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  1. Supporting Bernie is too advanced a move for basic Boomer bitch Axl. Basic Boomer move #1 (base level): Post anti-Trump memes I don't expect to see Axl endorsing a candidate. He will keep the focus on touring and thinking very seriously about putting out another album through the election cycle. If Trump wins, then woke Axl will re-emerge with more really basic Boomer shit If a Dem wins, then, like a goldfish or puppy or a very young child, Axl will lose interest in politics entirely.
  2. Also I love that "Memo from Turner" by Mick Jagger. A stone cold Classic 👄
  3. There wasn't a roundtable, but there was a "collective decision"? Which is it?
  4. Bernie Sanders is the first presidential candidate (DEM or GOP) in United States primary history to win the popular vote in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada.
  5. The one where Homer eats the fugu may be one of the best episodes ever
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