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  1. meatpuppet

    If Axl's house burns down, will he write a song?

    I hope this dissipates soon. It's a shame people are losing their homes.
  2. meatpuppet

    I apologize for getting GNRontour.com's videos taken down

    I was going to watch the 87 video but I didn't have time anyway if that helps.
  3. meatpuppet

    RIP Stan Lee

    I was totally against comic books until the last few years. I think I missed out. His book on teaching comic drawing is really good.
  4. meatpuppet

    GNFNRs Film Thread

    Pokémon has a lot of staying power. First encountered them around 2000 from my neighbors. Looks like a fun movie. Videodrome is probably my favorite of his. I haven't seen The Brood yet but that will probably be next. I haven't seen JJL in many other movies from this time but probably should.
  5. meatpuppet

    GNFNRs Film Thread

    Think about it, it's raining men.
  6. meatpuppet

    What time do you wake up?

    I think that's the point, at 4:30 you have no one to socialize with and waste time. I think it's all a placebo effect. Going to bed early is going to be hardest.
  7. meatpuppet

    Best Seinfeld Quotes

    Just because they look alike, that doesn't mean you're secretly in love with Jerry
  8. meatpuppet

    Best Seinfeld Quotes

    I always thought it would be timeless but maybe you had to be there. It was definitely very different from all the other sitcoms on the air at the time. Maybe it's too dated now.
  9. meatpuppet

    Happy Birthday Scott

    Speaking of EstrangedTWAT's missed concert's thread, I left towards the end of Scott's set as the Wildabouts in Boston to catch the train. If I recall correctly I left in the middle of a familiar song that was Sour Girl. He had his issues but he was creative and productive. My liking of VR was forced at best but they could have gotten better over time. I would take that over this reunion.
  10. meatpuppet

    Who wants a new GnR album and why?

    They just need more confidence.
  11. meatpuppet

    GNFNRs Film Thread

    My Angelica level list of movies I only get movies from the library these days. I'd like to see Halloween but I'm not paying $12.50.
  12. meatpuppet

    Axl's Straight-Up BEST Lyrics

    At first I thought you were talking about progression of tenses or perhaps mixed conjugations. I write lyrics so I find this concept intriguing and don't know how I haven't come across it before. Did I say that right?
  13. meatpuppet

    Best Seinfeld Quotes

    Starting this off The man is a goblin.
  14. meatpuppet

    Most memorable concerts YOU MISSED

    One day at school everyone was singing "We Will Rock You," due to some big concert. I didn't get the reference. A decade later I found it was Axl / The Freddie Mercury Concert for Life. No YouTube then so unless you saw live, it was like missing a shooting star. Years ago I was trying to get this one day off to see Ane Brun but my boss wouldn't let me. Some coworkers tried to figure out what concert I wanted to see but I kept it to myself. Never went but I stopped listening anyway a few years ago. More recently I was interested in seeing Cranberries, Soundgarden even. Not good timing.