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  1. Village Sessions is so much better....but who knows....maybe the live version in the show will rock...Low expectations.
  2. Sensation Black party with Rob Gee was great.....audience booed him and they all protested by sitting down then. I was (almost) the only one standing up and enjoying the guitars LOL
  3. EDM and guitars are a nice combination 🙂 Slash was lucky they didn't kick him off stage like they used to do in the good ol' days.... (Last minute of the YT-clip)
  4. What's left to leak ? I think we almost have it all by now, don't we ?
  5. Team Brazil ? ....team Dr. S. ? Ready for comeback ? Whatever.... no leaks....no new music.... so....no big deal.
  6. ...consisted of Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly (died in 2013) and Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith.
  7. Let's get that one also ! Crazy times, thanks !!! EDIT: This one is damn hard to find. Not sure why it's so hard to share real leaks. Earlier it went al smooth......last weeks is fun but hard working to get them and hoping for real songs, not fakes. If somebody can help me out with this one please...
  8. Didn't MSL described the song like that few years ago ? It was a bit vague but it could be it.
  9. Soul Monster making live debut in Mexico (March 14/15) http://www.sopitas.com/musica/guns-n-roses-regresa-ciudad-de-mexico-vive-latino-2020/
  10. Still trouble with sending PM's....not sure if it's the site or my pc.
  11. I have to admit....don't believe everything I say....most is true....some is just a bit enthousiastic. For reliable objective judgement listen to Maynard (....and maybe 1 or 2 others you all know) Keep up the good work guys....it has been damn silent for a while but it's fun to be fan again !
  12. So the rumours about The General being also rehearsed were kinda true. I think it still has to grow on me.....but it will for sure.
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