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  1. Axl's going to slip and fall in the bathtub
  2. Smells Like the Jungle
  3. Kanye says his party banner is “The Birthday Party” and he even chose Elon Musk as his running mate. He said when he wins he’s going to redecorate the White House to mirror Wakanda 👏👏👏
  4. Sometimes I wish I was a seagull Flying high like an American eagle Circling above all the shit Pooping on everyone who's stuck in it
  5. The federal govt tasked the banks to write the PPP loans. The banks make little to no money on them. Bigger loans, bigger opportunity for the bank to make it worth their while. Banks went for the big fish. My bank wouldn't bother giving my company a PPP loan. We had to look out of state to an internet bank to get ours.
  6. Americans got the absolute worst deal, what a terrible, shit country. I can't fucking believe they absolutely fucking destroyed the country and my livelihood, gave me fucking $1200 and told me to go fuck myself. Fuck you. Fuck my local government, fuck my state government, fuck the federal government, the democrats, the republicans, and donal trunk. Fuck 'em all. Vote out every single, goddamn incumbent. Burn shit.
  7. Interesting. I mostly use the eBay app on my phone, because in this case, it is better than the version for my laptop—really! Usually, the opposite is true, but the eBay app is really great. You point and click your photos of the item and fill in the rest, then list it. A lot more streamlined than using your laptop. I use really barebones descriptions however, because no one likes to type out long stuff on their phone. I used to always write smoke/pet free on my listings, but I stopped doing it because it just sounds gross. It makes me think of some nasty hoarder house that has a bunch of pets and smoke, and who needs to go there. I just take a bunch of really good photos.
  8. Any other eBayers on here? I have been selling for a few years, and I have definitely learned a trick or two, but I bet there is still lots that I am doing wrong. Ask questions and Share your knowledge here
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