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  1. You're into sadomasochism or something ? Jesus
  2. Izzy's stuff is complete uninspired, generic trash except for maybe Juju Hounds ( what the fuck is Juju Hounds anyway ? ) and 117 Degrees and even those are n't anything to write home about. One has to be a complete fucking brain dead idiot to give him all the credits. Then again, after reading some posts here, I might n't be too off in my estimation
  3. Lol, gradaute from synth pop crap, numb nuts and then come back.
  4. If Axl does n't plan to release music he should become a DJ. He'll be ten times better DJ than DJ. If you know what I mean.
  5. This halfwit thinks I give a fuck if anyone is "done" with Axl or not. Jesus, you could n't make this shit up even if you tried . I rest my case Yeah, yeah, alright, whatever makes you sleep tight at night mama's sunshine Keep telling yourself more of this horseshit. You might believe it someday. I don't have time for this shit.
  6. Look at this retard. Does n't even have two brain cells to rub together to come up with anything other than" lol, I come here 'cause I like the community here, huehuehuehue, funny Brazilian monkey" We all know why you keep coming back. You're a lowlife loser with nothing better to do than post bullshit here. Don`t fool yourself, maytard, no one's buying your shit. Everyone sees through it. I'm neither "protecting" nor "praising" him you myopic fuckturd. I only call out bullshit when I see it. What's with your fantasies about sucking cocks and taking them up the bum ? yeah, we all know you're a faggot but still have some common decency and keep your fantasies to yourself. The last sentence does n't even make any sense. Were you trying to say anything ? or your tourettes kicked in fuckwit ?
  7. Gets banned several times. Keeps coming back. You do the math who's a pathetic fanboy, gayfart @maynard
  8. What speed metal are you talking about you fucking braindead imbecile ? do you even know what speed metal is, dipshit ? Shitnor's synth layered faggotry has taken its toll on you I see. They would have been another Motley Crue or Skid Row without Axl. Not wanting to recycle one sound over and over again hardly constitutes "following the latest trend in music" Jesus, you so fucking daft I feel almost sorry for you Brownnoser ? bitch please, who said I wanted to have an argument with you ? I'm here to shit on you on monthly basis. Inbred ? you seem to know lot about it since you mention it all the time. We still want to know if your mother is your aunt...... Last but definitely not least, piss off now and eat a dick, dumbshit.
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