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  1. Happy new year @auad and everyone else! I'm recovering from a very shitty end of 2020, but I'll try to visit here more often.
  2. Gibson, even though I'm a massive fan of Frusciante's Fender tone. Also, even though I dislike ACDC and Black Sabbath, I'm a proud owner of a black SG (Epiphone, not Gibson, of course).
  3. Go lick Fidel's boots in hell now
  4. I read you guys, but I've been kind of depressed lately so even writing a full sentence feels like a chore to me. Thanks for making me laugh during these tough times. I hope things will get better soon.
  5. THIS IS LOVE is a legendary love song and IN THE WORLD is the evolution of GUNS S ROSE sound, UYI3 material.
  6. I admire you guys. I simply don't have it in me anymore to even make fun of GNR anymore. Still read you daily.
  7. What is a good place for the elections coverage, either video/text/whatever? Brazilian media is unsufferable.
  8. That was awful. They had the balls to make ONE joke against the left. ONE second in 1h30min. Pathetic. I didn't expect much but expected it be so much better. It felt kinda sad to see old Sacha doing certain things. His voice is completely different too, wtf? Jew genetics? I give it a 4/10.
  9. I don't like ACDC but I can respect them for releasing new music being as old as they are. Gotta respect legacy acts who still have the desire to create something new, even if it's more of the same. At this point, releasing records is much less about making money and more about having fun/pleasing the fanbase so kudos to the guys.
  10. I wonder what happened to Sacha's voice? Aging? He sounds like Aladeen now when playing Borat.
  11. "Borat: Gift of Pornographic Monkey to Vice Premiere Mikhael Pence to Make Benefit Recently Diminished Nation of Kazakhstan" http://deadline.com/2020/09/borat-sequel-release-date-sacha-baron-cohen-amazon-prime-presidential-election-1234587077/ This will be highly anti-Trump. I hope Sacha has at least one joke or two for the SJWs and the left or this is going to be an epic disappointment.
  12. I just think the protesters should change whatever strategy they have. Since Colin Kaepernick kneeled, it seems things only got worse. Now you have the whole BLM on the streets basically destroying the lives of innocent people to avenge the death of not so innocent people and it's probably give Trump 4 more years. My question is. Are they stupid or are they more interested in fuck things up without any real results?
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