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  1. If he comes to Brazil, he can do a stadium tour easily.
  2. I just turned 32 as well two weeks ago. Afd and I are old
  3. Oh no, the famous "vira lata complex", so common among us Brazilians. I completely disagree with this. This "us vs them" mentality is what brought Brazil to this state of shit in the first place. Except for Georgian gypsies, fuck them. The GNR/Brazil thing is now an old and well--known meme here. It's humor. Don't feel offended by it, you don't even know these people. Are you sure? I mean, there's Ashba and the flying piano in it and all... I'm sorry but giving any importance to what is posted here is a HUGE mistake on YOUR part. GNR and this forum have not been serious for a while. Save your energy for real life where things can hurt you for real.
  4. Just read Ed Furlong is returning as John Connor. GNR should really write a new song for the movie. Oh, and they should also bring back Robert Patrick. 1991 but more woke.
  5. The only fake GNR show that is worth watching is Rock in Rio 3.
  6. New Feminator movie looks hilarious.
  7. Rumors say that GNR will once again come to Brazil exploit the retarded BR fanbase in Lolla 2019 (the people who attend this festival in Brazil are Instagram whores and hipsters, I wouldn't mind a bomb dropping on them as soon as WTTJ started). Seriously, Brazil is so stupid.
  8. 2008 when he finally released his shitty solo record.
  9. maynard


  10. So, how are you feeling about GNR as of today? Are you excited about the upcoming tour? Do you think they'll do something to promote it or just return to the stage as if the last show was last night? I think my interest for GNR has reached an all time low. If it weren't for this forum, I'd probably forget they exist at some point. Haven't heard Slash or Duff new albums and have no interest in doing so. The band never felt this dead to me. How about you?
  11. Would that make wasted stop spamming the forum though? He's the only poster on my ignore list btw.
  12. I have wasted in my ignore list. Rovim does not spam as much but it's been the same posts for the last 10 years. Might put on ignore later. Auad is cool.
  13. I can't pretend I dig the guy's stuff. To be honest, it bores me to death. But yeah, he was a talented Brazilian musician and such things is becoming more and more rare. RIP Gilberto Gil.
  14. After reading part of Cuckvim's post, your posts look like Shakespeare. Couldn't agree more Ragnarina.
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