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  1. I will never listen to any version of this song by any artist in the universe again. I'm done with this one.
  2. Pro towel waver spamming the whole forum again. I liked him better when he was "on a leash"
  3. Listening on proper speakers now. As most of CD material it becomes a mess somewhere in the middle. Still my favorite of the leaks.
  4. Omg genius evolution UYI 3 kids dancing in the hallways
  5. Yeah biggest problem was Axl basically hiding during the release period. Tool is in the cover of many major magazines and all that shit. The label did everything they could but Axl sabotaged his own album.
  6. Take some fresh air. Take some time off. You're cool. Have a good weekend.
  7. It's cool but nothing special. Axl sounds like an old lady. Very hard to take it seriously.
  8. It's a great song. I love it. Not perfect but with great potential. The piano sounds great unlike the saloon piano of uyi and the cheesy cd ones.
  9. Digging Perhaps a lot. Need to listen on my PC.
  10. I think GNR is one of the few bands that can achieve what Tool did. THey just need a good set of songs and good promotion. It's not THAT hard. Hopefully this will encourage the guys to release new music since they care much more about popularity and money that their fans.
  11. That's the thing. There are some good ideas here and there but it's just too poorly executed. If you want to add electronic elements to your music they need to have some function. Axl just seems like the kind of guy who goes "Add this weird noise here and there omg I'm a genius fuck Salsh". The songs end up sounding almost amateurish. Something I'd record in my bedroom. There are some cool melodies and riffs, Axl sounds like shit througout the whole thing but this is clearly a demo so fair game. But I wouldn't get rid of the guys who wrote UYI and AFD to replace with this soulless shit. There's nothing artistic about it, it's Axl trying to appeal to 90s teenagers. It's cool to hear it though.
  12. The bluesy and more guitar oriented industrial vibe reminds me much more of Shitlyn Shitson than Shitnor. But yeah, there's NIN influence there. Axl was trying to be the 80s cheesy hard rock version of Shitnor anyway.
  13. Amazing Grace sounds a lot like Marilyn Manson. It'd have fit the early 2000s.
  14. Anybody managed to see what Beta commented on that pic? Or did she just unfollow Duff's wife?
  15. I hate these big things mostly happen on weekends when I take my time off of the internet.
  16. That t-shirt looks like it's gonna explode.
  17. Just embrace the cum slurping cock goobling autistic retarded sister-fucking gypsy persona already.
  18. I am not anti-Ragnar. I love the dude . He always takes the bait so it's quick, easy fun. He does have a great vocabulary of insults. Probably spent hours on urban dictionary learning all this cum slurping shit. It's a rare sight but he is ok, I "like" a lot of his posts. Don't think any attack on him is that much. His responses though are completely out of line. Tell him he's wrong about something and he will call you a cum guzzling retard. He has serious anger issues. That's why I think he's a teenager needing to get laid. LOL you just posted while I was writing my response. You're right. As I said some days ago, it's a daily dose of fun.
  19. Oh yeah, he cries on a daily basis here. AIDS days are counted.
  20. Every time I read this kind of things I think it's going to be CD but CD has already been released lol.
  21. I'll give the cock gobbling cum guzzling dark theme a try, promise. But I feel much better reading dark letter on white background.
  22. Wait, DJ Ashba is unemployed? What happened to Sucks AM?
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