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  1. John Bonham

    Slash Speaks!

  2. John Bonham

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Producing my final (3 of 3) festival of the summer this friday. Rain rain go away
  3. John Bonham

    Slash Speaks!

  4. John Bonham

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    Raining here 🌧
  5. John Bonham

    Forum Staff Changes

    downzy needs to release his taxes it's straight-up fraud that he takes donations and calls his site a non-profit lol
  6. John Bonham

    Hi...can somebody bring me back up to speed?

    -Walker says he is acting on TEAM BRAZIL's orders -Walker succeeds in taking down dozens and dozens of videos, sites, etc. -Del James tells fans to fuck off -Videos continue to get taken down -Team Brazil makes no attempt to refute claims Do the math 🦆
  7. John Bonham


  8. John Bonham

    The Official Weather thread

    Taking care of someone's cat all week so we can use their fancy pool. Cold, dark, and rainy
  9. John Bonham

    Design a Fat Axl poster and WIN

    They want original art, not photos. But you can add these official logos provided here: https://creativeallies.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/uploads/support_file/document/953/Logos.zip
  10. John Bonham

    Design a Fat Axl poster and WIN

    Cash award $500 and a Locked and Loaded box set https://app.creativeallies.com/contests/1265-design-a-commemorative-poster-for-guns-n-roses
  11. John Bonham

    cannabis appreciation thread

    Dream last night, I ran into you and your wife at the grand opening of a comic book store. You gave me a packet of bud wrapped in a manilla envelope.
  12. He'll get there fat and then he'll take it slow
  13. Just heard 10 seconds of Kokomo at the end of Orange is the new black