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  1. The whole session took about two or three hours, and would have taken even less time if Rose hadn't gotten hungry. Late in the session, he suddenly got in the mood for a taco. "So one of his people went off and they got tacos," Janas recalled, "and he came back and he was like, 'OK, I'm gonna have a taco, and then I'll come back and I'll finish up." The crew expected a 10-minute break, but Rose went into the hallway, took a few bites and walked back into the booth.
  2. Skeeter. Came too soon during a casual sex hookup in a Panera Bread bathroom
  3. I love Mafia and Val Mafia sounds great, but I am going away on vacation next week. Have fun
  4. Broski was one of the few who didn't turn heel when you faggots moved to the teegnr
  5. Let's cut right to the most important question: who serves the best Ulster fry and did Slash dine there? Great weatherposting BTW
  6. https://pitchfork.com/thepitch/radiohead-ok-computer-leak-best-songs/
  7. RIP Wang Chung

    1. arnold layne

      arnold layne

      Everybody Wang Chung tonight. 

    2. GnRLiars


      Everybody have fun tonight

  8. I have heard that guys who use the metric system have smaller units.
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