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  1. Gastric band Rick Dunsford's cock in a jar Bucket to return his Christmas cards ...it's so uninteresting you even run out of stuff to take the mickey (ha) out of.
  2. Well, they were fun while the fun was fun.
  3. I'm broke again, which means they'll play near me again. Balls
  4. Soul Monster and now this. Brilliant. Make it fucking rain.
  5. When the rest of the shit leaks, it'll feel good to finally forget about crap like this.
  6. I can remember seeing The Farce Awakens when it came out, and realising it was never gonna be amazing, found it to be solid and entertaining - but more importantly paving the way for people to really build on the momentum with something special. God damn.
  7. Only even mildly interested because of Ian McDiarmid's involvement, however there's the extreme likelihood of them fucking up the character altogether. This may sound naive in the extreme, but if I was Bob Iger I'd have strained every goddamn sinew to make the sequels as good as possible on the basis that surely great movies = more positivity = more fans = more moolah for longer. Or (if they hadn't made the EU novels non-canon) just make a film out of every goddamn EU novel. Star Wars Cinematic Universe. Stories ready-made for adaptation. But no.
  8. Ngl it'd be funny if he came here balls out and guns blazing n' shit
  9. Brilliant, I can continue the 'Make Your Own CD2" adventure
  10. How did Axl sound alright at the rehearsal, only to fuck it up for the real thing? God damn
  11. The bells you can hear around 2:35. A reference to Axl singing it on a Christmas eve?
  12. Got the CD. The cd/shacklers vinyl makes for a nice frisbee.
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