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  1. God I hope so. Still really enjoying Atlas and Hardschool and all the Bucket goodness though 😊
  2. Dammit I'm so on edge generally I thought General was out then
  3. Always appreciate it Brasky, but will only get excited when I'm listening to it. Sounds juicy tho
  4. Less bloated, cracking jokes
  5. Have they just banged prior to that pic being taken? Axl got his own cum in his eyes and she looks politely embarrassed
  6. So, these emails any closer?
  7. Gonna be some fuuuuun winter reading Wonder if it'll ruin the chances of a heavily revised Axl book ever coming out too
  8. Plus Axl complaining about Dre or some other typically surreal nonsense
  9. I enjoyed that. If they came back to UK and I wasn't broke/sick I'd probably go.
  10. The fact these songs went for so long hidden away does give me hope that there's more stuff out there, just waiting for the right man in the wrong place. But simultaneously, that Big Guns myth is sure taking a knocking...
  11. Thanks for posting this, takes me back to getting the three unheard songs at the time and playing them over and over. Especially Riad. Was funny seeing people swear up and down that New Song #2 wasn't Prostitute. Shortly after that I got a bit excited as I found a possible unheard Guns song on an mp3 website called 'Sin Titulo'. Downloaded it and realised what the title translated as
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