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  1. Trump just got nominated for his 3rd Nobel Peace Prize
  2. 1. Nightrain 2. Oh My God 3. Don't Cry alt 4. Catcher In The Rye 5. Locomotive 6. Patience 7. Human Being 8. Breakdown 9. Madagascar 10. Don't Damn Me 11. Yesterdays 12. Rocket Queen 🤷‍♂️
  3. Scumdogs is getting the re-release treatment October 30
  4. Since Dems want to pack the Supreme Court when they gain power again, I was hoping Trump pulled a Royal Rumble today and kept throwing out nominees every 2 minutes
  5. Slayer..... South Of Heaven Hell Awaits Reign In Blood Seasons In The Abyss Show No Mercy God Hates Us All World Painted Blood Divine Intervention Undisputed Attitude Christ Illusion Diabolus In Musica Repentless @bran?
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