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  1. sixes

    This is not a drill

    I swear my password isn't Iā¤salami
  2. When I was 5, I ate a slice of salami for breakfast just for shits & giggles. 40 years later, I'm not laughing anymore...
  3. sixes

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    He can always say gravity caused his unzipping
  4. sixes

    Dave Grohl is Shit

    I like the Probot album
  5. A book of his jokes will be released
  6. sixes

    GNFNRs Film Thread

    Bohemian Rhapsody On a scale of olive loaf to salami, I'll give it a pepperoni
  7. sixes

    GNFNRs Film Thread

    Georgia is a good place to start with JJL
  8. sixes

    RIP Stan Lee

    Gotta be Trump's fault
  9. sixes

    GNFNRs Film Thread

    @meatpuppet eXistenZ is one of my favorite movies. Jennifer Jason Leigh was killing it during this period. She ranks very high for me as does David Cronenberg
  10. sixes

    Best Seinfeld Quotes

    I know you're there, laughing at me! Laughing and lying and laughing!
  11. sixes

    Best Seinfeld Quotes

    Pinko Commie rag!
  12. sixes

    Best Seinfeld Quotes

    You're using my baby's now?
  13. sixes

    Best Seinfeld Quotes

    When you control the mail, you control information
  14. sixes

    Best Seinfeld Quotes

    I'll call a plumber right now!
  15. When I was 22, I ate salami. At age 45, I still eat salami.