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  1. Vocals are not my style but all the rest sounds cool. Really cool riff. Much more listenable than the Constipators.
  2. Yeah, I'm glad for everyone who can attend it. I don't like cheese that much, I think it's way overrated. I like wine once in a while but I'm a beer and vodka guy myself. What about you auad?
  3. Friday is a bunch of old farts. Sunday with Deftones, Co & Ca, Thrice and Lamb of God is just an amazing night. Ministry, Alter Bridge, Skillet and GNR are cool too.
  4. Gotta say the GNR day is a pretty good line-up.
  5. One more show for our favorite band! Have fun everyone going!
  6. The only good things about San Francisco is the footage used for The Room and the missions on Driver 1 for Ps1 (great game).
  7. LEAVE THE BRAZIL OUT OF THIS YOU RACISTS (although Brazilian is not a race)!!!!!!!!!!!!! Die with envy of our shit, our trannies, our filthy streets and our overall asshole population.
  8. Heard he joined Axl Rose's legal team. His job is to sue any media outlet that denigrates "his" Axl's reputation.
  9. "I was only a small child when the thought first came to me that I`m a son of a gun and the gun of a son that brought back devil in me" W. Axl Rose "W. Axl Rose"
  10. What is waxy and Shitnor? What do they mean in your tribe language?
  11. The only medication I take is gypsy tears. Of course you do. I presented you with logic and you chose to avoid it because you are simply incapable of answering to it without sounding like a primitive dirty caveman. As you always say: "Change the vinyl" Oh yes, yes you are. Change the vinyl Change the vinyl Yes, it's very funny actually. You get triggered so easily it's always funny. Ladies and Axl Rose How old are you? I think entering the forest is the furthest you can go with your little Axl.
  12. Ragnarina, I know you gypsies only care about gold and wealth and stealing from us, the civilized. But money is not everything. And Axl is not the frontman of two bands. His stint with ACDC is over (It's been over for 3 years, let it go). Yes, Axl makes a lot of money. But so does Bon Jovi, U2, any pop act in the world. Will you defend them too? Will you apply reality to them? Or will you only protect the God of the Gypsies Alex Rosé?
  13. I disliked every Marvel movie I watched. The hype and the fanatics only make them worse. The protection they get from critics is just insane. I guess the same applies to Star Wars.
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