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  1. My god, you make it too easy. YOU SAID THIS BEFORE ME: YOU were the first to suggest any obssession. My only guess is that you were projecting as well? Is that so Ragninho?
  2. I quote people all the time and yet you're the only who reacts like this. I think you're obssessed with me. But hey, at least you replied to me without any sexual reference so kudos!
  3. I miss GUNNER. Even him would make fun of @Ragnar's moody supersexual rants.
  4. Could never get into the band but I liked to read this thread.
  5. maynard

    The Garden

    She is the #2 prostitute in Bulgaria.
  6. maynard

    The Garden

    This thread was great success. Thank you.
  7. Come on now, compared to other Brazilian GNR fans auad and I are not so bad.
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