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  1. It's the only song on CD where he sounds like real Axl and the only good song on CD overall if they got rid of the stupid useless silly noises. Funch's solo is amazing.
  2. When I'm playing Battlefield with my friends we always laugh that our sneezes smell way worse than our farts. Probably the weirdest smell in the world. And differently from farts which all have differents smells and textures, those sneeze smells all smell the same. Gross.
  3. Ohhhhh BURN! Yeah sure, we all eat rodents, bats and bugs here as well! You're completely right! Go fuck youself you idiot.
  4. How can a country suck so much? China is a shithole with people with disgusting 'hygiene' habits under a disgusting communist regime that should be wiped off the face of the earth.
  5. What gives you an instant boner?
  6. Drinking LE VODKA JUICE also helps.
  7. We will develop a vaccine. Humanity will prevail. Stay positive.
  8. 4 people in Brazil were treated with chloroquine and are now considered cured. They were in ICU. I think we are close to beating this thing. I don't think the US will remain in lockdown much longer either.
  9. The state where I live here in Shitzil is preparing to return to all activities soon. Next week all stores, gyms, etc will be open 50% of the time with 50% of the capacity allowed. Right decision IMO. BRazil can't afford a lockdown, unfortunately. The aftermath would be more devastating than the virus itself. Shit will hit the fan regarding numbers, media will go nuts but seriously, I do think it is the right decision. I'll just make sure to keep my parents locked in their home for a while.
  10. TWAT is too much of a mess. Not meant to be played live.
  11. FUCK YOU CHINA. Only Georgia gets to be more disgusting.
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