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  1. John Bonham

    Best and Worst Time Travel Films

    Best or worst?
  2. John Bonham

    Best and Worst Time Travel Films

    I love Time Travel movies, even though I admit the concept is ridiculous and they always have huge plot holes. Some of my favorites: Back to the Future trilogy. Part 3 is so underrated. I love that one. The Terminator 1 & 2. Two really different films, but both succeed in their missions as kick-ass entertainment. Time Bandits Watched this one endlessly as a kid. I haven't seen it in many years, so I don't know how well it's held up Timeline (2003 film) This is a B-movie, but it is surprisingly entertaining, like a good episode of basic cable TV
  3. “While you were playing, you could feel the presence of invisible time travelers from the future who had come back to see Woodstock.” —Jerry Garcia
  4. 1967-1971 to see Grateful Dead at Fillmore East
  5. John Bonham

    Guns N' Roses new album by decade's end

    Guns N' Roses lack of new material is a National Emergency 🇺🇸
  6. John Bonham

    Who Are These People?

  7. John Bonham

    Honest thoughts on MYGNR?

  8. John Bonham

    Mark Hamill shits on new Star Wars movies

    I watched this entire video. Pretty funny 🙂
  9. John Bonham

    Who Are These People?

    Kram: "i don't vax" Act 3: kram gets measles, jerry won't drive kram to hospital "he has measles!!!" Elaine: "but you're vaccinated Jerry!"