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  1. Ragnar

    If Axl's house burns down, will he write a song?

    No West Arkeen this time around to write songs for him......
  2. Shut the fuck up you annoying imbecile.
  3. Ragnar

    New album coming?

  4. Ragnar

    Who wants a new GnR album and why?

    Duff is Punk as fuck .
  5. Who the fuck let this monkey leave his cage ? Stick a banana in your cunt hole and swing off a tree. "Accent, accent, accent" this dumbshit is too dense to know meaning of words he`s tossing around .
  6. English not being my first language has nothing to do with your utter retardation you inbred cuntrag . Your girlfriend strongly disagrees with you bitch boy. Now, fuck off back to your basement and carry on masturbating on Izzy`s hq photos .
  7. You, for one, "creatively useless" is a paraphrase of " Izzy wrote'em all".....
  8. "Izzy wrote 'em all horseshit" again . You bet your asses he did n`t. As much of a dick as Axl is, he is and always the main creative force in the band. Yeah, yeah, I know it must be cool and edgy to spin the same bullshit over and over again but there comes a time when it should be put to rest for good. They did n`t release anything not because Izzy was n`t there but because Axl had his head far too deep up his ass. Rant over........ Run along now .........
  9. Ragnar

    Is it DJ Ashba's fault that Axl wears eyeliner now?

    Nothing. Never mind. Something`s lost on you
  10. Ragnar

    Is it DJ Ashba's fault that Axl wears eyeliner now?

    I assume you also think Nine Inch Shit is deep, thought-provoking, profound and revolutionary genius
  11. Ragnar

    Is it DJ Ashba's fault that Axl wears eyeliner now?

    Yes because a third rate Slash rip-off could have modernised the sound, could n`t have he ? really man ?