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    Gunner is such a pussy.
  2. Since Axl's mom is Brazilian I don't think they will pick this one. GEORGIAN GYPSYCRACY seems much more likely.
  3. "I was only a small child when the thought first came to me that I`m a son of a gun and the gun of a son that brought back devil in me" W. Axl Rose
  4. Please don't ruin this thread, gypsy.

    1. Bill Brasky

      Bill Brasky

      Did the Germans take away his internet ?

    2. ManetsBR
  6. The place where dirty Georgian gypsies can show their love for Alex Rose. This place is the best.
  7. Izzy can barely play a guitar at this point of his life. Imagine doing it almost every night for months. I don't think Fortus is this amazing guitar god. I think Izzy being there would be much cooler. But the guys is done musically. Has been for decades.
  8. I'm just glad I've put Wasted on ignore.
  9. "I was only a small child when the thought first came to me that I`m a son of a gun and the gun of a son that brought back devil in me" W. Axl Rose
  10. I watched the 1st season and never came back. The series seem kinda shitty from what I hear.
  11. Found that on GNR's Reddit. Seriously, that place is a great source for this type of material. I thought the only fanboy using Axl Rose quotes these days was @Ragnar but I was wrong.
  12. Why do you guys want rock to become mainstream again so much? I mean, I'm fine with it not being mainstream. It's not like rock is that good to begin with. Most of the rock bands that become mainstream are terrible, like Greta Van Crap or whatever. Most of the classic bands are all alive and well and filling arenas or stadiums around the world. So I guess billions of people still listen to rock. New bands don't become so popular but if they're truly great they will get a decent fanbase and release good music from time to time. Also, it's not like danceable rock is any better than pop or hip hop. It's mostly shit too. Just enjoy whatever you want, don't feel offended by other people's opinions (remember, these guys don't know you exist, you're wasting your time defending them) and ignore mainstream crap. Your life will get 1000x better.
  13. Tool just announced its own Chinese Democracy. 13 years after 10.000 days, a new Tool album will be released on August 30th. And I couldn't care less. Last APC was kinda shitty too. Guys like Axl or the Tool guys think they are too special and their music is just some magical thing that must take years to be perfect. It's just rock music done by old farts. They should know it. Just make a reasonable amount of music every 2 years until you get too old and that's it.
  14. Jon is now whipped by his girlfriend and he needs his two sisters to open his eyes. From hero to cuck. Arya is the most powerful being in the whole kingdom now. They don't show sex or gore anymore. GoT Light. Euron Greyjoy is a cartoon character who discovered after centuries that scorpions are great weapons. Cersei just drinks with a disgusted face. This series had villains like Geoffrey and Ramsay. Now they have drunk Cersei and horny Pirate. Night King had nothing to say, he just didn't like Bran much. All the other night creatures on horses that appeared at the end of a season were all nobodies. They couldn't notice Arya. This is probably the worst ending to a series I have ever watched.
  15. Lol, what's with the guy's voice? Started pretty decent then he becomes some pathetic Brian Johnson rip off This is really awful, auad.
  16. We all know Tommy "Punk Embodied" Stuson loved to bully BH. He probably felt scared that a nerdy guy with a mask was much more punk than him. Tommy is a joke by the way. All his fans are pathetic and nobody really likes the Replacements. They are irrelevant to music's history.
  17. Seen it already, cool ceremony. ❤️
  18. That's exactly the kind of music I expected you to hear Shit James and the Shapeshitters
  19. I think we should analyze the teeth of the greatest guitar players ever. I mean, it's more interesting than "What's your favorite UYI" or "Make UYI one album" or whatever.
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