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  1. How did the guy with no legs lose? Don't both feet have to touch the floor to lose?
  2. Every time I watch it, I sing that damn OOOH BABY OOH BABY song that guy and his gf sing when he's taking a shit in that outhouse for fucking weeks
  3. The only thing lacking in A New Beginning is that the annoying kid from Different Strokes didnt get killed
  4. I don't drink often but I keep my salami stored in vats of bourbon
  5. As a big fan of both franchises, I like both of these. A New Beginning has moved up my list big time over the years.
  6. Next AEW ppv main event... Omega vs Ambrose in an exploding barbed wire death match 不不不不不不不不不不不不
  7. Small Time Crooks is sort of a throwback to his early 70s movies. After Small Time Crooks, he shit the bed with 4 terrible movies in a row (The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion, Hollywood Ending, Anything Else, Melinda And Melinda) before rebounding with Match Point
  8. Disc 1: Enter Sandman Hotel California I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Youth Gone Wild Tom Sawyer Radio Ga Ga Crocodile Rock You Give Love A Bad Name Disc 2: We Didn't Start The Fire Footloose Material Girl Nothin' But A Good Time Coma Aqualung Barracuda Brass Monkey Disc 3: The General The Times They Are A Changin' Go Your Own Way Don't You Forget About Me Anarchy In The UK Kickstart My Heart Bark At The Moon Living After Midnight
  9. The Spanish Prisoner A David Mamet neo-noir Hitchcock-lite film. Steve Martin has a great turn in a dramatic role. Campbell Scott shines as well
  10. It's a fun movie. Not quite an 80s teen movie but still sort of is. Has that mini-adventure 80s vibe too. Elisabeth Shue is in super cute but not yet super hot mode. Another 80s teen movie that flies under the radar is Three O'Clock High. Always loved that too.
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