there is no direct pathway to success, the only way is trial and error. Internet will give more opportunities for machine learning by humans. I do yearn for the days when life was simpler, like Cyrus wanting to eat that juicy steak in the matrix but looking back I know it's not real.
  7. They used to think Snapple was healthy. I did too. I'm not sure what happened to them. The notes under the cap got replaced by memes. I might have a Tide pod in my belly but at least I wouldn't have looked at life as a fairy tale.
  8. Fresh tea. I have empty 2 liter bottles, boiling water, tea packets and artificial sweetener. Sort of like sun tea. I'll organize a series of 3 vats I can manually wash clothes in. One for rinse, wash, and final rinse. I have a coat hanger thingy that can be used for drying. Rice should last me a few months if I subsist only that but then there's rickets and scurvy.
  9. I think internet just makes enlightenment (as over used of a word that is) more efficient. Television is filtered by advertising dollars and general main stream agendas. It was a more useful too to insulate the masses. Al Bundy was presented as a comedic parody on TV. Internet showed him as the reality. I would say I lucked out. If I had more internet early on then I would have realized a lot of mores were bullshit. I would have been more successful.
  10. The fact that it shows no symptoms for other could testify to the gestation period. If it has a way to hide like mononucleosis then I could see it later come back in the same person.
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