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  1. Moxley wrestled Big Cass at some shitty indie show 🤣🤣
  2. sixes

    TV Party

    Handmaid's Tale is very good but yep, the sjw feminist brigade is now ruining it
  3. Having Omega, Jericho and LOL Moxley as their 3 top guys is enough to make me never watch
  4. If you need one to make you fall asleep, listen to JJ Dillon's. Fucking snoozefest
  5. I'm not the biggest Spielberg fan but the guy has made some good shit
  6. Self-titted would be a good title for a Vince Neil solo album
  7. @bran Just discovered this band. Ever heard them?
  8. sixes

    TV Party

    New season of Black Mirror is giving Duff's new album a run for biggest shit of the year
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