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  1. No comment on that one.... Have fun guys !
  2. Done in a few....thanks !
  3. How can I delete my account ?
  4. I understatestand that safety system...but not the period of years that a stall can happen. (Talking about long term politics, not 'just" this short shutdown)
  5. I understand the hate against the Clinton-clan.... but I am still surprised about the amount of fans that Trump collected. So far he hasn't done that crazy things (besides the (twitter) BS he shares but the country is "put on hold" I think. Same happened to Obama when he had to work with a majority of Reps.... Now the same with majority Dems and Trump. America deserves better....but who am I to judge as a European. Hopefully we'll have soon new GNR music so we can forget the politics.
  6. I won't....because there isn't....but who knows what I will do if there is.
  7. Something is just around the corner
  8. Nice back cover.... Front cover is the same as the official release ? The "untitled" song is something we know I guess...
  9. His best lyrics can be found here: http://twitter.com/axlrose
  10. Doesn't mean the opposite either....but weird indeed if fans vote only because their idol tells them to.
  11. Just a prank.... wishfull thinking.... the usual BS.... trolling around a bit.... Don't hold your breath !
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