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  1. Official Vote Count popcorn's snare - 1 Deadstar - 2 arnold layne - 1 Facekicker - 3 GnRLiars - 1 KFCBucket - 1 matir98 - 1 uruguns - 1 8 Votes to Lynch
  2. What song is GN'R's Kokomo?
  3. Official Vote Count popcorn's snare - 1 Deadstar - 2 arnold layne - 2 Facekicker - 1 GnRLiars - 2 KFCBucket - 2 matir98 - 2 8 Votes to Lynch
  4. Official Vote Count popcorn's snare - 1 Deadstar - 4 arnold layne - 2 Facekicker - 1 RedHook - 1 Damn_Smooth - 1 GnRLiars - 1 8 Votes to Lynch
  5. This is the McChickens here. Black pepper flavor, mayo and plain bun. 99 cents
  6. Taking a break won't get you any closer to a lynch.
  7. GNR Superfan with Autism has Rough Day
  8. OZZY REVEALS COVER ART AND RELEASE DATE FOR NEW ALBUM Bon Jovi announces new album and summer tour with Bryan Adams Stephen Malkmus Announces New Album, Shares Song: Listen Porches Announces New Album, Shares Video for New Song: Watch Alicia Keys' New Album Is Coming: Here's the Cover Art and Release Date Without warning, Eminem drops new album 'Music to be Murdered by' Moby To Release New Album, All Visible Objects Pearl Jam Detail Tracklist for New Album ‘Gigaton’ 20 new albums to look out for in early 2020 TESTAMENT's New Album Gets Official Release Date
  9. For me, it's the McChicken Unlike GNR, the McChicken delivers flavor, sustenance, and comfort at a modest price
  10. I could give the Town a hard deadline, and end the day with a 'No Lynch' if there is no majority Vote by that time. But, what a waste! I'm not going to give you a hard deadline... not yet. I threatened a deadline earlier in the game in an attempt to get Town to pull together and make a decision. If you end Day Two with 'No Lynch,' then you don't learn much. Not only does Town lose a chance to Lynch Scum, but without a Lynch, the entire Day was mostly pointless. The Scum have waited for their turn. Town: It is time to get your shit together and decide on a Lynch.
  11. "Stuff is happening, but there are no specifics. More than anything, it’s because of the nature of the industry right now. It's just like, how do you want to do this?" So shit
  12. Official Vote Count popcorn's snare - 1 Deadstar - 6 Damn_Smooth - 1 arnold layne - 3 Facekicker - 1 RedHook - 1 Bill Brasky - 1 8 Votes to Lynch
  13. Maybe she's trying to give him a boost
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