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  1. Time travel into the future is actually proven to be possible. Time travel into the past is only theoretically possible, but not very likely.
  2. I don't think drag-ish was the problem. I think it was the quality of the music. It wasn't doing anything interesting or new. It wasn't bold or outrageous, and for the most part it was unrelatable. Musically, the genre has nothing going on. The world got tired of 4 minute and thirty second songs that were either cheesy romantic ballads or 'doing drugs and fucking groupies' in 4:4 time, with the same damn verse, chorus, verse, chorus, guitar solo, chorus structure. GN'R managed to work simply because people were attracted to the sloppiness of it all. The same reason punk is adored and revered, it doesn't give a fuck. Hair metal could never decide if it didn't give a fuck, or if it gave too much of a fuck. It was just a confused mess, trying to be something it wasn't.
  3. I decided that this is gay. Please disperse in an orderly fashion, and collect all personal belongings. Thanks.
  4. Primus, String Cheese Incident, Blues Traveler, Them Crooked Vultures

  6. Roles will be passed out when I wake up tomorrow. Shane don't fuck this up.
  7. If we get two more I'd be down to run it as a ten man
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