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  1. LOLing at the Justin Trudeau black face story.
  2. Heard it will include a cover of Djobi Djoba by The Gypsy Kings.
  3. I mean you can like the song. But the only thing impressive about Axl vocals on this song is how impressively shitty it is. It's like an old lady trying to do a Marilyn Manson impression. This posts screams "I'm trying really hard to like this half-baked demos"
  4. Posta nesse fórum se tu é homem Fernando!
  5. Why is Fernando active on reddit and ignoring MYGNR? They kiss his ass and are simply ignored. That's gotta hurt.
  6. I think we all need to make our ultimate single UYI disc tracklist. @wasted Had UYI2 as a kid and loved half of it and hated the other. Probably still feel that way. There are some songs on UYI1 that sometimes I forget they even exist. Can't say I like the record anymore but Estranged and YCBM are great songs.
  7. I had a laugh this morning when I joined as Ragnard and there was already a "Ragnar The Gypsy" in there. Aside from it, it feels like a mygnr chat from 2006. This new wave of leaks is cool and all but it's not like I care that much about it anymore.
  8. Slash is a known traitor. Slash rejoins GNR. Slash regains insider position GNR songs start leaking during their hiatus/possible studio time. Case closed.
  9. If GNR had released more music and acted more fan-friendly would the fanbase still be comprised mostly by pshychos and assholes? Is GNR responsible for creating its sick fanbase?
  10. Let's just get rid of this unfunny and uninteresting people... They add nothing here, just spam the topics with very uninteristing stuff.
  11. The layered vocals completely ruin the song imo Axl simply can't do this kind of thing, he was once a great singer and ok piano player but that's all he can do. The more I listen to Perhaps the more I hear that piano from 90s boy bands/Britney Spears. Still the song with most potential to sound like an actual GNR track. But all these songs are boring. Maybe if it was 2006 I would be excited. GNR leaks in 2019? Bo-ring.
  12. I will never listen to any version of this song by any artist in the universe again. I'm done with this one.
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