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  1. sixes

    Your city/state/country

    I live in a magical place where the mountains are made of salami
  2. sixes

    The Official Weather thread

    It's ice cream weather
  3. He was the most unfunny comedian that people somehow thought was brilliant. Total hack. That being said, he wasnt a bad dramatic actor, especially when the fame died down a bit and he did smaller films
  4. You think that's bad, you should see her turtle tits
  5. sixes

    Axl/DC ACTUALLY confirmed

    Does this mean Brain's AC/DC remix album won't come out now?
  6. sixes

    GNFNRs Film Thread

    Fuck Drive. Watch Locke instead
  7. sixes

    The Close Encounters of The Third Kind dilemma

    If they have space salami, I'm in
  8. sixes

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    Yep. Time for le vodka juice
  9. sixes

    Former GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist DJ ASHBA Arrested

    Demented something something
  10. sixes

    Former GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist DJ ASHBA Arrested

    What gender in the current 107 genders is that considered?
  11. sixes

    RHCP (fans only)

    This 100%
  12. sixes


    I am stocking up on le vodka juice
  13. sixes

    RHCP (fans only)

    very true but he gives them personality and that goes a long way