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  1. Did you piss Yoda off, resulting in her cursing you to forever be obese and unable to sing?
  2. The only way to cancel Axl is to use that thing Mr Burns blocked out the sun with
  3. TENET's is brilliant and deserves more recognition. In a normal year, and without the sound issues, I think it would have. A lot of the tracks have forwards and backwards elements in them, which sounds gimmicky but really adds to the disorientating and unsettling vibe of the film.
  4. Jfc that's awful if true, but I think they'd stop at nothing to somehow downplay it or rubbish it or whatever and people are so numb they'd barely be aware of it and still vote for Weekend at Joe's
  5. Sorry, should mention I nominated it bc he completely fucks it
  6. Late to thread, but Taipei 09 any day, where BJ Ashford made his debut on the solo.
  7. Listened to about 2-3 songs off it, cbfa with the rest.
  8. Back in Fat Houses of the Holy Fuck I'm Fat Don't Rock the Bloat Flabby Road Number of the Yeast Meatyora Jar of Fries Black Pudding & Revelations The Cack Parade American Idiot(s pay for this) 10,000 Lay's
  9. Also can we start a fundraiser to pay Google to have the Fat thread be the first result when anyone Googles gnr
  10. An unexpected bonus of the world turning fucking insane I was increasingly sick of the fact that he sounded great in 06 and was rubbished bc no Slash, now he sounds rubbish post-'16 and was accepted bc Slash, and now Fat Axl is spreading over the world
  11. Is Watch Dogs any good? Might get it on the cheap
  12. Tried using the free version and there's just one option for bigger face. Not the fat extravaganza I was hoping. Am I missing something?
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