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  1. Faxl Rows

    TB versus YouTube

    Fuck sake. Can the Streisand effect work here?
  2. Leaks or nothing at this rate.
  3. Faxl Rows

    Most ridiculous GNR thing you ever witnessed?

    Warchild when it was on CD.com. Some guy put it as his sig to take the piss back. Not screamingly funny, but randomly came to mind
  4. Faxl Rows

    GNFNRs Film Thread

    “'ee uses a DABBLE!“
  5. Faxl Rows

    Most ridiculous GNR thing you ever witnessed?

    CD.com: "My ANGELS will take care of the retards." RIR yellow coat and every fucking thing else that night. Doubly hilarious after people thought Axl handed in a new album to the label in 2010 the lineup was building some momentum. Birmingham UK 06: Axl tries to kick out the security stewards during YCBM.
  6. Faxl Rows

    Locled n' Loaded Box down to $499......50% off

    Could not be less interested in this thing. Absolute unfettered cobblers.
  7. Axl farted into the vault before locking it.
  8. The lack of apostrophe really doesn't help. Shits: just getting started
  9. Faxl Rows

    Dave Grohl is Shit

    He did some killer drumming on Killing Joke's 2003 album. Been utterly unmoved by the last few years of Foos stuff.
  10. He'll be less bloated.
  11. Well whatever spells they were, they clearly fucking worked...
  12. Faxl Rows

    Who wants a new GnR album and why?

    This is why I earnestly hope for Atlas and General to properly leak. Then I can finally, finally stop caring.
  13. They've lost momentum on whatever momentum NITL had. The opportunity was there, to just put SOMETHING out, a goddamn EP with Slash pasted over a CD2 song, Shadow of Your Love, a live Coachella track and a mini doc. It feels like the rock press had a mini hooray when it started in 2016 but won't really care anymore if there's no music at all.
  14. Faxl Rows

    GN'R Video Game Question

    I've got the Ashba DLC where you sit backstage putting cigarette burns into Les Pauls.
  15. Faxl Rows

    Stay of execution

    Necessary Lung Capacity