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  1. You and tardinha can hook up now. Finally, it has found its soulmate
  2. The only thing I understand from this diatribe is, it's you and you're triyng to pass it off as someone else Give it another shot simpleton
  3. Remove your father's dick out of your mouth princess. I don't understand what you're trying to say. Do you often talk with mouthful of cum ?
  4. Shaman taught you to draw yourself ? Whose alt account are you, faggot ? plus, you type like a retarded 12 year old. I have a doubt you were born of incest which explains many things....
  5. No, I don't need to see your shit drawings, monkey. Thanks.
  6. No, we're far ahead than your minuscule brain can imagine. I hope crappy favela gangs will duke it out over Oasis vs Blur.
  7. Has Britpop reached Shitzil yet, fuckstick ?
  8. Lol, there's no such thing. They're all fucking crap. Cheesy, bubblegum 80's boy band.
  9. You were trying to say something ? I'm sorry, I don't speak retardish. If you want me to understand you, you'll have to try harder. Or does tourette's prevent you from communicating ? autism, maybe ? As for my gender, I'm telling you upteenth time ask your girfriend and she'll tell you everything you fucking bitch. Do you like my sloppy moments ? I bet you do, you cuckold
  10. Change your vinyl already, monkey, you're running into circles. It's boring Yes, I call you a bitch because you're an actual bitch. As for me asking JB to put a leash on you, I tried to do a mature thing. I'm sure no one's amused watching you spam entire forum with your petulant diatribes. I'm sure no one has told you yet but it's very natural reaction to be annoyed when an obnoxious cuntrag like yourself keeps on pestering you. Mock me ? bitch please, it remains to be seen who's mocking who
  11. You would cower in front of me like a little cum slurping bitch you are. I doubt you have guts to talk shit to someone's face in real life. This forum is your shield by the looks of it
  12. This retard keeps on amazing us with his retardation every day Short attention span and reading comprehension issues. This is really sad and pathetic
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