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    The Next Game

    I will post a sign up thread around Christmas and we can start playing around New Year's
  2. Worcester 06 was the only nugnr show I ever saw and i really liked it
  3. The one where NGOG was the news reporter Charlton-Heston.gif
  4. Back to the Future: The Next Generation Martha "Marty" McFly (Priah Ferguson) accidentally gets sent back to 1995 by the nutty Doc Brown (Wanda Sykes). While there, she must fend off sexual advances, misogyny, and hate crimes from the denizens of a pre-woke era.
  5. Something I've always wondered: When you buy a rotisserie chicken at a grocery store, why do they put those string/rope bands around the legs and wings? Are they afraid it's going to run or fly away?
  6. ...and it's back to South America 👌
  7. Yup, that's from Winnipeg, madison's Slash t-shirt gig
  8. They should get Vince McMahan to produce the next Trilogy
  9. The most memorable part was stopping the car so the ladies could smoke
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