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  1. If he comes to Brazil, he can do a stadium tour easily.
  2. I just turned 32 as well two weeks ago. Afd and I are old
  3. Oh no, the famous "vira lata complex", so common among us Brazilians. I completely disagree with this. This "us vs them" mentality is what brought Brazil to this state of shit in the first place. Except for Georgian gypsies, fuck them. The GNR/Brazil thing is now an old and well--known meme here. It's humor. Don't feel offended by it, you don't even know these people. Are you sure? I mean, there's Ashba and the flying piano in it and all... I'm sorry but giving any importance to what is posted here is a HUGE mistake on YOUR part. GNR and this forum have not been serious for a while. Save your energy for real life where things can hurt you for real.
  4. Just read Ed Furlong is returning as John Connor. GNR should really write a new song for the movie. Oh, and they should also bring back Robert Patrick. 1991 but more woke.
  5. The only fake GNR show that is worth watching is Rock in Rio 3.
  6. New Feminator movie looks hilarious.
  7. Rumors say that GNR will once again come to Brazil exploit the retarded BR fanbase in Lolla 2019 (the people who attend this festival in Brazil are Instagram whores and hipsters, I wouldn't mind a bomb dropping on them as soon as WTTJ started). Seriously, Brazil is so stupid.
  8. 2008 when he finally released his shitty solo record.
  9. maynard


  10. So, how are you feeling about GNR as of today? Are you excited about the upcoming tour? Do you think they'll do something to promote it or just return to the stage as if the last show was last night? I think my interest for GNR has reached an all time low. If it weren't for this forum, I'd probably forget they exist at some point. Haven't heard Slash or Duff new albums and have no interest in doing so. The band never felt this dead to me. How about you?
  11. Would that make wasted stop spamming the forum though? He's the only poster on my ignore list btw.
  12. I have wasted in my ignore list. Rovim does not spam as much but it's been the same posts for the last 10 years. Might put on ignore later. Auad is cool.
  13. I can't pretend I dig the guy's stuff. To be honest, it bores me to death. But yeah, he was a talented Brazilian musician and such things is becoming more and more rare. RIP Gilberto Gil.
  14. After reading part of Cuckvim's post, your posts look like Shakespeare. Couldn't agree more Ragnarina.
  15. Fucking Tom Morello ruined it for me. The guy supports Brazil's terrorist group (Movimento Sem Terra). He is a disgrace to the world. Springsteen is great though!
  16. Hello Duff, Raz Cue here. How’s it going, buddy? Long time! First let me say, your fans have been very kind and supportive of my book. For that, I am forever thankful. It was fun while it lasted. Never the less, I feel compelled to ask you a few questions. Remember, not too long ago, when you said this? “I’m sure stuff was going on, Harvey Weinstein stuff and all that, but we hated that! If we saw that stuff going on around us, we didn’t allow it to happen around us. We were still good dudes,” he says. “None of our friends said, ‘Grab her by the p****.’ You know what I mean? Who would say something like that? And I don’t mean to be political against the dude who said that; it’s just an idiotic, stupid thing to say, for any man. And that’s the way I’ve always thought. So ’80s, or now — I could’ve written ‘Last September’ in the ’80s.” C’mon man, seriously? You can’t utter such absurdities and expect to go unchallenged. The hypocrisy coming from someone that is a member in good standing of your cesspool of an industry means I am compelled to call “radishes” on this one. You had a heroin dealer in your band. Still consider that the profession of a “good dude?” Remember that song your band did, about killing one’s girlfriend to shut her up? According to the lyrics, we were told to “take it for what it is.” A joke. Is it okay to make light of domestic abuse, but not to poke fun at a certain type of women who has so little self-respect that she’ll let a famous rich dude do whatever he wants? You ever meet any women who fit that description? More than one? A thousand? What about all the credible allegations of abuse - mental, physical and sexual - leveled against your singer, by several women in his life? Are you familiar with the #littlemichellelives thing going around? We all knew Michelle was fifteen. Hell, she barely looked her age. Forcible or statutory, you still got a rape. We can all agree that there are different, conflicting, versions of what transpired in December 1985. But every version has a fifteen-year-old girl getting tossed naked from your band’s rehearsal studio into a filthy alley, where she was left shaking, sobbing and wailing from the utter brutality inflicted by your singer, Axl Rose. Does a “good dude” treat another human being like this? Do the other “good dudes” help hide the perpetrator of crimes against a child, then aid in a coverup so that everyone’s dreams of becoming rock stars won’t get smashed like windshields in a riot? How would your life have changed if your world class singer was thrown in to the pokey, before GNR signed a recording contract? Do you wish the victim would just shut up and go away, so as to not interrupt your virtue signaling? Does it annoy you that she was scarred for life? Do you feel pestered by her seeking some sort of acknowledgment, apology, or even gratitude for “taking one for the team” so that you guys could live your dreams? I know, what a little bitch. Right? Personally, I am sick and tired of being preached to about acceptable morals and virtue from the narcissistic, privileged and dimwitted members of the entertainment industry who have celebrated, amplified and cheered our country’s moral, ethical and spiritual decay. I miss being able to freely and openly joke around about anything my twisted brain finds amusing. Sadly, our culture has been hijacked by arbiters of outrage. The perpetually offended paragons of virtue incessantly shaming whoever does not conform to "politically correct" do’s and don’ts is not a healthy construct. If laughter is the best medicine, then why are we cutting off the supply? Donald Trump cracks me up almost every day. He is without a doubt the most punk rock, anti-establishment president in our great nation’s history? We “The Deplorables” knowingly and eagerly elected an outsider and disrupter to deliver a magnitude 8.0 shakeup to the corrupt, inefficient and power mad “Swamp.” Where we go one, we go all. MAGA! Right on, take care, and tell Axl I said “Hey.” http://www.razcue.com/single-post/2019/06/29/An-open-letter-to-Duff-McKagan
  17. Lol. Thats the kind of news you get from gnr nowadays. Poor Steven. He's really mentally fucked. Unlike some posters here who brag they are omg so depressed anxiety weed but are just losers without friends. Get well soon Shitsteven.
  18. GNR nowadays is equivalent to a family gypsies. There's the ugly, moody, fat mother, the trashy balding father with rotten teeth, the corpse-looking uncle who managed to quit alcohol and now thinks he's better than the whole tribe. There is also the blue haired teenage daughter who is trying to abandon her gypsy roots, an adopted black fat son and a big-nosed distant cousin who acts all rock n' roll (has just discovered Motley Crue through an old cassette tape).
  20. The Crow is such a cool movie.
  21. Agreed. Doesnt change the fact the average leftist wants to bring misery to the world.
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