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  1. That white woman has been identified as Andrew Downs
  2. Can't wait for Obama's speech tonight!!!
  3. Interesting.... I'd bump up Too Tough to Die a few spots and drop Brain Drain down. Maybe put Brain Drain at the bottom
  4. they should have run over more of them
  5. Dyckman Street is indeed in NYC. Upper Manhattan
  6. I hope Axl writes a song about the riots and never releases it like Oklahoma and the one he wrote last month Coronahoma
  7. Aaaaaaand Manhattan is a fucking shit show again right now
  8. He has been identified as Andrew Downs
  9. That video of the retired cop murdered is fucking horrible
  10. Now we're talking! Race war battle royal
  11. I was very surprised that didnt happen in the bronx last night I think the dems instigating the race war forgot there's more than 2 races 🤣
  12. if you think these riots are bad, just wait until Chauvin is found not guilty
  13. sixes

    TV Party

    I liked Rectify season 1. Tried season 2. Me no likey
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