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  1. I don't know—I've never seen them. But, that reminds me of what Abraham Lincoln said when someone asked him how long a man's legs should be. "Long enough to reach the ground."
  2. Selfish people, that old people smell, and young men that wear their pajamas out during the day.
  3. I had two gerbils as a kid, three cats, and a Golden Retriever.
  4. Anyone else want to play?
  5. It's not getting wasted if I'm mixing it with coffee, right?
  6. I think Frank Black from the Pixies started it
  7. Axl's so fat that he's taller laying down than he is standing up
  8. Axl is so fat that the "group photo" they promised is still printing
  9. Schitt's Creek and Tiger King ..........and booze will forever define March 2020 in Massachusetts
  10. the whole thing is so icky and dirty and skeevy my hand are fucking raw from washing
  11. I'm about half way thru. Nate, tell us about your experience at the Tiger Park
  12. Alright, so, this was the exact same game as The Return of Bill Brasky, except for a couple of small differences... Both games had 2 Mafia Goons and popcorn's snare as the Mafia Roleblocker In The Return of Bill Brasky, the Goons were Damn_Smooth and GUNNER In The Impeachment, the Goons were Damn_Smooth and uruguns In The Impeachment, the set-up was visible at the start of the game The Return of Bill Brasky had arnold layne as the Cop, magisme as the Tracker, and Conor as (Bill Brasky) the Doctor The Impeachment had magisme as the Cop, arnold layne as the Tracker, and Bill Brasky as the Doctor
  13. So, I'm a big Frank Miller fan. Cut my teeth on Miller's Daredevil, collected Ronin, and The Dark Knight Returns as they were coming out, and loved Year One, etc. But, I never read Daredevil: Born Again until this week. I didn't know about it. When Miller left Daredevil, so did I. I never realized that he came back and did one more story. I would put Born Again up there with some of the best comic book stories of all time. Wow. It's great. Has sparked my interest in Frank Miller and Daredevil again. I don't know how I missed this. It's really good. The best Kingpin story ever. And Nuke is awesome in this. I know Nuke from Wolverine stories, I never realized he was a Frank Miller creation. What a scary, cinematic, creepy villain. Bravo.
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