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  1. Not sure if I've asked this already but I don't want to receive emails notifying I have a new PM. Is there a way to turn it off?
  2. Should I watch the movie "Furyo" starring David Bowie? I love the soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto but heard the movie is pretty gay lol. Anyone here has watched it?
  3. What about the memefaces posts? Is it possible Dr. Strangecuck defends Ragnar so much because both are teenagers (desperately needing to get laid)? So cute how teenagers stand up for themselves. American Pie level insults and memes.
  4. As expected, haven't touched Fear Inoculum since the week after its release. I'll probably listen to some of its songs from time to time, same as I do with the older albums. One thing is much more forgettable though, the "Guns N Roses" leaked demos.
  5. That's some amazing shredding in there. DJ is amazing.
  6. Only good fanbase I ever came across is the Gypgy Kings one. Very cool people.
  7. I'm just glad the boys are out there every night, playing 4 hours straight for the joy of the real true fans. Axl is amazingly good this tour. Def an improvement on 2017 and 2018. He looks much better with the shorter hair. Slash? What can I say? He's at his peak and you can see he enjoys every second of this. Duff just oozes punkness and is great (Not diminishing the amazing job of alt-punk legend Tommy Stinson, but Duff the king of beers is essential to GNR). Richard is probably the most impressive rhythm guitarist I've ever seen. Frank and Melissa show that GNR are a modern band where diversity is encouraged and old 80s mulletheads better accept it. Thank you Beta, Fernando, Jarmo, Del and all the crew for always being amazing. Can't wait to see them for the 10th time in Brazil next year! \,,,/ GnF'nR for life \,,,/
  8. I think Dr Strangecuck is trying to put a leash on us. If he keeps mocking Tool i'll pull a ragnar and cry to jb.
  9. HAHAHAHA oh my... the things we read here.
  10. But it's still far superior than the "I am special and see photoshops the Scientific community does not" approach. What is that? Hard School science?
  11. Exactly. When even America's biggest enemy just accepts it did happen and never ever attempted to do a fake moon video themselves, it speaks volumes... As for believing my own eyes or having confidence... it has a limit. When it turns me into a tinfoil hat looney, it's time to eat the humble pie and do some research. And by research I don't mean 2 hours of conspiracy theory on Youtube.
  12. I think the thing with the moon stuff is that tons of other sources (not associated with any government) confirm the landing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third-party_evidence_for_Apollo_Moon_landings
  13. Doctor just told my mother she has to use a cane now to stand up, get up, that stuff.... She hates it. It does make you feel pretty old I guess. Aside from the pain, at least it's not a serious disease. Watching my parents getting old sucks more than getting older myself.
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