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  1. I chuckled reading this. Thanks for the laughs
  2. I did n`t know if he could play piano He used to blow harmonica once in a blue moon.
  3. Yet, Bark at the Moon booklet proudly declares " All songs written and and composed by Ozzy Osbourne"
  4. Yes, because Ozzy is known for his lyrical prowess, is n`t he ? He has co-written like 6, 7 songs in his entire career and lyrics of those songs, let`s just say, leave more to be desired. He`s very lucky. With very minimal amount of talent he became a household name. One can`t get luckier than him.
  5. Ragnar

    Why did Slash allow Axl to put One in a Million on Lies?

    Because he`s a spineless cuck. Lol, equals.
  6. Ragnar

    Land of the Free - The Killers

    You`re quite a gentleman. I would have smashed it over his head
  7. Gillette razors are crap anyway. What`s the big deal.
  8. Ragnar

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    Jeez, all this junk food. No wonder obesity is rampant in Murica
  9. It`s not "great" but it`s good. Personally, I`ll take it over self-indulgent ballads like Estranged or November Rain any day.
  10. Ragnar

    Land of the Free - The Killers

    Hot Fuss was decent. Everything else is guff.
  11. Imagine, imagine, imagine.......
  12. Ragnar

    Guns N' Roses new album by decade's end

    Lookie, lookie, who do we have here ? long time, no see, pal!!!!
  13. Why should anyone throw in TSI ? it`s a cover album for fucks sake . Keep quiet, Wasted.