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  1. the same thing that became of 99% of their projects: it went nowhere. cool find, though
  2. Thank God Trump is gone and now everything in the country is fixed. Poverty, disease, racism... all eradicated.
  3. I know it came out in August '91 because that was the Summer that I was fucking this girl Lori, and I remember watching the video while she was sucking my cock.
  4. I am so grateful for this forum . my brother who lives 3000 miles away agrees with me. otherwise, besides this forum , my beliefs re Corona have me completely alienated from my peers is this the only website where sanity dwells?
  5. Along with the stones, the doors, and U2, Bowie was the first artist that I ever really dug deep into their discography, bought all the albums, read the books, etc. im a Bowie fan for life. I once won a 4-pack of tickets to see him on his 1989 tour
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