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  1. You're wrong on all counts, Doctor FagDom. Don't forget to put on your make up before you go out to blow random bums on the street.
  2. "pediphile" I have n't admitted to anything you dipstick Damn, Herb, mullet has rendered you a complete retard, has n't it ?
  3. You're too daft for your own good, Herbert How much did you earn blowing random dudes on the street today ? You're a piece of shit. Nothing's off the table when it comes to you. You started this. As for low IQ, my left nut your wife was sucking, has more IQ than your entire inbred kin combined.
  4. So ? if you don't want me to shit on you then keep your hands to yourself you fucking obnoxious, geriatric faggot
  5. You said something Herbert ? I'm sorry, I did n't hear you. Now that I'm done with your wife, I think I'm gonna move on to your daughter. Get her ready......
  6. I haer this voice every time I read your diatribes You've graduated from cats to goats ? congrats, Herb No, thanks. Zoophilia is n't for me. I'll stick to your wife..... No. Thanks. You and Herbert can hook up if you want. Herbert suffers from the latest stage of Asperger's. Stop ranting, Herbert, Put on your make up and go out on the streets. You have a job to do
  7. Who the heck is Roscoe ? a cat your hump after wifey turns you down ?
  8. Nah, it'll be the other way around, Stop embarrassing yourself. It's getting boring.
  9. He really named his son Axl ? damn Rick, what did your child do to you
  10. Fuck it. There's no chance in hell I'm reading 105 pages of "my friend's acquaintance's friend told me" drivel.
  11. I will do whatever I please and I could n't give less of a shit whether you like or not. Carry on rambling
  12. Think whatever you want, Tardinha. Like I give a shit
  13. Get her ready, Herbert. I'll pay you a visit tonight.
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