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  1. Stop trying to be the new Ragnar.
  2. So it isn't just me cringing at artists (behind huge walls of concrete and money) posting a blank picture and believing they are doing anything to unfuck things up?
  4. I can see them doing an AFD 40th anniversary tour (Oh shit I'm gonna be 40 too) in 2027. They'll keep touring NITL until then with no new music.
  5. Lol acting all heavy metal meanwhile they are playing cringe love song THIS IS LOVE while sounding and looking like a wedding band
  6. The news should call it an African-Gypsy Riot.
  7. Why does Gabriel look like a lesbian? Is this from the Axl Rose Fã Clube? @ManetsBR
  8. One of the few cases of people who look better fat. But still he is.... DIZZY REED SEX MACHINE
  9. I'll try to communicate with GUNNER through an old message board. It's my last resort. I'm not hopeful he'll even read it. I just hope he gets some email notification so he can see my message. I'll beg him to return to our forum. Wish me luck.
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