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  1. Freedom of speech is guaranteed out in the public and between civilians and the government. Private parties can set rules to limit it....even the government can set some limits but they must guarantee a spot for all sides. Not sure if this server can set limits....but until now it seems a really free place to be....which is OK for me. When I don't like it I am free to leave....sometimes I do but I always am coming back.
  2. Wishing people die and getting diseases could be glorifying hate and violence....could be threat according to the book of law. But it's "just words"....true. "Radical" might be chosen wrong by me....It is like you it is: at gnfnr it's normal. I don't want to censor the original poster.....just wanted to say that his words sound a bit harsh (?) which is also use of free speech. (BTW....I thought throwing around ugly diseases was typical Dutch but apparently we aren't the only rude ones (Axl talked about Slash being a cancer earlier so it shouldn't surprise me))
  3. Not sure if free speech is made for this but gnfnr seems pretty radical regarding free speech so I guess it's OK here.
  4. ACDC might have the same problem....Maybe they could release a live DVD with Axl and Angus.
  5. SouthKorean Democracy starts now..... (Didn't somebody need a native Korean speaker to get a deal done....some months ago ?)
  6. Village Sessions is so much better....but who knows....maybe the live version in the show will rock...Low expectations.
  7. Sensation Black party with Rob Gee was great.....audience booed him and they all protested by sitting down then. I was (almost) the only one standing up and enjoying the guitars LOL
  8. EDM and guitars are a nice combination 🙂 Slash was lucky they didn't kick him off stage like they used to do in the good ol' days.... (Last minute of the YT-clip)
  9. What's left to leak ? I think we almost have it all by now, don't we ?
  10. Team Brazil ? ....team Dr. S. ? Ready for comeback ? Whatever.... no leaks....no new music.... so....no big deal.
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