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  1. "Blackened days, we`ve lost our way, so gather round". so deep, profound and meaningful
  2. You should lay off sheep. It`s taken toll on you.
  3. Ragnar

    New Axl article in Penthouse

    Axl' s a leftie because he hates Trump ? what a great logic Dude`s a ruthless capitalist who charges his moronic fan base an obscene amount of money. Sure, sure, he`s a leftie
  4. Ragnar

    New Axl article in Penthouse

    Anyone actually read it ? Yeah, as I thought....
  5. Why did none of you did anything ? you should have knocked him flat on his ass. This is gold . Thanks for the laughs
  6. I understand why Axl hates his fan base. Jesus, fuck, I would hate these trailer park trash too.
  7. How ironic . Don`t worry about my blood pressure. Worry about yours .
  8. Hardly. Besides, you sound like you have a burden on your shoulders . Is everything alright, pal ? don`t worry, it`s all good .
  9. "Duff is a good songwriter". I chuckled . Miser and Bobbo bang out so much shit. It`s comedy gold .
  10. Not sure about that. Even though he was gifted, I always found him very limited. In fact, I think he was a third rate David Bowie wannabe with some Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop thrown in. Still, he was much better than pencil neck cunt Myles Kennedy.
  11. "Axl wanted to ride NIN`s coattails" another urban legend .
  12. Contraband had like two or three halfway decent songs. The rest were generic, uninspired, power chord alt rock trash.
  13. Get a life, Miser. GNR has been "Crazy Axl and side Junkies" since day one . The band has been led and dominated by him since their inception .
  14. Ragnar

    Honest thoughts on MYGNR?

    Yes, especially the turd who posts as ludurigan. Holy shit, it`s a complete new level of retardation. He`s WFA's and Warchild`s love child
  15. Ragnar

    Anyone miss the Ashba era?

    Buckethead mocking Slash. Brilliant. This lineup could have been something if only Axl...... well, you know the rest. Wonderful band of freaks led by a mercurial, ginger madman.
  16. Ragnar

    Axl at a guitar show back in July '95

    Slash has been Axl`s bitch since day one.
  17. Ragnar

    Honest thoughts on MYGNR?

    I can`t be bothered to muster enough fucks to warrant writing an essay or a wall of text about them.
  18. Ragnar

    Who will win the GRAMMY for Best Box Set?

    I don`t "hate" him. I just think he sucks and his schtick is boring. Don`t you have anything to bitch about ? get stuffed. By the way, Belated Happy Birthday!!!!
  19. Ragnar

    EDM.....in 1969

    And ?
  20. Ragnar

    Who will win the GRAMMY for Best Box Set?

    For being complete shit. What an achievement.
  21. Diligent little employee wished his boss a happy birthday. How cute
  22. Ragnar


    Not interested was cool while for the first time though. Besides, not sure Axl can magically bring his trademark vocals back based on his later performances.
  23. Ragnar

    Dr. Stephen Thaxton Reveals...

    Tracy ?