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  1. Nope. The angry little gypsy simply hates me too much to interact with me in any remotely nice manner.
  2. Auad in silence is a poet.
  3. Brazi's most famous salami is called Calabresa and it's delicious. Even stupid dictators and corrupts asslickers enjoy it, even though they are extremly stupid people like @auad.
  4. That's the version that protects you from bad spirits but not from savages fucking your wife and daughters right?
  5. I have a canadian CD cd. The cuckiest version around.
  6. Worked from 8 am to midnight yesterday. Day off today. What should I do gnfnr?

    1. auad


      ouvir música, namorar, começar ler um livro que faz tempo você quer ler, e fazer uma caminhada.

    2. sixes


      Blow. Lots of blow

    3. Salsh Borski

      Salsh Borski

      Go salami shopping and throw soapy water at gypsies on the way

  7. Shitnor Gayfart Korky Buchek Real answer: Finck (for the mix of chaos and ambient, which I love) Trent (one man band, huge inspiration) 3rd one? Robert Smith? The Edge? I don't know... Any guitarist who can't play any fast solos but is good with effects and ambient sounds.
  8. aka the "Let's get Ragnar Moist" thread.
  9. Lula (e mais um monte de estupradores, assaltantes, corruptos e bandidos) Livres!


    E vc aí, idiota útil, comemorando.

  10. You badmouth DJ in front of a brainless brazilian corrupt worshipper and you will see what happens to you!
  11. You a're a bunch of cum guzzling and jizz slurping autistic retarded faggots. I wi'll fuck your wives tonight. Get them ready for me you daft obnoxious shirtlifters. Get their public hair trimmed. You fuck a Georgian without trimming your public hair first and you'll will see what happens to you.
  12. I can't stand his voice so I'm far from a fan. The classics are cool and imo superior to Black Sabbath. But we are once again talking about other artists. Let's focus on the band this forum is dedicated to. So, Nevermind or In Utero?
  13. I think I'd rather watch the 2002 VMA Rehearsals than any Nirvana official show. At least NuGNR had Buckethead, Funch and Brain "Bryan" Mantia which were all much cooler than Kurt Cobain or that guy that looks like the Foo Fighters' singer.
  14. Guns N Roses - The Fat, The "Punk" and The Drool
  15. Stop with that i fuck your girlfriend talk. It reminds me of Ragnar 😢
  16. I'm really thankful for this forum. Taking everything not seriously and actually having fun with stupid arguments in here has made me a better person in real life.
  17. I know Nirvana was huge and somehow important but they were one-dimensional and part of a fad. Had Kurt stayed alive and releasing the same thing over and over again, they wouldn't have half the recognition they get nowadays for the simple fact that people who consume pop music get bored quickly. There is a similar case in Brazil with a band called Mamonas Assassinas. They died in a plane crash in the peak of their success with only one album released. Tragic and fascinating story. You guys should definetly read about them.
  18. It's like the old Mexican saying.... It's much better to date a young, pretty and rich woman than an old, ugly and poor one.
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