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  1. Nice. That's why we need leaks, and pronto.
  2. If CD era stuff turns up on a new album and we somehow know Bucket has been on it previously, I pray it leaks.
  3. I was gonna say, I remember him saying that and thinking "ha, more like 2014!" Ugh
  4. "I know the world is ready for his new solo album"
  5. Fuck sake. Can the Streisand effect work here?
  6. Warchild when it was on CD.com. Some guy put it as his sig to take the piss back. Not screamingly funny, but randomly came to mind
  7. CD.com: "My ANGELS will take care of the retards." RIR yellow coat and every fucking thing else that night. Doubly hilarious after people thought Axl handed in a new album to the label in 2010 the lineup was building some momentum. Birmingham UK 06: Axl tries to kick out the security stewards during YCBM.
  8. Could not be less interested in this thing. Absolute unfettered cobblers.
  9. The lack of apostrophe really doesn't help. Shits: just getting started
  10. He did some killer drumming on Killing Joke's 2003 album. Been utterly unmoved by the last few years of Foos stuff.
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