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  1. I'll gladly take that chaff for the wheat that comes with it.
  2. There's a particular scenario that would make him really deserving of an appreciation thread.
  3. Yeah they're easily the most mythical/anticipated. I could take not ever hearing Leave Me Alone, Soul Monster etc but those two songs have to surface eventually.
  4. @Bill Brasky you've changed your original post. Is all hope lost now?
  5. Yeah it was for me too. @John Bonham?
  6. Ohh the 2010 after party? Vienna I think? All you can hear at first is the ooh-oohs, then some leads, then the screaming
  7. What was the General snippet? Thought there was only the clip of Evader's interpretation. Not asking for a link as I cba with it.
  8. Well said. There is only enthusiasm for leaks because the music is not available to purchase. When people put energy into obtaining unreleased music, it's because there is not the option of paying for the stuff officially. The reunion tour can only go so far (literally) without any new/ish music on the horizon. Or is that the intention? Cashgrab and retire?
  9. Back in 2010 when there were rumours of Axl handing in a new album to the label, I thought it would've been fucking funny after the non-event of CD to simply call it Guns N' Roses.
  10. 🤣 genuinely wasn't expecting that
  11. The Colonel's facial expression in your avatar is a perfect representation of most people's reactions to this small flash of light gradually fizzling out to nothing.
  12. Appetite for Distortion Twitter, today: "Rick told me this morning he wants to do it. Some things behind-the-scenes need to fall into place first. I appreciate @rickdunsford for keeping me informed. For now just know Rick loves his fellow GNR fans and would never do anything to hurt the GNR band." I mean... if he actually pulls it off somehow, great. Even if everyone's hopes AHND DREAMS HAVE DIED I REST MAH HATE IN THE RUMOURS AS THEY'RE PUSHING THROOO
  13. Even if the actual activity in the thread was slowing to a gradual piddle, surely it was still bringing traffic and woodwork dwellers to the site. Fuck sake
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