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  1. @GnRLiars There aren't many characters left. Hulk Slash Izzy F.A.T. and Ebony Maw Which one are you?
  2. Mags knows that he is Slash. He was playing in character during day 1. We know that Slash has been converted to Mafia. We have to vote for mags. Town needs to lynch scum or the game could be over.
  3. IDC. I have lost my fight. I really feel bad i fucked up. You have suggested you were Slash in the game back on day 1. Val liked a post where i said she was thor Popcorn's snare suggested he was iron man. I. Am. Iron. Man. Those 2 events made me sure popcorn's snare was dirty. I played badly. I was wrong. Go ahead and lynch me. I am iron man, town. It won't help town if i die
  4. Not accounted for: Val (who liked a post where i said she was Thor ) Ragnar and GnRLiars. i think Ragnar is Hulk. unless ragnar is izzy and deadstar is hulk... @Ragnar? @Ragnar?
  5. 1 fat axl thanos ? 2 slash (magisme) 3 steven adler (kfcbucket) 4 duff (uruguns) 5 izzy (deadstar) 6 hawkeye (bill brasky) 7 hulk ? 8 thor (popcorn's snare) 9 iron man (john bonham) 10 captain america (damn smooth) 11 ebony maw ? 12 Rick Dunsford (Hotdogman)
  6. Mags is Slash, mafia. Im iron man, town. I fucked up. Im sorry. We all thought popcorn's snare was saying he was iron man. Im iron man. And val liked a post where i said she was Thor. Thats my story. Sorry. Lynching me will just lynch another townie
  7. @Dr. Strangelove Did you leak "The Strange" ?
  8. I don't have any specific intel on GnRLiars. His vote here doesn't move me in either direction
  9. So, I should just reveal everything about my character? Give the mafia that info for free. No thanks. Popcorn's snare is dirty, and I am guessing maybe GnRLiars, too.
  10. Unless GnRLiars is ebony maw and Ragnar is Hulk. LOL @Dr. Strangelove
  11. Some guesses: Val is either Thor or Hulk. I am thinking val is Thor and Gnrliars is Hulk.
  12. Forget it for now. I have new evidence that says popcorn's snare is dirty.
  13. I'm not certain. But...you are playing a strong, pro-town game. And... I really like your anti-Rick sentiment. Fuck Rick.
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