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  1. The news should call it an African-Gypsy Riot.
  2. Why does Gabriel look like a lesbian? Is this from the Axl Rose Fã Clube? @ManetsBR
  3. One of the few cases of people who look better fat. But still he is.... DIZZY REED SEX MACHINE
  4. I'll try to communicate with GUNNER through an old message board. It's my last resort. I'm not hopeful he'll even read it. I just hope he gets some email notification so he can see my message. I'll beg him to return to our forum. Wish me luck.
  5. You're confusing the glorious country of Bulgaria with gypsy shithole Georgia.
  6. Seriously. Erica and Kristin Kreuk were freaking hot. I'd bang Chloe as well but she's kinda spooky with that whole cult thing.
  7. Michael Ronsebaum was the perfect Lex Luthor indeed. Can't believe current Lex on CW is Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men.
  8. maynard

    GnR by Request

    Just like any retarded fan poll, they would end up playing the classics anyway. It's not like GNR has that many songs to begin with as well.
  9. maynard

    GnR by Request

    Hard Stool THIS IS LOVE Fernando abba cover Slash solo Kohd 1000 minute version Argentina ron bf cover Nightrain
  10. Been banned for years. Never missed it. Fuck mygnr.
  11. I miss Gunner but I know we'll never be internet friends again. He was really mad at me for the whole magazine thing. He blew it completely out of proportion and got me banned! Skeeter was also quite the character. Him and Gunner deserved each other. Ragnar was so offended with the gypsy thing (despite pretending to be a badass humiliating all of us while fucking our wives, sisters and dogs) I doubt he'll ever come back. We hurt him badly.
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