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  1. I imagine that one of the first things that gets released will be a new version of Appetite with overdubs of Fernando and Vanessa’s kids singing backup and playing percussion (maracas, triangle, cowbell, etc)
  2. My kid plays it. Yes, it’s basically mafia
  3. all set. I'll let you all know when we are in the App stores
  4. I'll be upgrading the forum and the skins today to 4.5.3 fixes included: Also, the Invision app is in Beta now, and will be included in version 4.5.3 I'll have more news on this as it develops.
  5. “The release of Chinese Democracy marks a historic moment in rock n’ roll,” said co-managers Irving Azoff and Andy Gould. “We’re launching with a monumental campaign developed by Gary Arnold and the Best Buy team that matches the groundbreaking sound of the album itself. Guns N’ Roses fans have every reason to celebrate, for this is only the beginning.”
  6. Richard Fontus: "It was just Robin and myself, and we were doing rehearsals and Brain, and it was phenomenal, I mean, absolutely amazing. And literally, I think it was two days before we were supposed to do our first show, the energy was palpable. "Everybody that was in the room was like you knew something was happening, it was electric, it was really outstanding, and I'd never had that feeling before of, 'Oh my god, this is incredible.' "Axl came down, he was like, 'This is the band I've always wanted.' The next day Bumblefoot comes in [in 2006], and I guess, they foun
  7. 1988 is my favorite year. i would take a boxset of the entire tour. Axl sounds so good, and the shows are longer than the ones they played in 85-87. More songs, Appetite and Lies. Nakano Sunplaza ‘88 is the most well-known show from this era, but I’m sure we could find an even better one if they released them all
  8. MCU Phase 3 will be body positive
  9. Perfect casting would be Axl Rose as Sean Cassidy, the Banshee. -Ginger -Mutant power is literally a sonic scream -Loses his powers almost right away, but hangs out for decades anyway -Quits the X-Men to lead a domesticated life with a divorced mother and her son who makes a mess of everything he touches
  10. Nova Scotia is going to get assfucked by Teddy
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