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  1. We have our first two... Losers of the draft. To be fair, we actually heard quite a bit of new music these last two weeks, so @Deadstar and @wasted, PM me for a prize.
  2. Fernando Lebeis aka "Miss Management" = lazy, stupid, stingy, selfish
  3. I'm going with Jim Steinman who wrote all of Meat Loaf's stuff, and a bunch of other '80s hits
  4. @Donald Trump @Miser Celebrities die in threes, so another FM radio Eighties singer is going soon... Who?
  5. Val Mafia would be fun. Or another GNFNR Mafia where we all get to play the forum member of our choice.
  6. This can't be real. Thomas, is that you?
  7. Val threatening to quit Mafia and leave the forum? I'm tempted to lick her ass here and convince her to stay, but I've played enough games with Val to know she isn't this thin-skinned. official vote: val
  8. Ripple is definitely the best track on that album. They tease a whole bunch other Dead music in the second half of the song. It's a real tour de force. It felt like they were the only band on that record to really "get" the Dead.
  9. Not to mention that the film has already been summarized--quite well--in this very thread
  10. This is __extremely__ weak play
  11. It did work with Arnold layne. Manhattan are the bad guys
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