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  1. Totally agree. And he's still just noodling around I feel.
  2. I love it when posters I have no memory of have big opinions about me. Opinion spamming? I have no clue who you are or what kind of poster you are. But think about what you said. Opinion spamming. Isn't that the exact reason forums exist? For people to share their opinions? Without people sharing their opinions on forums....then forums would die. Opinion spamming = sharing opinions. You just use the word spamming because it's people's opinion that you don't agree with. Sorry bruh, but you sound like a bit of a tool and a bit ignorant about how Internet forums work. I was talking to mags
  3. so basically when you agree with it and find it funny it's trolling. when you disagree and find it irritating, it's shitposting. got it.btw, dildoface and mike gatto is a sweet dude are the epitome of clever trolling. i aspire to some day reach those heights. No I don't like msl at all. I think he's a butthole. But he trolled she shit out of gnr and the fans amazingly well. It was a masterpiece.
  4. trolling isn't the same as shit posting. Doesn't lord shit post know that by now? Eat my silkworms = trolling. MSL = trolling. Opinion spamming and shit posting = mags, soul monster, groghan you.
  5. No way I'd love to hear your thoughts on new bbf solo work! Also this place is just mygnr attitude with a different url
  6. Just wait til paul Tobias huge finally finishes a song. You will all eat your words and my sad embarrassing support for the 2k2 lineup will finally be vindicated!!!
  7. It was really interesting to read his foreword to the album where he projects all his personal issues onto the Chinese public, then takes up their cause, even though he admits to not knowing much about Chinese history or politics. Fascinating. If spinal tap 2 was set in their 40s, it would have been about Chinese democracy
  8. And "it don't really matter gonna find out for yourself". He prefaced his opus with a disclaimer
  9. Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't really care about new music. All I ever want is nostalgia from gnr. I can't see why anyone would have faith in 50 year old gnr making anything good anyways. I just want to hear the classics.
  10. I do pretty much like the hits best. I'm like that with most bands too. I think gnr is an awesome band but not the best songwriters. Better than the rest of the sunset strip scene for sure. but more an awesome band than awesome songs.
  11. Worst gnr songs: 1. Scrapped 2. This I love 3. Riad 4. Street of Dreams 5. Catcher in the Rye Chinese Democracy IRS (tie) GNR songs worse than so fine: Everything on cd Everything on si Shotgun blues My world Back off bitch Songs that are as bad as so fine: The garden Bad obsession Don't cry (x2) Right next door to hell Don't damn me Locomotive Breakdown
  12. I like hearing it live too. After all these years it's fascinating. Especially this I love
  13. Okay fine this seems like a stupid point to go out of your way to make but yeah if you don't count Chinese democracy than si is their worst. Great
  14. I thought Chinese Democracy wasn't GnR? I wish you people would make up your mind. I would think an honest, real fan would include a cut or two from Spaghetti Incident. But I'm sure in your mind that is a great album because Slash. No I think it sucks. But I like slash so I like it better than the shitty album without him. I also enjoy watching movies from my favorite directors and reading books by my favorite authors. I know, it's a total mindfuck
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