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  1. It actually turns you off wanting to hear the unreleased, mythical stuff. About as mean as a daisy.
  2. Unless he's desperately trying to throw #MeToo off the scent
  3. I seriously love how you don't hold back. +1 for Peter Hitchens
  4. Might start illustrating things that happen in GNR world more often if that's alright with everyone.
  5. I hope the full Hardstool soundcheck leaks, if it exists. The bit that leaked is comedy gold.
  6. That's so fucking sad it's therefore incredibly likely
  7. I'm clinging to shit hope, let me have my cling 😭 the only album I was looking forward to is pushed back to next year so badly wanting leaks
  8. Has anyone reached out to Rick to verify? If it were true the info would have had to have been blabbed by Rick or Zoot to a third party. Or MSL just knew about it like he always seems to.
  9. True. Guess we can expect Fat in this Waistline in 2021 then and the only creativity being Franz Ferdinando's excuses for no new music.
  10. Jesus fuck. Can only hope an extended break due to covid decimating the live music industry will allow his cords some healing time.
  11. I've always favoured selecting one trusted person to send to in secret, who sends to another trusted person in secret, thus creating a chain. Slow, but might be a solution.
  12. Well, if it can't be proven it came from him... idk reporting on this kind of stuff might not be a great idea if it leads 'them' back to Rick and Zoot. I'd plough through 399 CDs of crap to get some neat Bucket instrumentals, General/Seven/Zodiac/Soul Monster Munch if they exist.
  13. Had a ticket for Thomorrow's Modern Boxes for a show the other week. Couldn't get into Anima massively but was really excited for it. Fucking china flu.
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