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  1. You're obsessed with OJ or something ?
  2. You're all deaf or what ? sounds dreadful. Dude sings like a goat.
  3. I would n't mind watching her get on her knees....
  4. Since 2008 maybe. Of course, nothing compares to "masterpieces" Izzy pumped out like "Baby Ran", "FP Money" etc. but still..........
  5. The Stones should have called it quits long fucking time ago. After "Tattoo You" maybe.
  6. This is a flawed logic. You're aware he still can belt out in studio, are n't you ?
  7. Only Frank sticks out as a sore thumb. Melissa is practically invisible and Richard is n't a problem at all. Axl not giving a shit, Slash on autopilot and stale setlists are different issues altogether.
  8. Cool story, brah.
  9. You never know
  10. I don't think Axl would allow him to perform 5 GNR songs with his solo act
  11. I pity everyone who had to sit through this. Shitshredding for the sake of shitshredding. What the fuck, Slash
  12. Official "shut the fuck up wasted, Rovim and auad" thread
  13. Lol, I'm not surprised Boss allowed him to play only Guns' song. Cucked again
  14. Ragnar

    The Next Game

    No, I'm not.
  15. Ragnar

    The Next Game

  16. You were a fucking traitor rat and you were dealt with accordingly.
  17. On topic, SMB blows.
  18. Still butthurt over my Heep post, I see
  19. @GnRLiars is it you on your avatar after 3 months of binge drinking ?
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