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  1. Nah, you're into waxy and Shitnor. Stop denying.
  2. What ? did monkey say anything ?
  3. Lol, this dipshit is off his meds again I have no idea what the fuck you're rambling on. Nor do I give enough fucks to find out Eat a dick you myopic dimwit, I'm not defending or protecting anyone, dipstick. Geez, so much cock gobbling has taken its toll on you Brazilian monkey thinks he's civilised. Comedy gold right there It'a actually quite funny watch you obsess over me like a bitter ex girlfriend, Unfortunately for you I'm into ladies Little trivia for you, I fucked your mother yesterday. I know I should n't have but in my defence I was drunk. I have to ask you a small favour, tell her to shave down there next time. I felt like I entered a thick forest
  4. No, TEAM REALITY. You on the other hand..........
  5. Dude fronts two amongst biggest Rock bands. Has raked in millions. Has just completed the fourth most profitable tour. Sure, he's a "lost cause".
  6. You do ? interesting.....
  7. There's one fantastic animator and director called Jan Svankmajer. Ho does mostly stop motion animations. He's great.
  8. Good band. Second album is their best by far. Although Shannon's voice has tendency to grate on my nerves. It's too high pitched and whiny.
  9. I have one question, doctor. What should I do with my household pygmy pet ? I purchased it in In Manaus, Brazil, right at the edge of Amazonian rainforest. It's become very obnoxious and annoying. No matter how many bananas I feed it, it never stops bitching and whining. Should I shoot it or should I commit it to asylum ? I want to hear a third opinion.
  10. I can but I don't. Cry me a river. Taylor era is the best.
  11. It's debatable how much involvement Jones had in those songs Miser has listed. Other than adding fucking oddball instruments here and there. It took Mick and Keith 3 albums to start writing top notch material. Once they completely they took over, well, the rest is history.......
  12. Brian Jones era Stones mostly sucked, Miser. Deal with it. You and another retard called Len Cnut are probably two people who like their late 60s period. Because you two are so cool and edgy.
  13. Ragnar


    Lol, 3 songs.
  14. Ragnar


    All of which suck ? nothing to write home about, pal
  15. Ragnar


    But, but, but, does Izzy know how to strum (unplugged) guitar ? One wonders.... Axl's a very shrewd businessman, is n't he ? I mean, his net worth is up to 200 000 000 with minimal work. Other "relevant" bands and artists with bigger discographies don't have half of his money and power. If you ask me, it's very impressive for a semi-literate high school dropout.
  16. Monkeyboy is off his meds again. As I said, either change vinyl or fuck off, gayfart
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