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  1. I have to admit....don't believe everything I say....most is true....some is just a bit enthousiastic. For reliable objective judgement listen to Maynard (....and maybe 1 or 2 others you all know) Keep up the good work guys....it has been damn silent for a while but it's fun to be fan again !
  2. So the rumours about The General being also rehearsed were kinda true. I think it still has to grow on me.....but it will for sure.
  3. Trying to send several PM's but somehow there is a bug on the site. PM system doesn't work now.....I'll try again later.
  4. Didn't understand the excitement about Soul Monster... But Zodiac kicks ass !!!!!
  5. Soul monster was the thing from a few weeks ago....that Korean Connection:
  6. Dead....unlike this one : http://wetransfer.com/downloads/d5a29c41140ebbcc12cac9ebae084cf020191119205846/5a0d42
  7. Me ? Not stealing....just friendly copy catting....no special reason....just fun. After all those leaks it seemed appropriate to me to share some dancing.
  8. I don't understand all the excitement.... Soulmonster vox reminds of Beatles... They were great....but it's not Beatles...and even not classic GNR sound.....but it's OK.
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