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  1. Dude, you have attacked many artists you don't like here. I can remember quite a few posts where you heavily criticize Dave Grohl, for example. You only respect the things you like Auad. Don't be a hypocrite (I know it's hard, when you're a Lula ball-licker, but you should try). You also hijack all threads with your "S" thing but when people go off-topic in your thread you throw a hissy fit. Sorry bro, you're not a saint either. And fuck Pearl Jam and the petralhada. Cheers amigo! I still love you.
  2. Ozzy seems like a cool dude but his voice and his music are terrible. It's a shame his sick but well, there are way poorer people in worse conditions out there, why should I care about Ozzy?
  3. lol sure. The disrespect for different opinions is what makes this place great, actually. FUCK PEARL JAM btw.
  4. Yeah, I keep thinking about that as well. What the band thinks during these horrendous performances. Melissa would probably do a better a job in Axl's place. Slash probably thinks of Myles who has an annoying voice but is in fact a great singer (he sounds decent in Alter Bridge). Duff is probably thinking about how his wife's boyfriend sounds better than Axl as well. They should just put FRANK RICHARDS on vocals or even Dizzy Reese.
  5. Holy shit that Better performance. Axl sounds like SHIT. Axl, I hope you're reading this, YOU SOUND LIKE SHIT. STOP SINGING THIS SONG. Slash's solo at the end Slash has become the Axl Rose of the guitar players. Lazy, out of tune, trying to find as many shortcuts as he can, a pathetic caricature.
  6. 'The General (Instrumental)' has leaked. PMing some of you folks.
  7. Had a extremely bad case of diarhea this weekend. I feel awful.
  8. Don't let the days go by


  9. Yesterdays Civil War November Rain The Garden Locomotive Mi Amor My World Breakdown Garden of Eden November Rain Estranged
  10. maynard


    Keep that in mind before making any other post forcing your brazilianness on the users here. Auad was promoting the new Sepultura record around here. That's fine. Sepultura is a well-known, acclaimed band. They are one of the main forces in thrash metal history. Now, Bacurau? That's gotta be a joke.
  11. maynard


    Oh yeah, Parasite is a damn good movie. You guys should watch "The Wailing" as well, it's also Korean and I think it's superior to Parasite actually.
  12. maynard


  13. JB should just get rid of him as soon as he shows up.
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