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  1. John Bonham

    Social Justice Warriors, Feminists and Other Retards

    Will MAGA nation sue Smollett?
  2. John Bonham

    The count to 1 million game

  3. John Bonham

    New Axl article in Penthouse

    First, the track “One in a Million” was curiously left off the collection of demos and remasters—while remaining on streaming services like Spotify. Why? Rose was silent. This silence continued as some of his fans were doxxed, bullied, and ostensibly buried on the internet by a small group of trolls, with some alleging the trolls were either hired by Rose’s management or simply driven by their own toxic fandom to coordinate an online takedown of an entire library of rare concert footage, documentaries, and GNR bootlegs—material the band couldn’t profit off or control during the Locked advertising blitz. The trolls, it seems, directed the RIAA and IFPI (the Recording Industry of America and International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, respectively) to remove additional copyrighted GNR material off YouTube. Fans panicked on the forums, mystified by a purging whose questionable copyright-violation claims were, and remain, a mystery. For more conspiratorial fanboys, GNR had become “Big Brother.” For others, though, GNR was on the “right side of history,” and some anti-Trump Axl stooges celebrated as YouTube channels like the popular Frans N’ Roses were reported and removed. Meanwhile, Axl Rose, apparently unconcerned or uninformed on the matter, proceeded to drag Trump on Twitter and refused to shed any light on how he became a progressive culture warrior, except to let us know, passive aggressively, that he’s repulsed by “One in a Million” and wants to bury his uncomfortable past (along with his demons).
  4. John Bonham

    The Official Weather thread

    On vacation in... New Jersey. Governor just declared a State of Emergency... For 1-3 inches of snow
  5. John Bonham

    GNFNRs Film Thread

    Yeah they are
  6. John Bonham

    Duff about his new solo album: isn't ROCK

    How will GNR ever top the charts again if Duff uses all his "A" material for his solo records? 👏 🙏
  7. John Bonham

    Duff about his new solo album: isn't ROCK

    I just nearly shit my pants
  8. John Bonham

    Version 4.3.6

    We skipped the Beta Gold release came out this morning. Carbon skin for 4.4 should be ready tomorrow Will be upgrading on Friday probably. Wait till you see the shitpost patches included in 4.4
  9. John Bonham

    Anyone miss the Ashba era?

  10. John Bonham

    2019 not shaping up to be a good year for Michael Jackson

    Honestly, 2019 not shaping up to be a good year for... anyone
  11. Who cares. We don't do threads like this here