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  1. Let the impeachment hearings begin!
  2. Cole to the Yankees 9 yrs, 324 mil
  3. I get it and I agree. It's a fun ride of a movie. Great cast. Baldwin is always great in those smaller roles. He had the look of a classic leading man but his strength is in supporting roles. Vera is a gem in anything she does. I've certainly knocked out a few watching her... I know I recommend too many things 😬 but.... check out Infernal Affairs. That's the movie that Marty remade into The Departed. There are 2 sequels as well....😬😬
  4. I watched it because of Scorsese. I will never not watch a Scorsese movie despite my belief that he's been in a tailspin for 2 decades, Silence being an exception.
  5. But you'll have a hard time staying awake... Zing, bang, boom..... Is this thing on?
  6. I liked the Twins trio of Gary Gaetti, Kent Hrbek and Tom Brunansky
  7. Alexa Bliss in the Princess Leia bikini thing. Yes please
  8. It's fucking bonkers. Midsommar from last year (?) has some Wicker Man vibes
  9. If you have the means, I suggest going to the Borski establishment itself rather than ordering online. If you go to the establishment, you get the absolute pleasure of Mrs Borski handling your salami
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