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  1. It's amazing how sensitive some of you are about the axldc shit. Thats why i say it was by far the most annoying tour this decade. Just let people not enjoy it. Nobody is saying the nitl was better. Calm down ladies.
  2. Yep. The songs that had any melodic vocals were Mickeyd as well. But 99% of the time was just yelling. It's not as bad as Mickey of course but it was not the second coming of Christ either.
  3. and announce they will play the vmas as well.
  4. Between Axl yelling about rocks and thunders and Axl/Slash pathetic charade, I choose actually good bands.
  5. 1 - ASHBA years - Axl's voice was good but ASSBA, STUSON, RON BF, PITOMAN.... Somehow these clowns managed to be even more ridiculous than the fake reunion. I think it has to do with them holding street signs pretending they had any relevance to GNR's history. 2 - Fake Reunion - One word: Lazy. Axl didn't feel like singing. Slash didn't feel like playing any coherent guitar parts and Duff is a pussy. 3 - AXL/DC - Probably the most annoying thing I've ever witnessed, showing the true colors of some closeted Axl fanboys in here. So what he screams? The songs are AWFUL. ANGUS YOUNG is a fucking joke. If you like rocks and thunders fine, but this was not the second coming of Christ, no need to cum in your pants while watching Axl yelling for 1 1/2 hours. 4 - The Georgia Residency - let's never talk about it again. Damn you gypsies! Damn you!
  6. You're just a little chicken cheeep cheeep *PUNCH* AAAHHHH That was hilarious
  7. All Denis Villeneuve movies from this decade (and the past one as well if there's any)
  8.  It became a habit for many Georgians to take a careful look around before using an ATM to make sure there are no gypsies lying in wait to snatch cash from their hands or pickpocket them while they are busy pushing buttons.

  9. I think one day it will be revelaed that Warchild is indeed Axl.
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