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  1. Meh. Tried to do a fun thing and it backfired. Just another belly flop that night.
  2. It's like checking in on a dying relative. Occaisionally they say something silly/outrageous and it is funny, but underneath you know it's because they're sick, dying and nothing like how you used to know them.
  3. Found a Metal Hammer magazine from ten years ago. There was an article about bands that really shouldn't reform. Interestingly, they predicted Fat Axl: "While it would be amazing to see the original lineup together again, Axl would eat 400 hamburgers and be late to every gig."
  4. We're reaching fat levels that shouldn't be possible... the impression is PERFECT
  5. Fuck me, it's the halfway point between Smeagol and Gollum
  6. Can someone put trump on Axl's face? We're crossing the clogged arteries Rubicon and it's glorious
  7. Best I can do for now. Couldn't get the right source images I wanted and ran out of steam
  8. More like Fortus out, Ashba in is the feel I'm getting
  9. Oh god no For comedy value however, oh yes please very much
  10. So... China saved GN'R? Good God
  11. Conspiracy klaxon - someone has dirt or compromising material in one of those offices and the whole thing's a smokescreen for an agent to run in and retrieve it. Forgive me, used to love reading conspiracy theories back in the day so the old imagination goes off on one.
  12. More are coming eh? Live stuff or nugnr stuff?
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