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  1. No, thanks Herbert. I'm into opposite sex but I wish you all the success in finding your other half...... Aussie cuntrag......
  2. Something original or piss off.
  3. "You're a poisoooonnnn", awful. The Hollywood Vampires crap is horrendous as well.
  4. Quoted for truth. Arthur Brown was far superior. Still better than hack Manson though.
  5. We believe even more, Insha'Allah!!!!
  6. Great songwriter but his songs interpreted by others are usually much better than originals.
  7. I have and I don't like it. Then again, I absolutely abhor death metal faggotry. Not a fan of thrash either except early Metallica and few other thrash bands.
  8. I'm sorry it may sound harsh but if your mother does n't stop being a door mat then abuse she's suffering at their hands will go on indefinitely.
  9. Seth Rogen is such a raging hermaphrodite.
  10. I'd be on board with this. This as well. Duff can get fucked for all I care. I want pure Axl/Slash Guns' album. If they still can write songs like Jungle, DDM, DH, Coma, CW, Breakdown, Locomotive, count me in.....
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