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  1. Axl seemed to be in very high spirits during that Canadian tour.
  2. This is intended to be a collaborative effort.
  3. "Ghost" first performance
  4. Izzy Stradlin speaking to Rolling Stone magazine in 1992. 'Last man standing' my ass.
  5. I think sooner or later someone will make a really good mash-up album featuring Axl, Slash, Izzy and Duff's post-1993 work.
  6. Here's the full interview: http://www.musicstack.com/articles/slash-has-never-slowed-down
  7. I'd say ... 60% Slash 20% Stephanie 20% the public Plenty of venom on that record to go around.
  8. My playlist: Chinese Democracy - Rock in Rio III Oh My God - End of Days soundtrack Better - original leak from 2006 or so (guitars are very loud) The Blues - Boston 2002 If the World - album version is just fine TWAT - second leak 2002? Catcher '99 with Brian May Scraped - album version is all I've got Riad - Antiquiet leaks (Bucket solo) Sorry - album verison is all I've got IRS - I like almost every version of this song that ever leaked. I have the '99 one on my playlist becuase it has all those funky keyboards Madagascar - It's a tie between the Antiquiet version and Rock in Rio III Silkworms - Rock in Rio III Prostitute aka New Song #2 - Antiquiet leaks Checkmate (15 second clip)
  9. All cautions made / Every chance was given / No effort spared / To save what we had All in good faith / Do you reckon he's talking about Slash again?
  10. There's probably a few Brazilian cocaine dealers who have unheard material.
  11. I'm skeptical about another album - I'm more excited about leaks.
  12. Izzy Stradlin - Axl's late starts and hostile take-over of the band, demoting Izzy to an employee and giving him a paycut. Also, the difficulties being around Slash, Sorum, and Duff due to his new-found sobriety and their continuing alcohol and substance addictions Ole Beich - Fired. Rob Gardner - Quit. Slash - Short answer: Axl. Steven Adler - Fired for drug use which impeded his ability to work. Matt Sorum - Fired by Axl Rose after defending Slash in an argument with Axl and Paul Tobias. Gilby Clarke - Fired by Axl. "One day my paychecks stopped coming,there was no explanation -they just stopped paying me. So I pretty much took that as a hint" Paul Tobias - Allegedly, the other band members didn't like him. Official reason given: Aversion to touring. Buckethead - Quit due to Axl's "inability to complete an album or a tour." Bryan "Brain" Mantia - Left GN'R when his wife gave birth to their daughter Kei. He was replaced by Frank Ferrer who has stayed on in his place. Robin Finck - Bumblefoot: "I can't and won't speak on Robin's behalf, it's totally up to him if he wants to share anything about it."
  13. Whatever happened to the Ulrich Schnauss plagiarism lawsuit? I assume that one was settled out-of-court?
  14. So what do you suppose the preppies and jocks were listening to?
  15. It doesn't look good - but who knows? I truly believe that Axl is more motivated by spite and revenge than anything else.
  16. I enjoy reading Axl's tweets - but please - nothing from his employees. Thank you.
  17. There's a certain electricity in the air these days.
  18. Ron's the weak link on Riad. Confirmed.
  19. So ... is Axl's new manager - Doc McGhee - going to be another "yes-man," or is he going to take the Azoff, Merck route and actually try to push Axl to do something outside of his comfort zone?
  20. This is an Axl Rose solo project more than ever now. At least the 2001 band was a bona fide Supergroup.
  21. Nope. "Box" and "Down By the Ocean" are two completely different songs.
  22. Fernando and /jarmo are pretty chummy. Fernando's the man to know if you want to hear new material.
  23. Please don't do that here. It's silly. Just send a PM yourself to someone who seems like they have the tracks. It's more efficient. Page after page of Pork Monotony gets ... well y'know.
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