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  1. I'm alright. Just stuck at home because of the cyclone.
  2. We were not able to communicate and didn't work as a team, but I knew he was the other indy when he "kind of" confessed killing GUNNER.
  3. JB was a great host. The idea of giving everyone a power was really good. Poor ITR had the worst role though.
  4. wtf Brasky, I really thought you were town Oh well, at least I get a little piece of the cake.
  5. What the fudge. I never thought there could be 5 mafia players in the game. To the last remaining mafia, very well played, sir. I guess as an independent I could align with either town or mafia at this point. But I have a pretty good record helping lynch mafia, so I'll keep working along with the town. I am pretty positive Liars is the last mafioso. I had my doubts about him being mafia when he confronted AB, but he didn't put a vote on him at the end and helped lynch my partner MM instead, so seems it all was a smokescreen. He didn't vote for GNS or jackie either.
  6. Offcial vote: jackie moon If we lynch the last mafia member the game is over. Don't worry about me, I'm harmless.
  7. I think JB gave us some clues. Some of us already voted for AB yesterday, so that means if he's mafia we're definitely getting closer to the truth. Then he makes sure everybody knows it's night 4, pointing out AB's mistake.
  8. Official vote: altered beast I don't see how anyone can still buy his voyeur story. He made the mistake of forgetting one of the nights when asked who he investigated, then he came up with the "JB didn't let me use it on night 1" excuse. If it's such a lame ass power, why wouldn't JB let him use it on night 1, especially if he's just a townie and has no other power? Anyway. I think jackie might be the other member of the mafia.
  9. If you didn't get to use it on night 1, how come you mentioned GNS as possible roleblocker when he was already dead on night 2? Lying again?
  10. Yo, altered beast. I just realized of something. Liars + arnold = 2 investigations. But we've had 3 nights, since the game started at night: Friday Night, Saturday Night and Sunday Night. So either you're a liar liar pants on fire or I'm really bad at math (because I'm a girl and all that stuff).
  11. @GnRLiars Did you use a power on night 1 that did not work? Like Conor said, this voyeur power sounds compatible with a mafia role. And if AB is mafia he knows that Liars got roleblocked by GNS on night 1 (if true).
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