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  1. That's all you have to add?
  2. Why do people run for president? I imagine different candidates have different motives, but can you imagine being Pete Buttgig and thinking: "I should be President of the United States of America." And then running? Does he think he is going to win? Literally everyone on Earth knows that this guy is not going to win or even come in second for the Democratic nom. Are these people just chasing fame, book deals, and speaker fees?
  3. what the fuck is this shit
  4. I need @Bill Brasky to update the first post. It's mid-week and I worked a 13 hour shift yesterday. I don't have time to drag out my laptop and dig through this entire thread for all the info I need. Until then, I don't have any good theories on who might be mafia. I tried to re-read some of this thread this morning, and I can say that I feel pretty good about Salsh Borski being town
  5. @Bill Brasky can u update the 1st post please?
  6. RIP manets

    1. magisme


      What is this?

    2. maynard


      Was he killed while doing drugs in some European paradise spending his parents money while promoting Communism?

  7. Scroll up because ive answered your question already. I didnt believe brasky would tell her that doc was s former cop. It still doesn't make any sense
  8. Im not changing my vote. If ir turns out doc lawyered-up and mags convinces everyone to vote for hotdogman, then town deserves to lose
  9. Didn't she say brasky told her that Strangelove was the cop before he was converted? That doesn't sound at all like something a game mod would say. Why would a player even need to know that
  10. As ive said in the thread: it was deadstar's word against doc's and i didn't believe brasky would convert a town cop to mafia and then a vanilla townie to town cop on day 2. It sounds too convoluted.
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