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  1. One of today's was like shitting a collection of lightsabre hilts, wonderful.
  2. Trying to get into The Fall. Been listening to prog/artrock stuff recently so it's nice to get away from ultra-produced and polished stuff and have a racket instead.
  3. As someone or other pointed out, Rey being a Palpatine and being the last one standing means the Skywalker line is dead but the Palpatine line - stupid name appropriation aside - survives. Also when Rey was reflecting Sheev's lighting back at him, why didn't he just... Stop sending it? Or aim it at her knees. But listing every illogical thing about this would fill up a second Internet, so I'll stop here.
  4. Meh. Where's Ebola these days? Hasn't put out a hit record in years.
  5. In the limbo, welcome to the limbo Watch it make you fucking Yayayayayayay yawn, yawn Aren't there legions of people employed at labels to take care of the releasing side? Just paste your shit over cd2 and hand it over to them. They can chuck together music videos made from NITL clips and you've got a reason to make bajillions more for the next few years playing like 3 'new' songs in the set. Don't even worry about not being able to write anything, just paste over the album that was rumoured to be ready to go ffs
  6. Had a great one earlier. Felt like a mothership above a warring planet, crapping out fighter crafts to go into battle.
  7. I think Axl will dodge a new album at every chance, even if it's just Slash pasted onto CD2. General, Soul Monster and Quick Song - latter two with vocals - is the best we can hope for, providing they're out there. Then people can make their own definitive CD tracklist, and repeatedly slam their balls in a drawer.
  8. We've got enough for a covers album with the fat lyrics.
  9. If a new album does happen, I just can't see them doing the standard promotion. Hell, they haven't done joint interviews have they? Any music videos will be cobbled together from live footage. Meh
  10. Saw em on the Clockwork Angels tour in 2013. Amazing show. Stage show that could kick Maiden in the balls, played tons of songs and sounded bang on. RIP
  11. Slash looks like he's on his way to the stage, so the caption probably refers to him being about to drop some fyah by looking disinterested and doing mediocre playing. Hopefully the woke brigade take them to task for using such a phrase during the Australia fires.
  12. Further to which... Caught me in a food coma BMI don't think I wanna Ever leave this McDonald's again Kinda like it in a food coma Cos Beta's never gonna Oh, make me come back to this Slimming class again So rotund I'm now floating away Belt can't feel all the pressure and I like it this way But my stomach's expanding My stomach's expandiiiing Won't they deliver back to my House agaiiiiin? Suspended deep in a sea of fat I've got to shite at the end, got some ribs as a snack My ass is wailing, my ass is wailing I could faint so easily My chefs are hanging up on me, I said They're leaving all the cooking to me When all I've eaten is mouldy brie And will someone tell me where the FUCK is my goujon!!!! Beta cook it! Getting fatter and fatter today It's a miracle how much I can pay For a steak that's just cremated In a plate that's full of DIP! Okay, let's get this guy on the stage please We're losing him (start the intro tape please) Come on, his airways someone's got to get the grease out his airways Where's the defibrillator? Two cheeseburgers over here please, that's two more now, we're losing him (Feed..... Me.....) Okay, respond, we're losing this guy (Feed... Me...) Where's the, Where's the gastric band? Anyways, give him a salad (BASTARD) Fatting out on us Who's got the microphone? Please don't overcook iiiiit I'm searching through a pile of all my ruined jeans But this cheap Happy Meal just can't stifle all my stomach's screams And I'm waiting on the driveway waiting for uuuuuuubereats Waiting for uuuuubereats Need to poo No one's gonna bother me anymore Now I've piled up coke cans in front of the door Wanted more food, so I unhinged my jaw But it's so nice now, I can eat off the floor I wish you could cook this, cause there's nothing to eat This twinkie bar ain't safe with me Not like the joints where I used to eat (I never really wanted to diet) Ahhhhh.... Urgh Okay, we're starting to lose this guy I want that chive dip and his chips protected (let's get some catering in here) Tell Slash to solo please, he's losing his voice, he's falling over Clear! Feed him again How about a Red Bull, stat? Okay you better protect the rider, he's starting to consider retirement Clear! Feed the son of a bitch again Listen to me, Axl, are you listening to me? No, don't roll away from me, get back over here You are so fucking fat, the fans are so pissed with you All I hear is chewing, all the time All you wanna do is have food, food, food, all the time You just don't give a shit anymore I might as well be in a coma More food and I'm a goner With all the seasoning I have It's kinda hard to stay thin But who am I to tell you I've eaten Anyone who gets in my way? Maybe I'd be better off without my appendix, anyway! At Disneyland, couldn't fit on the ride So got a one with everything, Buckethead just sighed Got a golden pass, gonna get it all insiiiiide An' all this cold collation that was left out in the cold I'll eat at the consultation with my doctor, he's now weak and old But if my asshole could speak, there's stories to be told No I don't need a doctor, no one else can repair my hole Gonna fire my dietician, over some wine But nobody stopped me eating, they just stepped aside They be down by the sewer As my huge turds float byyyyy Dizzy's calling in the morning, he be hanging on the phone He be waiting for a pay rise but you know I'm not at home Now Taco Bell keep ringing Unpaid tabs all my oowwnnn There were always ample warnings There were always massive signs "Employees only past this point" But I've waited too much time And when you said the Manager's not looking I'm fucking cutting in line Sometimes I get so tired of waiting I'm licking the fryer grime An' it's so easy to virtue signal in SoCal It's so easy to be 'cool' It's so easy to be hungry when I've shit the hotel pool And I wish that I could help you finish that big pork rind But I'm still sat here waiting My order's taking time When you reach the point of shitting Know it's gonna take some time To heal my broken asshole I'll need to eat the planet to surviiiiiive
  13. Reading through all these again, I might actually copy them into a document in case anything happens to the site. These lyrics were the best thing to happen with Guns post 1994 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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