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  1. Styles has been on autopilot for a long time now. Hoping that the heel turn would give him a new spark but so far, he's still coasting
  2. sixes

    The Garden

    I really like the live versions
  3. I just bought Spider Man Noir. Is that considered a graphic novel? If so, it's my first
  4. Too bad Ambrose left. Rollins vs Ambrose could have made it 2 years in a row of women main eventing WM
  5. John Carpenter could do no wrong at that time
  6. Kansas City is another great one from the 90s
  7. Robert Altman had a hell of directing run in the 70s
  8. Thinking of buying the Garfield complete works books
  9. Well....maybe not.... Storm of the Century was ok as far as network miniseries go. The Mist was ok. Other than those? Gerald's Game, I guess but that's about it
  10. Hmmm.... I gotta think on this. There's gotta be a couple good ones since...
  11. Madagascar, Riad....and that's it....IRS would've been cool if it had the energy of the live versions but alas, it does not and therefore sucks
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