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  1. How the fuck do you manage to come up with so many idiotic topics ?
  2. surprisingly, I've never wanted to fuck a toon character. When I want to fuck a woman, I fuck, you know, a real, live woman. To each his own, I guess
  3. Smells nerdy here. Why would anyone want to bang a cartoon character.
  4. Ragnar

    The Metallicas

    Lol, it's a pile of shit just like everything they did after And Justice...... Half of Load was good, half sucked balls. It's hilarious how auad likes everything no matter what
  5. How did he manage to have an intercourse with Missandei ? It's been puzzling me for a while More importantly, did the ice wall build itself ? So many unanswered questions AKA plot holes
  6. Fucking useless, annoying cunt Bran Stark became the king of Westeros. Unfuckingbelievable. So shit
  7. What evidence is there of Duff being the king of beers ?
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